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A Compendium of Union Grove businesses, 1857-1928 G.L. Karwowski, c1988 (M) Reference 380.1 C738 1857/1928 c.1
A family album of Racine County, 1900-1950 The Journal Times, 1995. (M) 977.596 F21
Burlington : its early history, growth and progress ... H. A. Wood, c1908. (M) WI Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 977.596 W863b
Commemorative Biographical Record of Prominent and Representative men of Racine and Kenosha... Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1906
Family stories told at the Foxwell family reunion held in Yorkville, Racine County, Wisconsin, Sunday, June 12, 1983 Foxwell Reunion Committee ; A.I. Moyle, 1983, c1984 (M) Racine Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 929 F837f
Greater Racine, "the belle city of the lakes" : interesting views of public buildings, churches, schools, street scenes, handsome residences and manufacturing industries Racine Club, 1911 (M) Racine Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 917.75 R11g
Manufacturing Frontier: Pioneer Industry in Antebellum Wisconsin 1830-1860 (Chapter 6: Racine) Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1972
Portrait and Biographical Album of Racine and Kenosha Counties... Chicago: Lake City Publishing, 1892
Racine County and city of Burlington directory : including directories of the villages, lakes and farm and rural homes of Racine County Foster Directory Publishers, c1948 (M) Reference 917.75 R115rb 1948
The Grassroots history of Racine County. Racine County Historical Museum, c1978 (M) Juvenile Reference 977.596 GRA
Waterford : stories of our village and its busy life, Waterford, Wisconsin Waterford Post, 1923 (M) WI Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 977.596 W291
Ead's illustrated history of Racine A.B. Eads 1884. (M) 977.597 Ea25e c.3
Chronicle of Old Muskego: The Diary of Soren Bache, 1839-1847 Bache, Soren Northfield, Minn.: Norwegian-American Historical Association: 1951
Circus history of Racine, Wisconsin, 1843-1986 Beerntsen, Clarence C. Racine, 1973? (M) 791.3 B392c
Suggested sources for genealogical researching in Racine County, Wisconsi Belden, Elvera K. Racine Co. Historical Society ; 1981 (M) Racine Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 929.3 B41sr
Sources for local and family history research, Racine County, Wisconsin Belden, Elvera K. (Elvera Kestler) Racine County Historical Society and Museum, Inc., c1992 (M) Ask at Ref Desk HIS.8/2:G4/1992
History of Col Heg Memorial Park, with Nels Bergan : and German and Irish immigration to Racine, with Sister Mary Hortense, Dominican Sisters Bergan, Nels. (M) Adult Non-Fiction Cassette 977.596 CBER
Racine electric and gas utilities, with Wesley Blish; and The life and work of Rev. Olympia Brown, with her daughter, Gwendolyn B. Willis Blish, Wesley. (M) Adult Non-Fiction Cassette 977.596 CBLI
Port and harbor history ; Senator James Rood Doolittle ; Dr. Philo Hoy Bowman, Alvin F. (M) Adult Non-Fiction Cassette 977.596 CBOW Pt.1-2
Olympia Brown: An Autobiography Brown, Olympia (Willis) Racine: 1960
Ethnic history of Racine Buenker, John D. University of Wisconsin--Parkside, 1996, 1978 (M) Videocassettes 977.596 VBUE
Racine: Growth and Change in a Wisconsin County Burckel, Nicholas C. Racine Board of Supervisors
The history of Racine and Kenosha Counties, Wisconsin ... Butterfield, Consul Willshire, 1824-1899. Western Historical Company, 1879. (M) 977.596 B982h
A history of the Town of Mount Pleasant : a summary of the development of the township from its creation in 1842 to 1976 Carrington, Mary. (M) 977.596 C235h
Danish Settlement in Wisconsin Christensen, Thomas P. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 12 (1928-1929), 12
Along the right-of-way to Burlington Damaske, Charles C.H. Damaske, c1994 (M) 385 D18ab
Everywhere West : the Burlington route Dorin, Patrick C. Superior, c1976. (M) 385.09 D734e
Renewing Our Roots: A Guide to Racine, Wisconsin: Central City, Southside Drummond, Margo and Mary Schuchmann Racine, Wis.: Preservation-Racine, 1975
The Early History of Rochester Ela, Ida L. Waterford, Wis: The Waterford Post
Racine County in World War: A History Jaight, Walter
Bottled in the Belle City, Racine, 1848-1920 : beer Karwowski, Gerald L. s. n. 1979. (M) 641.23 K148b
Remembering yesterday : a pictorial history of Racine, Wisconsin Karwowski, Gerald L. The Journal Times [2001] (M) New Book Section 977.596 K149r
Yorkville Township Karwowski, Gerald L. G. L. Karwowski, c1992. (M) Racine Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 977.596 K149y
Rooted in Hope: The Story of the Dominican Sisters of Racine, Wisconsin Kohler, Sister Mary Hortense Milwaukee, Wis.: Bruce Publishing Co., 1962
History of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Racine, Wisconsin : with a preliminary chapter devoted to the city of Racine, 1836 to 1912 Leach, Eugene Walter, 1857-1938 Western Printing Co., 1912. (M) 977.596 L465h c.4
"Like a tree..." Centennial History of St. Stephen's Church, Racine, Wisconsin Lockwood, Helen 1973
Burlington, Wisconsin, the first 150+ years : 1835-1990 Meurer, Fran. Burlington Historical Society, c1991 (M) WI Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 977.596 M571b
A history of Racine's physicians including the Racine County Medical Society, 1835-1998 : from Bushnell B. Cary to Warren H. Williamson Minton, Richard. R. Minton, c1999. (M) Racine Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 610.69 M668h
"Olympia Brown and the Woman's Suffrage Movement" in Wisconsin Magazine of History Neu, Charles E. 43, 1960
One hundredth anniversary, Old Muskego church, Waterford, Wisconsin. September 5-13, 1943 Norway-Muskego church (M) WI Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 277.75 N83o c.132
Trail of the Zephyrs; the Burlington route in northern Illinois Olmsted, Robert P. s.n, c1970. (M) 385.09 OL5t
History of Racine Boat Manufacturing Co. Inc. 1893 : (Lars Ottesen) Louis Otteson boat builder and Racine Boat Co., Racine, Wis. Otteson, Otto C. C. Otteson, 1976. (M) Racine Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 670 Ot8h
Burlington route; a history of the Burlington lines Overton, Richard Cleghorn, 1907- Knopf, 1965. (M) 385 Ov2b
Racine, the Belle city of the lakes; the Racine Daily Journal's review of half a century's progress; Racine's leading men and institutions Racine Daily Journal The author, 1900. (M) Racine Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 977.597 R115rd c.1
125 years: Racine Belle City of the Lakes, 1848-1973 Racine journal-times. Racine, Sunday, July 1, 1973. (M) Racine Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 977.596 R1156on OS c.1
Racine, the Belle City : a history of Racine Sankey, Alice. Racine Board of Education [1958?] (M) Juvenile Non-fiction 977.596 SAN c.02
Belle City beacons : lighthouses of Racine County Schemel, George W. Tumbleweed Ventures, [1999.] (M) 387.155 Sch26b
Brief review of the history of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran congregation at Racine, Wisconsin in word and picture from 1862-1937 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church. The church, 1937. (M) Racine Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 284.1 R11sb c.502
Racine, belle city of the lakes, and Racine County, Wisconsin : a record of settlement, organization, progress and achievement Stone, Fanny S. S.J. Clarke, 1916 (M) Juvenile Non-fiction 977.596 RAC v.1
"Captain Knapp Elected to the Legislature" in Historical Sketches of Racine Turnbull, Olive S. Racine County Historical Museum: 14 March 1956
The history of Yorkville church 1842-1974 Yorkville Church (Yorkville, Wis.). Historical Committee. The Committee, 1974. (M) Racine Coll (Ask at Ref Desk) 287.6 V999h

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