Civil War Soldier's and Pension Applications Brought to you by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist

Arkansas seceded from the Union, but loyalties were divided. Some people in Franklin County owned slaves, most did not. The men of Franklin ended up joining both sides, sometimes brothers fought on opposite sides. In this regard, Arkansas may have been one of the most divided states in the Confederacy.

Civil War pensions were granted to those who fought for the Union and these federal pensions can be obtained from NARA. However not everybody realizes that Arkansas was a state that also granted STATE pensions to those who fought for the Confederacy. These state pensions can be obtained from the Arkansas History Commission.
The information below is extracted under the fair-use policy of copyright law from:
"Arkansas Confederate Pension Applications", Compiled by Desmond Walls Allen, Arkansas Research, Conway, AR, 1991

Franklin County, Arkansas Confederate Pensioners
"added to the rolls" by legislative act

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In 1917: Colburn, C C; Glenn, W J; Green, A E; Law, Mary A Mrs; O'Bar, R J Mrs; Rodman, W D; Turner, H H
In 1923: O'Neal, Clara Mrs; Yandell, E D

Franklin County, Arkansas Confederate Home applicants

Bailey, James Henry Harrison; Baldridge, Frank V; Barham, Malissa Ann; Bridges, Mrs Darthulia Jane; Brown, Martha Alice Patterson; Clay, Mrs Cynthia H; Crossin, Sam J; Dearman, Mary; Dunford, Jim W; Dykes, Nannie E; Dykes, Mrs J W; Dykes, J W; Kalip, Henry; Ming, Thomas C; Perkins, Dan; Ponder, W J; Turner, H H

Franklin County, Arkansas Confederate Pension Applicants

Abney, T W; Adams, Mathew - Mary R; Addy, Henry - Barbara; Allen S H - P A; Amos, John - Annie; Anderson, A M - Mary Jane; Anderson, John W - Clem; Anderson, William H 1901; Arbaugh, Jacob - Sarah J; Arbuckle, Green B; Arnold, T J; Atwood, Thomas E - Malicie Jane; Austin, T C - T C; Bailey, Geo W - Margaret E; Bailey, J H H; Baker, Richard A - M J; Bartlett, H R; Beaird, G W - M V; Bearden, J A - Violet; Bearden, Wm H - Mary C Barnes; Bell, S H - Mary J; Benefield, William J - Sarah J; Blanscet, Andrew J - Mary A; Blaylock, Joseph; Boggs, J L - Sallie; Boles, James - R B; Bonner, Milton B; Bourland, J H; Boxley, W D - Nancy; Brand, Wm T - F A McLaughlin; Bridges, J C - D J; Brinks, John L - Mary A; Brock, Washington M; Brookshire, W L; Brown, John F - Martha V; Brown, M D - Rosetta; Bryan, P A; Bumpers, Lorenzo B - Sophronia; Burch, T M - Jane; Burdin, W B - Mary Hardreader; Burke, W N - Sarah E; Burrows, Thomas J; Burton, P S; Butts, George W - Mrs; Byars, W P - Julia; Byrd, Asa - Elizabeth J Dickerson; Callans, C A - Mrs; Camaron, J T; Campbell, C W - Margaret J; Camren, J T; Cannon, F M - Nannie; Casbeer, Joseph L - Kate; Casey, W H; Cecil, Joseph; Chastain, J N - Mrs; Clark, Bennette C - Maggie; Clayton, J L - S J; Clem, L D - Catherine; Colburn, C C - Anna; Cole, J M, M J Wakefield; Cole, James W; Cole, Johnathan - Almarinda; Collinsworth, T H; Collum, William T - Mary A; Colvard, D B; Colwell, Thomas - Harriet Matilda; Cone, N C - M L; Cook, B F - Mattie Scales; Cook, T F - Easter; Corbell, John J; Corley, Wiley B - Malinda B; Cox, R F; Cravey, Hughey M - Martha M; Crocker, James H - Mary Jane; Crook, T J; Crossno, J P - S M; Crouch, Joe C - Eulalia; Culp, A S; Dabbs, A A; Davidson, W G; Davis, G H - Mary A; Dearman, J W - Margaret F; Dearmand, Jas N; Dewitt, A H; Dickerson, James - Elizabeth; Dickerson, John W - Mahola; Dickerson, W B; Dodson, J M - Sue E; Dodson, Jas M; Donald, Watland - Ophelia; Donaldson, O B - Jennie; Drain, George W - Elizabeth; Driver, J G - M G; Duncan, John - Jane M; Dunkin, W R; Dykes, J W; Edgin, Jas M - E J; Edwards, F P; Eichenberger, W H; English, W J; Erwin, J W; Evans, Andrew J - Mary Ann Hardgraves; Evans, Joseph Boone - Temperance Ann; Fannon, J W - Cora Gage; Fisher, King - Rebecca; Fitzgerald, Abner - Elizabeth; Flanagan, G W - Catherine; Floyd, H T - Clorissa; Ford, G W; Forrest, A A; Forrest, A J - Sophronia E; Franklin, James - Francis Rider; Fritts, Andrew J - Maggie; Gage, James M - Nancy M; Gage, John - L M; Gage, S S - Mollie B ... (not finished)