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INDEX - 1977 & some OBITS & contributions of pictures

updated 17 May 2014



LOCATION:  SW1/4 SE 1/4 Section 5, Town of Liberty Grove.  In the Village of Sister Bay, off of Highway 42 onto Maple Drive which runs into County Trunk ZZ.  The cemetery is on the right hand side of County Trunk ZZ and is maintained in good condition by the congregation.  The St. Rosalia Statue located on the cemetery was erected in 1969 in memory of the BUNDA Family.


Copied 9 Jul 1977 by Judy SRNKA, Eileen SLABY and Beverly DIEFENBACH and typed by Sally TREICHEL all of the WSOCS.


Retyped for the PGS Website on 18 Oct 2009 by Sue HOHNEKE.  Dates have been changed or revised to read:  dd-mmm-yyyy for uniformity on the PGS Website.


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Above: Cemetery Sign picture: contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010)


1 Nov 2010 - pictures of sign and stone: CASSIDY contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010) linked to this index.

5 Nov 2010 - OBIT added

17 May 2014 - ROESER Family information contributed by Carrie O'NEILL on 13 May 2014 added to this index.




BAYNES, Mary FARRER-BAYNES EVANSON/20 Apr 1925-24 Dec 1975


BERNS, William/Father/1894-1964, ossw Leona.

BERNS, Leona/Mother/1895-19(uncut), ossw William.

BERNS, Elmer F./1901-1968, ossw Marjorie G.

BERNS, Marjorie G./1909-(no other dates), ossw Elmer F.

BERNS, Maurice/Son/1922-1937, next to T. G. D.

BERNS, T. G. D./(homemade marker-1977), next to Maurice.

BERNS, William/WISCONSIN/PFC CO D 160 DEPOT BRIGADE/WORLD WAR I/26 Oct 1894-23 Apr 1964, Service marker.

BEYER, Ray/Father/1904-(no other dates), ossw Augusta.

BEYER, Augusta/Mother/1908-1971, ossw Ray.

BHIRDO, George A./Father/1897-1968, ossw Hattie A.

BHIRDO, Hattie A./Mother/1909-(no other dates), ossw George A.

BUNDA, William A./1898-(no other dates), ossw Alma.

BUNDA, Alma/1900-1974, ossw William A.

BUNDA, Infants/of William & Alma BUNDA/(no names or dates).

BUTLER, Lyle E./5 Dec 1910-29 May 1974.

BYNUM, Marie ROESER BYNUM*/born 24 May 1921/died 14 Jun 1984.  *Source: Email on 13 May 2014 to PGS from Carrie O'NEILL: "I am Adolph and Julia ROESER's Great Grand Daughter...My grandmother Marie ROESER BYNUM was born May 24, 1921 and passed away June 14, 1984"

CASSIDY, James J./1886-1918, picture contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

CHAMPEAU, Victor/Father/1895-19(uncut), ossw Minnie.

CHAMPEAU, Minnie/Mother/1894-1958, ossw Victor.

CHRISTIANSON, Henry/1888-1962, ossw Beatrice.

CHRISTIANSON, Beatrice/1889-1971, ossw Henry.


DAUBNER, Joseph/Father/1883-1960, ossw Clara.

DAUBNER, Clara/Mother/1893-19(uncut), ossw Joseph, next to Thomas.

DAUBNER, Thomas/1911-1912, next to Joseph and Clara.

DAUBNER, Elmer/Father/1892-1975, ossw Emma.

DAUBNER, Emma/Mother/1893-1963, ossw Elmer, next to Joseph and Irene.

DAUBNER, Joseph/Father/1914-1962, ossw Irene.

DAUBNER, Irene/Mother/1913-(uncut), ossw Joseph, next Paula Jane.

DAUBNER, Paula Jane/Dau. of Lloyd & Helen DAUBNER/5 May 1962.

DAUBNER Family Plot with Family Stone and small stones.

DAUBNER, Wayne/Son/1937-1949, next to John.

DAUBNER, John/Son/1943, next to Delwin.

DAUBNER, Delwin/Son/1934-1936, next to Caroline.

DAUBNER, Caroline/Mother/1895-1930, near Aloysius.

DAUBNER, Aloysius/1890-1972, ossw Mayme.

DAUBNER, Mayme/1910-(no other dates), ossw Aloysius.

DAUBNER, George/1853-1941, ossw Amanda.

DAUBNER, Amanda/1853-1929, ossw George, next to Christopher.

DAUBNER, Christopher/1878-1948, ossw Annie.

DAUBNER, Annie/1886-1949, ossw Christopher.

DVORAK, Frank/Father/28 Jul 1894-14 Apr 1972, next to Marie.

DVORAK, Marie/Mother/10 May 1894-14 Dec 1967, next to Frank.

ECKERT, Donna M./Mother/1922-1964.

ELLENBECKER, J. Michael/1866-1924.

EVANSON, Milton M./1896-1974, ossw Marie B.

EVANSON, Marie B./(no dates), ossw Milton M., next to Randall Martin.

EVANSON, Randall Martin/(no dates), ossw Mary FARRER-BAYNES.

EVANSON, Mary FARRER-BAYNES/20 Apr 1925-24 Dec 1975, ossw Randall Martin.

FARRER-BAYNES, Mary FARRER-BAYNES EVANSON/20 Apr 1925-24 Dec 1975, ossw Randall Martin.


FITZGERALD, George M./Father/1883-1957.

FITZGERALD, George M./1883-1957.

FITZGERALD, Leona/21 Mar 1893-1 Nov 1949, ossw Joseph.

FITZGERALD, Joseph/20 Dec 1887-18 Apr 1968, ossw Leona.


HAMMERSMITH, Mathilda/Mother/1851-1936, ossw Nickolai.

HAMMERSMITH, Nickolai/Father/1850-1943, ossw Mathilda.

HAMMERSMITH, Richard/Father/1888-1960, ossw Agnes.

HAMMERSMITH, Agnes/Mother/1895-1965, ossw Richard.

HAMMERSMITH, Adolph/5 May 1877-11 Aug 1961, next to Charles.

HAMMERSMITH, Charles/WISCONSIN/PV. CO E INF REGT/22 Aug 1879-1 Jan 1967, Service marker.

HICKEY, C. Hugh*/b. 16 May 1925-d. 2 Nov 2010; *Source: OBITUARY-CASPERSON Funeral Home: C. Hugh HICKEY (16 May 1925-2 Nov 2010)-Memorial Service will be held in June of 2011-Interment will take place at St Rosalia's Catholic Cemetery in Sister Bay, WI-CASPERSOn Funeral Home.

HILANDER, Michael Joseph "Chip"/1970-1971, next to Harry S. and Ethel.

HILANDER, Harry S./Father/1921-1971, ossw Ethel.

HILANDER, Ethel/Mother/1924-(no other dates), ossw Harry S.

HUGENROTH, Joseph/Father/1861-1937, next to Joseph.

HUGENROTH, Joseph/1920, next to Clement.

HUGENROTH, Clement/1907-1951, next to Joseph.

HUGENROGH, Alphonse/1899-1973, metal marker.

JACOBSON, Theodore/1880-1958, ossw Agnes.

JACOBSON, Agnes/1879-1957, ossw Theodore.

JISCHKE, Martin/Father/1885-1964, ossw Mary.

JISCHKE, Mary/Mother/1887-19(uncut), ossw Martin.

JUNGWIRTH, Moritz/Born 2 Jul 1904-Died 11 Jul 1904, next to Infant.

JUNGWIRTH, Infant/ossw Catherine, Marie and James.

JUNGWIRTH, Catherine/Mother/1890-1951, ossw Infant, Marie and James.

JUNGWIRTH, Marie/Mother/1894-1914, ossw Infant, Catherine and James.

JUNGWIRTH, James/Father/1884-1963, ossw marie, next to Agnes C.

JUNGWIRTH, Agnes C./Born 15 Sep 1891-Died 20 Oct 1918, next to Joseph.

JUNGWIRTH, Joseph/Born 13 Jan 1855-Died 10 May 1927, ossw Maria and Agnes C.

JUNGWIRTH, Maria/His Wife/Born 2 Jul 1861-Died 5 Feb 1940, ossw Joseph and Agnes C.

JUNGWIRTH, Agnes C./Born 15 Sep 1891-Died 20 Oct 1918, ossw Joseph and Maria.

JUNGWIRTH, Hattie/1898-1948, ossw Alois.

JUNGWIRTH, Alois/1899-1973, ossw Hattie.

KENNY, Helen MAGNETTE KENNY/Mother/1917-1949, next to Andrew and Amanda MAGNETTE.


KERSCH, Nick/Born in Luxemburg German/1 Oct 1840-Died 1 Apr 1912.

KNUTSON, _?_ M./ _?_15-1967, funeral home marker missing letters and numbers-1977.

KODANKO, Edward/1928-1977, next to Jordan J.

KODANKO, Jordan J./1885-1951, next to Jacob.

KODANKO, Jacob/1879-1936, ossw Anna.

KODANKO, Anna/1886-1969, ossw Jacob.

KODANKO, Ludwig/Father/1852-1933, ossw Anna.

KODANKO, Anna/Mother/1852-1934, ossw Ludwig.

KODANKO, Charles/15 Aug 1898-10 Aug 1973.

KODANKO, Robert J./WISCONSIN/PFC 3613 SVC COMD UNIT/WORLD WAR II/6 Aug 1922-5 Jan 1963, Service marker.

KOESSL, Edward/1906-(no other dates), ossw Olive.

KOESSL, Olive/1910-(no other dates), ossw Edward.

KOESSL, Frances/Mother/1841-1918, ossw Ludwig.

KOESSL, Ludwig/Father/1837-1923, ossw Frances, next to Otto.

KOESSL, Otto/Born 9 Oct 1895-Died 17 Jun 1917, next to Joseph J.

KOESSL, Joseph J./1912-1938, next to Edward and Maria.

KOESSL, Edward/Father/1872-1953, ossw Maria.

KOESSL, Maria/Mother/1871-1961, ossw Edward.

KUST, George/1871-1945, ossw Dora.

KUST, Dora/1874-1952, ossw George.

KWATERSKI Family Plot (all matching stones).

KWATERSKI, Joseph G./Father/1899-19(uncut), ossw Ethel C.

KWATERSKI, Ethel C./Mother/1903-19(uncut), ossw Joseph G.

KWATERSKI, Ronald/Son of Mr. & Mrs. Florian KWATERSKI/1947, next to Pamela E.

KWATERSKI, Pamela E./1949-1953, next to Julie Ann.

KWATERSKI, Julie Ann/28 May 1951, next to Pamela E.

LAMB, Hulda F./25 Jun 1892-2 Jul 1959.

LARSON, Infants/of Harold & Audrey LARSON/(no dates).

LUTHER, Agnes/1907-1973.

MAGNETTE, Clement E./Born 7 Jul 1903-Died 9 Oct 1907, nexr Chas.

MAGNETTE, Chas./15 Jan 1863-12 Oct 1919, ossw Anna.

MAGNETTE, Anna/6 Jul 1867-2 Feb 1960, ossw Chas.

MAGNETTE, Helen MAGNETTE KENNY/Mother/1917-1949, next to Andrew and Amanda MAGNETTE.

MAGNETTE, Andrew/Father/1886-1968, ossw Amanda.

MAGNETTE, Amanda/Mother/1894-1947, ossw Andrew.


MONICA, William/Father/1883-1960, ossw Celestia.

MONICA, Celestia/Mother/1886-1958, ossw William.

NELSON, Frank G./1907-1969.

OLSON, William/Father/1916-(no other dates), ossw Cecilia, Robert, Ronald, Son and two Daughters.

OLSON, Cecilia/Mother/1918-1971, ossw William, Robert, Ronald, Son and two daughters.

OLSON, Robert/Son/1945-1965, ossw William, Cecilia, Ronald, Son and two daughters.

OLSON, _?_/Son/(no name)/1956, ossw William, Cecilia, Robert, Ronald and two daughters.

OLSON, _?_/Daughter/(no name)/1957, ossw William, Cecilia, Robert, Son and another daughter.

OLSON, Ronald/1950, ossw William, Cecilia, Robert, Son and two daughters.

OLSON, _?_/Daughter/(no name)/1954.

OSTRAN, Lloyd E./1913-1965, ossw Ella.

OSTRAN, Ella/1919-(no other dates), ossw Lloyd E., next to Robert John.

OSTRAN, Robert John/Son of Lloyd & Ella OSTRAN/1947-1957.

OVERBY, Nancy/Dau. of Harold & June OVERBY/21 Mar 1951-16 Feb 1969.

OVERBY, Tracey Marie/Dau. of Harold & June OVERBY/22 Aug 1959-28 Nov 1960.

POIRIER, Charles/1893-19(uncut), ossw Clarice.

POIRIER, Clarice/1895-1962, ossw Charles.

REILLY, Bernard REILLY/Died 11 Jun 1902/Aged 66 yrs.

RICHERT, Hulda/1870-1939.

ROESER, Matilda/Dau. of A. & L. ROESER/Died 26 Aug 1898/Aged 15 yrs. 18dys, next to Cecilia M.

ROESER, Cecilia M./Dau. of A. & L. ROESER/Died 6 Aug 1889/Aged 4 yrs. 3 mo's, next to Mary J.

ROESER, Mary J./Daughter of Andrew & Leonie ROESER/Born 24 Mar 1869-Died 1 Jan 1884, next to Andre and Leona.

ROESER, Andre/Father/1842-1915, ossw Leona.

ROESER, Leona/Mother/1847-1924, ossw Andre, next to Adolph and Julia.

ROESER, Adolph/1880-1966, ossw Julia.

ROESER, Julia/1888-19(uncut), ossw Adolph. Additional information submitted by Carrie O'NEILL on 13 May 2014 via e-mail:  "My Great Grandmother Julia ROESER passed away at my Grandmother's home in St. Petersburg, Florida on 26 January 1981."

ROESER, Marie ROESER BYNUM*/born 24 May 1921/died 14 Jun 1984.  *Source: Email on 13 May 2014 to PGS from Carrie O'NEILL: "I am Adolph and Julia ROESER's Great Grand Daughter...My grandmother Marie ROESER BYNUM was born May 24, 1921 and passed away June 14, 1984"

ROOT, Jennie/1891-1963, ossw Charles A.

ROOT, Charles A./1884-1974, ossw Jennie.

SMITH, Paul N./1892-1963, ossw Walburga.

SMITH, Walburga/1893-1973, ossw Paul N.

SMITH, Margaret M./Born 27 Feb 1907-Died 11 Jan 1911, next to Roy H.

SMITH, Roy H./Son of H. F. & M. A. SMITH/Born 21 May 1905-Died 6 May 1905.

SMITH, Mary/21 Jun 1952, (looked like baby grave-1977).

SPENCE, Margaret J./23 May 1901-28 Nov 1974.

STREGE, Darwin Dale/1956-1957, metal marker.

VIETH, Otto G./1891-1965, ossw Angeline.

VIETH, Angeline/1892-1976, ossw Otto G.

WALLER, Tobias/Born 1 Sep 1834-Died 9 Mar 1916, next to Mary Annie.

WALLER, Mary Annie/Wife of Wenzel WALLER/Born 12 Aug 1857-Died 2 Apr 1914, next to Louis.

WALLER, Louis/Born 6 Jun 1878-Died 3 Oct 1905.

WALWORTH, Vinton John*/d. 3 Feb 2010, Sister Bay, Door Co. WI; *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Sat. 5 Jun 2010: Vinton John WALWORTH, (93)-died in Sister Bay, Wis-Memorial Mass at Stella Maris Paris-Sister Bay 11 Jun 2010-Interment in St. Rosalia's Cemetery-CASPERSON Funeral Home.

WICKMAN, Leslie/1907-1964, ossw Dorothy.

WICKMAN, Dorothy/1911-(no other dates), ossw Leslie.




Indexed and typed by Sally TREICHEL  in 1977

    -Microfilmed in 35mm as part of the Door County Cemeteries/Tombstone Inscriptions in 1988 by Sue Hohneke for the Genealogical Society of Utah.  FHL US/CAN Film #1421896 Item 10   -available to interloan at your nearest Family History Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or to view at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    -Index as part of the Door County Cemeteries/Tombstone Inscriptions at the Laurie Room of the Door County Public Library in Sturgeon Bay, WI.





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