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Racine in the Revolutionary War

Elisha Raymond Chapter Sons of the American Revolution

While Racine County was not "settled" yet during the Revolutionary War, several Revolutionary War
veterans are buried in Racine:

Aaron Smith
Died Burlington, Racine County
NOTE: We received this message regarding Aaron Smith:
"Your website asks if any Rev. soldiers have been missed. I don't know of any, but Aaron Smith, the Massachusetts Revolutionary War soldier buried in Racine County, according to Info I received from the DAR (and which I had already heard through other sources) is buried under the Cooper School."
Signed: John Weibel, Racine County Veterans Service Officer

Ebenezer Whiting
Gravesite unknown, possibly Root River Cemetery, Racine

Three Revolutionary War veterans are buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine:
Rufus Carver
Elisha Raymond
Lot Search

One Revolutionary War veteran is buried in Sylvania Cemetery, Kellogg's Corners:
Helmont Kellogg

One Revolutionary War veteran is buried in Honey Creek Cemetery, Rochester:
Salmon Child

One Revolutionary War veteran is buried in Presbyterian (Scotch) Cemetery, Union Grove:
Andrew Lytle
One Revolutionary War veteran is buried in Yorkville Cemetery, Union Grove:
Phineas Cadwell

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Racine in the War of 1812

While Racine County was not "settled" yet during the War of 1812, several War of 1812
veterans are buried in Racine.
Mound Cemetery
Ezra Beebe
Arab Clark
Hezekiah O'Dell
Abner Rouse
Lot Search
Christ Van Vliet

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Racine in the War with Mexico, 1845

Research in progress...

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Racine in the Civil War

"Soldiers' and Citizens' Album of Biographical Record containing personal
sketches of Army Men and Citizens Prominent in loyalty to the Union"
Vol. 1 Published in 1888
Vol. 2 Published in 1890

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - Wisconsin

Finding your Civil War Ancestor in Wisconsin

From Slavery To Citizenship
Biographies of Logan Davis and Peter D. Thomas

Colonel William F. Utley and Adam the African American Slave
Biography and news stories relating to Adam's refuge with Col. Utley's regiment, the 22nd of Wisconsin, in Kentucky
Very interesting and amazing story contributed by Kevin Dier-Zimmel
Contains some news articles and Col. Utley's biographical info pertaining to his military service.

Civil War Soldiers: Long residents of Racine, but enlisted elsewhere - "Racine County Militant"

Racine County's Civil War Dead

Racine Civil War veterans are buried in the following cemeteries

Mound Cemetery

G. Adams
G. V. S. Aiken
Henry Alsopp
John Armstrong
Frangott Augustine
Charles J. Babcock
Alonzo Baker
Edward Baker
Charles L. Barrows
Jacob J. Barrows
James O. Bartlett
M. B. Beach
Jacob Berner
John G. Beyer
Charles Billhorn
J. D. Black
John Black
Albert H. Blake
Harvey Blish
Christian Boesler
William Bones
A. Botsford
A. H. Bradley
S. L. Brearsley
Hinman Breeze
J. C. Brooker
Alonzo Brown
Benjamin Brown
Charles Brown
James P. Brown
William A. Browne
Thomas Buckley
David Byard
William Byron
Richard Cabourn
H. W. Cady
R. Callender
William Carman
William Carre
James A. Cary
Sheldon Case
Robert W. Castile
E. H. Chadwick
Oscar Chamberlain
Nicholas S. Chambers
Isaac Charnley
Charles S. Chipman
Herman Chipman
Horatio Coe
James Cole
Edward Colvin
Fred H. Comstock
Sylvester Cone
George Conroe
William H. Conroe
Martin Cook
J. C. Covelle
John S. Cross
A. F. Cutting
A. J. Cutting
E. L. Davis
Isaac Davis
Joseph W. Davis
Morris Davis
William E. Davis
Stephen Deal
Oliver S. Deardorf
George Dickinson
L. Dickinson
Julian Dingman
Nicholas Dolch
Henry J. Doolittle
A. J. Douglass
Peter Du Four
T. C. Duncan
Samuel W. Eager
Adam Eifler
E. Enos
Daniel J. Erhardt
Freeman W. Erskine
Robert Evans
Michael Farrill
Charles Filer
A. C. Fish
Alfred B. Finch
John T. Fish
Jacob Fisher
Seneca R. Flint
Isaac H. Foster
William S. Foster
Fred Frederickson
William Freeman
Charles Freudenberg
Lewis Fuller
William Fuller
Alonzo M. Gage
F. R. Garlock
S. George
J. L. Gerhauser
Louis A. Gilchrist
James Ginty
Alonzo H. Glass
W. H. Goetz
Amasa Goldie
Gus Goodrich
Fred Gottbehuett
E. F. Gottschald
J. Granger
A. E. Gridley
Jenkin R. Griffiths
Carl Guttman
George A. Haas
J. K. Haas
Martin Hagios
J. B. Hall
Henry Harding
John W. Harris
Christopher Hayburn
William Hemple
Fred K. Heyer
Augustus F. Higgs
Joseph Hilger
Peter Hilton
John C. Hock
Martin W. Holmes
William Hood
Walter J. Hood
Ezra S. Horton
George E. Horton
George S. Hosmer
Charles E. Hoyt
Joseph Hughes
Thomas E. Hughes
Charles B. Hurlbut
Alvin Hyde
Henry Irish
Theodore F. Irish
Abraham Iselin
S. N. Ives
William Jackson
J. D. James
John M. James
George S. Janes
Isaac Jenning
Peter Jensen
Charles D. Jones
Charles E. Jones
Edward W. Jones
John F. Jones
Richard W. Jones
Robert Blair Jones
Stephen Kaiser
Henry Kell
Noyes T. Kelly
James J. Kiddle
John S. King
George Kirkmeyer
G. W. Kizer
Gilbert Knapp
William Knocke
B. J. Koykendall
Ferdinand Kuhn

Mound Cemetery.. continued

W. H. Laing
William La Londe
Theodore Lane
George Larson
William R. Lathrop
George H. Lawton
George W. Layton
Ed A. Lockwood
Leonard Loss
John C. Lunn
Henry Madory
Frank Marshall
Peter Martin
Thomas M. Martin
D. R. May
George L. McHuron
John G. McMynn
William D. McPherson
Orgie W. Meinzer
John Meredith
John H. Miller
Linus Miller
Moses Miller
Charles Mingie
D. J. Morey
David R. Morgan
John D. Morgan
Asa Morris
Henry Musket
Jacob Nau
Jacob Henry Near
Lars Nelson
Thomas Nelson
John Nicholas
Sydney H. Nichols
Albert Nixon
George Norton
George C. Norton
Andrew Olsen
Christopher L. Ord
George A. Paradis
James Paterson
J.D. Paxton
E. H. Pease
J. L. Peavy
Charles Peck
Burton H. Phelps
George W. Phelps
David Phillips
John Phillips
Eugene H. Place
E. Platt
James Potter
Samuel D. Potts
Edward Price
Elias J. Pritchard
Robert T. Pugh
Albert Rapps
Timothy Redmond
John Richard
Joseph Richards
John Rick
George A. Rickeman
Arnold Robens
Cornelius Roberts
Griffith Roberts
John H. Roberts
Augustus W. Roe
Horace W. Roe
Henry Rogers
Henry Rosier
Edward C. Rouse
W. H. Roy
S. J. Sammis
H. T. Sanders
S. Francis Schank
John G. Scheckler
Henry Schelp
J. Adam Schneider
William Scott
Ezra E. Search
Eugene Franklin Shaw
Fred Smith
George Smith
J. C. Smith
Samuel Smith
Capt. Adolph Sorenson
Andrew Sparr
Hugh Stewart
Thomas St. George
Walter L. Stone
Charles A. Streater
E. Summer
C. W. Tapling
Winfield S. Tefft
John J. Terhune
George Thaler
J. M. Tillapaugh
Rev. James Tope
J. H. Travis
Frank Underhill
Louis Ulrich
William L. Utley
Henry C. Van Vechten
Henry H. Varney
Daniel B. Warner
E. W. Warner
Conrad H. Weden
George A. White
J. E. Williams
Lewis W. Williams
John Winterbottom
John A. Wirt
Henry W. Wright
George W. Yout

Catholic Cemetery, Racine

J. Blessinger
Len Bullock
Dennis Butler
Martin Bell
William Carlin
Owen Farrell
Henry Gray
Simon Green
John Gillen
Frank Gillen
Patrick Halpin
Michael Kinnally
Michael J. Kelley
Thomas Langdon
Christ McNamara
M. Quinn
Peter E. Smith
Daniel Sullivan

Gravesites Not Known

E. Catlin Cooper see *NOTE 2*
possibly buried at Honey Creek?

Henry Van Valen/Van Valin
1st Cavalry, Co. H, enlisted Sept. 10, 1861, killed on Sept. 12, 1862 in Bloomfield, MO. He was the oldest son of Oliver Van Valin and Jane Resseguie of Caldwell's Prairie, Racine Co., lived there at time of enlistment, and was born in Walworth Co. (Spring Prairie). It is thought that he is buried in Nashua, IA, or perhaps his body was not recovered from Bloomfield.
Source: Marie Hosdil

1. Burlington Standard May 4, 1864: On the 6th inst. of Pneumonia at Military Hospital, Rolla, Mo., Samuel Collar of Co. G. 2d Cavalry, late of Dover, Racine County, Wis., aged forty-three years and five months.
2. Burlington Standard October 26, 1864: At Post hospital in Cario, Ill., on the 15th of Sept. 1864, E. Catlin Cooper, son of Andrew & Elanor Cooper of Waterford, Racine Co., Wis., aged 18 years 1 month and 15 days. The deceased was a member of Co. D, 39th Regt. Wis Vols. Services on his death were held at the meeting house at Honey Creek.
3. Burlington Standard Feburary 15, 1865: Rochester, Feb. 9th, 1865. On Sunday, 5th inst., the remains of George F. Wade were interred in our peaceful burial ground. He enlisted in Co. A, 1st Reg't Wis Heavy Artillery on the 5th November 1862 and died in the hospital at Alexandria on the 20th day of September, 1864, aged 18 years.
4. Burlington Standard March 9, 1864: In Burlington, on Saturday evening, March 5th, 1864, Henry J. Kies, aged 29 years. A native of Prussia. Funeral exercises were held in the Catholic Church.

Burlington Cemetery

Andrew Beintzig
George Bradshaw
Buell, R.
Conkey, L.
Luther Crane
Michael Deker
John Emerich
Herman Erdmann
George Goodwin
John Grothkopf
Andrew Haas
John Haas
Christopher Haas
H. B. Height
Fritz Jahns
George Jones
Fred Kaiser
Frank Kessler
Fred Krakofsky
William Laske
J. R. Leach
Henry Martensen
Carl Neeb
Oscar Robertson
John Reynolds
John Richards
Theodore Riel
Fred Runzler
Louis Sacser
J. O. Schmitt
John Schroeder
Carl Schultz
Charles Storms
Herman Wald
F. B. Wells
Fred Wilhoeft
Michael Zimmer

Catholic Cemetery, Burlington

Peter Wackerman
George Shumann
John Beller
Henry Kies see *NOTE 4*
Joseph Kies
Carl May
Martin Feeney
August Reuschlein
William Salomon
George Fordge
John Schmidtkamp
David Bernhard

Cemetery at the English Settlement

Brook Sheard
Henry Burns
Richard Dobson
Allen Gooder

Scotch Cemetery, Union Grove

Adams Lytle
Co H 22 Regt Wis Vol; d. at Danville KY 17 Jan 1863, age 21

Oakwood Cemetery, Waterford (also Catholic and Lutheran)

Martin Beardsley
Isaac D. Groat
Edward Groat
Jeremiah Hoover
Charles Krakofsky
Henry Kratz
Frank Manley
James Wilds
Anson Willard
Seth Woodhead (Catholic Cemetery)
Stephen Kelly (Lutheran Cemetery)
Louis Hafenbrook

Yorkville Cemetery

James Ball
John Hancock
Richard Hancock
Robert Hope
J. Jank
John Kime
R. Kime
Miles W. Nobles
John Slemen
John C. Youngs

Sylvania Cemetery, Kellogg's Corners

James Bullis
Joshua Collier
Stephan Collett
Samuel Corning
Frank (Varney) George
George Gilbert
Robert H. Nobes
William Toase

Union Grove Cemetery

Homer Adams
Robert Blackburn
John S. Buswell
Rasmus Cadwell
Walter Cadwell
Samuel Collar see *NOTE 1*
John D. Esmond
Levett Fredenburg
Harvey Northrup
Clement Northway
Jacob Oleson
Henry G. Powles
John E. Powles
John Leach
W. H. Lewis
George B. Lincoln
Benjamin Smith
Charles Sutherland
James Smith
Edgar Thomson
Jerome Clark
Abram Rowbottom
Thomas Caldwell

Rochester Cemetery

Nehemiah Airey
Robert Black
Christian Berger
Nathaniel Butler
Ambrose Benjamin
William Campbell
H. R. Coffin
Gilman Coombs
Nelson Darling
Simeon Darling
William Dobson
F. W. Foat
Pomeroy Gamble
Oscar Gipson
Julius A. Hulbard
James Johnson
Jeff Lapham
Monroe McKenzie
Obadiah J. Merrill
Allen Noble
Reuben North
Laf. Stone
Alex Sutton
Edward Sutton
James Thompson
William Turner
William R. Van Ornam
George Wade see *NOTE 3*
Thomas White
J. D. H. Wright

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