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Union Township Funeral Homes

Rock County, Wisconsin

All of the below funeral homes were located in the city of Evansville.

Funeral Home

Address and/or Notes

Allen Funeral Home
1930-1954-?; Malcom Allen, proprietor; became Allen-Meredith Funeral Home
Allen-Meredith Funeral Home
103 W. Main St.
Evansville, WI 53536-1145
history of building* from Ruth Ann Montgomery's website
Antes, W.
Antes & Young
1894-1896; William Antes & William Young, proprietors
Bigelow & Johnson
located at present-day 10 E. Main St. in 1906; Walter F. Bigelow & B. J. Johnson, proprietors
Bigelow & Roderick
located at present-day 10 E. Main St.; operated from 1920-1927; Walter F. Bigelow & Harry Roderick, Sr., proprietors
Bigelow, Walter F.
Meinke & Snashall
Meinke & Young
Potter (H. & Son)
1889-1892-?; previously Potter & Hartley
Potter & Hartley
?-1888; became H. Potter & Son
Roderick Funeral Home
located at 10 E. Main St. from 1927-1931; located at 39 N. First St. from 1931-1951; Harry Roderick, Sr., proprietor (and sometimes his son, Harry Roderick, Jr.; history of building* from Ruth Ann Montgomery's website; became Roderick Ward Funeral Home
Roderick Ward Funeral Home
1951-?; located at 39 N. First St.; Harry Roderick & Alfred Ward, proprietors; became Ward Funeral Home
Smith & Antes
1887-1894; Solon J. Smith & Jacob Antes, proprietors
Smith, H. J. & Solon J.
Snashall & Meinke
Ward Funeral Home
130 S. 5th St.
Evansville, WI 53536
previously Roderick Ward Funeral Home
Young & Meinke
1896-1900/1901; William Young & E. W. Meinke, proprietors

If you know of a funeral home (or a funeral home's website) in Milton Township not listed here, please e-mail the Rock County Coordinator.

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