Racine County ALHN

Scandinavian Methodist Church

As published in "The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties" (Chicago: 1879), p. 383

No records of the earliest history of this congregation are in existance, wherefore we cannot, with any degree of accuracy, go beyond 1853, when the first local preacher, Samuel Andersen, was sent here from Chicago. The congregation was regularly organized the same year, worshipping at various places. In 1854, Rev. C. Willerup came here, as ordained minister and regular Pastor. Under his supervision a house of worship was commenced, the corner-stone being laid the same year. In 1855, it was so far completed as to permit the holding of services in the basement, and it was used in this manner until 1861, being then completed under the pastorate of Rev. Edward Petersen, who came in 1859. It was dedicated in the fall of 1861, by Bishop Simpson, then of Evanston, now in Philadelphia. In 1864, Rev. A. Haaginson took charge of the congregation. It this time, but one of the original members resided here. After a ministry of three years, the membership was increased to 100. Under Rev. H. Johnson, in 1872, the church edifice was enlarged eighteen feet in front, remodeled and refurnished inside at an expense of some $3,000. In the fall os 1878, Rev. Haaginson returned, after an absence of eleven years, to the charge of this church. The church property is estimated at $4,500. The present membership numbers 180. Connected with the church is a flourishing Sunday School, with sixteen officers and teachers and an average attendance of 110 children.

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