Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
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Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery Pictures

Forest, St. Croix County, Wisconsin

Many Thanks to Cindy BOHN for the pictures!

SurnameGiven Name(s)Birthdate/AgeDeath DateNotes
AiltsErnest E.July 15, 1903Nov. 23, 1974 
AiltsFrieda B.19011991Mother; Wife of Henry C.; Married March 14, 1922
AiltsHenry C.18991977Father; Husband of Frieda B.; Married March 14, 1922
AiltsWilliam A.19001923 
AlvermannClarence E.19251997 
AlvermannDaughterFebruary 22, 1966  
AlvermannElmer F.19231958Son
AlvermannErnst W. K.18861972 
AlvermannHenry W.Jun 18, 1919Oct 24, 2003SGT US Army, World War II, 109th Evac. Hospital
AlvermannHenry W.19192003 
AlvermannMarie S.18911985 
AlvermannPalmer C.May 13, 1926Nov. 9, 1998 
AlvermannRose E.Aug. 28, 1926  
AlvermannSonJune 20, 1963  
BlieseAlbert E.19111955 
BlieseCharles A.March 20, 1893July 24, 1949Minnesota, Pvt. 132 Inf. 33 Div., World War I
BlieseEmma S.18771949 
BlieseFred E.19051987 
BlieseFred W.18631931 
BlieseGust F.18981944 
BlieseMaryAug. 14, 1932  
BlieseMary M.19152006Nee Gerber
BonteBabySept. 1982  
DeBoerAntonApril 25, 1898Aug. 14, 1985Father, Husband of Elizabeth K.
DeBoerBernice M.1925 Daughter
DeBoerClarence E.19261927Son
DeBoerElizabeth K.Feb. 25, 1902April 5, 1977Mother, Wife of Anton
DeBoerEvert18561945Father, Husband of Jantje
DeBoerJantje18561930Mother, Wife of Evert
DeBoerJohn18931969Father, Husband of Leona M., Married Dec. 19, 1923
DeBoerLeona M.19031963Mother, Wife of John, Married Dec. 19, 1923
DeBoerRhea J.Aug. 25, 1934 Mother, Wife of Russell A.
DeBoerRussell A.Mar. 8, 1929 Father, Husband of Rhea J.
DeBoerSon1924 Son of Anton
DeBoerTheodoreJuly 9, 1895Aug. 7, 1974 
DeBoerTodd A.Dec. 3, 1961June 27, 1983Son of Russell and Rhea
DettmannErvin W.Sept. 9, 1917Feb. 6, 1920 
DumkeEduard F.18841976Father, Husband of Emma A. H.
DumkeEmma A. H.18891943Mother, Wife of Eduard F.
EggertCharles J.Jan. 28, 1882Dec. 1, 1961Father
EggertMelvin L.19111921 
FrankElfrieda E.Aug. 29, 1901Sep. 8, 1978Nee Lau, Wife of William B.
FrankElla C.19111936Mother
FrankHenry P.Jan. 6, 1907Sept. 3, 1936 
FrankLulla M.July 11, 1931 Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C.
FrankMary S.19041979Mother
FrankWilliam B.March 19, 1896Aug. 20, 1963Wisconsin, Pvt. Co. D, 55 Infantry, World War I
FrankWilliam B.March 19, 1896Aug. 20, 1963Husband of Elfrieda E.
FrankWm. F.19001954Father
FrohreichEda E.18871975Mother
FrohreichHerman L.18791948Father
GastDonald H.June 26, 1919Jan. 29, 2004Husband of Idell M., Married June 18, 1943
GastIdell M.May 27, 1926 Wife of Donald H., Married June 18, 1943
GastJames D.19551974Son
GebhardBrunoMar. 13, 1890Sept. 27, 1943Father
GebhardEllaAug. 22, 1894Sept. 3, 1973Mother
GebhardEmelia G.18551942Mother, Wife of Friedrich W.
GebhardFriedrich W., Rev.18421931Father, Husband of Emelia G.
GluegeLinda M.19581958Daughter
GraeseAnna A.18771943Mother, Wife of John F.
GraeseJohn F.18731961Father, Husband of Anna A.
GraeseMartha E.18961984Mother, Wife of Robert C.
GraeseReubenJan. 7, 1930  
GraeseRobert C.18981986Father, Husband of Martha E.
GullicksonLeona L.19181992 
HartungEmil K.Feb 28, 1920Aug. 15, 1992Tec 5, US Army, World War II, Husband of Mary L., Married June 5, 1953
HartungMary L.18991975Wife of Emil K., Married June 5, 1953
HenkePauline Mary1950 Wife of Raymond Merlin, Married June 7, 1969, Parents of Donna and Mary
HenkeRaymond Merlin19432004Husband of Pauline Mary, Married June 7, 1969, Parents of Donna and Mary
HillDelores G.1923 Baby
HillEmma A.18941975 
HillHerman J.18971984Father, Husband of Hertha A., Married May 26, 1920
HillHertha A.18991968Mother, Wife of Herman J., Married May 26, 1920
HillIda M.18921975Mother, Wife of Ludwig F.
HillJune I.19252003Nee Logghe, Wife of Norman P., Married Jan. 23, 1946, Parents of Douglas, Duane, Brenda, Kenneth, Keith, David & Bonnie
HillLudwig F.18861954Father, Husband of Ida M.
HillNorman P.19251994Husband of June I., Married Jan. 23, 1946, Parents of Douglas, Duane, Brenda, Kenneth, Keith, David & Bonnie
HillPaul J.18881975 
HolldorfAugusta M.19011983 
HolldorfElden W.19271976 
HolldorfFred J.18681957Husband of Ida
HolldorfHenry H.19111986Husband of Wynelda V., Married Aug. 28, 1938
HolldorfIda18831928Wife of Fred
HolldorfWalter F.19021979 
HolldorfWynelda V.19191993Nee Hill, Wife of Henry H., Married Aug. 28, 1938
HornbostelAugusta M.18731954Mother, Wife of Henry W.
HornbostelHenry C.19071990Husband of Vera R., Married May 17, 1931
HornbostelHenry W.18681951Father, Husband of Augusta M.
HornbostelMella VeraSept. 30, 1932May 8, 1934 
HornbostelVera R.1910 Wife of Henry C., Married May 17, 1931
HoseCarl A.18541930Father, Husband of Ernestine H.
HoseErnestine H.18511940Mother, Wife of Carl A.
IstaJonelle A.19441986Wife of Raymond K., Married Oct. 17, 1964
IstaRaymond K.1943 Husband of Jonelle A., Married Oct. 17, 1964
JourdeansG. Albert19071949Father
JunkansEmma T.19011916 
KlawitterAnna18851954Mother, Wife of Frederich
KlawitterFrederich18751948Father, Husband of Anna
KlawitterRudolph C.18801929Father
KobernickAlbert F.Oct. 25, 1893Nov. 16, 1982US Army, World War I
KobernickAugusta H.18591927Mother, Wife of Carl W.
KobernickCarl W.18511924Father, Husband of Augusta H.
KobernickHenry R.Oct. 4, 1895Feb. 5, 1921 
MartinEmma18901918Wife of Ernst
MartinHenry H.19371953Son
MartinHerman H.18861976Father, Husband of Hulda L., Married Dec. 15, 1915
MartinHulda L.18961975Mother, Wife of Herman H., Married Dec. 15, 1915
MartinRichardJune 1, 1816July 26, 1816Baby
ObermuellerDaughterSept. 3, 1952 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Geo.
ObermuellerEsther F.Oct. 8, 1925March 3, 2002Mother, Wife of George W., Married Oct. 12, 1946
ObermuellerGeorge W.July 8, 1922July 12, 1977Father, Husband of Esther F.
RibaAmanda B.Jan. 3, 1887March 22, 1973Mother, Wife of Frederick W., Married May 17, 1906
RibaFrederick W.March 26, 1880June 25, 1971Father, Husband of Amanda B., Married May 17, 1906
RichterAlbert W.18981941 
RichterEmma L.19011998 
RosenArliss M.1930 Wife of Thomas W., Married June 25, 1949, Parnets of Dennis & Kimberly
RosenThomas W.April 7, 1927Oct. 11, 1996S1, US Navy, World War II, Husband of Arliss M., Married June 25, 1949, Parents of Dennis & Kimberly
RotheAlma A.19031990Mother, Wife of Oscar W., Married Feb. 28, 1923
RotheDaughterSept. 6, 1933 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Geo.
RotheEvelyn M.Nov. 20, 1939Mar. 28, 1940 
RotheGeorge T.18961954 
RotheHattie A.18971980 
RotheOscar W.19011989Father, Husband of Alma A., Married Feb. 28, 1923
SchultzAmelia A.June 11, 1880July 31, 1968 
SchultzAugust H.18811923Father
SchultzRobert H.Oct. 20, 1887Feb. 17, 1966 
SmithCharles M.18511920Father, Husband of Helen L.
SmithDaughterApril 26, 1972 Infant of David & Karen
SmithFrieda A.18981956Sister
SmithHelen L.18691965Mother, Wife of Charles M.
SpauldingAllan F.19122004Husband of Ardis M.
SpauldingArdis M.19131998Nee Sutliff, Wife of Allan F.
SuckowAnna M.18831946Mother, Wife of Frank A.
SuckowFrank A.18771946Father, Husband of Anna M.
SwanepoelTerri A.May 28, 1954 Nee DeBoer, Wife of Thomas W., Parents of Jodi, Jess, Jill, Julie
SwanepoelThomas W.Mar. 5, 1948Mar. 19, 1998Husband of Terri A., Parents of Jodi, Jessi, Jill, Julie
TeschHerman18561936Father, Husband of Rosaline
TeschJohannah18901926Wife of Fred
TeschRosaline18521934Mother, Wife of Herman
ThompsonMarion G.19341935 
ThompsonMarvin E.19481998Son
VoeltzAliceMar. 25, 1921 Nee Tesch, Wife or Orville, Married Mar. 6, 1943
VoeltzHilda A.19041997 
VoeltzOrvilleFeb. 6, 1924Jan. 25, 1993Husband of Alice, Married Mar. 6, 1943
VoeltzThora B.Dec. 2, 1931 Wife of Verlyn W., Married July 28, 1951, Parents of Vincent, Vaughn & Verdell
VoeltzVerlyn W.Jan. 10, 1928Dec. 6, 1996Husband of Thora B., Married July 28, 1951, Parents of Vincent, Vaughn & Verdell
VoeltzWilliam O.18981966 
WillertElsie A.18961955Mother, Wife of Johannes E.
WillertErnest Wm.Sept. 1, 1919 Baby
WillertJohannes E.Nov. 22, 1894Jun 7, 1989Father, Husband of Elsie A., US Army, World War I
WillertLeonard J.Oct. 4, 1922June 16, 1923Baby
WillertMartha18601918Mother, Wife of William
WillertWilliam18561941Father, Husband of Martha
WinbergAnna A.19051972 
WinbergFrancis H.Jan. 25, 1918July 2, 2007 
WinbergFrank W.18971968 
WinbergHarry L.18931975Husband of Minnie E., Married July 3, 1917
WinbergMinnie E.18941986Wife of Harry L., Married July 3, 1917
WulffCarl19031990Husband of Lucille, Married Feb. 12, 1955
WulffLucille19142002Nee Hill, Wife of Carl, Married Feb. 12, 1955
ZellmerAlbert W.18891953 
ZellmerArthur J.18901969 
ZellmerHenrietta18571919Mother, Wife of Jul.
ZellmerLouisNov. 28, 1865Oct. 13, 1937 
ZiemerArnold E.19001975Father, Husband of Ruth Ann
ZiemerRuth Ann19021982Mother, Wife of Arnold E.
ZurcherErnest19271996Husband of Maryln, Parents of Janell & Janette
ZurcherKarl18981986Father, Husband of Marie
ZurcherKarl M., Jr.19251975Son
ZurcherMarie18911952Mother, Wife of Karl
ZurcherMarieJuly 28, 1904Apr. 13, 2003 
ZurcherMaryln1937 Wife of Ernest, Parents of Janell & Janette

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