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1-24-2005 Added a transcription of Yorkville Cemetery contributed by Doris Demet, (Photos of some graves at Yorkville Cemetery are still being worked on) made several changes to emails and links on the Deaths, Marriages, and Births pages.

5-19-2004 Added a link to the completed transcription of the Caledonia Memorial Park Cemetery which was transcribed by Ken and Beth Paul-Soch.

5-5-2004 Added a comprehensive cemetery index and additional Racine cemetery links. Added a map link. Added/Deleted links on the Racine County Genealogy links page, Added deaths and marriages to the indexes. Added quite a few photos to the photo page including one Case ad to the business page and a photo of the Taylor Orphan asylum to the Asylum page. Added World War I deaths in service from donated book. Still working on cemetery transcription of Yorkville Cemetery from Ann Pape and other data.

4-4-2004 Redesign complete for Racine pages... updated links. Currently working on cemetery transcriptions and other data.

12-4-2003 Updated all pages with our new email address. This task was lots of work. I'm glad we don't change email very often. Using my time to change all of our email addresses took away time that I could have spent posting submissions to this web site from our frequent research guests. Sorry.

9-8-2003 I did a major update to the Kenosha sister site and links were updated on this site. I added some submitted photos, deaths, marriages, births, and links.

9-6-2003 Posted a few links and fixed some code.

5-26-2003 Frank and I became Racine County WI GenWeb Co-coordinators! -- Combined info from previous Racine site to current Racine site and repaired broken links. Created a new header for the index page.

9-8-2002 Added a link to the "Orphan Train" on the Gen Links page.

8-10-2002 Added a link to the Racine Genealogy links page. Added some births, deaths, and marriages contributed by Anne Pape. Added a photos contributed by Patti Bacon and Joy Weber. Added mortality schedule from the 1850 federal census, City of Racine, District 1. Added more placenames.

4-4-2002 Added a link to the Burlington Historical Society.

4-1-2002 Added marriages, deaths, added church members of Grange Avenue Methodist Church submitted by Marie. Added church histories and bios of pioneer First Presbyterian Church clergy. Added several notes (death notices) for various Racine Civil War veterans on the military page.

3-17-2002 Started creating the Churches page. Added births, marriages, deaths, more placenames, added links to Wales resources, added some submitted military info. Added a few bios.

3-3-2002 Redesigned site is now up and running with new data in just about every category.

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