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Immanuel Church

As published in "The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties" (Chicago: 1879), p. 381

Immanuel Church, so far as can be ascertained now, owes its existance in the beginning to services held in it as a mission in 1850 by Rev. A. D. Cole, then Rector of St. Luke's, but, since 1857, President of Nashotah Theological Seminary, of Wisconsin. These services were held in a small frame school-building, situated on the site of the present church edifice. Rev. Mr. Nichols, Rev. Mr. Cowell, Dr. Park and Mr. Seymour were in charge. In 1863, Rev. H. C. Shaw became Rector, and for some years was a most faithful worker. On his removal to Nebraska, the Rev. E. K. Miller became Rector of Immanuel, at this time no longer a mission, but a parish. Mr. Miller was succeeded by Rev. Mr. Petrie, who was also assistant at the same time in St. Luke's Parish. Mr. Petrie was succeeded by Rev. A. Piper, who resigned after a short time on account of ill health. The Rev. Homer Wheeler took charge. In 1869, Rev. J. J. Elmendorf, S. T. D., preceded the Rev. Mr. Petrie, and it was under his charge that the present house of worship was erected. After Mr. Wheeler's resignation, the Rev. A. Piper again took charge, assisted, in turn, by Rev. S. F. Luther and Rev. J. C. Converse. To the Rev. Mr. Converse the Rev. J. G. McMurphy succeeded June 8, 1875; after him Rev. R. G. Hinsdale, now President of Hobart College, at Geneva, N. Y., accepted a call, and continued to discharge the duties of the rectorship until September 15, 1876, when he resigned the parish at the request of the trustees of Hobart College. In September, 1876, the Rev. McMurphy again took charge. In the fall of 1877, Rev. Mr. Davenport became rector in full charge of the parish. There are now about fifty communicants and an average attendance of 100 persons. The property is valued at $4,000. The church will seat 200 persons. Connected with the church is a Sunday school with an average attendance of thirty. The officers of the parish are: A. H. Allen and George Avard, Wardens; Charles Brearley, Vestryman.

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