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updated 26 Apr 2010

This is a PGS index of names in the Door County Civil Towns as listed in Martin's "History of Door County"-1881 created Sue HOHNEKE.  Names are alphabetical under each of their towns on the PGS Website.  The pages on which each name is found is at the end of their entry. Go to HISTORY OF DOOR COUNTY Page to find how to see the original pages of the book.


Chas. I. MARTIN was not infallable, there are errors in his volume.  However, his History of Door County is a wonderful resource-as a starting place for family researchers in early Door County. 


We welcome any additions or corrections to this index, which we will note in italics.  Any pictures of individuals or families will be appreciated as well to be linked with their names.  Please send them to the PGS e-mail: [email protected]


14 Nov 2009: Town of Washington names all extracted for this index on P. 21 to 26.



Town of Washington - P. 21 to 26


ANDERSON, Hans P./1826-born Denmark/1856-married Frederick M. KOLLA/1866-came to America/1868-came from Chicago to Washington Island/has three children-son Jens/occupation: farmer/Town of Washington-P.25.


ANDERSON (HANSON), Jens/son of Hans P. ANDERSON and Fredericka M. KOLLA/1879-married Arhuey KING-she died in Dec 1879, aged 18 years/Town of Washington-P.25.


BAKER, Royal/1877-married Adeline McDONALD/two children/Town of Washington-P.24.


BERG, Annie/1868-married Christian OLSEN in Norway/has six children/occupation: farmer/Town of Washington-P.25.


BERG, Oliva/1848-married Andrew BOMMEN in Norway/has five children-daughter Anna, daughter Karren/Town of Washington-P.25-26.


BERGH, Lena/1871-married to Chas. JOHNSON (his second wife)/Town of Washington-P.24.


BOMMEN, Andrew/1816-born Norway/1848-married Oliva BERG/1863-came to America/1870-came from Chicago to Washington Island/has five children-daughter Anna, daughter Karren/occupation: farmer/Town of Washington-P.25-26.


BOMMEN, Anna/daughter of Andrew BOMMEN and Oliva BERG/1876-married Wm. WICKMAN/has three children/Town of Washington-P.26.


BOMMEN, Karren/daughter of Andrew BOMMEN and Oliva BERG/1880-married Andrew STEPHENSON of Chicago/Town of Washington-P.26.


BOON, John A./1844-family on Rock Island-fishing/1849-Town of Washington-first Justice/Town of Washington-P.21,22.


BOYCE, Emily A./1865-married Robert SEVERS-second wife/Town of Washington-P.23-24.


BURR, A./1844-Single man on Rock Island-fishing/Town of Washington-P.22.


CHRISTENSON, Karren/1876-married Louis JOHNSON/no children/Town of Washington-P.25.


COFFEY, Thomas/1835-Born in Ireland/1850-came to America/1860-came from New York to Washington Island/1864-married Katie Williams/has seven children/occupation: laborer/Town of Washington-P.24.


COFFEY, Timothy/1844-born in Ireland/1865-came direct from Ireland to Washington Island/1869-married Mary SANFORD/has five children/occupation: laborer/Town of Washington-P.24.


CORBIN, David E./1836-First keeper of the Pottawattamie (now Rock Island) light/Town of Washington-P.21,22.


CORNELL, John/1845-born in State of New York/1851-landed on Washington Island from Illinois/1866-married Angeline CROWELL/three children/occupation: laborer/Town of Washington-P.23.


CORNELL, Joseph/1830-born in New York/1855-came from Illinois to Washington Island/1856-married Rachel STEWARD/nine children, none married (1881)/occupation-farmer/Town of Washington-P.24.


CROWELL, Angeline/1866-married John CORNELL/three children/Town of Washington-P.23.


CROWELL, Sarah/1866-married Demas SOUCIE/has three children/Town of Washington-P.25.


DAVIS, Holland W./of Cleveland, Ohio/1862-married Minnie KALMBACH, daughter of Godfred KALMBACH and Christina SAEGER/five children/Town of Washington-P.24.


DOWLAND, Jane/1852-married Victor ROHN/has fifteen children/Town of Washington-P.25.


ELLIS, Wm, Dr./1848-Administering medicine to limited number of patients in the healthy locality of Washington Island/Town of Washington-P.21.


GARRETT, Alice/daughter of Volney S. GARRETT and Rebeca LEE/1877-married Andrew KOYNE/two children/Town of Washington-P.24.


GARRETT, Henrietta/daughter of Volney S. GARRETT and Rebeca LEE/1874-married Axel PETERSON/three children/Town of Washington-P.24.


GARRETT, Volney S./1836-born in New York/1853-came from Illinois to Washington Island/1855-married Rebeca LEE/five children-dau. Henrietta married Axel PETERSON, dau. Alice married Andrew KOYNE/occupation-cooper/Town of Washington-P.24.


GOODLETSON, Goodlet/1844-born in Norway/1856-came direct from Norway to Washington Island/1865-married Mary GUNDERSON/five children/occupation-fisherman and sailor/Town of Washington-P.24.


GRAHAM, Ezra/of Fish Creek/1870-married Jennie ZINK/has three children/Town of Washington-P.25.


GRAHAM, R./1844-Single man on Rock Island-fishing/Town of Washington-P.22.


GREENLEAF, Mary/1836-married Knud O. SCHELSWICK (his first marriage)/Town of Washington-P.26.


GROW, Mary K./1865-married Christian LARSON/has six children/Town of Washington-P.25.


GUINON, Thomas/1875-married Mary McDONALD/three children/Town of Washington-P.24.


GUNDERSON, Jacobena/1864-married Christian JACOBSON/has six children/Town of Washington-P.24.


GUNDERSON, Mary/1865-married Goodlet GOODLETSON/five children/Town of Washington-P.24.


HAINES, Jane/1865-married Chas. JOHNSON (his first wife)/Town of Washington-P.24.


HAMBLIN, Wm. B., Rev./1854-first preaching-baptised 15 persons-formed Baptist Church of 23 membersTown of Washington-P.22.


HANSON, Iver P./1845-born in Denmark/1869-married Mary C. PETERSON/1870-came to Washington Island/has three children/occupation: farmer/Town of Washington-P.26.


HIGGINS, Dora/1878-married Albert KALMBACH, son of Godfred KALMBACH and Christina SAEGER/one child/1881-resides in Baileys Harbor/Town of Washington-P.24.


JACOBSON, Christian/1833-born in Norway/1863-came to America/1864-married Jacobena GUNDERSON/1866-came from Pine Lake, Wisconsin to Washington Island/has six children/occupation: follows sailing/Town of Washington-P.24.


JOHNSON, Chas./1840-born in Norway/1854-came to America/1864-came from Green Bay to Washington Island/1865-married to first wife:Jane HAINES/1871-married to second wife: Lena BERGH/has five children/occupation: farming and coopering/Town of Washington-P.24.


JOHNSON, Geo., Capt./1862-married Clara SCHELSWICK/has five children/resides in Norway/Town of Washington-P.26.


JOHNSON, Hans/1873-married Annie ZINK/no children/Town of Washington-P.25.


JOHNSON, Louis/1839-born Norway/1867-came to America/1869-came from Chicago to Washington Island/1876-married Karren CHRISTENSON/no children/occupation: shoemaker/Town of Washington-P.25.


JOHNSON, Mary/1848-married Clouse ZINK/has three children-daughter Annie/Town of Washington-P.25.


KALMBACH, Albert/son of Godred KALMBACH and Christina SAEGER/1878-married Dora HIGGINS/one child/1881-resides in Baileys Harbor/Town of Washington-P.24.


KALMBACH, Godfred/1810-Born in Germany/1835-married Christina SAEGER/1846-came to America/1858-came from Pennsylvania to Washington Island/five children-Michael F., Mary, Minnie, Albert../occupation-farmer/Town of Washington-P.24.


KALMBACH, Mary/daughter of Godfred KALMBACH and Christina SAEGER/1858-married Jacob RICHETAR/eight children/Town of Washington-P.24.


KALMBACH, Michael F./son of Godfred KALMBACH and Christina SAEGER/1859-married Aeti LARSON/1881-now of Green Bay/three children/Town of Washington-P.24.


KALMBACH, Minnie/daughter of Godfred KALMBACH and Christina SAEGER/1862-married Holland W. DAVIS of Cleveland, Ohio/five children/Town of Washington-P.24.


KING, Arhuey/1879-married Jens ANDERSON, son of Hans P. ANDERSON and Frederick M. KOLLA/died in December 1879, aged 18 years/Town of Washington-P.25.


KITWOOD, Capt./1865-formed a church-got a Bethel meeting house built (1867 it had 56 members)/Town of Washington-P.22.


KOLLA, Fredericka M./1856-married Hans P. ANDERSON (in Denmark)/has three children-son Jens/Town of Washington-P. 25.


KOYNE, Amelia/1870-married Carl THOMPSON/has four children/Town of Washington-P.25.


KOYNE, Andrew/1877-married Alice GARRETT, daughter of Volney S. GARRETT and Rebeca LEE/one child/Town of Washington-P.24.


LARSON, Aeti/1859-married Michael F. KALMBACH/three children/Town of Washington-P.24.


LARSON, Christian/1840-born Denmark/1865-married Mary K. GROW/1867-came to America/1868-came from Chicago to Washington Island/has six children/occupation: farmer/Town of Washington-P.25.


LARSON, Miss/1853-West Harbor-taught the "young idea" (in a select school) how to shoot at an educational mark/Town of Washington-P.21.


LARSON, Wilheminne/1859-married Ole P. OLSEN/has ten children/Town of Washington-P.26.


LEE, Betsey/1863-married Knud O. SCHELSWICK (his second marriage)/Town of Washington-P.26.


LEE, Martha A./1848-married Henry D. MINER/Town of Washington-P.22.


LEE, Rebeca/1855-married Volney S. GARRETT/Town of Washington-P.24.


LUND, Thornwald/1877-married Rhoda ROHN/has one child/Town of Washington-P.25.


MASON, Mary/1854-married Dennis McDONALD/Town of Washington-P.24.


McDONALD, Adeline/1877-married Royal BAKER/two children/Town of Washington-P.24.


McDONALD, Dennis/1829-born in Ireland/1852-came from Ireland to Washington Island/1854-married Mary MASON/six children-dau. Mary married Thomas GUINON, dau. Adeline married Royal BAKER/occupation-farmer/Town of Washington-P.24.


McDONALD, Mary/daughter of Dennis McDONALD and Mary MASON/1875-married Thomas GUINON/three children/Town of Washington-P.24.


McGILL, J./1844-Single man on Rock Island-fishing/Town of Washington-P.22.


McMILLAN, Mr./1844-family on Rock Island-fishing/Town of Washington-P.22.


MINER, Henry D./1821-b. in New York/1828-came from Illinois to Rock Island with father (missionary among the Indians)/1829-father died of Western fever/went back East/1842-came west to Illinois then 1844-Rock Island then Washington Island/1848-Married Martha A. LEE/son Jesse MINER/1849-Town of Washington-first Clerk/Town of Washington-P.21,22.


MINER, Jesse/son of Henry D. MINER and Martha A. LEE-born on Washington Island/Town of Washington-P.22.


NELSON, Inger K./1864-married Hans O. SAABYE in Denmark/no children/Town of Washington-P.25.


NELSON, Mary/1867-married Louis P. OTTOSON (his first marriage)/Town of Washington-P.25.


NELSON, Peter/1848-born Denmark/1867-came to America/1868-came from Chicago to Washington Island/a bachelor/occupation: farming/Town of Washington-P.25.


OLSEN, Christian/1841-born in Norway/1868-married Annie BERG/1869-came from Norway to Washington Island/has six children/occupation: farmer/Town of Washington-P.25.


OLSEN, Ole P./1832-born Norway/1859-married Wilheminne LARSON/1870-came from Norway to Washington Island/has ten children-daughter, Mary/occupation: farming/Town of Washington-P.26.


OLSEN, Mary/daughter of Ole P. OLSEN and Wilheminne LARSON/1879-married Godfreid HANSON/Town of Washington-P.26.


OTTOSON, Louis P./1842-born Denmark/1864-came to America/1867-married Mary NELSON (first marriage)/1868-came from Chicago to Washington Island/1869-married Annie PETERSON (second marriage)/has four children/occupation: farmer/Town of Washington-P.25.


PETERSON, Axel/1874-married Henrietta GARRETT, daughter of Volney S. GARRETT and Rebeca LEE/three children/Town of Washington-P.24.


PETERSON, Annie/1869-married Louis P. OTTOSON (his second marriage)/Town of Washington-P.25.


PETERSON, Mary C./1869-married Iver P. HANSON/has three children/Town of Washington-P.26.


PIERCY, Mary/1877-married Henry SEVERS (son of Robert)/Town of Washington-P.24.


RICHETAR, Jacob/1858-married Mary KALMBACH/Town of Washington-P.24.


ROHN, Emily/daughter of Victor ROHN and Jane DOWLAND/1870-married Wm. BETTS/has three children/Town of Washington-P.25.


ROHN, Rhoda/daughter of Victor ROHN and Jane DOWLAND/1877-married Thornwald LUND/has one child/Town of Washington-P.25.


ROHN, Victor/1831-born in Germany/1846-came to America/1852-married Jane DOWLAND/1866-came from Washington County, Wisconsin to Washington Island/has fifteen children-daughter Emily and daughter Rhoda/occupation: farming/Town of Washington-P.25.


SAABYE, Hans O./1831-Born Denmark/1864-married Inger K. NELSON/1867-came to America/1868-came from Chicago to Washington Island/no children/occupation: farmer/Town of Washington-P.25.


SAEGER, Christina/1835-married Godfred KALMBACH/five children/Town of Washington-P.24.


SANDERS, Amos/1849-got the Island called WASHINGTON Township-First Chairman/First store in the settlement/Town of Washington-P.21.


SANFORD, Mary/1869-married Timothy COFFEY/has five children/Town of Washington-P.24.


SCHELSWICK, Clara/1862-married Capt. Geo. JOHNSON/has five children/resides in Norway/Town of Washington-P.26.


SCHELSWICK, Knud O./1810-born Norway/1836-married Mary GREENLEAF (first marriage)/1861-came to America/1863-married Betsey LEE (second marriage)/1870-came from Chicago to Washington Island/has three children-daughter Clara/occupation: was a sea Captain, now farming/Town of Washington-P.26.


SEVERS, Henry/son of Robert SEVERS/1877-married Mary PIERCY/1881-in England/two children/Town of Washington-P.24.


SEVERS, Robert/1826-born in England/1847-married first wife: Mary J. SHOUKMITH/1851-came to America/1852-came to Washington Island from Chicago/1865-married Emily A. BOYCE/two children-son Henry/occupation: farmer/Town of Washington-P.23.


SHOUKMITH, Mary J./1847-married Robert SEVERS-first wife/Town of Washington-P.23.


SOUCIE, Demas/1829-born Maine/1866-married Sarah CROWELL/1867-came from St. Martin's Island, Michigan to Washington Island/has three children/occupation-farmer/Town of Washington-P.25.


STEPHENSON, Andrew/of Chicago/1880-married Karren BOMMEN/Town of Washington-P.26.


STEWARD, Rachel/1856-married Joseph CORNELL/nine children/Town of Washington-P.24.


THOMPSON, Carl/1848-born Denmark/1867-came to America/1870-married Amelia KOYEN/1870-came from New Jersey to Washington Island/has four children/occupation: farmer/Town of Washington-P.25.


WALKER, Mary/1869-married Jacob YOUNG/has four children/Town of Washington-P.24.


WICKMAN, Wm./1876-married Anna BOMMEN/has three children/Town of Washington-P.26.


WILLIAMS, Katie/1864-married Thomas COFFEY/has seven children/Town of Washington-P.24.


YOUNG, Jacob/1844-born in Germany/1866-came from Oshkosh, Wisconsin to Washington Island/1869-married Mary A. WALKER/has four children/occupation: laborer/Town of Washington-P.24.


ZINK, Annie/1873-married Hans JOHNSON of Rowley's Bay/no children/Town of Washington-P.25.


ZINK, Clouse/1826-born in Denmark/1848-married Mary JOHNSON/1865-came to America/1867-came from Racine, WI to Egg Harbor/1870-settled on Washington Island/has three children-daughter Annie/occupation: farmer/Town of Washington-P.25.


ZINK, Jennie/daughter of Clouse ZINK and Mary JOHNSON/1870-married Ezra GRAHAM of Fish Creek/has three children/Town of Washington-P.25.




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