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Surnames: 1881


The following list of surnames and biographical sketches were found in an excerpt from the

History of Northern Wisconsin, Western Historical Co.(1881)




Given Name




Biographical Sketch
















was born in Dane Co., Wis., July 12, 1851. In 1868, he went to Sauk County, then to Monroe County. and later came to Stevens Point. He came to Worcester in 1876. He came to Phillips in 1877, where he has done business since. In 1877, he married Miss Jennie Cleveland, of Woodstock, Ill.

















































Attorney at Law

was born in Queenstown, Ireland, July 4, 1846; received a common school education and emigrated to the United States in Fall of 1867. He stayed for a short time at West Randolph, Mass., when he engaged in the boot and shoe business. He moved to Montello, Marquette Co., Wis., in Spring of 1868, where he remained for about one year; from thence, moved to Bloomfield, Waushara Co., to engage in book-keeping; remained at this point about nine months, when he moved to Fremont, Waupaca Co., and remained there until the Fall of 1877. During his stay in the latter place, followed carious pursuits, principally, book-keeping; held the office of Justice of the Peace, and was elected Town Chairman in Spring of 1877. In the Fall of 1877, moved to Portage County, to engage in book-keeping there he stayed until February, 1879, when he moved to his present location, for the purpose of opening a law office, having been admitted to the Bar the previous January. Has held various local offices; was Deputy County Clerk during the first term of that office in the county, and is now Deputy County  Treasurer, which position he conducts in connection with his professional business.



H. J.




General Supply Store

No information listed.









W. H.

















was born in Manson, Piscataquis Co., Maine, Aug. 21, 1848. He was with his parents in Illinois in ’56 and then in Hortonville. His father was in the store, mill and farming business. He worked in a grist-mill, and in the woos, at times up to the time of his coming to Phillips, having been on Elk Lake in 1869, locating pine timber. In his business of locating land, he came to where Worcester now stands in 1873, from there to Phillips, in 1876, where he first worked at carpenter work, and in the Winter of ’80 and ’81, began lumbering. He also deals in real estate and pine lands, he being surveyor and practical woodsman.

























Dealer in Pine Lands

was born on Fox Island, Maine, June 1, 1850; came with his parents to Columbia Co., Wis., in 1855. His father was a seaman and captain, but came West and settled on a farm; Walter attended school here, and when fifteen years of age went into the woods, and as woodsman, has traveled over most of the timbered counties of the State. Came to Price County in 1876, and located at Phillips, as dealer in pine lands; in 1879, was appointed Register of Deeds. In 1880, he married Miss Johanna Muir, of Portage City. He is a member of Temple Honor, and belongs to the Baptist Church.














  1. M.


























General Store

Was born in London, England, Aug 6, 1844. His parents came to America in 1846. In the Spring of 1847 they came to Oshkosh, Wis., locating on a farm where they have remained for thirty years. A. M. heloed clear the farm, and enlisted in the 17th Wis. V. I., Co. B, Feb. 11, 1862; was wounded in the second battle of Corinth, and received is discharge May 6, 1863; he re-enlisted Jan 19, 1864, in the 3rd Wis. Cav., Co I; was mustered out as sergrant in 1865. In 1876 he went to Medford and took a contract on the county road and bridges. Coming to Ogema he built a store and dwelling house; he now carries a stock of $2,000, and does a business of $10,000 a year; also deals in real estate. In 1863 he married Miss Anna M. Stretch, her parents being among the pioneers of Oshkosh. They have one child, Rufus Melvin. Mr. Byrnes has been Clerk of the School District and Postmaster, which position he resigned in June 1880. He is a member of the Catholic Church.


























(General Supply Store)

Was born in Franklin Co., Me. His parents and self located on a farm in Walworth co., Wis., as early as 1851, and moved to Waupaca in 1855, where they lived until 1875 and now are located in Iowa. J. Farr in 1855 started at woirk in the woods on the Wolf River and tributaries, and in 1864 enlisted in the 36th Wis. V.I., Co. B; was mustered out in 1864, and came to Waupaca. He first entered the mercantile business in Evanswood, Spring of 1879, and afterward came to Fifield. In 1861 he married Miss Cornelia N. Starks. They  have three children-Louella, Thera and Eugene, adopted.








Fred W.















(WI Central Railroad)

Was born in Calumet Co., Wis., June 10, 1859. He lived in Graysville and attended the Chilton High school in his native county. In 1873 he went to Colby, Clark Co. In 1876-7 he learned telegraphy and was sent to Brancroft Station. IN 1878 he removed to Auburndale. Later he accepted the position of night operator at Pl;ymouth, from there was promoted to Ogema. In 1880 he married Miss Nellie Perry. They have one child. Mr. Graves is a member of the Episcopal Church.










W. D.


















Real Estate and Pine Land Agent

was born in Fairfax Co., West Virginia, May 16, 1848. His parents came to Wisconsin in 1849, locating in Winnebago County, and establishing a trading post at Menominee; they remained there till 1860, when they went to Juneau County. In 1873, he left home and went on to the Big Suamico, and took charge of an office as shipping clerk. In November, 1875, moved to Phillips, taking contract for right of way. He was one of the first Side Board elected; he was County Surveyor, and, in 1880, was elected Register of Deeds. In December, 1873, he married Miss A. Howard, of Juneau, and they have three children, Prucilla, Richard, and an infant.































Lawyer and

County Judge

was born in Columbia Co., Wis., May 1, 1849. He was raised on the ffarm, and, when old enough, he attended a common school. In 1866, he went to the Baraboo High School, afterward the Normal School of White Water, and commenced the study of law. In 1873, he entered the State University, and graduated from the law department in 1874. The Winter of 1874-5, he read in the office J. B. Taylor, and then went to Neillsville, Clark Co., and practiced law till 1877, when he came to Phillips. He opened a law office, and when the county was organized, he received the appointment of County Judge from Gov. Smith. In 1878, he married Miss Mary E. Muir, of Portage County. They have one child, Wheeler G. Judge Hand belongs to the Temple of Honor and to the I.O.O.F., of Neilsville. He and his wife are church members. His father, J. F. Hand, now Postmaster here, was a member of the Assembly in 1864-5, from the Second District, of Columbia County, and has held other offices of town and county. He has also been a church member for fifty years, and a Son of Temperance sixteen.








W. S.















(with J. H. Favell)

was born in Manchester, England, April 9, 1854, and came to America with his parents. In 1870, he learned telegraphy and went to Appleton, Stevens Point and Marshfield. In 1872, he was in the employ of the railroad company, and came to Phillips in 1876, to take charge of station here. In 1880, he was employed by J. H. Favell, as book-keeper and clerk. In 1879-80, he was Treasurer of the town, and is now a member of the Temple of Honor and of the I.O.O.F.








W. F.














General Store

Was born in R. B. Brombarg, Kries, Wirsitz, Germany, Sept. 26, 1848. In 1866 he came to Green Lake Co., Wis., where he located on a farm. In 1874 he opened a store in Colby. He has carried on business at Fifield since 1878. His Summer stock amounts to $10,000 and his business to $48,000 in one year. On the 25th of September 1875 he married Miss Odelia Steinke, of Green Lake, Wis. Mr. Hintz was the first Town Treasurer of Fifield, and belongs to the Lutheran Church.


























Was born in Washington Co., N. Y., April 11, 1836. He left home when he was thirteen years of age and after some wandering came to Green Bay, Wis., and engaged in lumbering. In 1876 he came to Fifield and commenced trading with the Indians; had a trading post on the Manitosh Lake and one on Lake Flambeau. In 1876 he moved his family up and kept a hotel in Fifield. In 1853 he married Miss Mary J. Smith of Cooper’s Plains, Steuben Co., N. Y. They have had five children-Monroe, Ida, Carrie, Coa, who died June 29, 1881, and Eddie.









W. D.

















was born in Chautauqua Co., N.Y., July 9, 1854, and came with his parents to Winnebago and Fond du Lac, where he attended school. He began as a confectioner in Waupun, and was acting as drummer for tobacco house there, when he first visited Phillips in 1877. He went into the Lake View House, as clerk, where he remained till 1879. That year he started a restaurant. In 1877, April 16, he married Miss Gertrude Batterson, of Nora Springs, Iowa. They have two children, Charles H., three years old, and Lulu. Mr. Kuhn is a member of the Temple of Honor.











  1. D.




















Land Examiner

(Wis. C.R.R.)

was born in Oldtown, Penobscot Co., Me., Oct 8, 1836. He came to Oshkosh, Wis., for the purpose of lumbering, and then commenced locating on Wolf River and on Mill Creek. In 1872, he went to work for the Wis., C.R.R., getting $2,000 a year, and expenses paid. Commencing at Stevens Point, he worked up the line just in advance of the railroad, having, in 1872, his office in Medford, Taylor Co., and in Phillips in 1880. He has sold in one year 466,000 acres of pine land for the company. Mr. Lunt is not married. He is a charter member of the Blue Lodge, of Grand Rapids, and belongs to the Forest Chapter, of Stevens Point, also the Chippewa Commandery, of Eau Claire; has been a Mason twenty years.





























was born in County Armagh, Ireland, June 2, 1837. Came early to America, and located in Renfrew Co., Canada, where he attended school. He then commenced lumbering, and in 1868 came to Oconto, where he was engaged in the same business until 1869, when he went to Monroe Co., Wis. In 1875, he located in Town 37, Range 2 west, of Price County, buying 160 acres for farming purposes. Having cleared fifty acres, he moved to Phillips, in 1876, and built the McKinley House, which he now keeps. He is also engaged in lumbering and farming. He was one of the Town Board first elected. In 1870, he married Miss M. J. McConnel, of Canada. They have one son, Charlie H.























The Mackey Brothers are proprietors of hotel in Ogema, erected in July 1881, and called the Mackey House. The brothers John and William, were born in Canada in the years 1847 and 1857, respectively. John left home in 1870 and William in 1875, coming to Wisconsin. They lumbered at Green Bay, and finally came to Ogema. In 1879 John married Miss Catherine Lawler, of Brown County and they have one child, Cora Ann. He is now Assessor for 1881. William is unmarried, and is Constable.























The Mackey Brothers are proprietors of hotel in Ogema, erected in July 1881, and called the Mackey House. The brothers John and William, were born in Canada in the years 1847 and 1857, respectively. John left home in 1870 and William in 1875, coming to Wisconsin. They lumbered at Green Bay, and finally came to Ogema. In 1879 John married Miss Catherine Lawler, of Brown County and they have one child, Cora Ann. He is now Assessor for 1881. William is unmarried, and is Constable.







J. R.













was born in Waldo Co., Me., Feb 19, 1859. He lived on the farm and attended school, and in 1878 left home and came to Stevens Point, Wis., where he worked in a sawmill. In 1881, opened his restaurant in Phillips. In 1881, June 14, he married Miss Hannah R. Corrigon, of Buena Vista, Portage Co. Mr. Means belongs to the Temple of Honor. And is doing a business of about $4,000 per year.















E. W.































was born in Philadelphia, April 8, 1843. Remained there till the death of his mother, when his father took him back to Ireland, County Sligo, where he lived until his father’s death, when he returned to America with a relative. His home was in Rhode Island until 1859, when he came to Juneau Co., Wis. There he attended school. In 1862, he went South and enlisted in the Miss. Marine Brigade. This organization went out of existence in 1865, but he was in the department til 1866, when he returned to Juneau County, and entered into a speculation there on the river. He was employed by the Wisconsin Central Railroad in 1872. In the Dall of 1876, he came to Phillips and started a hotel and general store. In 1881, he opened his present hotel, which he is now enlarging. He has married three times; in New Orleans in 1865, his wife leaving three children- E. W., J. C. and Eugenia; he married again in 1876, his wife dying the same year, and in 1880 he married Miss Julia Chambers, his present wife. Mr. Murray is now Superintendent of the County poor, and County Judge elect for 1882. Has been Deputy County Treasurer and Secretary of School Board.




Real Estate

County Treasurer of Price County for1881.













  1. H.

























Was born in Bavaria, Germany July 31, 1838, and came, in 1855, with his parents to Baraboo, Sauk Co., Wis., where they located on a farm. In 1861, he enlisted in Co. A, 6th Wis. V. I. Served three years and was mustered our in 1864. The next five years of his life were spent in various wanderings. In 1869, while fishing and looking up pine, he visited the place where Phillips now stands, and in August 1876, came to Phillips to remain. On the first train that came was a car-load of lumber, with which he built his 16x32 boarding house. His custom increased so fast that he sent for blankets to Milwaukee, and by giving each guest a blanket, he would find his own place to sleep, often times around camp-fires and on the ground. In October he built his present house. In 1878, he married Miss Jenette Micklejohn, of Weyauwega. They had one child, a girl named Pearl, aged twenty-one months.












F. W.























Was born in Trumbull County, Ohio, Nov. 5, 1847. Was brought to Wisconsin by is parents in 1852. Lived on a farm in the town of Osceola, fond du Lac Co., until the Summer of 1863, when he enlisted as a private soldier in Co. A, 38th Wis. V. I. He served until the close of the war, and was in several engagements, commencing at the close of the “Wilderness” fight and ending at the surrender of Lee. Was on the advance line at the battle of “Hatch’s Run,” and again at the “Petersburg” fight. After being discharged from the service he entered the printing office of the Fond du Lac Journal, and after serving an apprenticeship of eighteen months, started n business with a fellow-typo, J. C. Walehon, and established the Weyauwega Times, in 1869. Mr. S. was nominated for member of Assembly in 1876, and made a very creditable run, receiving about five hundred more thatn his party vote. He sold his paper in Weyauwega in the Winter of 1876, and started the Phillips Times, in Price County, Jan 6, 1877. Upon the formation of Price County in 1879, he was appointed County Clerk; served the balance of the term, and was elected by a large majority to the same position at the general election of 1880.

















  1. H.

































was born in Pike Co., Penn., June 2, 1826. After his father’s death he was sent to his grandparents in Columbia County, where he made his home, going to school until 1844, when he went to sea. After visiting most of the foreign countries, he came to New York and then to Boston, enlisting in the engineer corps of sappers and miners, which made their quartered at West Point. He left the service and went to Dutchess County, and while there he was married. He was on the Harlem Railroad as conductor, where he remained til 1855, when he came to Horicon, Wis. In 1861. enlisted in the 8th Iowa V. I.; was second sergeant; he was taken prisoner at Shiloh, and was wounded while a prisoner; was discharged in 1864, and went to St. Louis, where his wife and family visited him, and they lost tow of the family from small-pox. He served in the city of St. Louis on the police force; then came to Chicago and went into the furniture business, but was burned out in 1871. He had a family of ten children, Emma, Charlie, Howard, Loren, deceased: Winnie, Willie, Eva, Joseph, John and Rosa. He belongs to the Temple of Honor, being one of the charter members, and now W. C. T.





George A.








General Store

Was born in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., July 8, 1854. He graduated at the Postsam Normal School, taught some, and then studied law. IN 1880 he came to Wisconsin and took the First Ward school in Chippewa Falls, which place he occupied until 1881. He then engaged in erecting a store and warehouse.



































Was born in Norwich, Norfolk Co., England, June 5, 1851. He lost his parents when he was twenty years of age, his father dying in 1870, and his mother in 1871. His father had served as cashier in the Bank of England, and when he found that he had sacrificed his health, he retired on a pension given him by the bank. Arthur came to New York, where he stayed only a few days, and from there to St. Paul, Minn., where his brother Edward was then living; here he engaged in the crockery business. He then went to Marquette, Mich., where he was employed in a railroad office. He afterward went to St. Louis, Mo., then to Omaha, and again back to St. Paul. In Feb. 1875, he went into J. H. Fewell’s employ. The business was moved to Phillips in 1876. He carries a stock of $10,000, and does a business of $75,000 a year.











W. F.





















Born in Taberg, Oneida Co., N. Y. March 29, 1844. His grandfather died on the day of his birth, aged 98. He came to Madison, Wis., in 1858. In 1861 he enlisted in the 2d Wis. V. I., Co. H; was discharged on account of disability, but having recovered his lost health he went to South Bend, Ind., and enlisted from there, in 1864, in the 155th V. I.; was mustered out and went to Columbia Co., Wis. In the Fall of 1870 he came to Fifield and opened Turner House. He now owns the new hotel besides two warehouses. In 1870 he married Miss Annie St. John, who died in 1877; he married again, Miss Mertie Sweet. Mr. Turner was the first Justice in Price County; was elected Town Clerk in 1880, and is now on the Side Board and Justice. He belongs to the Temple of Honor.














was born in Upper Canada, Aug. 20, 1855. On leaving home he went to Michigan, and commenced lumbering; then went to Wolf River, then to Oconto, and finally, in the Fall of 1876, he came to Phillips and opened his present business.











































Railroad and Express Agent

Was born in Province of Ontario, Canada, Feb. 17, 1837, of English parentage. His father was a ship-builder in Hamilton. Thomas left home in 1850; he followed book-keeping for awhile, having learned under a clerk of Rothschild’s. Laterr, he learned telegraphing and worked for the Grand Western Railroad. He then assumed the management of the Montreal Telegraph & American Express Co., until 1865, when he opened a private bank. Meeting with reverses in 1869, he went to work for the Montreal Telegraph Co., together with the Canadian and American Express Cos. In 1878, he came to Milwaukee, Wis., and from there to Stevens Point, and, in 1880, came to take charge of the railroad business at Phillips, as well as the American Express. In 1865, he married Miss Emma Calder, of Canada, who died in 1880, leaving one child, Charles M. Mr. Winter is a proficient swordsman, having acquired the art while in Vol. Corps; is also a member of the R. A. M.’s of Canada.











J. D.




















Physician and Surgeon

Was born in Moira, Franklin Co., N. Y., July 29, 1845. Until 1853, he remained there, going from thence to Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., thence to Plainfield, Ill. While here, he took classical course in Northwestern College. In 1869, he became local editor of the Aurora Herald in Kane County; at the same time, was special for the old Chicago Republican. In ’71, he came to Fond du Lac, where the firm of Wyatt Bros., insurance agents, was organized. Here he began reading medicine with a brother who was a physician, and in 1874 he went to the Keokuk College, graduating in 1876. He located at Stevens Point, where he was railroad physician. In 1877, he came to Phillips. He is company physician and has been Superintendent of Schools.

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