St. John's Lutheran Cemetery
St. Croix County, WIGenWeb
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St. John's Lutheran Cemetery

Forest, St. Croix County, Wisconsin

Many Thanks to Cindy BOHN for the pictures!

SurnameGiven Name(s)Birthdate/AgeDeath DateNotes
AeschlimanGlen D.19081967Father
BormetHerman A.19001983Father, Husband of Matilda E., Married July 11, 1948
BormetMatilda E.19152003Mother, Wife of Herman A., Married July 11, 1948
CloeterA. J. Julia19041993 
CloeterBernard G.19021986 
CloeterErnst Carl18661951 
CloeterIda W. M.18711963 
CloeterOlga (Meter)19031991 
FauksBertha F.Sept. 1888Apr. 30, 1968 
FauksFred A.19111925Son
FauksFred J.Apr. 1877Oct. 1962 
FauksJohn F.18181908 
FauksReinard R.Sep. 13, 1918Aug. 23, 1990PFC US Army, World War II
FauksRuben R.Nov. 14, 1923Jun 15, 2000T Sgt. US Army Air Forces, World War II, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal
FlugFrank18581928Father, Husband of Ottillie
FlugOttillie18611933Mother, Wife of Frank
FlugWaler18981914Son of Frank & Ottillie
FouksFrancis F.1925 Father, Husband of Yvonne
FouksLila M.June 23, 1937Sept. 5, 1990Wife of Stanley S., Married June 29, 1957
FouksShelley L.19671988Daughter of Francis and Yvonne
FouksStanley S.July 6, 1933 Husband of Lila M., Married June 29, 1957
FouksYvonne L.1931 Mother, Wife of Francis
FrankAmanda H.19051987 
FrankArthur AugustJuly 28, 1911Sept. 10, 1948Wisconsin, CPL 1419 AAF Base Unit, World War II
FrankHarriet J.Dec. 3, 1922  
FrankWilbur R.May 4, 1919Aug. 27, 2002S Sgt. US Army, World War II
GadeWilliam R.Nov. 21, 1951  
GerberDavid A.18841935 
HahnGustav E.18611933 
HahnOttielie H.18641945 
HasseErnstine12 May 18593 Mar 1912 
HeinbuchAlice M.1934  
HeinbuchHarold H.19301988 
HeinbuchRonald H.19551996Husband of Terri L., Married Sept. 20, 1975
HeinbuchTerri L.1954 Wife of Ronald H., Married Sept. 20, 1975
HentschBerthaNov. 19, 1909Apr. 15, 1997 
HentschHenryFeb. 19, 1910May 15, 1981 
JahnCaroline D.18531920 
JahnHerman31 Aug. 188126 Okt. 1918 
JahnWilhelmineSept. 26, 1827May 13, 1910 
JeskeAnna Alina Louise20 Feb. 190521 Mar 1907Tochter von Friedrich & Anne
JohnstonBette M.1923  
JohnstonWm. H.19211997"Bill"
JurischFlorence1924 Wife of Gene M., Married June 14, 1946
JurischGene M.19221982Husband of Florence, Married June 14, 1946
JurischGene M.Apr. 5, 1922Jan. 14, 1982US Army, World War II
KrigAlfred E.19242005Husband of Lucille, Married Sept. 6, 1946
KrigLucille1926 "Betty", Wife of Alfred E., Married Sept. 6, 1946
KruseAdeline V. E.19191934 
KruseElla M.18901980Mother, Wife of Herman P., Married Oct. 2, 1913
KruseErlyne L.1928 Wife of Martin F., Married Mar. 27, 1948
KruseHerman P.18881987Father, Husband of Ella M., Married Oct. 2, 1913
KruseMartin F.19272000Husband of Erlyne L., Married Mar. 27, 1948
KruseRose M. E.19141928 
KruseWilbert H. J.19161925 
MeyerJanis1925 Wife of Lawrence, Married Feb. 20, 1946
MeyerLawrence19262000Husband of Janis, Married Feb. 20, 1946
NordstromLola J.19342000Nee Wienke
OlsonBernhardt R.19171924 
OlsonEsther M.19091909Daughter
OlsonHenry O.19031973Father, Husband of Myrtle F.
OlsonMyrtle F.19081996Mother, Wife of Henry O.
OlsonRuth V.19111911Daughter
OlsonThomas W.19141914Son
PittHerman JamesJun. 7, 1916May 26, 2006PFC US Army, World War II
SchneiderBertha A.18691964Mother
StaabsFredJan. 1, 1852Aug. 15, 1928 
VetterAnita E.18971974 
VetterEtta F. Maria18961970 
VetterGeorge W.18921986 
VetterGottfried C.June 14, 1880Nov. 14, 1896At Concordia College, St. Paul, Min.
VetterKristin Aleta19671982 
VetterLuther W.19292003"Bud", Father of Wanda, Gerald, Anne
VetterOttomar Franz18901924 
VetterOttomar Harold19231992"Buzzy"
VetterRudolph G.Mar. 23, 1895June 5, 1916At Concordia College, St. Paul, Min.
VoeltzMarie H.18701956 
VoeltzWilhelm F.18741936 
WarnerGladys M.19232004Aeschliman, Nee Sondrol, Mother
WienkeAlta19021993Mother, Nee Ziemer
WienkeAnna C.18741957Mother
WienkeBabyFeb. 22, 1924  
WienkeBaby1965 Son of Mark & Corrine
WienkeBaby1966 Daughter of Mark & Corrine
WienkeBertha J.1914 Wife of Harvey F., Married June 15, 1932
WienkeBessie I.19071999 
WienkeCharles J.18721946Father
WienkeDavid W.19341934Baby
WienkeDeta A.18731955Mother
WienkeElsieSept. 2, 1916  
WienkeEmma18861979Mother, Wife of Louis
WienkeErhart C.19041982Father, Husband of Katherine, Married 1930
WienkeErna E.19101999Nee Voeltz, Wife of Frank J., Married June 8, 1932
WienkeErvin H.19371946 
WienkeFrank H.April 12, 1884Nov. 10, 1926Father, Husband of Helene A.
WienkeFrank J.19111982Husband of Erna E., Married June 8, 1932
WienkeFranklin E.19401941 
WienkeHarris W.19221939Son
WienkeHarvey F.19121993Husband of Bertha J., Married June 15, 1932
WienkeHelene A.April 8, 1893Sept. 10, 1972Mother, Wife of Frank H.
WienkeJames F.1933  
WienkeJohn C.1933  
WienkeKatherine1911 Mother, Wife of Erhart C., Married 1930
WienkeLouis18761956Father, Husband of Emma
WienkeMartha C.19121986Daughter
WienkeRudolph K.19041976 
WienkeWalter I.18991950Father
WittstockFriedrich W.18431927 
ZwiegBertha C. Olson19011926Wife of Adolph

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