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N4517 West Knox Road, Brantwood, WI 54513

The sun shone brightly as I walked slowly into the yard. I felt as though I had stepped through a window that took me back in time...back to the days of my childhood in Brantwood.

Knox Creek Heritage Center sits on the corner of Knox Road and Central Avenue. The land is scattered with numerous buildings salvaged from a by-gone era filled with memories of the past.

The Main Farm House (c. 1900) is home to treasures donated from local families whose ancestors helped found the communities of Knox Mills and Brantwood in the late 1890's through the early 1900's. The kitchen, front room (a.k.a. living room) and bedroom hold photographs, furniture and home decor spanning days gone by.

Other buildings on the property are the Keto House (c. 1900), the old Spirit Baptist Church (c. 1890), the Waahto Sauna (c. 1900) and a couple pole barns.

Each building houses artifacts, documents, photographs, and various memorabilia that reflect the cultural, ethnic and historical past of Brantwood and its neighboring communities.


The Center is maintained by volunteers and relies on donations to stay in operation.

The museum is open by appointment with the exception of the Mid-Summer Fest, Country Afternoon and Halloween Party events when all the buildings are open to the public. For more information.

I wandered the grounds and walked slowly through each building letting the photographs and documents bring back memories that I thought were long gone from my mind. Photographs of families I knew growing up. Names that I recognized from the past. Items that were a part of my childhood life that are now considered artifacts (Does mean I'm old too?). I was surprised to find old blacksmith tools that belonged to my Grand-Uncle.  The display blurred as tears filled my eyes while I remembered my uncle working on his farm that is still standing just down the road.

But the best part of my visit to Knox Creek Heritage Center, as the community celebrated Mid-Summers Eve, were the conversations with the folks who still call Brantwood home. Elders who were happy to share their own memories of life in Brantwood. Folks who knew and remembered my relatives. They are the folks who keep the memories alive through their dedication and hard work. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Knox Creek Heritage Center!


Go ahead and stop in some time! You won't regret it! And if you are of Finnish heritage...you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to learn about your culture!


For more information about any of the Knox Creek Heritage Center events or to schedule a visit to the museum contact:


·         Write: Knox Creek Heritage Center, N4517 West Knox Road Brantwood, WI  54513;


·         E-mail: Marcella Braski at: [email protected];


·         Call any of the following Board of Directors:

Marcie Braski: 715-564-2525

Deon Sarkkinen: 715 - 564-2294

Virginia Petermann: 715 -767-5402

Janet Helander: 715 - 564-3185

Steph Braski: 715- 657-0656

Sylvia Wollemann : 715 -564-2520

Shirley Maki: 715 - 224-2592

Kevin Wollemann : 715 -428-2261


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