Racine County ALHN

German Evangelical St. Paul's Congregation

As published in "The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties" (Chicago: 1879), p. 394

The German Evangelical St. Paul's Congregation owes is existence to a separation from the First German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, and was organized in March, 1873. The cause of this schism dated back to the establishment of the latter congregation, the founders of which, in their native country, belonged partly to the Evangelical and partly to the Lutheran Church. The latter adherents, by their majority, obtained a controlling power, which they enforced, both in the manner of conducting the religious services and in general management of the church interests. Some fifteen Evangelical members became desirous of the organization of an independent congregation, true to their own principles. The majority of there substantially united, viz. A. Kaltenschnee, C. Brach, George Hergen, Messrs. Reitenmeyer, Sr., and Jr., F. Miller, and the Messrs. Bliss, Lattich, Rapp and Baumann. The first religious services were held by the new congregation in the Court House. Rev. Lamprecht, of Chicago, officiating. After the Church formed a connection with the Evangelical Synod of North America, Rev. S. Weber was called as its first Pastor. In 1874, a house of worship and parsonage were built on a lot previously purchased and located on Liberty Street. This property became undesirable from the fact that the congregation was obliged to contribute its share toward the construction of a dock on that part of the river touching its ground. The Church was forced to solicit assistance, and the complete outlay amounted to $3,500. The congregaion, at present, has a regular membership of twenty-six families. The present Pastor, Rev. C. Kunzmann, conducts a Sunday school attended by twenty children, also a day school, the object of which is religious instruction and the preservation of the mother language (German).

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