Second Wisconsin Cavalry - Co. F

Second Wisconsin Cavalry
Co. F

R. J. Allen Allen Private
William Bartle Bartle Private Died of disease.
Nathan L. Beele Beele Private
William D. Birge Birge Private Died of disease.
Walter Bowe Bowe Private
Allen Brewer Brewer Private
Willis Brewer Brewer Private
Levi Bump Bump Private Died of disease.
Garrett Joseph Cody Cody Private Died of disease.
Joseph Craig Craig Private
Lyman Creed Creed Private
Joseph M. Cringo Cringo Private
Arthur Culver Culver Private
M. F. Cutting Cutting Lieutenant
Thomas H. Damon Damon Lieutenant Died of disease.
L. Davis Davis Private
Harvey F. Decker Decker Private Killed in action.
Newton DeForest DeForest Captains
W. M. Fogo Fogo Private
F. D. Fowler Fowler Private
L. Furstenburg Furstenburg Private
Alvardo Goodwin Goodwin Private Died of wounds.
Thomas Graham Graham Private
Andrew Halstinson Halstinson Private Died of disease.
R. R. Hamilton Hamilton Captains
Frank Harris Harris Private
William W. Harvey Harvey Private
John U. Hewitt Hewitt Private Died of disease.
H. G. Hewett Hewitt Private
John J. Jeffrey Jeffrey Private Died of disease.
Thomas Kanouse Kanouse Private
Joseph Kerris Kerris Private
W. T. Kinney Kinney Private
B. F. Lilly Lilly Private
James Logue Logue Private
John M. Long Long Private Died of disease.
L. A. Mathews Mathews Private
Willis Maze Maze Private Died of disease.
A. McAllister McAllister Private Died of disease.
Michael McDonald McDonald Private
John H. H. McFarlin McFarlin Private
George McGuire McGuire Private Died of disease.
John McKane McKane Private
George McKenzie McKenzie Private Died of disease.
Gerge R Mitchell Mitchell Surgeon
Henry Moll Moll Private Died of disease.
H. G. Myers Myers Private
James Nelson Nelson Private
William Nichols Nichols Private
V. D. Niles Niles Private
William J. Noble Noble Private
D. J. O'Har O'Har Private
Charles M. Palmer Palmer Captains
Miles Palmer Palmer Private
Walter Palmer Palmer Private
Francis Patch Patch Private
Nicholas N. Pelton Pelton Private Died of disease.
Joseph A. Pettet Pettet Private Died of disease.
James Poole Poole Private
Francis M. Poynter Poynter Captains
James Ripperdam Ripperdam Private Died of disease.
T. F. Shepherd Shepherd Private
Alexander Smith Smith Private
Joseph Squires Squires Private Died of disease.
George H. Stem Stem Lieutenant
M. B. Swee Swee Private
Joseph Thompson Thompson Private
J. R. Trusdale Truesdale Lieutenant
Joseph Trusdale Trusdale Private
I. R. Trusdale Trusdale 2d Lieutenant
H. W. Wadsworth Wadsworth Lieutenant
J. H. Waggoner Waggoner Private
N. D. Ward Ward Private
William Ward Ward Private
George W. Washburn Washburn Private Died of disease.
N. J. Weller Weller Private
Orrin Welton Welton Private
Theodore Wharton Wharton Private

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