Rusk County, WI Schools

Rusk County, WI

Below you will find links to some schools in Rusk County. This list is being developed, but what there is of it may give you some leads in your search.

Schools Listing


Bruce Elementary School Bruce Elementary School
Bruce High School Bruce High School

Flambeau School District:

Conrath Grade School  Conrath Grade School
Conrath Union Free High School 
Conrath Union Free High School
Flambeau School District  Flambeau School District
Glen Flora Union Free High School  Glen Flora Union Free High School
Ingram Grade School  Ingram Grade School
Sheldon Grade School  Sheldon Grade School
Sheldon Union Free High School  Sheldon Union Free High School
Tony Union Free High School  Tony Union Free High School


Hawkins Elementary School   Hawkins Elementary School


Ladysmith Elementary School  Ladysmith Elementary School
Ladysmith Middle School  Ladysmith Middle School
Ladysmith-Hawkins High School  Ladysmith-Hawkins High School
Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Grade School  Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Grade School


Weyerhaeuser School District  Weyerhaeuser School District
High School Annuals  Weyerhaeuser High School Annuals
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