Forty-Sixth Wisconsin Infantry - Co. H

Forty-Sixth Wisconsin Infantry
Co. H

Elijah Allbaugh Allbaugh Private
David Austin Austin Private
Marshall Austin Austin Private
William J. Baker Baker Private
E. J. Barnett Barnett Private
William Barnett Barnett Private
Joshua Barnett Barnett Private
William J. Barnett Barnett Private
Hiram Bender Bender Private
Elias E. Bender Bender Private
V. L. Benjamin Benjamin Private
Joseph Benton, Jr. Benton Private
Henry L. Bevier Bevier Private
John J. Bovee Bovee Lieutenant
Aaron Boman, Jr. Bowman Private
J. R. Burgett Burgett Corporal
James R. Campbell Campbell Private
John A. Carpenter Carpenter Private
George Clark Clark Private
Hugh M. Clark Clark Private
Joshua Clark Clark Private
William H. Clift Clift Private
Benona Davenport Davenport Private
Alonzo De Pee De Pee Private
A. M. Deets Deets Private
Thomas L. Dobson Dobson Corporal
D.L. Downs Downs Lieutenant
Robert Drake Drake Private
D. DuBois DuBois Lieutenant
Arthur B. Ewing Ewing Corporal
Nathaniel Ewing Ewing Private
John Ewing Ewing Private
William Fairbrother Fairbrother Private
Samuel Fetty Fetty Private
Stephen Foard Foard Private
Charles H. Ford Ford Lieutenant
Ransom N. Francis Francis Corporal
Abner Gray Gray Private
Oliver Guess Guess Private
Edwin P Handy Handy Private
John Hart Hart Sergeants
Louis Herbert Herbert Private
Albert Hopkins Hopkins Private
A. Hoskins Hoskins Captain
James M. Hoskins Hoskins Sergeants
Olney Hoskins Hoskins Private
Albert Howe Howe Private
Emmett Jaquish Jaquish Private
George W. Lawton Lawton Sergeants
Richard Lawton Lawton Corporal
F. G. Lawton Lawton Private
Willett Leplen Leplen Private
William W. Lilly Lilly Corporal
Fred S. Lovell Lovell Lieutenant
Michael Lynch Lynch Private
Orrin Mallette Mallette Private
Thomas M. McCarthy McCarthy Corporal
Elijah Merry Merry Private
St. Clair S. Miller Miller Private
John M. Miller Miller Private
William Minett Minett Private
John A. Morrow Morrow Private
Steven Norris Norris Lieutenant
William Ogden Ogden Sergeants
Ambrose Osborne Osborne Private
Elias Peckham Peckham Private
Calvin P. Rice Rice Private
D. W. Richardson Richardson Sergeants
William G. Ritch Ritch Lieutenant
Lawrence Roach Roach Private
James G. Slater Slater Private
A. B. Smedley Smedley Lieutenant
Jasper N. Smith Smith Private
Harvey Smith Smith Private
Simon P. Spry Spry Private
N. Stewart Stewart Lieutenant
Mahlon Stewart Stewart Private
C. D. Stewart Stewart Private
Jonathan Stout Stout Private
Noble Sugdon Sugdon Private
David Thompson Thompson Private
Joseph Thornton Thornton Private
Thomas W. Todd Todd Private
Olvier Totten Totten Private
G. R. Turner Turner Lieutenant
Jonathan Turner Turner Private
William Turnipseed Turnipseed Corporal
David Vance Vance Private
Fernando Walker Walker Private
J. S. Waller Waller Private
H. J. Welker Welker Private
Jesse W. Wentz Wentz Private
Thomas Whitcraft Whitcraft Private
Benjamin Wingardner Wingardener Private
Daniel U. Withrow Withrow Musician
William Wulfing Wulfing Private

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