Racine County ALHN

St. Stephen's Church

As published in "The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties" (Chicago: 1879), p. 382

In the year 1873, some students of the college opened a Sunday school in the northwestern suburbs of the city. In the following year, St. Stephen's Chapel was built, just beyond the city limits, on the road leading to the Rapids, principally by the exertions of Rev. E. B. Spaulding, and large contributions of the Ladies' Aid Society, of Racine College. It is a wooden structure, properly furnished, and cost $2,500. Divine services have been held there ever since, first by the Rev. E. B. Spaulding, then by the Rev. H. Wheeler, and at present by the Rev. Gold. All the clergymen working at Holy Innocents and St. Stephen's were professors of Racine College. The number of communicants is twelve, the number of Sunday school scholars, forty. The Sunday school is still carried on by College students, under supervision of the missionary in charge.

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