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Portage County WI

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PortageCoWI has gone to a new and automated system to facilitate your research efforts. It is only as good as the contributors, so if you are sitting on a wealth of information, and wish to submit it, please read the entire contents of this page. If you are concerned that others will take credit for your work, be assured that all your contributions will remain yours, with your name and email. If you submit by mail and prefer that method, then your mailing address can be included, but only AT YOUR REQUEST!

If you desire to submit information, please try to follow the below list of rules. There aren't many, but if you don't follow them, then the editor pulls his or her hair out, trying to make them conform, so the search engines will work properly, to YOUR advantage.

When using the message boards:

(1) The subject line should always provide the SURNAME (Given Name) dob - dod (if known)

(2) The surname line should be a list of all the surnames in the query/article which are related to the individual. Put them in all CAPITALS, alphabetized , and separated by a comma. If you don't put the comma, then it will confuse the search engine. (This helps the search engine find them.) Example: DesBOUILLON, LeBREAUX, KUEHL, PORTER, SCHULTZ

(2) The first line in the body should always provide the source and date. If it is unknown, then put unknown; if the date is approximate, then make sure you note that as well: Examples: St Point Daily Journal: May 5, 1954 Unknown, perhaps Marshfield Daily Herald, May 1960?

(3) The next line should be the Title (If none, you might elect to give it one for ease of identification): Examples: Former Portage County Resident Dies Obit for Charles Philip DesBOUILLON

(4) Type the submission in as you would want to read it. DO NOT CAPITALIZE ALL THE WORDS. THIS IS HARD TO READ.

(6) The last two lines should contain the title of your web page, or a related web page and URL. This points others to more information. Example: Marcia Ann Kuehl's Genealogical Resource Site

If you are sending in a file for the Archives, or other pages, please be sure to include the above information. Then type your text within the body of the email.

If you send attachments, be sure they are saved as a text file! On the subject line, especially in obits, number them, so the editor can track them as he or she enters them. This avoids duplication or inadvertantly deleting an entry without posting it. If you are mailing in newspaper clippings, or xeroxed copies, make sure to add the source and date on each!

a) If you have wrap-around, use that instead of hitting the enter / return key at the end of each line. This causes unnatural page breaks and causes the editor to reformat the entire article.

b) Capitalize all surnames, even the unrelated ones.

c) Use the standard abbreviations, regardless of what your article might use. For states, that is the standard two capital letters (WI, MI, MN). Also, it is OK to abbreviate, such as St Point, Co (County), Twnp (Township), St (Street), Ave (Avenue), Blvd (Boulavard), Bldg (Building): don't use periods after them. This saves space in on the computers...

(5) If you wish to submit a self-written article on the history of your family, a town, or business, that is OK, and will be put with the Biographies. The point is, it does not have to be published to be entered. However, the sources would have to be included, so other researchers know how much weight to put into the submission.

Example: In speaking with my grandfather, Charles Philip DesBOUILLON, back when I was a small child, he told me about his family which lived in Portage Co, WI. There was ..........

If you prefer to mail your submissions, send to: M A KUEHL P O Box 7326 Capistrano Beach, CA 92624-7326

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