Fifth Wisconsin Infantry. - Company H.

Fifth Wisconsin Infantry
Co. H

[Known as the "Scott Guards."]
Jonathan Adams Adams Private
A. H. Armore Armore Private
O. A. Atwood Atwood Private
James W. Austin Austin Private
Edwin Austin Austin Private
Alexander Y. Babb Babb Private
M. L. Babb Babb Private
William Barries Barries Private
Thomas J. Bass Bass Private
G. W. Bell Bell Sergeant
Adam C. Bell Bell Private
W. H. Bennett Bennett Private
George Bissell Bissell Captain
Adrian Bryant Bryant Private
A. Chismore Chismore Private Died of disease.
Thomas Cooper Cooper Private
Henry Collins Copllins Private
John Douglass Douglass Private
E. H. Downs Downs Private Died of disease.
J. G. Dunken Dunken Private
Thomas J. Edwards Edwards Corporal
James M. Ewing Ewing Corporal Killed in action.
J. F. Farland Farland Private
William Fazel Fazel Private Died of wounds.
Henry Fazel Fazel Private
Peter Fazel Fazel Private
John Frawley Frawley Private
John Gaston Gaston Private
Allen Graham Graham Private Killed in action.
H. C. Gray Gray Private
Leander W. Handy Handy Private
Robert C. Hawkins Hawkins Captain
Adelbert Helms Helms Private
G. W. Henthorn Henthorn Private
Alfred Hiatt Hiatt Private
Charles Hickok Hickok Private
Edward Hoke Hoke Private Died of disease.
L. G. Householder Householder Private
William F. Hoyt Hoyt Corporal Killed in action.
H. H. Hoyt Hoyt Private
E. C. Hungerford Hungerford Sergeant Killed in action.
George Jarvis Jarvis Private
Henry M. Johnson Johnson Private
J. L. Jones Jones Private
L M. Jones Jones Private
James Kinney Kinney Private
James Kinniff Kinniff Private
N. Kinyon Kinyon Private Missing
H. C. Kyger Kyger 1st Sergeant
C. C. Kyger Kyger Private
H. A. Lamphear Lamphear Private
William Landmyer Landmyer Private
Mathias Lawless Lawless Corporal Missing
G. L. Laws Laws Sergeant
Benjamin M. Lawton Lawton Corporal
G. W. Lawton Lawton Private
H. J. Lawton Lawton Private
H. H. Lewis Lewis Private Transferred to company D
George D. Lybrand Lybrand Lieutenant
E. A. Mack Mack Private
A. G. Mardin Mardin Private
G. L. Marshall Marshall Private
R. P. Mathews Mathews Private
A. C. Mayfield Mayfield Private
G. W. Mayfield Mayfield Private
John McMurtrie McMurtrie Captain Killed in action.
G. W. McPheters McPheters Private
W. H. McPheters McPheters Private
John Miller Miller Private
G. W. Miller Miller Private
A. W. Miller Miller Private
Frederick Moody Moody Private
John R. Moon Moon Private
Frank A Moore Moore Corporal
G. W. Moore Moore Private
William Morrison Morrison Private
M. S. Morrison Morrison Private
W. A. Nicks Nicks Private Died of disease.
O. N. Northrop Northrop Private
H. Osgood Osgood Private
C. J. Ostrander Ostrander Private
Youngs Parfrey Parfrey Private
J. P. Pool Pool Private
A. H. Robinson Robinson Sergeant
F. M. Russell Russell Private
E. P. Ryder Ryder Corporal
J. B. Shaffer Shaffer Private
T. J. Shannon Shannon Private
G. A. Shaw Shaw Private
Ami Shireman Shireman Private
W. H. Shoonmaker Shoonmaker Private Died of disease.
G. L. Smith Smith Private
William Smith Smith Private
Jonathan Spry Spry Private
W. A. Stafford Stafford Private
J.G. Sweet Sweet Private
A L. Thomas Thomas Private
Frank Thomas. Thomas. Corporal
J. J. Turner Turner Lieutenant Killed in action.
Henry Vance Vance Private
W. B. Walker Walker Private
H. E. Walker Walker Private
G. W. Wilsey Wilsey Private
C. M. Woodcock Woodcock Private Missing

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