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INDEX - 1977

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LOCATION:  In Institute, on the Southeast corner of the junction of Highway 57 and County Trunk P., next to the church.  Northwest corner NW1/4 NW1/4 Section 24, Town of Sevastopol.


The cemetery is maintained in good condition by the church.


Indexed 2 Jul 1977 by Eileen SLABY and Beverly DIEFENBACH and typed by Sally TREICHEL, all of the W.S.O.C.S. 


24 Jun 2009- Finished being retyped for the PGS Website by Susan HOHNEKE Jun 2009.  Dates have been changed to read: Day - Month (first three digits) - Year (all four digits) for uniformity on the PGS Website.  UNKNOWNS are found at the bottom of this index.


1 Feb, 13 Apr, 22 Jun 2010-OBITs added.


ALAERS, John/1877-1936, ossw Julia, Ruth, Cyril ALAERS and David DORNAUER.

ALAERS, Julia/1879-1942, ossw John, Ruth, Cyril ALAERS and David DORNAUER.

ALAERS, Ruth/1920 (no other dates), ossw John, Julia, Cyril ALAERS and David DORNAUER.

ALAERS, Cyril/1906 (no other dates), ossw John, Julia, Ruth, ALAERS and David DORNAUER.

ALAERS, David DORNAUER/1863-19(uncut), ossw John, Julia, Ruth and Cyril ALAERS.

AMADOR, John/1955 (no other date), Funeral marker.


ANSCHUTZ, Elaine/1918-(no other dates), ossw Edwin.

ANSCHUTZ, Edwin/1914-1954, ossw Elaine, next to Judith.

ANSCHUTZ, Judith/29 Sep 1945-20 Jun 1946

ANSCHUTZ, Mary/3 May 1939 (no other dates)

ANTONISSEN, Joseph H./1912-1970, ossw Lucille C..

ANTONISSEN, Lucille C./1912-(no other dates)

ARBTER, Julius/1853-1941, ossw Louisa.

ARBTER, Louisa/1872-1952, ossw Julius.

ARMBRUST, Nich'l's/Co. F. Wis. Cav. (Vet. stone), next to Catharine.

ARMBRUST, Catharine/Born 17 Mar 1832-Died 11 May 1897/Aged 65 y'rs/1mo. 25d's, next to Father John L..

ARMBRUST, John L./Father/4 Apr 1853-15 May 1940, ossw Mother Gertrude.

ARMBRUST, Gertrude/Mother/10 Dec 1869-23 Nov 1952, ossw Father John L, next to Raymond KNUTSON.

ARMBRUST, Raymond KNUTSON/1903-1958, ossw Adeline.

ARMBRUST, Adeline/1903-19(uncut), ossw Raymond KNUTSON, next to James N.

ARMBRUST, James N./1887-1897.

ARNDT, Catherine/1886-1960, next to MAGGLE Stone.

BECHTEL, Janet/5 May 1899-12 Oct 1974, ossw Otto.

BECHTEL, Otto/19 Oct 1893-12 Apr 1973, ossw Janet, next to John.

BECHTEL, John/1892-1921, ossw Mary.

BECHTEL, Mary/1862-1937, ossw John.

BELTRAM, Leonel/1932-1961

BERNS, Antonia/1896-1933, ossw Anton and Anna.

BERNS, Anton/1886-1970, ossw Antonia and Anna.

BERNS, Anna/1888-1973, ossw Antonia and Anton.

BLANCAS, Rosalie/20 May 1958-3 Aug 1958

BLANK, Anna T./Born 12 Apr 1889-Died 5 Dec 1893/Children of H. & L. BLANK, ossw John H.

BLANK, John H./Born 1 Apr 1893-Died 25 Nov 1893/Children of H. & L. BLANK, ossw Anna T.

BLANK, Rosa L./Dau. of Henry & Louisa/Born 1 Apr 1891-Died 1 Feb 1902.

BLATT, Andrew/Died 15 May 1865-Aged 50 years, ossw Josepha.

BLATT, Josepha/Died 20 Apr 1877/Aged 66 years.

BOCHEK, Alois M./1930-1973, ossw Roland R.

BOCHEK, Roland R./1928-(no other dates), ossw Alois M., next to Anna B. and Rudolph J.

BOCHEK, Anna B./Mother/1899-1955, ossw Rudolph J.

BOCHEK, Rudolph J./Father/1895-19(uncut), ossw Anna B.

BOCHEK, John/Father/1890-19(uncut), ossw Mary.

BOCHEK, Mary/Mother/1892-1960, ossw John, next to Theresa.

BOCHEK, Theresa/Mother/1859-1940, next to Mary and BOCHEK-CIBULKA Stone.

BOCHEK, Wenzel/Born 1831-Died 1913, next to BOCHEK-CIBULKA Stone.

BOCHEK-CIBULKA Family Stone/(large monument with two family names-(no dates, no given names), next to Wenzel.

BONGENSCHUTZ, George/Born 24 Jun 1882-Died 10 Jul 1906.

BONGLE, Alois/1861-1906, ossw Anna M. and William.

BONGLE, Anna M./1862-1950, ossw Alois and William.

BONGLE, William/1891-1949, ossw Anna M. and Alois.

BONGLE, Josephine/1894-(no other dates)/ossw Henry, Marvin and Carl.

BONGLE, Henry/1893-1962, ossw Josephine, Marvin and Carl.

BONGLE, Marvin/1923-1935, ossw Josephine, Henry and Carl.

BONGLE, Carl/1919-1945, ossw Josephine, Henry, and Marvin.

BONGLE, Louis/1881-1956, ossw Helena.

BONGLE, Helena/1890-1959

BONNEY, Joseph C./1943-1946, next to Millard C. and Mary.

BONNEY, Millard C./1906-1976, ossw Mary, next to Joseph C.

BONNEY, Mary/1912-(no other dates), ossw Millard C.

BRAUER, Helen/1917-(no other dates), ossw George.

BRAUER, George/1908-1961, ossw Helen.

BRAUER, Louise/1873-1946, ossw Joseph.

BRAUER, Joseph/1862-1940, ossw Louise.

BRAUER, Alice Laura/1963 (no other dates), funeral marker, next to Theresa.

BRAUER, Theresa/1959 (no other dates), funeral marker, next to Baby Girl.

BRAUER, Baby Girl/1958 (no other dates), funeral marker.

BRAUER, William/1898-1975, ossw Luella.

BRAUER, Luella/1902-(no other dates)

BRAUER, Henry/1890-1972, ossw Esther.

BRAUER, Esther/1890-1942, ossw Henry.

BRAUER, Baby Boy, 1961 (no other dates)

BRAUER, John/1902-1974, ossw Laura.

BRAUER, Laura/1913-(no other dates), ossw John.


BRIER, Cajetan/Born 6 Feb 1858-Died 29 Nov 1912.


BRUCKNER, Joseph/Father/1870-1949, ossw Mary.

BRUCKNER, Mary/Mother/1878-1968, ossw Joseph.

BUNDA, John F./Born 26 Apr 1871-Died 21 Mar 1904

BUSH, Erna Theresa STRUNZ*/28 Oct 1928-7 Dec 2009, *Source: OBIT: Door Co. Advocate-Sat. 12 Dec 2009: "Erna BUSH, 81, Green Bay, passed away at her home, Monday, 7 Dec 2009.  Erna BUSH was born in Nurnberg, Germany, 28 Oct 1928, the daughter of Margariet RIESER.  Erner grew up helping at the family restaurant while going to school; survived the bombings of her town during World War II, and was fluent in many languages.  She met her future husband, Jackson J. BUSH at the Nurnberg Trials.  After a whirlwind courtship, she came to the U.S. going through Ellis Island on her way to Sturgeon Bay, WI.  Erna and Jackson were married on 4 Apr 1948 at St. Peter and Paul Church in Institute, WI, and remained devoted to each other for 50 years...She was preceded in death by the light of her life, Jackson BUSH and her mother, Margarite.  She is survived by 4 children, Veronica BODOH of Madison WI; Michael BUSH of Woodbridge, VA; Theresa BUSH of Anchorage AK and William BUSH of Lake Nebagamon, WI; Grandson, Scott BODOH and his family, wife Tawna, and Great Grandson's Jacob and Riley of Madison, WI; Granddaughter's Jessica and Tabitha BUSh of Woodbridge VA and their families.  Mass of Christian Burial-Friday 18 Dec 2009 at Resurrection Catholic Church in Green Bay with Fr. Paul DEMEUSE as celebrant.  Burial  S.S. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery in Door County.  HUEHNS Funeral Home."

CARMODY, Albert M./Father/1882-19(uncut), ossw Mary E. and Meldon J.

CARMODY, Mary E./Mother/1886-1969, ossw Albert M. and Meldon J.

CARMODY, Meldon J./Son/1910-1950, ossw Albert M. and Mary E., next to Emma and Gerald A.

CARMODY, Emma/1910-(no other dates), ossw Gerald A.

CARMODY, Gerald A./1906-1965, ossw Emma.

CARMODY, Rose/1887-1976, ossw Charles.

CARMODY, Charles/1881-1965, ossw Rose, next to Everett J.

CARMODY, Everett J./Wisconsin/F 2C USNR/WORLD WAR II/25 Oct 1921-19 Jun 1947

CASTILLO, Ramon/1932-1961.

CERMAK, Mary 7 Dec 1864-18 Dec 1934.




CULLNAN Family Stone.

CULLNAN, William/4 Mar 1890-13 Oct 1932, footstone, next to Timothy P., CULLNAN Family Plot.

CULLNAN, Timothy P./22 Apr 1858-12 Jan 1932/Father, footstone, next to Catherine, CULLNAN Family Plot.

CULLNAN, Catherine/22 Jul 1868-21 May 1920/Mother, footstone, next to Daniel P., CULLNAN Family Plot.

CULLNAN, Daniel P./22 Jul 1888-29 Mar 1958, footstone, CULLNAN Family Plot.


CURRY, Patricia Ann/Baby/8 Dec 1935-12 Dec 1935

DAWSON, Anna P./1898-1965, next to Glenn P.

DAWSON, Glenn P./ILLINOIS/MACH MATE 1 CL/US NAVY/16 May 1939 (no other dates, Service marker, next to Jens F. JENSEN.

DAWSON, Jens F. JENSEN/1870-1949, stone is the same as Anna DAWSON.


DEFERE, Celia/1877-1949, ossw Peter.

DEFERE, Peter/1873-1950, ossw Celia.

DEFERE, Peter O./Father/1899-1956, ossw Martha I. and Sharon.

DEFERE, Martha I./Mother/1905-19(uncut), ossw Peter O. and Sharon.

DEFERE, Sharon/1945 (no other dates), ossw Peter O. and Martha I.

DEJARDINE, Woodrow/1919-(no other dates), ossw Jeanette.

DEJARDINE, Jeanette/1924-1976, ossw Woodrow, next to Harriet L. and Henry J.

DEJARDINE, Harriet L./Mother/16 Aug 1884-19 Oct 1943, ossw Henry J.

DEJARDINE, Henry J./Father/23 Sep 1881-23 Oct 1963

DELCHAMBRE, Joseph John/19 Sep 1951-21 Sep 1951

DEMEUSE, Emma/1881-1959, ossw Gustave.

DEMEUSE, Gustave/1884-1958, ossw Emma.

DONOVAN, Daniel/Father/1857-1913, ossw Johanna and Everitt..

DONOVAN, Johanna/Mother/1866-1953, ossw Daniel and Everitt.

DONOVAN, Everitt/Son/1900-1917, ossw Daniel  and Johanna.

DONOVAN, Leo M./Husband/1890-1971, ossw Clare.

DONOVAN, Clare/Wife/1890-1967, ossw Leo M.

DONOVAN, John/1856-1921, ossw Mary.

DONOVAN, Mary/1865-1936, ossw John.

DONOVAN, Michael/Born 10 Jun 1911-Died 22 Nov 1936, next to Michael and Mary V.

DONOVAN, Michael/1866-1917, ossw Mary V.

DONOVAN, Mary V./1875-1959, ossw Michael.

DONOVAN, Mary/Mother/1896-19(uncut), ossw Michael.

DONOVAN, Michael/Father/1885-1959


DUGGAN, Josie/1889-1927

DUNN, James, Sr./Born 8 Nov 1841-Died 15 Feb 1909, next to John.

DUNN, John/Son/Died 29 Oct 1922, next to  Jane DUNN GUNDERSON.

DUNN, Jane DUNN GUNDERSON/Daughter/Died 9 Aug 1922, next to Kathryn E. GUNDERSON.

DUNN, Kathryn E. GUNDERSON/Born 14 Nov 1911-Died 15 May 1912, next to Mother.

DUNN, Mother/1846-1927

DUNN, George/1884-1948, ossw Anna.

DUNN, Anna/1883-1947, ossw George.


EHLERS, Gertrude/Born 16 Dec 1886-Died 27 Jun 1917, next to Edward F.

EHLERS, Edward F./11 Oct 1890-28 Feb 1976, ossw Rose R., Jerome, Bernice and Clarence.

EHLERS, Rose R./6 Mar 1889-6 Jan 1975, ossw Edward F., Jerome, Bernice and Clarence.

EHLERS, Jerome/8 Feb 1934 (no other dates), ossw Edward F., Rose R., Bernice and Clarence.

EHLERS, Bernice/7 Oct 1925-14 Jun 1926, ossw Edward F., Rose R., Jerome and Clarence.

EHLERS, Clarence/30 Sep 1919 (no other dates), ossw Edward F., Rose R., Jerome and Bernice.

ENTRINGER, Richard O./1950-1969, funeral marker, next to Irenaus and Hannah.

ENTRINGER, Irenaus/Father/(no dates), ossw Hannah, Richard ENTRINGER and Nicole J. HANSON.

ENTRINGER, Hannah/Mother/(no dates), ossw Irenaus, Richard ENTRINGER and Nicole J. HANSON.

ENTRINGER, Richard/Son/1950-1969, ossw Irenaus, Hannah ENTRINGER and Nicole J. HANSON.

ENTRINGER, Nicole J. HANSON/18 Jun 1976 (no other dates), next to Nicole Johana HANSON.  Also, ENTRINGER, Nicole Johana

HANSON/1976-1976, funeral marker.

FELHOFER, Flora/Mother/1876-1957, next to Chas.

FELHOFER, Chas./Father/1863-1928, next to Anna.

FELHOFER, Anna/1870-1896, next to Willie.

FELHOFER, Willie/1892-1894, next to Rose.

FELHOFER, Rose/1893-1914, next to John.

FELHOFER, John/1910-1930, next to Leo.

FELHOFER, Leo/1906-1926, next to John.

FERRON, Shirley Ann/1938-1940

FIELDS, Irving/1891-1969, next to Mary.

FIELDS, Mary/1868-1940, next to William.

FIELDS, William/1865-1948

FINNEGAN, Andrew/Father/1828-1890, next to Johanna.

FINNEGAN, Johanna/Mother/1848-1902, next to Andrew.

FINNEGAN, Martin/Brother, 1858-1931, next to Sarah.

FINNEGAN, Sarah/Sister/1874-1963, next to Bridget.

FINNEGAN, Bridget/Sister/1869-1952, next to Dennis.

FINNEGAN, Dennis/Brother/1878-1943, next to Ellen COMER.

FINNEGAN, Ellen COMER/Sister/1868-1939.

FISKE, Albert P./1893-1964


FREA, Frank/1868-1934, ossw Hattie.

FREA, Hattie/1877-1953, ossw Frank, next to Irving and Alice.

FREA, Irving/1906-1962, ossw Alice.

FREA, Alice/1905-(no other dates), ossw Irving.

FREA, Sylvester J./1924-1968.

FOX, Selma/19 Feb 1918-(no other dates), ossw Lawrence.

FOX, Lawrence/24 Dec 1913-9 Sep 1974, ossw Selma.


GARDNER, Charles/PFC US ARMY/8 Jul 1916-11 Aug 1974, Service marker.

GEISEL, William/Son/15 Nov 1888-17 Jun 1971, ossw Anna, Adeline, and Herman.

GEISEL, Anna/Mother/16 Jul 1865-13 May 1953, ossw William, Adeline, and Herman.

GEISEL, Adeline/Wife/28 Jun 1904-(no other dates), ossw William, Anna, and Herman.

GEISEL, Herman/Husband/4 Dec 1897-11 Feb 1973, ossw William, Anna, and Adeline.

GEISEL, Grace/11 Oct 1910-26 Apr 1954, ossw Emil.

GEISEL, Emil/14 May 1900=30 Jan 1959, ossw Grace.

GEITNER, Antone/Born 18 May 1859-Died 30 Jun 1938, next to Joseph.

GEITNER, Joseph/1972 (no other dates), next to Rose GEITNER REYNOLDS.

GEITNER, Rose GEITNER REYNOLDS/20 Jan 1895-1 Nov 1926.

GEITNER, Mary W./1890-1973, ossw Frank P.

GEITNER, Frank P./1893-1972, ossw Mary W.

GEITNER, Anton/1892-19(uncut), ossw Anna.

GEITNER, Anna/1893-19(uncut), ossw Anton.

GEITNER, Anna GEITNER/1896-1964, next to Margareta.

GEITNER, Margareta GUITNER/Gest./1 Apr 1893/Alter 64 yuhre, ossw Anton.

GEITNER, Anton GUITNER/Gest. 8 Mai 1891/Alter 66 yuhre, ossw Margareta.

GEITNER, Lori Ann*/b. 5 Jan 1964-d. Sun. 20 Jun 2010; OBITUARY-HUEHNS Funeral Home: Lori Ann GEITNER died after a courageous battle with cancer, surrounded by family and friends-parents: Clayton and Mary (STROOBANTS) FERRON-1982 graduate of Algoma High School-married 3 May 1986 to David Brian GEITNER at S.S. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Institute-was a dedicated, compassionate caregiver at Scandia Village in Sister Bay for more than 18 years-For the past six years she and her husband David lived their dream of owning and operating Baileys Harbor Sunset Motel & Cottages-survived by her husband, David GEITNER, son, David Jr. (girlfriend Samantha NEALEY), and daughter, Kendra, all of Baileys Harbor; her mother, Mary FERRON of Carlsville; grandmother, Rose FERRON of Maplewood; sister, Jackie (Scott) VANDEN HEUVEL of Green Bay; four brothers, Randy FERRON, Jeff FERRON of Oshkosh, Tim FERRON of Sturgeon Bay, and Jody (Cathy) FERRON of Wauwatosa; father-in-law, Clarence GEITNER of Carlsville; brother-in-law William GEITNER of Green Bay and sister-in-law Roberta (James) COPISKEY of Sturgeon Bay and many beloved nieces, nephews, and friends-preceded in death by her father, Clayton FERRON Jr.; mother-in-law, Helen GEITNER; and nephew, Timmy FERRON, Jr.-Mass of Christian Burial celebrated on Friday, 25 Jun 2010 at S.S. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Fr. David RUBY-Burial in S.S. Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery-HUEHNS Funeral Home,

GEORGE, John/Born 24 Feb 1830-Died 5 May 1915, ossw Henry.

GEORGE, Henry/Born 17 May 1885-Died 29 Nov 1896.

GRAF, Peter/1861-1941, ossw Katherine.

GRAF, Katherine/1865-1936, ossw Peter.



HABERLI, Anna/1857-1931, ossw Alois, George, and Anna.

HABERLI, Alois/1850-1912, ossw Anna, George, and Anna.

HABERLI, George/1900-1924, ossw Anna, Alois and Anna.

HABERLI, Anna/1884-1890, ossw Anna, Alois and George.

HABERLI, Mary T./1907-(no other dates), ossw Arnold.

HABERLI, Arnold/1895-(no other dates), ossw Mary T.

HABERMANN, Michael/(no dates), ossw Nettie and Clemence.

HABERMANN, Nettie/(no dates), ossw Michael and Clemence.

HABERMANN, Clemence/1914-1971, ossw Michael and Nettie.

HAEN, Clayton B./Father/1908-1957, ossw Mary T.

HAEN, Mary T./Mother/1912-(no other dates), ossw Clayton B.

HANRAHAN, James/Died 29 Aug 1907/Age 38 yrs, ossw Andrew, Dridget, Andrew HANRAHAN and Eliza ANDERSON.

HANRAHAN, Andrew/Died 14 Oct 1892/Age 73 Yrs., ossw James, Bridget, Andrew HANRAHAN and Eliza ANDERSON.

HANRAHAN, Bridget/Wife of A. (Andrew)/Died 9 Dec 1906/Age 77 yrs., ossw James, Andrew, Andrew and Eliza ANDERSON.

HANRAHAN, Eliza/wife of  A. J. ANDERSON/Died 17 Oct 1899/Age 36 yrs, ossw James, Andrew, Bridget and Andrew HANRAHAN.



HARTEL, Rose marie/Born 19 May 1928-Died 1 Jan 1935

HARTEL, Lillian/20 Sep 1901-10 Jan 1969, next to Harry B.

HARTEL, Harry B./WISCONSIN/CPL CO F 28 INF/WORLD WAR I/SS-PH & OLC/4 Jul 1897-10 Apr 1954, Service marker.

HECK, Wenzel J./Husband/1889-1937

HELDMANN, John/24 Jun 1859-1 Mar 1933, ossw Apolonia his wife.

HELDMANN, Apolonia/His wife (John)/6 Nov 1861-29 Jul 1932

HEMPEL, Herman, Father, 1863-1958, ossw Theresia, Arnold, Harry, Terese, Lucille HEMPEL and Roy, Henry and Julia WEBER.

HEMPEL, Theresia/Mother/1864-1951, ossw Herman, Arnold, Harry, Terese, Lucille HEMPEL and Roy, Henry and Julia WEBER..

HEMPEL, Arnold/Son/1906-1921, ossw Herman, Theresia, Harry, Terese, Lucille HEMPEL and Roy, Henry and Julia WEBER.

HEMPLE, Harry/Son/1893-1917, ossw Herman, Theresia, Arnold, Terese, Lucille HEMPEL and Roy, Henry and Julia WEBER.

HEMPLE, Terese/1901-(no other dates), ossw Herman, Theresia, Arnold, Harry, Lucille HEMPEL and Roy, Henry and Julia WEBER.

HEMPLE, Lucille/1891-1967, ossw Herman, Theresia, Arnold, Harry, Terese HEMPEL and Roy, Henry and Julia WEBER.

HEMPLE, Roy WEBER/1911-(no other dates), ossw Herman, Theresia, Arnold, Harry, Terese, Lucille HEMPEL and Henry and Julia WEBER.

HEMPLE, Henry WEBER/Dedicated to Henry WEBER/(no dates), HEMPEL Family Stone, ossw Herman, Theresia, Arnold, Harry, Terese, Lucille HEMPEL and Roy and Julia WEBER.

HEMPLE, Julia WEBER/1887-1912, ossw Herman, Theresia, Arnold, Harry, Terese, Lucille HEMPEL, Roy and Henry WEBER.

HENKEL, Jacob/Born 17 Nov 1840-Died 24 Aug 1892, ossw his wife Adelheid.

HENKEL, Adelheid/His wife (Jacob)//Born 23 May 1837-Died 1 Feb 1915, ossw Jacob.

HENKEL, Olga/1907-(no other dates)/ossw George.

HENKEL, George/Father/1906-1958

HENSCHEL, Lisa/1971-1972

HOCKS, Peter, Mrs./10 May 1859-19 Oct 1948, next to Oscar.

HOCKS, Oscar/3 Oct 1888-22 Jun 1938, next to Harry W.

HOCKS, Harry W./1887-1950, next to Eunice M. and Peter.

HOCKS, Eunice M./Born 6 Feb 1898-Died 29 Apr 1899, ossw Ellen.

HOCKS, Ellen B./Born 6 May 1899-Died 8 Jul 1899, ossw Eunice M., next to Peter.

HOCKS, Peter/28 May 1859-27 Mar 1923.

HOCKS, John P./23 Mar 1885-11 Jun 1961, next to B. J.

HOCKS, B. J./23 May 1927-13 Dec 1941, next to Lillian.

HOCKS, Lillian/1883-1942.

HOERRES, Walter/1908-1970, ossw Marie.

HOERRES, Marie/1910-(no other dates), ossw Walter.

HOGAN, Mary/11 Apr 1937-19 Apr 1937, next to Infant of Michael & Mary.

HOGAN, Infant/of/Michael & Mary/HOGAN/Died 13 Dec 1873/Aged 4 days, next to Margaret TOOHEY.

HOGAN, Margaret TOOHEY/Born/Limirick Co. Ireland/Died 23 Sep 1888/Aged 89 years, ossw Patrick and Mary Ann.

HOGAN, Patrick/1868-1959, ossw Margaret TOOHEY, and Mary Ann HOGAN.

HOGAN, Mary Ann/1869-1910, ossw Patrick HOGAN and Margaret TOOHEY HOGAN, next to Mary.

HOGAN, Mary/Born 15 Aug 1836-Died 4 Nov 1919, next to Michael.

HOGAN, Michael/Born 20 Jun 1816-Died 23 Jan 1916

HOGAN, John E./1901-1940, next to Anna.

HOGAN, Anna/1898-1975, next to Daniel E.

HOGAN, Daniel E./1903-1952

HOKS, Eddie/Son of John Jr. & Sarah/Born 9 Jan 1886-12 May 1891

HOKS, John, Sr./Born in Holland/25 Dec 1821-Died 27 Dec 1897, ossw Rosanna and Mary A. MCGOVERN.

HOKS, Rosanna/Wife of John HOKS Sr./Born in Ireland/25 Dec 1820-Died 5 Jun 1887, ossw John Sr. HOKS and Mary A. MCGOVERN.

HOKS, Mary A. MCGOVERN/Born 2 Mar 1849-Died 14 Sep 1886, ossw John Sr. and Rosanna HOKS, next to Frankie HOKS.

HOKS, Frankie/Son of Geo. W. & Mary A./Died 21 Aug 1895/Aged 3 ms & 23 dys, next to Barney.

HOKS, Barney/Son of Geo. W. & Mary A./Died 17 Mar  1893/Age 1 ms 26 ds, next to Ranson.

HOKS, Ranson/Son of Geo. W. & Mary A./Died 4 Mar 1898/Age 42 dys., next to Infant of Geo. W. & Mary A., next to Infant of Geo. W. & Mary A.

HOKS, Infant/of Geo. W. & Mary A./(no dates), next to Ranson.

HOPP, Gottfried/Born 8 Nov 1815-Died 11 Oct 1906.

HOUART, Victor/1885-1915, ossw Rosa.

HOUART, Rosa/1895-1915, ossw Victor.

HUSS, Cory Lee/1974-1975

HUTTER, Frank/1899-1965, on same side as Grace, ossw William, Mary, Henry TWEEDALE and Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, TWEEDALE-HUTTER Family Stone.  Also, Service marker: HUTTER, Frank Vincent/WISCONSIN/S2USNR/WORLD WAR I/5 Sep 1899-21 Jan 1965.

HUTTER, Grace/1904-(no other dates), on same side as Frank, ossw William, Mary, Henry TWEEDALE and Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, TWEEDALE-HUTTER Family Stone.


JACOBSON, Beatryce/1908-(no other dates), ossw Norman C.

JACOBSON, Norman C./1919-1963,  ossw Beatryce.


JOHNSON, William/1876-1967, ossw Johanna.

JOHNSON, Johanna/1882-1961, ossw William.

JUNION, Fred/1875-1945, ossw Mary.

JUNION, Mary/1880-1965, ossw Fred.

JUNION, Harvey A./1904-(no other dates), ossw Frances R.

JUNION, Frances R./1904-(no other dates), ossw Harvey A.

JUNION, Harvey F./1926-1974, ossw Regina M.

JUNION, Regina M./1924-(no other dates), ossw Harvey F., next to Joy Ann.

JUNION, Joy Ann/1 Apr 1930-13 Apr 1940 (picture on stone).

KEMP Stone, (no name or dates)

KESSEN, Sophia/1883-1971, ossw Frank.

KESSEN, Frank/1879-1933, ossw Sophia.

KLESSIG, Robert/1934-1951, ossw Lorena and Oswald.

KLESSIG, Lorena/1903-(no other date), ossw Lorena and Oswald.

KLESSIG, Oswald/1891-1970, ossw Lorena.  Also, Service marker: KLESSIG, Oswald W./WISCONSIN/PVT/QUARTERMASTER CORPS/WORLD WAR I/20 Oct 1891-22 Mar 1970.

KLOTZ, John/Born 1816-Died 1895



KOSKUBAR, John/11 Nov 1894-(no other dates), ossw Clara.

KOSKUBAR, Clara/21 Jul 1896-(no other dates), ossw John.

KOZLOWSKI, Edna/Mother/1886-(no other dates), ossw John.

KOZLOWSKI, John/Father/1885-1948, ossw Edna.

KREBBERS, John J./Born 29 Mar 1843-Died 7 Jul 1919, ossw his wife Anna.

KREBBERS, Anna/His wife (John J.)/Born 22 Jun 1843-Died 18 Jun 1920, ossw John J.

KREBBERS, John J./1888-1956, ossw Jennie.

KREBBERS, Jennie/1888-1973, ossw John J.

KUEHN, Darrel Joseph/13 Dec 1947 (no other dates), next to Barbara Ellen.

KUEHN, Barbara Ellen/23 Aug 1939-8 Sep 1939, next to Mother Hazel P.

KUEHN, Hazel P./Mother/1889-1946, next to Herman F.

KUEHN, Herman F./1874-1961, funeral marker.

KUEHN, Otto/Father/1874-1959, ossw Hannah.

KUEHN, Hannah, Mother/1878-1964, ossw Otto, next to Evelyn.

KUEHN, Evelyn/19 Jun 1925 (no other dates), next to Louis.

KUEHN, Louis/10 Sep 1917 (no other dates), next to Charley Jos.

KUEHN, Charley Jos./Born 29 Jul 1901-Died 18 Feb 1904, ossw John.

KUEHN, John/26 Jan 1952 (no other dates), ossw Charley Jos.

KUEHN, Barbara/Mother/1876-1957, ossw John H.

KUEHN, John H./Father/1876-1960, ossw Barbara.

KUEHN, Carlton/1923-1976, funeral marker.

LACROSSE, Louis F./1 Oct 1906 (no other dates), ossw Mamie.

LACROSSE, Mamie/17 Oct 1907 (no other dates), ossw Louis F.

LACROSSE, Julia/1900-1960, ossw John.

LACROSSE, John/1899-1972, ossw Julia.

LAKE, Marietta Lou/16 May 1933-16 Jan 1965

LAKINS, Katrina Sue/Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Billy J./12 Oct 1964 (no other dates)


LASEE, Wilhelmina/Mother/1887-1959, ossw John A.

LASEE, John A./Father/1887-1967, ossw Wilhelmina.

LAUBENSTEIN, Karen/23 Apr 1953 (no other dates).

LAUSCHER, Otto H./US ARMY/18 Mar 1896-12 May 1927, Service marker.  Also, Service Marker: LAUSCHER, Otto H./WISCONSIN/PVT/EVAC HOSPITAL 28/12 May 1927.

LAUSCHER, Marie/1911-1912, ossw Henry and Mary.

LAUSCHER, Henry/1880-1939, ossw Marie and Mary.

LAUSCHER, Mary/1885-1958, ossw Marie and Henry.

LAUSCHER, Frank D./1912-(no other dates), ossw Irene W., SCHRAM-LAUSCHER Family Plot.

LAUSCHER, Irene W./1910-(no other dates), ossw Frank D., SCHRAM-LAUSCHER Family Plot.


LAUTENBACH, Elmer/1907-1963, ossw Ella.

LAUTENBACH, Ella/1911-(no other dates), ossw Elmer.

LEAVENS, Ethel P./1923-(no other dates).

LEIST, Julia/1878-1923, ossw Peter.

LEIST, Peter/1877-1928, ossw Julia.

LEIST, Ida/Mother/1912-(no other dates), ossw Alvin.

LEIST, Alvin/Father/1909-1960, ossw Ida, next to Bertha and Emil.

LEIST, Bertha/Mother/1887-19(uncut), ossw Father Emil.

LEIST, Emil/Father/1877-1955

LEMERE, Genevieve/1917-1957, ossw Earl.

LEMERE, Earl/1915-1950, ossw Genevieve.


LEROY, Frances/1902-(no other dates), ossw Edgar "Ned".

LEROY, Edgar "Ned"/1892-1970, ossw Frances.

LEYANNA, Leo J./Father/1898-1968.

LIEBL, John/1881-1957, next to  Helen.

LIEBL, Helen/1886-1955, next to Robert Matthew.

LIEBL, Robert Matthew/WISCONSIN/SEAMAN/CL USNR/WORLD WAR II/17 May 1911-8 Dec 1946, Service marker.

LINDNER, Mary Ann*/29 May 1942-6 Jun 2009, *Source: OBIT: Door County Daily 6 Jun 2009: "Mary Ann LINDNER, 67, of Sturgeon Bay passed away 6 Jun 2009 at the Skilled Nursing Facility, Door County Memorial Hospital.  She was born 29 May 1942 in Wauwatosa to Chester and Ruth (EBHERT) WILKE.  On 17  Jun 1961 she married Daniel LINDNER in Wauwatosa.  Mary Ann and her husband, who was in the Air Force, spent a year in Iceland and returned to Illinois in 1963.  Their first three sons were born at the Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.  From 1965-1968 the family was transferred to Japan where their fourth son was born.  The family also spent nine years in San Antonio where their daughter was born in 1969.  In 1978, the family returned to Wauwatosa where mary Ann was a C.N.A. at the Little Sisters of the Poor Nursing Home for ten years.  Mary Ann and Dan moved to Sheboygan in 1990 where Mary Ann was employed at the Heritage Nursing Home for four years.  Their eldest son Jeffery was a resident at the Sheboygan County Comprehensive Center and Rocky Knoll Health Facility.  Dan and mary Ann relocated to Sturgeon Bay in 1994 where they worked worked a number of years at Door County Memorial Hospital..Survivors include her husband Daniel; four children: Richard D. (Ann) LINDNER, Stevens Point, Steven M. (Julie) LINDNER, Sun Prairie, Keith J. (Tammy) LINDNER, Mukwonago, Susan M. LINDNER, Sturgeon Bay; nine grandchildren: Miranda, Torrie, Valerie, Tessa, Tierney, Tarrick, Stephanie, Daniel, and Joshua; one brother: Richard WILKE, Neenah; one aunt: Margaret JORGENSEN, Waukesha; five brothers-in-law; five sisters-in-law; many cousins, nieces and nephews.  Mary Ann was preceded in death by her parents and son Jeffery.  Funeral services..Tuesday 9 Jun 2009 at St. Joseph Church in Sturgeon Bay with Rev. Dominic PELUSE SCJ officiating. Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church Cemetery..FORBES Funeral Home."

LONDO, Joyce M./25 Aug 1929-(no other dates), ossw Raymond A.

LONDO, Raymond A./10 Mar 1926-14 Jun 1974, ossw Joyce M.  Also, Service marker: LONDO, Raymond A./CPL US ARMY/10 Mar 1926-14 Jun 1974.

LONDO, Chester/Father/1921-(no other dates), ossw Frieda.

LONDO, Frieda/Mother/1922-1972, ossw Chester, next to Esther and Edward.

LONDO, Esther/Mother/1901-1967, ossw Edward.

LONDO, Edward/Father/1899-19(uncut), ossw Esther.

LONDO, Ruth/1884-1964, ossw Joseph, SIMON-LONDO Family Plot.

LONDO, Joseph/1870-1948, ossw Ruth, SIMON-LONDO Family Plot.


LONG, John/1863-1930, ossw Mary, Herbert and Anna.

LONG, Mary/1869-1944, ossw John, Herbert and Anna.

LONG, Herbert/1894-1971, ossw John, Mary and Anna.

LONG, Anna/1893-1973, ossw John, Mary and Hebert.

LONG, Sylvester/1908 (no other dates), ossw Edward.

LONG, Edward/1891-1893, ossw Sylvester.

LONG, Margreth/Born 24 Mar 1864/Died on Good Friday 7:15 AM 18 Apr 1930.

MADDEN, Timothy/1860-1945, ossw Margaret and Kathryn.

MADDEN, Margaret/1879-1941, ossw Timothy and Kathryn.

MADDEN, Kathryn/1907-1932, ossw Timothy and Margaret.

MAGGLE, Margaret/29 Dec 1857-4 Oct 1943, next to Philip.

MAGGLE, Philip/11 Jan 1854-12 Oct 1916, next to Eleanor SCHOLL.

MAGGLE, Eleanor SCHOLL/1885-1971.

MAHONEY, Margaret/wife of Iwen COLLINS/Born 6 Aug 1865-Died 18 Dec 1891, next to William.

MAHONEY, William/Born 2 Mar 1878-Died 12 May 1923, next to Sarah.

MAHONEY, Sarah/Wife of H. MILLS/Born 12 Feb 1883-Died 12 Dec 1912, next to Johannah.

MAHONEY, Johannah/Born 27 Jun 1845-Died 6 Nov 1926, next to Michael.

MAHONEY, Michael/Born 21 Sep 1835-Died 12 Sep 1931.

MANGEL, Elizabeth/10 Jun 1860-1 Feb 1920.

MAPLES, Delia/1872-19(uncut), ossw Alice and Ted.

MAPLES, Alice/1901-(no other dates), ossw Delia and Ted.

MAPLES, Ted/1866-1952, ossw Delia and Alice.

MCCARTY, Frank P./1902-1974, ossw Harriet.

MCCARTY, Harriet/1905-(no other dates), ossw Frank P., next to Mary, John and William.

MCCARTY, Mary/1876-1963, ossw John and William.

MCCARTY, John/1875-1936, ossw Mary and William.

MCCARTY, William/1911-1958.  Also, Service marker: MCCARTY, William John/WISCONSIN/PFC CO C 393 INFANTRY/WORLD WAR II BSM-PH/20 Jul 1911-9 Jul 1958.

MCDERMOTT, Michael J./13 Jan 1906-16 Sep 1933, next to Joseph Roy.

MCDERMOTT, Joseph Roy/5 Mar 1896-10 Jul 1908, next to Ellen.

MCDERMOTT, Ellen/Mother/25 Jan 1870-8 Feb 1921, next to Joseph.

MCDERMOTT, Joseph/Father/2 Jul 1861-21 sep 1922, next to Ellen.


MCKEE, Mary 1865-1943, ossw John.

MCKEE, John/1856-1949, ossw Mary.

MCKEE, Edward/1889-1966.

MCLOUGHLIN, William F./Born 7 Jul 1868-Died 22 Aug 1899, ossw Friedrich M.

MCLOUGHLIN, Friedrich M./Born 26 Apr 1882-Died 15 Jul 1906, ossw William F.

MCLOUGHLIN, Joseph/1880-1943, ossw Alice.

MCLOUGHLIN, Alice/1874-1959, ossw Joseph.

MCMAHON, Patrick/Born 1852-Died 1891


MEYER, John/Born 5 Aug 1835-Died 29 May 1891, ossw Barbara and Kunicundf BROST.

MEYER, Barbara/Born 16 Mar 1832-Died 10 Nov 1872, ossw John and Kunicundf BROST.

MEYER, Kunicundf BROST/Born 11 Apr 1804-Died 21 Feb 1891, ossw John and Barbara, next to Jno.

MEYER, Jno. MYERS/CO E. 11 WIS. INF., Service marker, small stone.

MEYER, John J./1898-1946

MEYER, Evelyn R./Mother/10 Apr 1911-23 Oct 1953.

MIELKE, Anna/1889-1969, ossw Joseph F.

MIELKE, Joseph F./1886-1967, ossw Anna.

MILLER, Mary/25 Jan 1888-15 Mar 1923.


MOELLER, Anna Maria/Born Jul 1823-Died 2 Aug 1890, ossw Lucas Sr.

MOELLER, Lucas Sr./Born Apr 1820-Died 12 Jan 1898

MOELLER, Louis T./Father/1884-1954, ossw Katherine.

MOELLER, Katherine/Mother/1884-1973, ossw Louis T.

MOELLER, Catherine/1882-1961, ossw Harry.

MOELLER, Harry/1884-1968, ossw Catherine, next to Mathilda and William F.

MOELLER, Mathilda/Mother/1885-1953, ossw William F.

MOELLER, William F./Father/1887-1958

MOORE, Elizabeth/1876-1944, ossw Michael.

MOORE, Michael/1876-1950, ossw Elizabeth, next to Maurice A.

MOORE, Maurice A. MURPHY/1908-1975, next to Joseph LAMERE MOORE.

MOORE, Joseph LAMERE/16 Mar 1945 (no other dates)

MOORE, William J./1904-1974, ossw Josephine and John

MOORE, Josephine/1880-1963, ossw William J. and John.

MOORE, John/1871-1943, ossw William J. and Josephine.


MORROW, George/Born 14 Feb 1874/Died 7 Mar 1915, next to Anna.

MORROW, Anna/Born 26 May 1884-Died 7 Dec 1919, next to Beatrice.

MORROW, Beatrice/1908-1962, funeral marker.

MORROW, Frances/Born 15 May 1854-Died 21 May 1931, next to Alex.

MORROW, Alex/Born 24 May 1846-Died 22 Mar 1925

MORROW, Delia/Mother/1880-1948, ossw John A.

MORROW, John A./Father/1877-1944, next to Lucille.

MORROW, Lucille/Mother/1808-1947.



NEUCHTER, August/Son/1943-1961, ossw John and Isabel

NEUCHTER, John/Father/1910-1947, ossw August and Isabel.

NEUCHTER, Isabel/Mother/1918-(no other dates), ossw August and John.

NEUCHTER, Clarence/1913-1946, ossw Johanna and August.

NEUCHTER, Johanna/1877-1950, ossw Clarence and August.

NEUCHTER, August/1872-1951, ossw Clarence and Johanna.

NIEMAN, Eva/1896-1968

NIEMAN, Charles/Father/1913-1946, ossw Genevieve.

NIEMAN, Genevieve/Daughter/1918-1975, ossw Charles.

NOTZ, August/1887-1949, ossw Bertha.

NOTZ, Bertha/1895-19(uncut).

NUESSE, Theresa/1842-1912, ossw Joseph, Josephine, Rita, Salome and George.

NUESSE, Joseph/1849-1923, ossw Theresa, Josephine, Rita, Salome and George.

NUESSE, Josephine/1875-1965, ossw Theresa, Joseph, Rita Salome and George.

NUESSE, Rita/1916-1974, ossw Theresa, Joseph, Josephine Salome and George.

NUESSE, Salome/1884-(no other dates), ossw Theresa, Joseph, Josephine, Rita and George.

NUESSE, George/1877-1958, ossw Theresa, Joseph, Josephine, Rita and Salome.

O'HERN, Edith/1878-1962, ossw William.

O'HERN, William/1875-1956, ossw Edith.

O'HERN, Rita/1916-1972, funeral marker.

OLSESN, Louis/Died 18 May 1905/Aged 26 years.

OTT, Charles J./1882-1948, ossw Beatrice and Mary A.

OTT, Beatrice/1919-1934, ossw Charles J. and Mary A.

OTT, Mary A./1889-1971

OTTO, Laurentia/1889-19(uncut), ossw Henry W.

OTTO, Henry W./1882-1956, ossw Laurentia.

OTTO, Alfred H./1 Jan 1903-12 Jul 1974

PAPE, Mary/1878-1948, ossw Charles.

PAPE, Charles/1866-1953, ossw Mary.

PAQUE, Elmer/28 Feb 1906-19 May 1919, next to Delia and Frank.

PAQUE, Delia/1881-1969, ossw Frank.

PAQUE, Frank/1873-1963, ossw Delia.

PAVLIK, Kasper/Died 17 Aug 1916/Age 83 yrs/ossw Josephine.

PAVLIK, Josephine/Died 7 Mar 1923/Age 83 yrs., ossw Kasper.

PEFFER, Peter/Born 24 Jan 1833-Died 4 Feb 1905, next to Josephine.

PEFFER, Josephine/1867-1942, next to Peter.

PERONTO, Charles M./WISCONSIN/PVT CO E 45 INF/WORLD WAR I/4 Apr 1896-24 May 1957, Service marker.

PETERSILKA, Douglas/1915-1956

PETERSILKA, Joseph D./Son/1874-1962, ossw Agnes and Rosalia.

PETERSILKA, Agnes/Daughter/1876-1948, ossw Rosalia.

PETERSILKA, Rosalia/Mother/1838-1917, next to Mrs. Agnes KNOERL.

PETERSILKA, Agnes, Mrs. KNOERL/Daughter/1876-1948, next to Mother Rosalia.

PETERSILKA, Milton/29 Oct 1908-(no other dates), ossw Marie.

PETERSILKA, Marie/27 Aug 1909-22 Dec 1976, ossw Milton.

PETERSON, Mayme/Mother/1916-1957, ossw Nels.

PETERSON, Nels/Father/1913-(no other dates), ossw Mayme, next to Robert N.

PETERSON, Robert N./Husband & Father/1938-1961

PETERSON, Roy/1902-(no other dates), ossw Josephine.

PETERSON, Josephine/1901-1965.

PFEIFER, F. M./Born 22 Nov 1865-Died 29 Mar 1900, ossw Lizzie, and Fredrick.

PFEIFER, Lizzie/Dau. of Fred and Elizabeth/Born 25 Dec 1877-Died 24 Aug 1890/AE 12 yrs. 8 ms., ossw F.M., and Fredrick.

PFEIFER, Fredrick/BOrn 23 Feb 1823-Died 18 Sep 1897.

PFEIFER, Christina/1868-1948, ossw Jacob.

PFEIFER, Jacob/1867-1930, ossw Christina.

PLOOR, Walter J./22 Feb 1905-6 Nov 1966, next to Therese and William S.

PLOOR, Therese/Mother/24 Jan 1882-24 Nov 1952, ossw William S.

PLOOR, William S./Father/3 Sep 1874-14 Apr 1948, ossw Therese.

POEHLER, Frank/1857-1918, ossw Monica, Martha and William.

POEHLER, Monica/1875-1945, ossw Frank, Martha and William.

POEHLER, Martha/1858-1894, ossw Frank, Monica and William.

POEHLER, William/1885-1902, ossw Frank, Monica and Martha.

POLICH, Steve/Father/1879-1956, ossw Helena.

POLICH, Helena/Mother/1882-(no other dates), ossw Steve.

RANK, John/Born 4 May 1872-Died 26 Apr 1897.



RIPP, Ben/1917-(no other dates), ossw Anna.

RIPP, Anna/1918-1974, ossw Ben, next to Jacob.

RIPP, Jacob/1882-1955, ossw Ottilia, Ambrose, Roman and Rita.

RIPP, Ottilia/1885-1960, ossw Jacob, Ambrose, Roman and Rita.

RIPP, Ambrose/1907-1910, ossw Jacob, Ottilia, Roman and Rita.

RIPP, Roman/1912-1914, ossw Jacob, Ottilia, Ambrose and Rita.

RIPP, Rita/1916-(no other dates), ossw Jacob, Ottilia, Ambrose and Roman.

ROTH, Alma/1883-1951, ossw Kajetan.

ROTH, Kajetan/1883-1956, ossw Alma, next to Cynthia RENNEMO.

ROTH, Cynthia RENNEMO/1896-1970, next to Lawrence.  Also, ROTH, Cynthia RENNEMO/1896-1970, ossw Lawrence, Mary BRAUER, and Louise.

ROTH, Lawrence/Father/1853-1948, ossw Mary BRAUER, Cynthia RENNEMO, and Louise ROTH.

ROTH, Mary BRAUER/Mother/1860-1914, ossw Lawrence and Louise ROTH and Cynthia RENNEMO.

ROTH, Louise/1894-1910, ossw Lawrence ROTH, Mary BRAUER and Cynthia RENNEMO.

RUSHKA, Bernard/1890-1952, ossw Ethel.

RUSHKA, Ethel/1893-19(uncut), ossw Bernard.

SACKBOER, Anna/1863-1938.

SCHAEFER, Anna Lena/4 Oct 1920-18 Mar 1921, next to August.

SCHAEFER, August/11 Mar 1875-12 Jan 1929.

SCHAEFER, Susanna/1872-1928, ossw Anton.

SCHAEFER, Anton/1871-1935, ossw Susanna.

SCHAEFER, Heinrich/Geboren/10 Jan 1818-Gestorben 19 Aug 1899, ossw Josepha.

SCHAEFER, Josepha/Geb. MERFELS/Geboren 8 Feb 1824-Gestorban 9 Nov 1893, ossw Heinrich.

SCHAEFER, Mary/7 Apr 1899-10 Apr 1899.

SCHAEFER, Roy/1917-(no other dates), ossw Helen and David.

SCHAEFER, Helen/1918-(no other dates), ossw Roy and David.

SCHAEFER, David/1848-1969, ossw Roy and Helen, next to David Roy.  Also, Service Marker: SCHAEFER, David Roy/WISCONSIN/SGT CO B 39 INF 9 INF DIV/VIETNAM SS & OLC BSN & OLC AM-PH/9 Feb 1948-1 May 1969, next to  William.

SCHAEFER, William 1880-1939, ossw Nellie.

SCHAEFER, Nellie/1881-1972, ossw William.

SCHARTNER, Laura/1901-1971, ossw Louis, Kenneth J. and Evelyn A.

SCHARTNER, Louis/1891-1969, ossw Laura, Kenneth J. and Evelyn A.

SCHARTNER, Kenneth J./1936 (no other dates), ossw Louis, Laura, and Evelyn A.

SCHARTNER, Evelyn A./1941-1942, ossw Laura, Louis, and Kenneth J.

SCHARTNER, Frank J./Born 9 Aug 1889-Died 4 Jun 1912, next to Frank.

SCHARTNER, Frank/Father/1862-1940, next to Mary.

SCHARTNER, Mary/Mother/1862-1926, next to John.

SCHARTNER, John/1904-1931, next to Catheryn.

SCHARTNER, Catheryn/(no surname)/1902-1929, next to Timothy.

SCHARTNER, Timothy/Our Beloved Son/1968-1970.

SCHNEIDER, Helen L./1921-1947, next to Grace A.

SCHNEIDER, Monica A./1918-1942

SCHNEIDER, Christina/1886-1949, ossw Emil.

SCHNEIDER, Emil/1886-1970, ossw Christina.


SCHRAM, Mary/Baby/10 Jul 1953

SCHRAM, Myrtle M./1908-1969, SCHRAM-LAUSCHER Family Plot, ossw Leon A. SCHRAM and Frank D. and Irene W. LAUSCHER.

SCHRAM, Leon A./1910-1969, ossw Myrtle M., SCHRAM-LAUSCHER Family Plot.  Also Service Marker: SCHRAM, Leon A./WISCONSIN/CMM US COAST GUARD/WORLD WAR II/18 Jan 1910-7 Jan 1969.


SCHROEDER, Olga/1883-1952, ossw John.

SCHROEDER, John/1890-(no other dates), ossw Olga.

SCHWARTZ, Lina/Wife/1885-1947.

SCHWICHTENBERG, Franziska/Geb. 13 Marz 1813-Gest. 5 Jul 1895.

SIMON, Martin/15 Mar 1856-6 May 1920.

SIMON, Fred/29 Jun 1892-10 Jan 1927.

SIMON, Jonathan/1947 (no other dates)/next to  Raphael.

SIMON, Raphael/2 Oct 1914-19 Oct 1914, ossw Vivian.

SIMON, Vivian/1921-1922, ossw Raphael, next to  Frank and Nellie.

SIMON, Frank/1876-1942, ossw Nellie.

SIMON, Nellie/1877-1970, ossw Frank.

SIMON, Rudolph/1869-1933, ossw Margaret.

SIMON, Margaret/1870-1948, ossw Rudolph.

SIMON, Frank/Born 19 Sep 1842-Died 16 Oct 1899, ossw Anna.

SIMON, Anna/Born 27 May 1845-Died 22 Dec 1922, ossw Frank.

SIMON, Hubert F./30 Oct 1909-29 Jun 1970, ossw Mildred A.

SIMON, Mildred A./13 Jun 1915-(no other dates), ossw Hubert F.

SIMON-LONDO Family Plot.

SIMON, Amanda/1863-1941, ossw Jacob, and Ruth and Joseph LONDO.

SIMON, Jacob/1854-1943, ossw Amanda, and Ruth and Joseph LONDO.

SIMON, Clarence/Father/1888-1967, ossw Elizabeth.

SIMON, Elizabeth/Mother/1893-19(uncut), ossw Clarence.

SIMON, Anna WEBER/wife of J. P. WEBER, Born 7 Feb 1860-Died 2 Jun 1890, next to John P. WEBER.



SIMONAR, Mary/1968-1968, Funeral marker.

SKOLA, Mary/1873-1959, ossw John.

SKOLA, John/1877-1947, ossw mary.

SMEJKAL, Mary/1853-1942, next to Dora.

SMEJKAL, Dora/1889-1971, ossw Wenzel and Jeanete.

SMEJKAL, Wenzel/1886-1971, ossw Jeanette and Dora.

SMEJKAL, Jeanette/1914-1916, ossw Dora and Wenzel.

SOTO, Baby Boy/1955 (no other dates), funeral marker.

SPAHN, Gertrud/1959-1895, ossw William, Frank, Mary, and Rose.  Also, SPAHN, Gertrud SABINA/Born 7 Apr 1859-Died 7 Mar 1895, ossw William and next to Frank.

SPAHN, William/1855-1914, ossw Gertrud, Frank, Mary and Rose.  Also, SPAHN, William/Born 22 Jun 1855-Died 17 May 1914, ossw Gertrude.

SPAHN, Frank/1897-1947, ossw Gertrud, William, Mary and Rose.

SPAHN, Mary/1871-1960, ossw Gertrud, William, Frank and Rose.

SPAHN, Rose/1903-(no other dates), ossw Gertrud, William, Frank and Mary.

SPAHN, Frank/1898-1947.

STERNARD, George/Died 10 Jan 1916/Age 79yrs, next to Elizabeth.

STERNARD, Elizabeth/Died 21 Jun 1955, ossw Anton.

STERNARD, Anton/Died 3 Sep 1943, ossw Elizabeth.

STOEGER, Rosalia/Mother/1844-1914, next to Frank.

STOEGER, Frank/Father/1840-1923, next to Louis.

STOEGER, Louis/1873-1931, next to Anna GABRIEL.

STOEGER, Anna GABRIEL/(no dates), NOTE: also one cremated body related to her, next to Frank.

STOEGER, Frank/1874-1941, next to Charles.

STOEGER, Charles/1878-1957, ossw Catherine and Oscar.

STOEGER, Catherine/1882-19(uncut), ossw Charles and Oscar.

STOEGER, Oscar/1906-19(uncut), ossw Charles and Catherine.

STOEGER, George/1893-1965, ossw Rosalia and Arnold.

STOEGER, Rosalia/1891-1973, ossw George and Arnold.

STOEGER, Arnold/1919-1920, ossw George and Rosalia.

STOEGER, Margaret/Mother/1884-1968, ossw Rudolph.

STOEGER, Rudolph/Father/1880-1954, ossw Margaret.

STOFFEL, Marguerite/1913-1915, next to Victor L.

STOFFEL, Victor L./Born 13 Dec 1906-Died 20 Feb 1911, next to Marguerite.

STOFFEL, Arnold/Father/1904-19(uncut), ossw Mamie.

STOFFEL, Mamie/Mother/1902-1960, ossw Arnold.

STOFFELS, Anna M./Dau. of/N. & A./Died 23 Oct 1900/Aged 1 yr. 1 mo.

STRAHAM, Frank E./Died 4 Feb 1908/Age 21 yrs, next to Louis.

STRAHAM, Louis/Father/1836-1909, next to Jane.

STRAHAM, Jane/1848-1931, next to Thomas A.

STRAHAM, Thomas A./1869-1927, next to Louis Sr.

STRAHAM, Louis Sr./Born 9 Jul 1836-Died 11 Jun 1909, next to Helen "Pearl".

STRAHAM, Helen "Pearl"/Mother/5 Sep 1895-15 Jul 1973, next to John G.

STRAHAM, John G./WISCONSIN/HS SUP CO 54 INF 6 DIV/WORLD WAR I/7 Aug 1888-10 Jun 1968, Service marker, next to Alice FLEMING.

STRAHAM, Alice FLEMING/1879-1963


STRAHAN, Josephine/Born 17 Jan 1891-Died 17 Jul 1915.

STRAHAN, Louise/1879-1961, ossw George.

STRAHAN, George/1874-1968, ossw Louise.


SUCHY, Joseph F./Son of Joseph and Mary SUCHY/Born 15 Jul 1887-Died 29 Apr 1899, ossw Jozef. F..  Also, SUCHY, Jozef. F./Syn/Jozefa a Marie/SUCHY/Narozen 15 ho Gervence 1887/Zemrel 29 ho Dubna 1899.

SUESS, Henry/1869-1924, ossw Johanna.

SUESS, Johanna/1871-1929, ossw Henry, next to William and Rose.

SUESS, William/1891-1976, ossw Rose.

SUESS, Rose/1895-1972, ossw William.

THORN, Susanna/29 May 1887-22 Dec 1959.

TISCHLER, John/8 Sep 1883-23 Jan 1959.


TWEDALE, Elmer/Co. A. 121 M. G. BN/5 May 1892-4 Aug 1918, service marker, next to  Father.

TWEDALE, Father/10 Dec 1860-17 Dec 1943, next to Mother.

TWEDALE, Mother/10 Sep 1862-12 Apr 1901, next to Father.

TWEDALE, George/17 Mar 1884-15 Sep 1897, next to John.

TWEDALE, John/8 Apr 1890-19 Sep 1891, next to George.

TWEEDALE-HUTTER Family Stone (TWEEDALE on front of stone and HUTTER on back of stone).

TWEEDALE William/1851-1930, on same side as Mary and Henry TWEEDALE and Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, ossw Frank and Grace HUTTER, TWEEDALE-HUTTER Family Stone.

TWEEDALE, Mary/1852-1939, on same side as William and Henry TWEEDALE and Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, ossw Frank and Grace HUTTER, TWEEDALE-HUTTER Family Stone.

TWEEDALE, Henry/1878-1959, on same side as William and Mary TWEEDALE and Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, ossw Frank and Grace HUTTER, TWEEDALE-HUTTER Family Stone.

TWEEDALE, Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM/Nee TWEEDALE/1882-1909, on same side as William, Mary and Henry TWEEDALE, ossw Frank and Grace HUTTER.


WASHICHEK, Joseph J./Father/1874-1946, ossw Rosa A. and Helen A.

WASHICHEK, Rosa A./Mother/1881-1949, ossw Joseph J. and Helen A.

WASHICHEK, Helen A./Daughter/1908-1908, ossw Joseph J. and Rosa A.

WEBER, John/Born 12 Mar 1875-Died 23 Mar 1908, next to Michal.

WEBER, Michal/Died 20 Sep 1875/Aged 3 yrs & 5 m's, next to Matt.

WEBER, Matt/Born 10 Feb 1839-Died 12 Nov 1894, next to Michal.

WEBER, Anna/Mother/5 Apr 1890-27 May 1974, ossw Raymond.

WEBER, Raymond/Son/14 Jun 1907-13 Jun 1914, ossw Anna.

WEBER, Frances/1859-1953, next to Peter. OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-10 Sep 1953: "Mrs. Peter (Frances) WEBER 94, died at her home on N. Bay Shore dr. at 8:40 p.m. Wednesday following an illness of two years"-born 20 Oct 1895 in Germany-parents: Mr. and Mrs. Theodore FRYZYNA-came to this country with parents when 9 years old-family settled at Green Bay-member of St. Joseph Church-her husband preceded her in death-Survivors include seven daughters: Mrs. Frances MCLAUGHLIN, Des Plaines, IL; Mrs. Elizabeth THURSTON, city; Mrs. Margaret GESWEIN, Lisle, IL; Mrs. Veronica MULLINS, Trout Lake, Mich.; Mrs. Clementine HAUMEASER, Joliet, IL; Mrs. Evelyn STEPHAN and Mrs. Josephine AUSTIN, Chicago; and one son Bert WEBER of Chicago-Funeral Services, SS Peter and Paul church, Institute, Revs. Charles KAMINSKI and Glen OCHS-Burial in church cemetery-HAHN'S Funeral Home.

WEBER, Peter/Father/Born 20 Mar 1848-Died 8 May 1922, next to Ella and Charles, OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-12 May 1922: Death of Peter Weber-Dropped Dead Monday While Conversing With Friends at J. C. Dana Co. Office-Peter Weber died suddenly Monday, while sitting in front of the J. C. DANA Co, having suddenly been stricken with heart trouble, and he passed away before medical assistance could be summoned-born in Germany on 20 Mar 1848-(74) years of age-came to America when about 18 years of age-located in the Town of Sevastopol-resident of this county about 50 years-Married oct 1876 to Miss Frances FRUZYNA who survives-Of eleven children, ten still living: Mary, Peter, Francis, Lillian, Margaret, Veronica, Clementine, Evelyn, Bert and Josephine-Funeral held at Institute Thurs., Revs. Alt. BROENS and THERAULT."

WEBER, Ella/1913-(no other dates), ossw Charles.

WEBER, Charles/(Win)/1911-1974, ossw Ella.

WEBER, Emma/1866-1929, ossw Jacob, Joanne, Patrick and Herbert.

WEBER, Jacob/1858-1937, ossw Emma, Joanne, Patrick and Herbert.

WEBER, Joanne/1863-1893, ossw Emma, Jacob, Patrick and Herbert.

WEBER, Patrick/1889-1918, ossw Emma, Jacob, Joanne, and Herbert.

WEBER, Herbert/1889-1925, ossw Emma, Jacob, Joanne, and Patrick.

WEBER, Sue/11 Oct 1961 (no other dates), next to Martha.

WEBER, Martha/Born 18 oct 1885-Died 6 Sep 1886, next to Anna.

WEBER, Anna/1860-1890, ossw John P., Joseph, Mattie and Martha.

WEBER, John P./1850-1935, ossw Anna, Joseph, Hattie and Martha.

WEBER, Joseph/1880-1952, ossw Anna, John P., Hattie and Martha.

WEBER, Hattie/1887-1964, ossw Anna, John P., Joseph and Martha.

WEBER, Martha/1885 (no other dates), next to Anna SIMON wife of J. P. WEBER.

WEBER, Anna SIMON/Wife of J. P. WEBER/Born 7 Feb 1860-Died 2 Jun 1890, next to John P. WEBER.

WEBER, John P./1850-1935, next to Joseph.

WEBER, Joseph/1880-1952, next to Hattie J.

WEBER, Hattie J./1887-1964, next to Joseph.

WEBER, ROY/1911-(no other dates), on HEMPLE Family Stone, ossw Herman, Theresia, Arnold, Harry, Terese, Lucille HEMPEL and Henry and Julia WEBER.

WEBER, Henry/Dedicated to Henry WEBER/(no dates), HEMPEL Family Stone, ossw Herman, Theresia, Arnold, Harry, Terese, Lucille HEMPEL and Roy and Julia WEBER.

WEBER, Julia/1887-1912, HEMPEL Family Stone, ossw Herman, Theresia, Arnold, Harry, Terese, Lucille HEMPEL, Roy and Henry WEBER.



WELTER, Michael/Born 19 Dec 1899-Died 4 Oct 1917.

WENK, Joseph/10 Mar 1896-24 Mar 1975, ossw Frank and Mary.

WENK, Frank/Born 13 Oct 1852-Died 22 Dec 1920, ossw Joseph and Mary.

WENK, Mary/Born 15 May 1858-Died 20 Jun 1940, ossw Joseph and Frank.

WESTER, Henry/1876-1919, next to John.

WESTER, John/1871-1970, ossw Angeline.  Also, Funeral marker (1977): WESTER, John/1871-1970, next to Lucille M.

WESTER, Angeline/1879-1922, ossw John.

WESTER, Lucille M./Mother/1905-1961.

WERKHEISER, Helen/1902-1964, ossw Louis.

WERKHEISER, Louis/1900-(no other dates), ossw Helen.

WERKHEISER, Douglas L./WISCONSIN TEC 5 3159 SIG SERVICES BN/WORLD WAR II/15 Aug 1924-28 Aug 1951, Service Marker.

WERKHEISER, Fred/Father/1898-1961, ossw Mary.

WERKHEISER, Mary/Mother/1913-1963, ossw Fred.

WERKHEISER, Diane M./Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Wayne WERKHEISER/1965 (no other dates)

WIEGAND, Christina/Born 20 Jul 1851-(no other dates), ossw Vinzent.

WIEGAND, Vinzent/Born 4 Apr 1845-died 26 Jan 1908, ossw Christina.

WITTE, Otto/8-10-1868/5-4-1918 (10 Aug 1868-4 May 1918), ossw Margaret.

WITTE, Margaret/5-7-1875/11-6-1949 (7 May 1875-6 Nov 1949), ossw Otto.

WRITT, James/Twins/with John/15 Oct 1950, ossw John.

WRITT, John/Twins/with James/15 Oct 1950, ossw James.

WRITT, James/Father/1918-1954, ossw Hildegarde.

WRITT, Hildegarde/Mother/1922-(no other dates), ossw James.

ZELHOFER, John/Father/1888-1962, ossw Katherine.

ZELHOFER, Katherine/Mother/1888-1971, ossw John.




___N_ELON, Atery/1881-1960, funeral marker next to DUNN.

__?__, John/1871-1955, located back of Frank KESSEN & next to Fredrick PFEIFER.




Also, Indexed and typed by Sally TREICHEL  in the 1970's

    -Microfilmed in 35mm as part of the Door County Cemeteries/Tombstone Inscriptions in 1988 by Sue Hohneke     for the Genealogical Society of Utah.  FHL US/CAN Film #1421896 Item 10   -available to interloan at your nearest Family History Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or to view at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    -Index as part of the Door County Cemeteries/Tombstone Inscriptions at the Laurie Room of the Door County Public Library in Sturgeon Bay, WI.





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