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Grange Avenue Methodist Church

Grange Avenue Methodist Church was an "off-shoot" of First Methodist Episcopal Church of Racine. Grange Avenue Church was established between 1910 and 1912. Their church building was built 1911-1912. In 1961, the name of the church changed to Christ Methodist Church.

History of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Racine, Wisconsin

Western Printing & Lithographing Company, Racine, Wisconsin
Copyright 1912 by E. W. Leach
(Note: There is no specific author information given, although E. W. Leach signs the Preface. The title is from the title page. The title on the cover is "The Methodist Church and Early Racine." On the spine it is "Church History and Racine.")

Marie Hosdil submitted this index to information about Grange Avenue Methodist Church. Marie is willing to do lookups from this book text. She doesn't have a scanner and won't be able to lookup photos, but is offering to look up text passages from the book. You may E-mail her at: Marie
p. 133-134

Following are the names of the officers and charter members of Grange Avenue Church. Those marked with a star * are transfers from First Church.

The Official Board
Pastor, Frank T. Cartwright. Treasurer, Edwin Elsner. Rec. Sec'y, C. E. Thorkelson

Thos. Hay, President; Wm. J. Harvey, F. J. Elsner, M. E. White, Chas. Epstein.

F. M. McElroy, J. E. Johnson, C. E. Thorkleson, Miss Christie Mainland, Miss Amanda Epstein, Edwin Elsner, Edwin Smale, Thos. Foxwell, Miss Ada Johnson, Miss Tillie Thorkelson, Ernest Buelow, A. F. Grimm, Miss Elizabeth Du Four.

Recording Steward, T. C. Strand; District Steward, E. J. Harvey.
Supt. of Sunday School, F. M. McElroy.
President of Women's Guild, Miss Christie Mainland.

*Mr. Ralph J. Angell, 1032 Grant Ave.
*Mrs. Lucy Angell, 1032 Grant Ave.
*Gustave Anderson, 1421 Grange Ave.
*Olga Anderson, 1421 Grange Ave.
*Mrs. Olive Burch, Thurston Ave.
*Mr. E. J. Buelow, 1521 Quincy Ave.
*Mrs. E. J. Buelow, 1521 Quincy Ave.
*Mr. A. C. Christian, 1614 Mead St.
*Mrs. Margaret Christian, 1614 Mead St.
*Russell Christian, 1614 Mead St.
*Mr. Geo. Cables, 1525 Wisconsin St.
*Mrs. Geo. Cables, 1525 Wisconsin St.
*Mr. Joseph DuFour, 1524 Boyd Ave.
*Mrs. Amelia DuFour, 1524 Boyd Ave.
*Miss Elizabeth DuFour, 1524 Boyd Ave.
*Miss Laura DuFour, 1524 Boyd Ave.
Mrs. Mary Davis, 2215 Sixteenth St.
Mr. F. M. Davis, 2215 Sixteenth St.
Mrs. Bess Davis, 2215 Sixteenth St.
*Mr. Frank Elsner, 1428 Quincy Ave.
*Mrs. Frank Elsner, 1428 Quincy Ave.
*Miss Vide Elsner, 1428 Quincy Ave.
*Mr. Edwin Elsner, 1428 Quincy Ave.
Malvina Emsley, 1556 Kearney Ave.
Elizabeth Emsley, 1556 Kearney Ave.
Ethel Emsley, 1556 Kearney Ave.
Mr. Chas. Epstein, 1526 Holmes Ave.
Mrs. Chas. Epstein, 1526 Holmes Ave.
*Miss Amanda Epstein, 1526 Holmes Ave.
*Miss Lulu Epstein, 1526 Holmes Ave.
Mrs. Mabel Fancher, 1527 Kearney Ave.
*Mrs. Margaret Foxwell, 1331 Quincy Ave.
*Mr. Thomas Foxwell, 1331 Quincy Ave.
*Mr. Guy Foxwell, 1310 Quincy Ave.
*Mrs. Bessie Foxwell, 1310 Quincy Ave.
Mr. Elisha Fowler, 1425 Quincy Ave.
Mrs. Alice Fowler, 1425 Quincy Ave.
Gladys Fowler, 1425 Quincy Ave.
Carl Geivers (no address given)
*Mr. A. F. Grimm, Holmes Ave.
*Mrs. Ellen S. Grimm, Holmes Ave.
*Mr. John B. Halifax, 1553 Asy. Ave.
*Mrs. John B. Halifax, 1553 Asy. Ave.
Mr. John W. Hall, 1431 Quincy Ave.
*Mrs. Rhoda Hall, 1431 Quincy Ave.
Morris Hall, 1431 Quincy Ave.
*Mr. Thomas Hay, 1314 Thurston Ave.
*Wm. J. Harvey, 1806 Washington Ave.
*Mr. Edward Harvey, 1806 Washington Ave.
*Mr. William Hentz, Hayes Ave.
*Mrs. Mary Hentz, Hayes Ave.
*Miss Edith Hentz, Hayes Ave.
*Mr. Frank Holmes, 1519 Hamilton Ave.
*Mrs. Frank Holmes, 1519 Hamilton Ave.
Mrs. Sarah Illingworth, 2228 Sixteenth St.
*William Illingworth, 2228 16th St.
Mrs. Jessie Johnson, 1654 Grange Ave.
*Mr. Jno. E. Johnson, 1525 Quincy Ave.
*Mrs. Nora Johnson, 1525 Quincy Ave.
*Mr. J. W. Johnson, 2321 Wash. Ave.
*Mrs. Marian Johnson, 2321 Wash. Ave.
*Miss Ada Johnson, 2321 Wash. Ave.
*Miss Flora ONeson, 1526 Quincy Ave.
Mrs. Chas. R. Rogers, 1416 Grange
Mrs. Ann Rogers, 1416 Grange Ave.
Miss Martha E. Rogers, 1560 Holmes Ave.
Mr. Wm. J. Skewes, 1312 Grant Ave.
Mrs. Prudence Skewes, 1312 Grant Ave.
*Miss Catherine Skewes, 1312 Grant Avenue
*Mr. William Skewes, 1312 Grant Ave.
*Mr. James Skewes, 1312 Grant Ave.
*Edward R. Smale, 1318 Quincy Ave.
*Mrs. Idelyn Smale, 1318 Quincy Ave.
*Mr. Nels Steffensen, West 12th St.
*Mrs. Hazel Steffensen, West 12th St.
Mr. John Sorenson, 1333 Grant Ave.
Mrs. Viola Sorenson, 1333 Grant Ave.
*Mr. T. C. Strand, 1428 Dean Blvd.
*Mrs. Anna C. Strand, 1428 Dean Blvd.
*Miss Lully Strand, 1428 Dean Blvd.
Mrs. Mary Thorkelson, 1812 Washington Ave.
*Miss Tillie Thorkelson, 1812 Washington Ave.
*Mr. Carl E. Thorkelson, 1812 Washington Ave.
*Mr. Wm. Thorkelson, 2119 Slauson Ave.
Mrs. Ed. Voss, 1216 Hayes Ave.
Harry Voss, 1216 Hayes Ave.
Mr. M. E. White, 1627 Asylum Ave.
Mrs. M. E. White, 1627 Asylum Ave.
*Miss Jessie White, 1627 Asylum Ave.
*Miss Amanda Johnson, 2321 Washington Ave.
*Mr. R. R. Jones, 1622 Wash. Ave.
*Mrs. R. R. Jones, 1622 Wash. Ave.
*Mrs. Amelia Langdon, 1637 Pack. Ave.
*Edward Langdon, Jr., 1637 Pack. Ave.
Mrs. Clara Larson, 1540 Grant Ave.
*Mr. William Leach, 1545 Packard Ave.
*Miss Edith Leach, 1546 Packard Ave.
*Mrs. Isabella Mainland, 1306 Quincy Ave.
*Miss May Mainland, 1306 Quincy Ave.
*Miss Julia Mainland, 1306 Quincy Ave.
*Miss Christie Mainland, 1306 Quincy Ave.
*Mrs. Manoni McNear, 2203 16th St.
*Mr. Frank M. McElroy, 1324 Thurston Ave.
*Mrs. Nellie McElroy, 1324 Thurston Ave.
*Mrs. Inga Nelson, 1512 Thurston Ave.
*Mr. Wallace Nelson, 1512 Thurston Ave.
Mrs. Sophie Nelson, 1525 Thurston Ave.
*Miss Edna Olson, 1327 Dean Blvd.
*Miss Florence Olson, 1327 Dean Blvd.
*Mr. Henry Oneson, 1526 Quincy Ave.
*Mr. Irving Oneson, 1526 Quincy Ave.

Since the organization of Grange Avenue Church, the following additional names have been transferred from First Church:

Mr. Harry Ticknor
Mrs. Harry Ticknor
Mr. Charles Ribbeck
Mrs. Charles Ribbeck
Mr. M. Price
Mrs. M. Price
Mr. Frank W. Archer
Mrs. Frank W. Archer
Mr. Harry Voss
Mrs. Melvina Emsley
Mr. Zenas Mann
Mrs. Zenas Mann

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