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INDEX - 1977 & some OBITUARIES

updated 15 Mar 2010



LOCATION:  Section 15, Town of Liberty Grove.  In the Village of Ellison Bay, off of Highway 42 onto Mink River Road and next to the Church.  Sign at entrance of cemetery: "Trinity Lutheran Cemetery-1938".  Cemetery is maintained in good condition by the congregation.


Copied 9 Jul 1977 by Judy SRNKA, Eileen SLABY and Beverly DIEFENBACH and typed by Sall TREICHEL-all of the WSOCS.


Retyped by Sue HOHNEKE on 15 Oct 2009 for the Peninsula Genealogical Society's PGS Website.  Dates have been changed where needed to read:  dd-mmm-yyyy for uniformity.


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15 Mar 2010-OBIT added



ANDERSON, Idelon T./Fod 14 Sep 1887-Dode 7 Dec 1893, ossw Helga.

ANDERSON, Helga/Fod 31 Aug 1890-Dode 30 Nov 1893, ossw Idelon T..

ANDERSON, Emil WEISS/1890-1948, ossw (uncut).

ANDERSON, Elden/1894-1950, next to Alice M. ANDERSON.

ANDERSON, Alice M./1907-1962, Funeral home marker, next to Glenna Gay.

ANDERSON, Glenna Gay/1952, next to Alice and M.

ANDERSON, Anton/1896-1941, ossw Martha.

ANDERSON, Martha/1874-1956, ossw Anton.

ANDERSON, Ardelle L./1930/Da. of Rev. & Mrs. Christian O. ANDERSON, next to Thor ANDERSON.

ANDERSON, Thor/1836-1911, next to Ardelle L. ANDERSON.

ANDERSON, Clyde E./1907/Age 5 months, next to Helma N. ANDERSON.

ANDERSON, Helma N./Dau. of J. & K. ANDERSON/Born 6 Jul 1885-Died 13 Apr 1893, ossw Hulda J.

ANDERSON, Hulda J./Dau. of J. &. K. ANDERSON/Born 4 Aug 1880-Died 12 Apr 1893, ossw Helma N., next to Mother Carry ANDERSON.

ANDERSON, Carry/Mother/3 Jun 1849-5 Mar 1919, next to John.

ANDERSON, John/1849-1932, next to Carry.

ANDERSON, Charles/1874-1962, ossw Amanda.

ANDERSON, Amanda/1884-1952, ossw Charles.

ANDERSON, Beverly Jane Alice*/b. 20 Jan 1932-d. Sun. 14 Mar 2010, Door County Memorial Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility, Sturgeon Bay, Door, WI-*Source: OBITUARY-HUEHNS Funeral Home: Beverly Jane Alice Anderson, (78), of Sturgeon Bay at Door County Memorial Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility where she had resided for the past 8 years-parents: Elmer and Mildred LUEDERS-1949 graduate of Gibraltar High School-worked at the Door Reminder and also as a bookkeeper for father’s business, City Service, Sister Bay-Married 3 Feb 1951, Glenn Anton ANDERSON, Trinity Lutheran Church in Ellison Bay-moved to Alabama where Glenn was during his military service-worked in radio and for the Prichard Herald newspaper-while working in radio in Mobile, Alabama she interviewed a young Elvis Presley while he was in town for a radio promotion concert-returned to Door County and worked for father’s business as a bookkeeper for City Service in Sister Bay, now Citgo-Survivors include her husband, Glenn ANDERSON of Sturgeon Bay; three children, Jorja Kae (Mike) HUTTON, twin sons, Ron (Pam) ANDERSON of Chicago, Randy (Jean) ANDERSON of Manitowoc; 10 grandchildren, Bjorn (Nicole) ANDERSON, Alisa HUTTON, Casey Jo HUTTON, Dale (Serena) ANDERSON, Jamie (Steve) SCHUTTER, R.J. ANDERSON, Robyn ANDERSON, Brandon (Laura) ANDERSON, Samantha DULEY, Cory DULEY; 9 great-grandchildren, Jase, Jolene, Juliana, Bennie, Bailey, Jaedyn, Vanessa, Ryleigh, Kathan; sister, Donna BRADSHAW; three step brothers, Ken, Bob and Steve LUEDERS-Preceding her in death were her parents, infant daughter, Glenna Gay ANDERSON; and her adoptive father, who raised her, LaReine LOGERQUIST-Funeral services held Friday 19 Mar 2010 at Huehns Funeral Home in Sturgeon Bay, Chaplain Russ MAY-Burial at Ellison Bay-HUEHNS Funeral Home.


ANDERSSON, Kare/Här hvilar Vár/Kare Fader/Axsel ANDERSSON/Fődd Imsocken/Bohuslän, Sverge/12 Oct 1821-Dőde 15 Juli 1893.

ARENSON, Hans A./Father/1842-1901, next to Inga V.

ARENSON, Inga V./1886-1887, next to Hans A.

ARENSON, Emily H./1888-1906, next to Gertrude D.

ARENSON, Gertrude D./Mother/1850-1916, next to Elda.

ARENSON, Elda/1893-1923, next to Gertrude D.

BEARD, Charles/1868-1940, ossw Delia.

BEARD, Delia/1870-1915, ossw Charles.

BECKER, Gladys JOHNSON BECKER/Wife of L. BECKER/1910-1929, (stones were alike-1977).


BERGERSON, Martin/1886-1948, ossw Edith.

BERGERSON, Edith/1888-1973, ossw Martin.

BERGMAN, John H./1884-1962, ossw Lillie C.

BERGMAN, Lillie C./1884-1947, ossw John H.

BERGMAN, Carl/Father/Born 2 Jul 1846-Died 2 Sep 1938, next to Katharine.

BERGMAN, Katharine/Mother/Born 20 Sep 1844-Died 29 Dec 1914.



DYSTERUD, Hans/21 Mar 1889-12 Mar 1931.

DYSTERUD, Ole/1855-1945, ossw Petra.

DYSTERUD, Petra/1852-1914, ossw Ole.

EHRENBORGH, Adeline/1895-1937.

ELIASON, John/Born/12 Sep 1823/near Copenhagen Denmark/Died 26 Sep 1908/Age/85 years 14 days/He was the founder of Ellison Bay/Coming here in 1866 and was/its first postmaster.

ELQUIST, Kenneth/1908-1909.

ENGEBRETSON, Arnt/1859-1941, next to Anna G.

ENGEBRETSON, Anna G./1873-1950, next to Arthur E.

ENGEBRETSON, Arthur E./1883-1954, next to Anna G.

ERICKSON, Ole/1856-1935, ossw Rebecca.

ERICKSON, Rebecca/1868-1935, ossw Ole.

ERICKSON, John/1882-1940

ERICKSON, John/1871-1927, next to Annie.

ERICKSON, Annie/1882-1926, next to John.

EVENSON, Simeon/1840-1919, ossw I. Randine.

EVENSON, I. Randine/His Wife (Simeon), 1848-1930, ossw Simeon.

FAUDREI, Minnie P. ?/Tochter von/C & K FAUDREI/Gest./24 Jan 1889/Alter/18 Jahre 10 mos (stone badly worn-1977).

HANSON, Sarah/1870-1936, ossw J. D. MEINICH.

HANSON, J. C. MEINICH/1864-1943 (pro resurrecturis), ossw Sarah, next to Karl B. HANSON.

HANSON, Karl B./10 Mar 1893-14 Jan 1936, next to Thorfin.

HANSON, Thorfin/12 Feb 1901-14 Jun 1969, next to Karl B.

HANSON, Wallace/Son/1917-1937, next to Albert.

HANSON, Albert/Father/1875-1937, next to Ella.

HANSON, Ella/Mother/1883-1965, next to Ned William.

HANSON, Ned William/24 Feb 1957, next to Ella.


HEISE, Gust/1866-1946, next to Christine.

HEISE, Christine/1859-1939, next to Lena.

HEISE, Lena/1871-1904.

HENDRICKSON, Hilmer/Born 11 Nov 1891-Died 10 Oct 1918, next to Christine.

HENDRICKSON, Christine/Mother/1874-1940, next to Andrew.

HENDRICKSON, Andrew/Father/1870-1923, next to Lillian.

HENDRICKSON, Lillian/1904-1913, next to Baby.

HENDRICKSON, Baby/1905, next to Agnes.

HENDRICKSON, Agnes/1898-1918, next to Hilmer.

HENDRICKSON, Hilmer/1891-1918, next to Agnes.

HERDINA, Ida/26 Feb 1881-3 Feb 1936.

HOGENSON, Dorthea/Born 30 May 1854-Died 12 Mar 1917, ossw Arnt.

HOGENSON, Arnt/Born 28 Jan 1853-Died 2 Feb 1928, ossw Dorthea.

ICKE, Amollie/Mother/1859-1933.

JACOBSON, Enoch/1882-1950, ossw Emma.

JACOBSON, Emma/1887-1968, ossw Enoch, next to Harold E.

JACOBSON, Harold E./WISCONSIN/MM2 US COAST GUARD/WORLD WAR II/18 Mar 1911-28 Mar 1955, Service marker.

JOHNSON, Augustus/Born 9 Apr 1849-Died 18 Mar 1940, next to Emma.

JOHNSON, Emma/Born 20 Apr 1881-Died 2 Feb 1890, ossw Lucy.

JOHNSON, Lucy M./Born 26 Jul 1885-Died 3 Feb 1890, ossw Emma.

JOHNSON, Nancy/1938-1938, funeral home marker.

JOHNSON, Clifford/1906-1962, ossw Florence.

JOHNSON, Florence/1909-(no other dates), ossw Clifford, next to Baby Nancy.

JOHNSON, Nancy/Baby/1938, next to Clifford and Florence.

JOHNSON, Baby/30 Nov 1913-20 Dec 1913.

JOHNSON, Jacob/1873-1945, next to Lloyd H.

JOHNSON, Lloyd H./1911-1928, next to Gladys.

JOHNSON, Gladys/Wife of L. BECKER/1910-1929, (stones were alike-1977).


LANDIN, Adella E./18 Jul 1892-25 Apr 1972, next to Stanley.

LANDIN, Stanley/WISCONSIN/PVT BTKY B9 TM BN/WORLD WAR I/14 Apr 1893-22 Dec 1955, Service marker.

LANDIN, Emil/1885-1919, next to Baby Eleanor.

LANDIN, Eleanor/Baby/1917-1918, next to John.

LANDIN, John/1855-1938, ossw Josephine.

LANDIN, Josephine/His wife (John)/1861-1941, ossw John.

LANDIN, _?_/Father/(no names or dates), footstone, next to John A.

LANDIN, John A./1891-1950, next to Father.

LARSON, John M./Son of L. & M. LARSON/Died 7 Feb 1889/Age (stone buried in ground-1977).

LARSON, Andrew/1869-1947, ossw Yarda.

LARSON, Yarda/1875-1952, ossw Andrew, next to Arnt.

LARSON, Arnt/1862-1960, next to Morto.

LARSON, Morto/Died 7 Mar 1892/Aged 2 yrs 11 ms., next to Arnt.

LIND, Aug. E./Father/21 Dec 1842-8 Apr 1905.

MALMER, Amanda C./1891-1966.


MEINICH, J. C./1864-1943 (pro resurrecturis), ossw Sarah HANSON, next to Karl B. HANSON.


MILLAR, Sarah K./10 Nov 1877-24 Apr 1939.

MOREY, Frank/26 Jul 1884-27 Sep 1965, next to Andrew and Ida.

MOREY, Andrew/1841-1900, ossw Ida.

MOREY, Ida/1849-1933, ossw Andrew.

NELSON, Marlin/1853-1933, ossw Amelia.

NELSON, Amelia/1858-1933, ossw Marlin.

NELSON, Richard C./11 Nov 1937-5 Nov 1938, next to Carl.

NELSON, Carl/1884-1947, next to Richard C.

NELSON, Bolette/1857-1930, ossw Julius.

NELSON, Julius/1860-1942, ossw Bolette.

NELSON, Nels F./1855-1915, ossw Anna M.

NELSON, Anna M./1852-1944, ossw Nels F., next to Oscar R.

NELSON, Oscar R./1883-1960, next to Nels F. and Anna M.

NELSON, Nels/1850-1892, ossw Anna.

NELSON, Anna/His wife (Nels)/1853-1921, ossw Nels.

NEMAN, Jennie May/Daught. of Louis & Mary NEMAN/Born 16 Jul 1885-Died 3 Apr 1890.

NEWMAN, Eleanore, 1916-1924, next to Royal.

NEWMAN, Royal/1900, next to Lydia.

NEWMAN, Lydia/1877-1962, next to Gustaf A.

NEWMAN, Gustaf A./1876-1933, next to Lydia.

NEWMAN, Harry/1892-1936, next to Eileene.

NEWMAN, Eileene/1927-1928, next to Harold.

NEWMAN, Harold/1935-1937, next to F. Herman.

NEWMAN, F. Herman/1879-1958, next to J. Albert.

NEWMAN, J. Albert/1887-1938, next to Arthur A.

NEWMAN, Arthur A./1888-1913, next to Clayton E.

NEWMAN, Clayton E./1918-1922, next to Edward and Julia.

NEWMAN, Edward/ 1881-1958, ossw Julia.

NEWMAN, Julia/1886-1958, ossw Edward, next to John E. and Mathilda.

NEWMAN, John E./1850-1895, ossw Mathilda.

NEWMAN, Mathilda/His wife (John E.)/1851-1931.

NIEPQURE, John/Gest. 7 Nov 1893/Aged (Stone broken and hard to read-1977).

NUNDAHL, Edward/1891-1964.

NYMAN, Gyda/1881-1956, ossw Uno.

NYMAN, Uno/1879-1959, ossw Gyda.

OLSON, Linda S./1908-1976, metal marker.

OLSON, Josephine/1878-1899, next to Martin and Helen.

OLSON, Martin/1845-1933, ossw Helen.

OLSON, Helen/1855-1929, ossw Martin, next to Clara.

OLSON, Clara/1884-1943, next to Ella.

OLSON, Ella/1895-1955, next to Milton.

OLSON, Milton/1893-1899, next to Ella.

OLSON, Albert/6 Dec 1893-9 Dec 1893, next to Genney M.

OLSON, Genney M./2 Mar 1891-17 Aug 1891, next to Augusta.

OLSON, Augusta/1871-1930, next to Even.

OLSON, Even/1859-1932.

OLSON, Hulda/1895-1943, ossw Hector.

OLSON, Hector/1886-1968, ossw Hulda.

OLSON, Severt/Father/1863-1952, ossw Sophia.

OLSON, Sophia/1873-1946, ossw Severt, next to Walter.

OLSON, Walter/1894-1947, home made stone, next to Wenzel M.

OLSON, Wenzel M./1896-1935, next to Walter.

OLSON, Gunda/Born 24 Mar 1866-Died 16 Jan 1911.

OLSON, Elida R./1887-1959, metal marker.

OLSON, Hans B./1852-1916, ossw Engeborg.

OLSON, Engeborg/1858-1936, ossw Hans B.

PEDERSEN, Anna/Died 13 May 1890/Aged 11 years, ossw Lucy.

PEDERSEN, Lucy/Died 12 May 1890/Aged 13 Days, (stone in bushes-1977).

PETERSON, Julia H./Dau. of E. & G. PETERSON/Born 17 Aug 1882-Died 21 Oct 1892.


PFILE, Albert/Died 16 May 1892/Aged 29 yrs. 20 dys, next to John.

PFILE, John/Died 7 Sep 1900/Aged 75 years.

RADKE, Charles A./WISCONSIN/COOK 127 INF 32 DIV/2 Feb 1934, Service marker, next to Judith A. RADKE.

RADKE, Judith A./Mother/1878-1935.

RUCKERT, Christ/1835-1926, next to Johanna.

RUCKERT, Johanna/Wife of C. RUCKERT/Born 29 Aug 1829-Died 31 May 1894, next to Charles.

RUCKERT, Charles/1864-1929, next to Bertha.

RUCKERT, Bertha/1862-1947.

SAUNDERS, Jean Marie/Daughter/1934-1938.


SEVERSON, Edwin G./WISCONSIN/PFC CO L 28 INF 1 DIV/WORLD WAR I/25 Nov 1891-10 Mar 1969, Service marker, next to Anna.

SEVERSON, Anna/1848-1931, next to Christian.

SEVERSON, Christian/1841-1930, next to Anna.

STAUE, Theodore/Born 28 Feb 1853-Died 26 Apr 1913

STRANDELL, Isca W./Father/1835-1898, next to Clarence.

STRANDELL, Clarence/Son/1884-1889, next to Isca W.

STRECOK, Rebecca Jean/1900-1959.

STRECOK, Joseph/(no dates), funeral home marker.

TESNOW, Frank/Geboren/7 Feb 1885/Gestorben 21 Dec 1889/Kinder von Fried & Caroline TESNOW, ossw Anna.

TESNOW, Anna/Geboren/5 Dec 1881/Gestorben 6 Jan 1890/Kinder von Fried & Caroline TESNOW, ossw Frank, near Caroline.

TESNOW, Caroline/Wife of Fred TESNOW/Born 26 Sep 1857-Died 27 Dec 1906, next to Alfred.

TESNOW, Alfred/Born 7 Nov 1891-Died 21 Jun 1911, next to Caroline.

TOSTENSON, Clarence/1880-1893, ossw Olive BERGSTROM.

TOSTENSON, Olive BERGSTROM/1874-1893, ossw Clarence TOSTENSON.

TOSTENSON, Theo/1841-1931, ossw Karen.

TOSTENSON, Karen/His wife (Theo)/1852-1933, ossw Theo, next to Haaken.

TOSTENSON, Haaken/1873-1948, next to Theo and Karen.


WEBORG, Andrew/Born - 1841/Died - 1923, ossw Anna.

WEBORG, Anna/His wife (Andrew)/Born - 1843/Died -1918, ossw Andrew.

WEIGAND, Elmira D./Born 26 Jul 1906-7 Mar 1915, next to Wm.

WEIGAND, Wm./Born 20 Jul 1866-Died 28 Dec 1916, next to Hazel and Nina.

WEIGAND, Hazel/Daughter/1904-1923, ossw Nina.

WEIGAND, Nina/1874-1922, ossw Hazel, next to Ruth WEIGAND SEILER.

WEIGAND, Ruth WEIGAND SEILER/1902-1925, next to Hazel and Nina.


WICKMAN, Alfred/1890-1933, ossw Agnes.

WICKMAN, Agnes/1893-1976, ossw Alfred, next to Sarah M.

WICKMAN, Sarah M./27 Aug 1850-24 Jan 1936, next to Andrew J.

WICKMAN, Andrew J./23 Dec 1848-6 Mar 1935, next to Sarah M.

WIEGAND, Joachim/Geb. 12 Mai 1844-Gest. 11 Nov 1894, next to Christena.

WIEGAND, Christena/Mother/1847-1928, next to Joachim.

WILLIAMS, Ruby/1904-1944




_?_, Alice/27 Feb 1921-16 Mar 1921, (next to Hans OLSON).



Indexed and typed by Sally TREICHEL  in the 1970's

    -Microfilmed in 35mm as part of the Door County Cemeteries/Tombstone Inscriptions in 1988 by Sue Hohneke for the Genealogical Society of Utah.  FHL US/CAN Film #1421896 Item 10-available to interloan at your nearest Family History Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or to view at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    -Index as part of the Door County Cemeteries/Tombstone Inscriptions at the Laurie Room of the Door County Public Library in Sturgeon Bay, WI.





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