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Volunteers for Look-Ups

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Kind people who have generously offered to help others

Please note that many of the cemeteries listed below, as well as others in Rock County, are transcribed & online (with photographs of tombstones) at this website!

When requesting a look-up from one of our volunteers, please put
"Rock County look-up"
as the subject of your e-mail and mention the source you want the look-up in. Try to limit your request to one or two surnames and be patient.
And remember to say "Thanks!"
If you have any problems such as broken links or your e-mail is returned,
or have a resource you'd be willing to share,
e-mail the Rock County Coordinator.




Beloit (city) Calvary (1992 ed.) [Lynn Risner] [Tawny Press]
Eastlawn (will visit cemetery) [Brian Weeden]
Mt. Thabor (1996 ed.) [Lynn Risner] [Tawny Press]
Oakwood (will visit cemetery) [Brian Weeden]
Bradford Township [Bradford, Harmony & La Prairie Townships Cemetery Transcriptions (2005 ed.)] [Tawny Press]
Center Township Grove (1970 ed.) [Lori Niemuth]
Clinton Township Clinton (1995 ed.) [Carol]
Fulton Township Fassett, Edgerton (1988 ed.) [Pam Phillips]
Jensen Lutheran, Edgerton (1988 ed.) [Pam Phillips]
St. Joseph's Catholic, Edgerton [Pam Phillips]
Harmony Township [Bradford, Harmony & La Prairie Townships Cemetery Transcriptions (2005 ed.)] [Tawny Press]
Janesville (city) Mt. Olivet (1990 ed.) [Lynn Risner] [Tawny Press] [Pam B]
Mt. Olivet - Supplement - Burial & Death
Records, 1894-1944 (1999 ed.)
[Lynn Risner] [Tawny Press]
Oak Hill - Vol. I - Blocks 3-149 (1996 ed.) [Lynn Risner] [Tawny Press]
Oak Hill - Vol. II - Blocks 150-259 (1996 ed.) [Lynn Risner] [Tawny Press]
Oak Hill - Vol. III - Blocks 260-629 and
Public Grounds (1996 ed.)
[Lynn Risner] [Tawny Press]
Milton Township Milton [Judi Sayre Berry]
Rock River [Judi Sayre Berry]
Newark Township Newark (1994 ed.) [Tawny Press]
Porter Township Ball Tavern [Ruth Ann Montgomery]
St. Michael's [Ruth Ann Montgomery]
Turtle Township Shopiere (2002 ed.) [Tawny Press]
Union Township Holy Cross Catholic, Evansville [Ruth Ann Montgomery]
Maple Hill, Evansville [Ruth Ann Montgomery]
Union Baptist [Ruth Ann Montgomery]

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