Racine County ALHN

The Church of Holy Innocents

As published in "The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties" (Chicago: 1879), p. 382

In the fall of 1867, Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Falk, wives of professors in Racine College, began a small Sunday school in Mrs. Falk's house, for the children of the southern part of the city. Other ladies connected with the college, principally Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Franklin, joined them. The number of scholars becoming too large, the ladies resolved to build a Sunday school building, but soon changed their plans and concluded to erect a larger building, also for divine service. The Rev. Messrs. Wheeler and Falk were appointed the agents of the ladies, and collected money from friends of the College, whilst the other ladies were working for the same purpose. The building was finished and fully paid for in September, 1869, and since that time regular services have been held. Two years later, the mission, being prosperous, was fully organized, and received the right of representation in the Diocesan Council. The services were first conducted by the Rev. Mr. Wheeler and the Rev. Dr. Falk, then by the latter alone, supported in later times by the Rev. Messrs. Hall and Gold. The building is a wooden structure, in gothic style, seating about one hundred and fifty persons. There are at present about forty-two communicants in the congregation. The Sunday school has an average attendance of fifty scholars. The cost of the building, its furniture, bell and organ, was $2,500, including the lot. The present organization if as follows: Rev. F. W. A. Falk, D. D., Ph. D., Missionary in Charge; Rev. W. Gold, Assistant; Joseph Moon, Warden; J. R. Brown, Treasurer; Cary Judd, Clerk. The property of Holy Innocents Church is deeded to the trustees of funds and property of the Diocese of Wisconsin. It is situated on the corner of Fourteenth street and Washington Avenue in the southwestern suburbs of the city.

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