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Rock County, Wisconsin

What is a mailing list?

A mailing list is like a slow chat room where everyone involved is interested in the same topic. The
  • WIROCK list is for people interested in Rock County, Wisconsin's history and genealogy. An e-mail sent to the list is received by everyone who has subscribed to the list.
As of September 2, 2005, there are 123 subscribers to WIROCK-L and 50 subscribers to
WIROCK-D. With a single e-mail, you can reach 173 people.
What's the difference between WIROCK-L and WIROCK-D?
It's the same list and no matter which one you subscribe to you'll receive the same e-mails. The
difference is how you receive it.
  • WIROCK-L subscribers receive each e-mail separately. One posting equals one e-mail.
  • WIROCK-D is the WIROCK-L list in digest mode. The server stores all postings made within an 18-hour period and then sends them to those subscribed to WIROCK-D. If seven postings are made in that 18-hour period, one e-mail is sent containing all seven postings. If no postings are made in that 18-hour period, no e-mail is sent.
How do I participate?
You can participate in two ways:
  • Subscribe to the list.
  • E-mail the list. The mailing list is not monitored. This means you don't have to be a subscriber to send an e-mail to the list.
How do I subscribe?
Choose which list is right for you. Don't fret, you're more than welcome to cancel your subscription
or change to the other form whenever you desire.
Send an e-mail with the word subscribe in the subject heading and message body to the version you
prefer to...
No other information is needed (or useful). You will receive an automated message confirming your subscription is active. If you don't receive the automated confirmation message within a day, contact me since I am the list administrator. Do not subscribe to both lists at once or you'll receive each posting to the list twice.
I don't want to subscribe so how do I e-mail the list?
Easy. Just send an e-mail to <[email protected]>. Be sure to state in the e-mail that you
are not a subscriber and that anyone who wishes to correspond with you must e-mail you directly and not respond to the list.
I subscribed but I'm not receiving any e-mails.
Sometimes, there aren't any postings for several days. Before you decide something is amiss, check
the list by sending an e-mail to it. You can introduce yourself, remind the others of who you are and your interests, or you can just say "Just checking to see if the list is working." After you hit send, wait a while to see if you receive your posting back through the list. (If you're subscribed to WIROCK-D, wait no more than 18 hours).
I checked the list but didn't receive any e-mail back.
Are your e-mails monitored? Do the people who e-mail you receive a notification requesting they
fill out a form online to be accepted into your mailbox (a practice called "whitelisting")? If so, you probably haven't added the mailing lists address to your approved list. Those addresses are <[email protected]> or <[email protected]>. Choose the one to which you subscribed. As a side note, if you monitor your mailings and post to the list, be kind and let the others subscribers know in your e-mail that your mailbox is monitored and that all responses should be sent to the list. That way, no one is offended by their private e-mail not being accepted.
Did you change your e-mail address? Those automatic "I've changed my address" mailings don't
work for the mailer daemon (computer program) in charge of the list. The easiest way to change your e-mail address is just to resubscribe under your new address. The old address will receive postings until four bounce back as undeliverable, then it will automatically be removed. If your old e-mail address is still valid (but you aren't using it anymore), unsubscribe the old address and subscribe the new. If that's all too confusing, just e-mail me letting me know the old address and the new address and I'll fix it.
If neither of these apply, contact me, the list administrator.
On rare occasion, the server in charge of the list is down for repairs. When this occurs, all e-mails
sent to the list are stored in a temporary location and then sent out to everyone once the list's server is back up and running. I usually receive a notice of upcoming repairs and will inform the list that we'll be down for a day or two. But, sometimes I don't receive a notice... sometimes I don't read it in time... and sometimes, I just forget to tell the list.
How do I unsubscribe?
Send an e-mail with the word unsubscribe in the subject heading and message body to the version
you originally subscribed to...
Can I read old postings to the list?
Yes. The WIROCK list is archived so you can read old postings (and even search them) online at
any time. You do not have to be subscribed to the list to read the old postings.
Anything else I should know?
Please respect the other subscribers to the list. No swearing, rude comments or snippiness is
allowed If I find any posting to be inappropriate, I'll only give you one warning in a private e-mail (I'll not "call you out" in public). If you are inappropriate a second time, I will remove you from the list by unsubscribing you and blocking you from resubscribing.
If someone offends you in any manner on the list, please e-mail me! Do not respond to the list or
directly to the individual. Part of my job description includes handling these sensitive matters.
If you have any other questions or comments regarding the list (or Rock County, Wisconsin), my
mailbox is always open (and unmonitored).

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