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St. Patrick's Church Baptismal Records
Hudson, Wisconsin
Baptisms from 1858-1870

Transcription provided by Tom Romens

St. Patrick’s, in Hudson Wisconsin, was the main Catholic Church for the St. Croix Falls and Pierce County area. St. Patrick’s baptismal records cover many Pierce County communities through about 1880 when other churches were well established and started maintaining their own records.

The following baptismal records are compiled from two sources. The transcription records are courtesy of Florence B. Simon - 1983. These records, many retaining the original Latin, all contain birth dates as well as baptismal dates. Those records with only baptismal dates were transcribed by Vince di Salvo in 1968. This second set of records, including some in 1879 and 1880 which are not transcribed here are part of the UW River Falls Archives collection "Small collection #108". The compiler of the records, Thomas Romens, did not have access to the original records. Additional Florence Simon Records (1984) added courtesy of Claudia Schuman in May of 2001. Neither set of records is complete. Records were typed as transcribed, all additions to transcription in brackets [ ] .

Additions and "clarifications" of these records is encouraged. As the intention is to reproduce the St. Patrick’s records, all additions and clarifications should be based on St. Patrick’s records. Please contact Tom Romens at with any additions or corrections.

Book 1 (Rev. Napoleon Mignault)

1857 12 Baptizavi Die 28 SBRIS Carolium Edwardum Die 25 Maii Natum
Patricii MOORE et Honora MCMANNS
filium; Joanne Moore et Margarita McGuire Levantibus. A. Godfert
1858 bapt. 17 Jan. Martham 11a 10bris natum
Thomae QUINN et Abariae? KELLY
Sp. Michael SWEENY et Brigittam MAGHER
  bapt. die Aprilis 1a Brigittam, die Jannarii 14a natum
Peter QUINN et Ellena MCNAMARA
Sp. Thoma NOONAN et Marguarita WARD
  bapt. Nov. 27 Heneicum Thomam, nat. 25 Martii
Fili Thomas et Catherina QUINN?
Sp. Edward HANNAELRY et Elizabeth O’MEARA
  Nov 18 Ego Bapt. Jacobum Nat: Nov 15th 1857
Fil Patricia & Margaritae MCGUIRE
Sps Mathaew & Birgitta Collisns Mignault

1859 6 Feb. Jacobus (James) nat. 8 Aug
Fil: Thomas et Dorae MURPHY
Sps: Ricardus DEVLIU [DEVERAUX?]et Maria SIMON
  6 Feb. Mariam nat 5 Ap(Aug?)
Fil: Tomae & Mariae CONROY
Sp. Jacobus CONROY et Maria SHANNON
  6 Feb - eleven baptisms including :

James HIGGINS b. 14 Sept, 1858

William HIGGINS age 2

Edward HACK b. 20 Feb. 1858

Martha A. KENNEDY age 8

Elizabeth Jos. HARRIGAN (no date)

William Henry SHAY b. 2 May 1858

John William MURRY b. 28 Nov. 1858
Son of John and Catherine MURRY

  Maii 1 - Margaritum nat 29 ult [illegible]
Thomas and Maria QUINN
Sp. Michael and Maria WELSH
  July 21 – Ego bapt: Gulielinous Henricius Nat: 15 Feb
Fil Guilielum & MCGUIRE
Sps –Joanius Mcdonald Maria Anna
  Aug 27 Ego Bapt Thomson Nat: 21 ULT
Fil Jacbis & Birgitta MOORE
Sps – Petrus Moore & Hanora Hennessy
  Feb 19 EGO bapt. Lawentinum Nat: 9 Ult
Fil Patricii & Hanorae MOORE
Sps –Laurentius Moore & Elizabeth Hughes

1860 May 9 - Petrum nat Julii 11?, 17?
Fil Petri et Mariae SHANNON
Sp. Joannes LOW et Maria LOW
  Junii 3 Caroline nat 20 ____? (Jan?)
Fil Jacobi et Mariae CONROY
Sp. Thomas et Margarita CONROY
  Junii 3 Elizabeth nat 9 ult
Fil Thomas et Maria CONROY
Sp. Ricardus DEVEREAUX et Julia MURPHY
  Mariam Elizabeth nat 20 Maii ult
Michael Et Annae DONOHUE
Sp. Joannes O’BRIEN et Maria CUTTER
  Joannem nat Junii ult
Patrici SHANNON et Marie
Sp. Jacobi CONROY et Catherina O’BRIEN
  Joannem nat 26 Junii ult
Thomas QUINN et Maria
Sp Joannes SHEEHAN et uroy?
  Bap. Oct 1 - Joseph Michael nat 20 Martii ult
Joannes et Brigitta TAGGERT
Sp. Gulielmus et Maria Anna AHERS?
  bap. Oct. 1 Maria Catherinam ult 12 ? Feb
fil Daniel et Margaritta TAGGERT
Sp. Joannes et Brigitta TAGGERT
  Apr 30 Bapt: Marian Annam Nat: April 25
Fil: Joannis & Catherine MOORE
Sps: Patricius Moore et Maria Murphy

1861 Junii 3 Bapt. Thomas nat 5 Aprii 1860
Fil Thomas et Dorae MURPHY
Sp. Bernardus SMITH and Rosa DEVEREAUX
  Mariam Elizabeth nat 20 Maii ult
Michael et Annae DONAHOE
Sp. Joannes O’BRIEN et Maria CUTTER
  Joannem nat 28 Juni? Ult
Patrici SHANNON et Mariae
Sp. Jacobi CONROY et Catherina O’BRIEN
  Joannem nat 26? Junii? ult
Thomas QUINN et Maria
Sp. Joannes SHEEHAN et uxor (ejus?)
  Bapt Joseph Michael Oct. 10, nat 20 March
Fil Joannis and Brigitta TAGGERT
Sp. Gulielmus et Maria Anna AHERS
  Bapt Mary Catherine Oct. 1, nat 22 Feb.
Daughter of Daniel and Margaret TAGGERT
Sp. Joannis and Brigitta TAGGERT
  Dec 18.- Jacobum - natum 27 Oct 1861
Petri SHANNON et Maria COX
  Dec. 18 - Mariam - nat 11 Julii 1860 -
Joannis HASTERT et Maria SCHMIT
Sp. Mathias SCHMIT et Maria BRILL
  Die 30 Novembris 1861 baptizavi Mariannan MOORE Natam Die 30 Octobris 1861
Filiam Lorentii et Catharina
Sponsors Fuerant Johannes Costigan et Honora O'Brien
St. Tehle C.P.

1862 Feb 21 Annam TAGGERT - nat 28 August 1861
Danielis et Margarethe TAGGERT
Sp. Ricardus et Rosa DEVEREUX
  Feb 21 Michaelem CONROY - nat 16 Dec. 1861
Thomas et Mariae CONROY
Sp. Petrus SHANNON et Margaretha STAFFORD
  Feb 21 Michaelem CONROY - nat 16 Dec. 1861
Thomas et Mariae CONROY
Sp. Petrus SHANNON et Margaretha STAFFORD
  Feb 21 Michaelem CONROY - nat 16 Dec. 1861
Thomas et Mariae CONROY
Sp. Petrus SHANNON et Margaretha STAFFORD
  Marii 23 - Mariam QUINN - nat 9 Martii 1862
Patrici QUINN et Brigitta
Sp. Loretius MOORE et Eliza MURPHY
  Maii 18 Margaritham REILLY - nat 30 Martii 1862
Patritii REILLY et Magarita (CORMICK)
Sp. Wm. et Honora MCNALLY
  1 Junii - Robertum MCGLOUGHLIN nat 22 Maii 1862
  9 Julii Jacobum CONROY - nat 12 Feb 1862 -
Jacobi et Mariae CONROY
Sp. Patritius STAFFORD et Dora MURPHY
  10 Julii Danielem CAMPBELL - nat 13 Junii 1862
Patritii CAMPBELL et Maria KELSH
Sp. Patritius STAFFORD et conjus ejus [Margarita DEVERUEX STAFFORD]
  10 Julii Bapt. Bernardum (record incomplete)
Mrs. Michael WELSH - Honora MORRISSEY
  Julii 10 Ricardum STAFFORD nat 21 Maii 1862
Patritii STAFFORD et Margarita DEVEREUX
Sp. Ricardus DEVEREUX et conjua ejus [Rosa TAGGERT DEVEREUX]
  5 8bris (Nov?) Patritium MURPHY nat 18 Aug 1862
Patritii MURPHY et Catherine GUERARTHY
Sp. Thomas REILLY et Brigitta MCNALLY
  Nov 5 - Mariannum TAGGERT nat 5 Julii 1862
Joannis TAGGERT et Brigitta BOYLE
Sp. Danielis et Margarita TAGGERT
  Nov 5 Patritium SHANNON natum 5 7bris 1862
Patritii SHANNON et Maria TAGGERT
Sp Ricardus et ROSA DEVERAUX
  Die 24 Sbris baptzavi Petrum Natum 25 Sbris 1862
Filium Guilemi MCGUIRE et McGuire Margaretor
Sponsors Mathus Cullen et Rosa McMahon
  Die 23 Nov baptizavi Elis MOORE Natum 11 Nov 1862
filium Joanius Moore et Catherine Gleeson
Sponsors – Petrus Moore Honora Moore

1863 3 Feb. Marianum MURPHY nat 8 9bris 1862
Jacobi MURPHY et Maria MCMAHON
Sp. Thomas QUINN et Conjua ejus [Maria KELLY]
  5 FEB Annam Elizabetham MURPHY nat 24 Jan 1863
Joannis MURPHY et Eliza. HUGHES
Sp. Franciscus MURPHY et Elizabeth HUGHES
  5 Aprilis Julianum nat 1 April 1862
Josephi BECKER et Margarita BOTZEL
Sp Petrus Mathias SIMON et Anna KLEIN
  5 Maii Elisabeth RING nat 1 Maii 1863
Joannis RING et Maria MURPHY (m. 24 Nov., 1861)
Sp. Patritius et Hon. RING
  7 Junii Brigitta QUINN nat 15 April 1863
Thomas QUINN et Maria CALEY [KELLY]
Sp. Thomas MURPHY et uxor ejus
  7 Junii Evam Joannam HURLEY nat 17 Martii 1863
Joannis HURLEY et Joanna WELSH
Sp. Ricardus DEVEREUX et uxor ejus
  12 Julii Thomas QUINN nat 4 Julii 1863
Patritii QUINN et Brigitta DONAHUE
Sp. Joannis MURPHY et Elis DORE

Book II (Rev. Nicholaus Stehle)

1863 Oct.6 Thoman HURLEY - b. 26 Mar. 1863
Thomas HURLEY et Catherina WELSH
Sp. Ricardus DEVERAUX et Maria SCHMIDT
  Oct 6. Guilemum STAFFORD b. 29 7bris 1863
Patritii STAFFORD et Margarita DEVERAUX
Sp. Patritius et Maria CAMPBELL
  Oct. 6 Catherinan Saram Annam FOLEY b. 7 July 1863
Dionisii et Sara FOLEY
Sp. Guilemus et Brigita FOLEY
  Nov 7 Henrietta ( Doty )MURPHY-b. 24 Maii 1840 ( wife of Joannis M.)
Parents: Hirom DOTY and Helena Maria DOTY
Sp. Patritius DEVANY and Birgitta DEVANY
  Nov 7 Edillia MURPHY -b. 9 7bris 1863
Parents: Joannis MURPHY and Herietta DOTY
Sp. Thomas HARTY and Maria BUCKLEY
  10 Die Junii 1863 baptizavi Johannon L MOORE Natum die 28 April 1863
filium Patricii et Eleonorae
Sponsors: Patricius Maguire Et Marianna Austin
J Stehle
  Joanna I Martii Baptizavi Joannam Natam (11 Jan 1863)
Filiam Laurentii MOORE et Cath Clancy
Sponsors – Jacob McGrath et Honora Costigan
Nicol Stehle'

1864 Jan 24 Honora Estella BUCKLEY -b. 20 jan 1864
Parents: Cornelli BUCKLEY and Joanna CALLAGHAN
Sp. Petrus DONAHOE and Maria MURPHY
  Jan 24 Carolina CALLAGHAN -b. 5 Julii 1864(?)
Parents: Patritii CALLAGHAN and Birgitta MCDONALD
Sp. Wm. MCHUGH and Catharina BROWN
  Feb 8 Sarah Francisca TAGGERT -b. 17 Aug 1863
Parents: Daniels TAGGERT and Margarita DOYLE
Sp. Thomas TAGGERT and Sarah TAGGERT
  Feb 8 Mariana CAMPBELL -b. 23 Dec 1864(?)
Parents: Patritii CAMPBELL and Maria KELSH
Sp. Richardus DEVERAUX and Helena GIBBONS
  Feb 8 Catharina SHANNON-b. 1 Dec 1863
Parents: Petri SHANNON and Maria COX
  Mar 11 Margarita ROCK-b. 20 or 18(?) Feb (?)
Parents:Mauritii ROCK and Deleorae MURPHY
Sp. Joannis MURPHY and Sarah MCGAHAN
  Apr 5 Jacobum KILLIAN-b. 22 Feb 1864
Parents Andera KILLIAN and Catharina KLIEN
Sp. Jacobus BECKER and Anna KLIEN
  Apr 5 Franciscum YOUNGMAN -b. 12 7ble 1864
Parents: Jacob YOUNGMAN and Elisabeth SEPP
Sp. Paulus HECKLE and wife(?)
  Apr 6-11 Patrick CLIFFORD-b. 29 man
Parents: John CLIFFORD and Margaret LOUGHLIN

John, George DOTY-b. 4 Apr
Parents: John DOTY and Birgitta MURPHY

Mariana HENNESSY -b. 8 Mar
Parents: Dionisii HENNESSY and Margarita MURPHY

Alfred L. BRUCE -b. 19 Jan
Parents: Peter BRUCE and Susanna JOHNES

  May 29 John GILLIG -b. 18 Maii 1864
Parents: Joannis GILLIG and Maria ROCK
Sp. Augustus FASBINDER and Maria HASTER
  May 30 Patritium MILEY -b. 15 Maii 1864
Parents: Patritii MILEY and Anna FAHY
Sp. Joannis MURPHY and Cletia(?) GAGNEY
  Jul 4 Catharin TAGGERT-b. 19 Maii 1864
Parents: Joannis TAGGERT and Birgitta DOYLE
Sp. Thomas TAGGERT and wife(?)
  Aug 21 William Henry O’CONNEL-b.7 Oct 1863
Parents: Laurentii O’CONNEL and Maria O’ROURKE
Sp. Patritius CAMPBELL and Maria CAMPBELL
  Aug 21 John and Mary CONROY -b. 8 Aug 1864
Parents: Jacobi CONROY and Maria CONROY
Sp. (For Joannis) Lourentils O'CONNELL and Rose DEVEREUX
Sp. (For Maria ) Patritius SHANNON and Maria SHANNON
  Aug 21 Catharina CONROY -b. 10 Julii 1864
Parents: Thomas CONROY and Maria FLYNN
Sp. Patrick STAFFORD and Maria SHANNON
  7bris 3 Anna QUINN -b. 28 Aug 1864
Parents: Patritii QUINN and Birgitta DONOHOE
Sp. Laurentius GARETTY and Honora MOORE
  7bris 22 Peter BIELER -b. 30 Mar 1864
Parents: Mathia Jocobi BIELER and Gertrude FASBINDER
Sp. Petrus FASBINDER and Maria Anna SEPP
  7bris 22 Maria Theresia SCHMIDT-b. 5 Julii 1864
Parents: Bernardi SCHMIDT and Maria SEPP
Sp. Paulus HAKEL and Maria HASTER
  7bris 22 Maria FIRNER-b. 15 Aug 1864
Parents: Theodori FIRNER and Susanna OCHS
Sp. Bernardus SCHMIT [SIC] and Marianna SEPP
  Oct 8 Mariana O’CONNELL-b. 30 Sept 1864
Parents:Timothei O’CONNELL and Birgita NESTER
Sp. Michael HARRINGTON and Birgitta RYAN
  Nov 12 Michael HARRINGTON-b. 13 Oct 1864
Parents: Michael HARRINGTON and Joanna DOLANTY
Sp. Patritius CALLAGHAN and Birgitta O’CONNELL
  Dec 19 Mariana DONOHOE-b. 7 Dec 1864
Parents: Patritii DONAHOE and Maria LANTERN
Sp. Jacobus MCMAHON and Maria MCMAHON
  Dec 20 Joanna COSGROVE -b. 17 Dec 1864
Parents: Danielis COSGROVE and Joanna MAHONY
Sp. Patritius BURNS and Birgitts COSGROVE
  Dec 20 Arthur Wm, BURNS-b. 9 8bris 1864
Parents: Patritii BURNS and Helena MAHONY
Sp. Danielis COSGROVE and JoannaCOSGROVE

1865 Feb 20 Patrick MURPHY(?) -b. 8 Feb 1865
Parents: Jacobi MANION and Birgitta MURPHY
Sp. Thim. MURPHY and Maria Alley LOGAN
  Feb 20 Mary BECKER -b. 8 Jan 1865
Parents: Josephi BECKER and Margarite BETZELl
Sp. John BETZEL and Mary KLEIN
  Feb 25 Daniel DONAHOE -b. 18 Feb 1865
Parents: Petri DONAHOE and Hanna COUGHLIN
Sp. Denis BUCKLEY and Elis MURPHY
  Mar 17 John George Patrick Edward MURPHY -b. 16 Fed 1865
Parents: Joannis MURPHY and Anna MURPHY
Sp.Patrituis RYAN and Marianna Elisabeth KELLY
  Mar 21 Helena BUCKLEY -b. 19 Mar 1865
Parents: Cornelii BUCKLEY and Joanna CALLAGHAN
Sp. Patritii DWYER and Margaritta CCALLAGHAN
  Mar 26 Catharina MURPHY-b. 11 Mar 1865
Parents: Joanni MURPHY and Elisabeth Hughes
Sp. Cornelius O’Keefe and Catharina O’Keefe

1866 Jan 1 Maria STAFFORD -b. 7 Natum hebdoma
Parents: Pat STAFFORD and Mariae STAFFORD
Sp. C/GUICH (?) Conroy and EULONDEN(?)
  Jan 1 Henricum JUNGMAN-b. Natum sie menses
Parents: Jacobi JUNGMAN and Elesie JUNGMAN
Sp. Jos. SEPP and Barbara SEPP
  Jan 1 Joanem HECHEL -b. natum 19 Jan 1865
Parents: Paul HECHEL and Josephine HECHEL
Sp. Jos. SEPP and Barbara SEPP
  Jan 1 Catharinam MCCARTHY-b 1 annon natum-
Parents: Jacobi MCCARTHY and M. MCMAHON
Sp. ? and ?
  Jan 1 Catharinam-b. natum 19 Apr 1865
Parents: Pat COMER and M. KELCH
  Feb 13 Ellen DONAHOE -b 30 Dec 1865
Parents: Mich DONAHOE and Helen WELSH
Sp. Francis MURPHY and Mary MURPHY
  Apr 24 Anna FITZPATRICK -b. 24 Oct 1865
Sp. A. Donovan MORRIS and I(?) MORRIS
  Apr 24 Nicolaum THORN - b. 24 Apr
Parents: Fo(?) THORN and Maria THORN
  Apr 24 Angelum SIMON -b 11 hujusmensis
Parents: P.M. SIMON and Maria SIMON
Sp. M. DOUSER and Angela FREY
  Apr 24 Petrum Math. SIMON -b. 7 hujusmensis
Parents: J.P. SIMON and Louisa C. SIMON
  Sept 9 Thiom(?) DONAHOE-b. quinque menses
Parents: P. DONAHOE and and M. LANDRY
Sp. I(?) and E. KELLY

1867 Apr 21 Margaretham MURPHY -b. 9 himensis
PArents: J. MURPHY and E. HUGES
Sp. P.KENNEDY and M. MUROHT [MURPHY] (Fr. Chr. Verweyst)

1868 Oct 4 Josephum FIRNER and Theodore FIRNER -b. 25 Aug 1868
Parents Joseph FIRNER and Susannae OCHS
Sp. (J)- Theo. FIRNER and Mrs. ELLHORN,
(T) Sebastian REICHARD and Fanny FIRNER
  Oct 4 Petrum Matthian DAUSER -b. 19 Aug 1868
Parents: Matthiae DAUSER and Magdalena SIMON
Sp.Peter M. SIMON and Maria SIMON
  Oct 26 John Edward MURPHY -b. 15 Oct 1887
Parents: Jacobi MURPHY and Maria Helena MCGRAW
Sp. Joannis LUNDY and Helena LUNDY

1869 Die 13th #1 Aprilis A. D. 1869 baptizavi Laurentium Gulielmum MOORE natum Die 3 Aprilis A. D. 1869
Filium Legitimum Chrisopher Moore Et Brigittae Dunn
Sponsors Fuerunt Edwardus Moore Et Elisabeth Dunn Chr. Verweyst
  Aug 4 Rosetta GOGGAN
Parents: Joannis GOGGAN and Mariae SULLIVAN
Sp:Pactricius GAFFANY and Maria CAMPBELLl
  Aug 5 Willam Kenny
Parents: Edmund Kenny and Catherine O'Connor
Sp: Joannis Deneen and Helena Kelly
  Aug 5 William Thomas Caffery
Parents: Joannis Caffery and Annae Hawkins
Sp:Laurentius Hawkins and Batharina Hawkins
  Aug 10 Marie Elizabeth Baillargeon
Parents: M? Baillargeon and Elisabethae Martell
Sp: David Sicard and Maria Martell
  Aug 10 Rosalie Roos
Parents: Eliae Joannis A. Roos and Mariae Joannae Raway
Sp: Patricius Stokes and Maria Roy
  Aug 10 Lawerence Perre Eugenie Fancois
Parents: Samuelis Francois ans Ephrarie Aeffans
Sp: Petrus Cottor and Elisabeth Melker
  Aug 10 Magdalene Roos
Parents: Eliae Joannis A Roos and Mariae Joannae Raway
Sp: Joannis Madden and Thelema Madden
  Aug 10 Louis Lavocat
Parents:Franciscs Lavocat and Mariae Traubel
Sp: Ludovicus Pacquot and Ephrarie Aeffans
  Aug 15 Susanna Catharina Hosting
Parents: Niolai Hosting and Elisabeth Mies
Sp:Theodor hosting and Susanna Hosting
  Aug 22 Wilhem Schwalen
Parents: Hilarii Schwalen and Margarethae Knott
Sp:Petrus Meier and Margaretha Schwalen
  Aug 29 David Murray
Parents: Joannis Murray and Catharinae Clinton
Sp: Joannis Hishey and Maria Reichert
  Aug 29 Peter Fitspatrick
Parents: Michaelis Fitspatrick and Mariae Lynden
Sp: Joannis Donavan or Dovevan and Anna Towey
  Aug 29 Johann Hissinger
Parents: Thomae Hissinger and Elisabeth Dalriz
Sp: Petrus M Simon and Maria Simon
  Aug 19 Terese Maguire
Parents: Francisci Maguire and Catharinae Garrity
Sp: Joannis Whalen and Brigetta Conley
  Aug 31 William Franklin MURPHY
Parents; Edward MURPHY and Mariae Annae McCue
Sp: Joannis Nugent and Helena Lundy
  Sept 5 Daniel Mahoney
Parents: Richardi Mahoney and Hanorae O'Brian
Sp:Thomas Mc Crate and Helena Hennesy
  Sept 5 John Madegan
Parents: Jocobi Madigan and Mariae Hanely
Sp:Joannis Sheridan and Maria Coy
  Sept 6 Ludovia Dreiser
Parents:Ludovia Dreiser and Gertrudae Koch
Sp: Abraim Parent and Maria Koch
  Sept 13 Mary Louisa Denneen
Parents: Joannis Denneen and Mariae Ann Karns
Sp:Jacobs McHoighlin and Catharina McHoighlin
  Sept 21 Bridget Flannery
Parents: Petri Flannery and mariae Conroy
Sp: Jocobis Moran and Bridgetta Riley
  Sept 23 Eugene Maitregeon?
Parents:Joesphi Maitregeon? and Artane Dutreuys
Sp: Augustus Bonnefrise and Josephina Pequinot
  Sept 23 Edward Slattery
Parents: Chistopheri Slattery and Mariae Baty
Sp: Edmundus Hanidrihan and Honara Crotty
  Sept 24 William James MURPHY [SIC]
Parents:Patricia Kelly and Rosae Amy Kelly
Sp:Joannis MURPHY and Anna MURPHY
  Sept 26 Maria Ann Baker
Parents : Jacobi Baker and Mariae Klien
Sp:Andreas Keilian or Klien and Ann Klien
  Sept 28 Thomas Goffany
Parents: Patrici Goffany and Aliciae Swan
Sp: Timotheus Goggan and Maria Goggan
  Oct 3 Francis Riley
Parents: Henrica Riley and Larae Garrity
Sp:Augustuus Mispagel and Anna Mispagel
  Oct 10 George Joesph Lowe
Parents: Joannis Lowe and Mariae Downy
Sp:Patricius Downy and Fanny Logan
  Oct 17 Mary MURPHY
Parents: Perce MURPHY and Mariae MURPHY
Sp: Joannis Rourk and Elisabeth Shannahan
  Oct 17 Charles James McWay
Parents: Joannis McWay and Anna McMahon
Sp:joannis Crowley ans Anna Joanno Moore
  Oct 19 Edward CARUFEL nat. 21 Septembris 1869
Parents: Caroli CARUFEL and Juliae SICORD
Sp: Carolus PARENT and Angelle PARENT
  Oct 21 Micheal Henry McCue
Parents:Laurentis Hawkins and Emmae Coleman
Sp:Stephanus Kinsella and Maria Kinsella
  Oct 24 Thomas Francis Burk Hawkins
Parents:Laurentis Hawkins and Helenae McCrate
Sp:Stephan Hawkins and Maria Hawkins
  Oct 24 Laura Belle Hawkins
Parents:Petri Hawkins and Mararethae O'Brian
Sp:Alphonneus J Hawkins? and Catharina Hawkins
  Nov 1 Peter FREY
Parents: Jacobi FREY and Magdalene Simon
Sp:Petrus FREY and Angela FREY
  Nov 1 Louisa FOLEY nat. 30 Oct. 1869
Parents: Perti FOLEY and Mariae MCMAHON
Sp:Augustus KEMPF and Julia MCMAHON
  Nov 1 Micheal Francis LENEHAN nat 10 Oct. 1869
Parent: Michaelis LENEHAN and Mariae CORCORAN
Sp: Petrus SIMON and Maria CORCORAN
  Nov 1 Helena Margartham DEIS nat 3 Oct. 1869
Parents: Antonii Dies and Evae STUCHMEIER
Sp: Josephus BAEKER [BACKER?] and Margaretha BAEKER
  Nov 4 Maria SCHOMER
Parents: Joannis Schomer and Barbarae Simon
Sp: Joannis Schomer and Maria Siefert
  Nov 5 Johnn Englehart
Parents: Josephi Englehart and Appolomae ? Gutting
Sp: Joannis Gutting and Cath Leitner
  Nov 7 Anna Framcisca Stock
Parents: Emilii Stock and Josephae Leitsch
Sp: Francisca Harbach and ???
  Nov 7 Wilhelm Adolph Ficher
Parents: Lotharii Fischer and Elisabeth Misfagel
Sp:Aldolphus Fischer and ?
  Nov 7 Dennis Edward Keenan
Parents: Joannis Keenan and Mariae Koenerny
Sp: Mauretuis Thomas and Brigetta O'Brian
  Nov 14 Emeline Theresia Eagan
parents: Thomas Eagan and Brigittae Roaney
Sp: Dionysius Eagan and Margaretha Downy
  Nov 21 Eugene Galaghen
Parents: Michaelis Galaghen and Mariae Matimore
Sp: Joannis Roach anad Catharina Roach
  Dec 8 Maria Dietsen
Parents: Jacobi Dietsen and Mariae Annae Lang
Sp: Joannes Gillig and Maria Gillig
  Dec 8 Johann Simon
Parents:Perti Simon and Catharinae Barbian
Sp: Joannis Peter and helena Kempf
  Dec19 maria Matilda Thoryen
Parents:Solomonis Thoryen and Christinae Chitta
Sp: Eugenus Murphy and Helena Casey
  Dec19 Ellen Hickey
Parents:Joannis F. Hickey and Mariae Annae Murray
Sp: Jacobis Murray and Joanna Elisabeth Murray
  Dec 25 Lucius Edwin Highland
Parents: Guliema Highland and Catharina Ryan
Sp: Jacobus ?? and Susana Ryan

1870 Jan 1 Rosina Kaplatzi
Parents: Albert Kaplatzi and Christinae Deschler
Sp: Martinus Palli and Catharina Kaplatzi
  Jan 2 Martha Magdalena Maier
Parents: Donate Maier and Sophiae Laensteina
Sp: Georgins Armbruster and Maria Armbuster
  Jan15 Cornelius O' Brian
Parents Thomas O'Brian and Hanora Mc Mahon
Sp: ? and Anna Keenan
  Jan16 Johanna Jane Hanley
Parents:Guilms Hanley and Helena Walsh
Sp:Timotheus O'Connell and Brigitta O'Connell
  Jan 30 Cecila Mary MURPHY
Parents:Jacobo MURPHY and Maria McGraph
Sp: Francicus Nigent and Margaretha Laken
  Jan 30 Bridget O'Dilian Buckley
Parents: Fransisco Buckly and Maria Conway
Sp: Thoams Carmady and Maria Heany
  Feb 1 Sarah Snow
Parents:Thomae Snow and Sarae Cash
Sp: Gudielmu Kelly and Maria Ann Kelly
  Feb 1 Carl Harbach
Parents: Josepfe Harbach and Rosali Fei
Sp: Carluos? and Francisca Harbach
  Feb 10 William Stapleton
Parents:Joanne Stapleton and Brigitta Readon
Sp:? and Maria Shepard
  Feb 10 Catharina Chiirman
Parents: Henrico Schurman and Agnete Geansler
Sp: Augusta LUTT and ?
  Feb 17 Edward J Keilty
Parents: Joannis Keilty and Annae Doran
Sp: Jacobus McSheane and ???
  Feb 20 Mary Ann Casey
Parents: Patricis Casey and Brigetta O'Loughlin
Sp: Joannis Feeny and Maria Collins
  Feb 22 Richard Castello
Parents: Thoma Castello and Catharina Loughlin
Sp: Patricius Loughlin and Brigitta Neirl
  Feb 26 John Patrick Galaghen
Parents: Joanne Galaghen and Anna Barrett
Sp: Jacobus Garrity and Maria Torvey
  March 3 Mary Elisabeth Keene or Meritt
Parents: Jeremia Merrit and Catherina Pitt
Sp: Eugenis Norris and Joanna Veriveyst
  March 5 Mary Agnes Moore
Parents: Joanne Moore and Catharina Gleason
Sp: Thomas Dunn and Maria Burns
  March 22 John Joesph Miley
Parents:Joanne Miley and Maria Walsh
Sp:Patricius Miley and Catharina Ryan
  March 25 Johann Wihelm Bonus
Parents: Josepho Bonus and Catherina Jost
Sp: Guliemus Lus and Ann Margaretha Knott
  March 27 John Driscoll
Parents: Michaele Driscoll andBrigitta Fynn
Sp: Joannis FOLEY and Margaetha FOLEY
  April 4 Pauline Montpetit
Parents: Josepho Montepit and Theresa Moizo
Sp: Stephanus Kinsella and Catharina Moore
  April 4 Marie Louise Montpetit
Parents: Josepho Montpetit and Theresia Mozio
Sp: Patricius Nerill and Brigetta Neirll
  April 8 Lucy Froggarty
Parents: Jacobus Fraggarty and Maria Anna Kealy
Sp: Tomas Tobin and Maria Anna Tobin
  April 10 Patrick McGinley
Parents: Patrico McGinley and Brigetta Deveny
Sp:Jacobus McGinley and Jane Mc Gloughlin
  June 16 Christina Rofs
Parents: Matthiae Rofs and Cathaeinae Malget
Sp: Josephus Bonus and Catharina Bonus
  June 16 Mary Elisabeth Lundy
Parents:Daniel Lundy and Wilnefredae Daven
Sp: Joannis Murphy and Elizabeth Lundy
  June 26 James Ryan
Parents:Michealis Ryan and Mariae Buchanan
Sp:Jacobus Ryan and Maria Ryan
  July 3 Michael Gratz
Parents: Josephi Gratz and Elisabeth Killian
Sp. Michael Leitner and Apolonia Leitner
  July 3 Angela Laub
Parents: Josephi Laub and Marthae Johnson
Sp. Augustus Kempf and Angela Frey
  July 10 Emilia Julia Bruce
Parents: Petri Bruce and Susannae Bruce
Sp. ? and Margaretha Sheridan
  July 10 Victor Schwalen
Parents: Bartholomae Schwalen and Annae Helenae Schnieder
Sp. Hilarius Schwalen and Anna Maria Riihl
  July 17 Georg Dauser
Parents: Matthiae Dauser and Magdalenae Simon
Sp. Georguis Arnbruster and Maria Anna Arnbruster
  July 17 Pierre DeBonneville
Parents: Joannis B. DeBonneville and Olevenae Moreau
Sp. Pierre Patuell and Maria Patuell
  July ? Emelius Carl Harbach
Parents: Caroli Harbach and Franciscan Elbert
Sp. Emilius Stock and ?
  July 24 John O'Brian
Parents: Gulielmi O'Brian and Mariae Barrett
Sp. Merrick Kelley and Maria Barrett
  July 25 Agnes Alice Stevens
Parents: Thomas Stevens and Mariae Cavanagh
Sp. Patricius Walsh and Brigitta Ouinn
  July 27 Henry O'Brian
Parents: Michaelis O'Brian and Mary Hoolighan
Sp. Corneluis O'Brian and Susan Shea
  July 31 Rose Ann O'Donnell
Parents: Patricii O'Donnell and Brigittae McGinley
Sp. Michael O'Donnell and Helena McGinley
  Die 5th Martii A.D. 1870 baptizavi Mariam Agnetem MOORE Nat, die 3th Martii A.D. 1870 Ex
Joanne Moore et Catharina Gleason conjug.
Lev. Thomas Dunn & Maria Burns CHR. Verweyst

1871 Die 18 Febrvarii A.D. 1871 baptizavi Nicolaum MOORE, Natum die 17 Decembris A.D. 1870.
Filium Joannis Moore et. Catharinae Ryan Conjugum
Susceperunt Philippus Bulger et Margaretha Cosetllo
C.H. A Verueyst

1872 30 Apris Mariam Helenam ROONEY nat. 1 April 1872
Parents: Jacobi ROONEY et Annae EAGAN
Sp. Patricus MURPHY et Eva SIMON
  30 April Mariam Editham BAKER nat. 23 Martii 1872
Parents: Florenti BAKER et Annae LOGAN
Sp. Jacobus LOGAN et Brigitta LOGAN
  18 Apris Mariam Athanasiam SICORD nat. 13 Apris 1872
Parents: David SECORD et Espire PARENT
Sp. Telesphore PARENT et Maria FERLEIN
  28 Apris Maiam Helenam FOLEY nat. 14 Martii 1872
Parents: Peter FOLEY and Mary MCMAHON
Sp. Patricus MCMAHON et Maria MCMAHON

1876 18 Maii Charles William FOLEY nat 14 Apris 1876
Parents: Peter FOLEY et Maria MCMAHON
Sp. Denis DENUM et Catherine FITZSIMMONS

1880 Mar 18 Martinus McMahon
Parents: Mich McMahon and Anna Joyce
Sp. WM Coyle and Mang Joyce
  Apr 18 Herencus M. McMahon
Parents: Jno McMahon and Maria Walsh
Sp. Henre McMahon and Anna O'Brine
  June 24 Joannes P. Harity
Parents: Henry Harity and June O'Neill
Sp. Jno Donahoe and Julia Donahoe

1860 Sept 9 Ego in Matrimoniam conj: Laurentium MOORE et Catherine CLANCY
Testes Patricius Quinn & Catherine Welsh
1867 Die 9 SEPTB 1867 in Matrimonia Conjunsi Petrum MOORE cum Anna DUFFY
Sponsors: Thimothy Dunn et Jacobus McShane

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