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* Sister Bay Moravian Cemetery *

INDEXES - 1977 & 2008 Photo Survey by Doug ARNDT & some OBITUARIES

updated 19 Dec 2012

* You will find the location of the Town of Liberty Grove-Sister Bay Moravian Cemetery on the Town of Liberty Grove-Maps Page *


Location: SW Corner SW1/4 SW1/4 Section 34, Liberty Grove Town. The corner of the Old Stagecoach Road and Hill Road, next to Sister Bay Moravian Church, 1 mile off of Highway 42 onto Hill Road. NOTE: on the plat map the Old Stagecoach Road is called Wildwood Road. Cemetery is maintained in good condition.


Copied 9 Jul 1977 by Judy SRNKA, Eileen SLABY and Beverly DIEFENBACH and typed by Sally TREICHEL-all of the WSOCS.


Retyped 9 Apr 2008 by Susan Hohneke for the PGS-dates converted to read: dd-mmm-yyyy for continuity on the PGS Website.


Doug ARNDT's Tombstone Project-2008 of pictures taken of the Sister Bay Moravian Cemetery has been linked to this Index.  We are grateful for his contribution to the PGS Website!


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18 Dec 2012-Carol FLETCHER corrected to read Carol instead of Carl thanks to email from John FLETCHER (18 Dec 2012)..


Above:  Sister Bay Moravian Church sign.  Below:  View of the Sister Bay Moravian Cemetery.



ACKERMANN, John/1918-1988, in ground metal marker, ossw Marion.

ACKERMANN, Marion/1917-1999, in ground metal marker, ossw John.

ANDERSON, Frank G./1862-1952, on ground stone, next to Eva and Andrew.

ANDERSON, Eva/1837-1928, on ground stone, ossw Andrew.

ANDERSON, Andrew/1830-1922, on ground stone, ossw Eva.

ANDERSON, Roy E./18 Mar 1903-25 Mar 1974, ossw Gladys M. and Dolores KULKOSKI.

ANDERSON, Gladys M./11 May 1911-5 Feb 2005, ossw Roy E. and Dolores KULKOSKI.

ANDERSON, Dolores ANDERSON KULKOSKI/23 Apr 1932-21 Jul 2000, ossw Roy E. and Gladys M. ANDERSON.

ANDERSON, Olive A./Dau. Of L. & M. ANDERSON/Born 26 Aug 1887-Died 9 Nov 1902, next to Amelia and Louis, 1977 Transcrip.

ANDERSON, Amelia/24 Jun 1850-6 Feb 1927, ossw Louis., 1977 Transcrip.

ANDERSON, Louis/16 Nov 1842-10 Feb 1913, ossw Amelia, next to Julius J., 1977 Transcrip.

ANDERSON, Julius J./1879-1918, 1977 Transcrip.

ANDERSON, Gilbert R./1901-1979, ossw Myrtle M.

ANDERSON, Myrtle M./1906-2006, ossw Gilbert R.

ANDERSON, Mark S./1957-1977.

ANDERSON, Marston G./30 Jan 1929-11 Feb 2002/m. 9 Sep 1950, ossw Dolores E. "Polly" and Laurie Sue.

ANDERSON, Dolores E. "Polly"/17 Apr 1930-3 Jan 2002/m. 9 Sep 1950, ossw Marston G. and Laurie Sue.

ANDERSON, Laurie Sue/28 Oct 1955-30 Aug 1996, ossw Marston G. and Dolores E. "Polly".

ANDERSON, Sadie C./14 Aug 1904-27 Feb 2000/MOTHER OF BEVERLY, JOAN AND GARY.

ANDERSON, Tami L./1961-2004, funeral marker: CASPERSON Service.


APPLE, _?_, Mrs./(no given name, no dates), in ground stone.

AREND, Clifford/1904-1966, ossw  Mildred.

AREND, Mildred/1906-1979, ossw Clifford.

AREND, Knut/1875-1967, on ground stone, ossw Mary.

AREND, Mary/1875-1961, on ground stone, ossw Knut.

ARENSON, Anna/1860-1928, ossw Victor.

ARENSON, Victor/1851-1947, ossw Anna.

ARENSON, Arthur/1888-1969.

ARENSON, Esther/1887-1955, on ground stone.

BAHLERT, Ginter/1875-1957, ossw May and Martha.

BAHLERT, May/1915-1917, ossw Ginter and Martha.

BAHLERT, Martha/1877-1955, ossw Ginter and May.

BELIN, Beth/20 Sep 1988 (no other dates), in ground stone.

BENSON, August/1889-1974, ossw Esther, 1977 Transcrip.

BENSON, Esther/1892-(uncut), ossw August, 1977 Transcrip.

BEYERS, Cerda S./Born in Suede/21 Jun 1872-Died 13 Feb 1923, next to Jesse, 1977 Transcrip.

BEYERS, Jesse/Son of/A.S. & H.S. BEYERS/Born 12 Sep 1878-Died 11 Aug 1903, next to Hannah S., 1977 Transcrip.

BEYERS, Hannah S./Wife of A.S. BEYERS/Born in Sweden 7 Apr 1848-Died 8 Aug 1906/Aged 58 yrs. 4 mos. 1 day, next to Andrew S., 1977 Transcrip.

BEYERS, Andrew S./Born 5 Jan 1850-Died 3 Oct 1925, next to Hannah S., 1977 Transcrip.

BRODD, Charles/1863-1932, on ground stone, ossw Louise.

BRODD, Louise/1863-1932, on ground stone, ossw Charles.

BRUSETH, Tillie/1876-1909, ossw Ole.

BRUSETH, Ole/1856-1925, ossw Tillie.

BRUSETH, Clarence/(no dates), in ground stone.

BRUSETH, Engebrite/1858-1929, in ground stone.

BRUSETH, John/(no dates), in ground stone.

BRUSSETH, Herbert/WISCONSIN/PFC 25 FIELD ARTY 9 DIV/WORLD WAR 1/17 Jan 1895-4 Nov 1949, on ground stone Service marker.

BUECHI, Hans Jakob/1933-2003, ossw Baby and Heike Doris.

BUECHI, Heike Doris/1941-(no other dates), ossw Hans Jakob and Baby.

BUECHI, Baby/1969 (no other dates), ossw Hans Jakob and Heike Doris.

CARLSON, Erneld/Died 29 Nov 1899/Aged 9 mo’s 18 dy’s, ossw Hedda V.

CARLSON, Hedda V./Wife of/Gust. A. CARLSON/Died 24 Aug 1899/Aged 39 years, ossw Erneld. 

CARLSON, Hedda V./(no dates), in ground footstone.

CHARNEY, Frank/1842-1935, ossw Winnie.

CHARNEY, Winnie/1841-1941, ossw Frank.

CHARNEY, Thomas/1900-1980, ossw Louise.

CHARNEY, Louise/1898-1957, ossw Thomas, next to Gertrude.

CHARNEY, Gertrude/22 Jan 1893-19 Feb 1976, next to Annie and Joseph.

CHARNEY, Annie/Mother/1873-1955, ossw Joseph.

CHARNEY, Joseph/Father/1870-1955, ossw Annie.

CHARNEY, Frank/1 Dec 1908-9 Sep 2002, ossw Esther.

CHARNEY, Esther/26 Apr 1915-6 Oct 1999, ossw Frank.

CHRISTENSEN, Harry W./WISCONSIN/PVT CAS DET 987 DEMOB GP/WORLD WAR I/19 Nov 1891-21 Jun 1956, Service marker, 1977 Transcrip.

CHRISTENSEN, Peter K./1860-1908, next to Christien PETERSON CHRISTENSEN, 1977 Transcrip.

CHRISTENSEN, Christien PETERSON/1867-1957-1977 Transcrip.

CHRISTENSEN, Marion/(no dates), in ground stone.

CHRISTIANSON, Peter/16 Jan 1843-28 Apr 1912.

CLAUSEN, Laurence/25 Dec 1915-16 Mar 1990, ossw Estella.

CLAUSEN, Estella/29 Aug 1918-(no other dates), ossw Laurence.

COLLINS, Laura M./31 Jan 1902-21 Jan 1995.

DUKE, Marian I. MICKELSON DUKE/1915-1963, ossw James R.  Also, Stone replaced: DUKE, Marian I. MICKELSON DUKE/Mother/Wife of/James R. DUKE/1915-1963, 1977 Transcrip.

DUKE, James R./1918-1994, ossw Marian I. MICKELSON.


ERICKSON, Lucille PEMBERTON/18 Oct 1912-23 Jun 2004.


EVANSON, Alfred/1880-1961, ossw Ogot, 1977 Trancrip.

EVANSON, Ogot/1889-1972, ossw Alfred, 1977 Transcrip.

EVENSON, Agnes/1887-1973, ossw Nels.

EVENSON, Nels/1888-1973, ossw Agnes, next to Carroll C.

EVENSON, Carroll C./WISCONSIN/PFC 8139 SERVICE DET TC/WORLD WAR II/21 Feb 1928-11 Oct 1949, In ground stone Service marker.

EVENSON, Muriel/1906-1986, ossw Matt.

EVENSON, Matt/1885-1975, ossw Muriel, next to Martha.

EVENSON, Martha/1851-1921, next to Matt, 1977 Transcrip.

EVENSON, John/1844-1942, 1977 Transcrip.

EVENSON, Even/1875-1956, 1977 Transcrip.

EVENSON, Joseph/1881-1977, 1977 Transcrip.

EVENSON, Anna/1893-1972, next to Nettie, 1977 Transcrip.

EVENSON, Nettie/1883-1968, next to Thea, 1977 Transcrip.

EVENSON, Thea/1891-1954, next to Elise HELMICK EVENSON, 1977 Transcrip.

EVENSON, Elise HELMICK/1886-1928, next to Julia and Daniel, 1977 Transcrip.

EVENSON, Julia/1882-1974, ossw Daniel.

EVENSON, Daniel/1878-1931, ossw Julia.

EVENSON, Infants/(no names, no dates), in ground stone.

EVENSON, Corrine EVENSON SITTE/1928-2002, ossw Glenn SITTE.


FAIRCHILD, Doris Joy FAIRCHILD PETERSON/22 Sep 1923-7 Nov 1999, ossw Charles Clinton, Rev., PETERSON.


FERRY, Clyde A./1917-2001, in ground stone, ossw Barbara M.   Also, In ground service marker:  FERRY, Clyde A./CAPT US ARMY AIR FORCES/US AIR FORCE/WORLD WAR II  KOREA/19 Aug 1917-6 Dec 2001.

FERRY, Barbara M./1919-(no other dates), in ground stone, ossw Clyde A.

FLETCHER, Carol P./1911-2005, in ground stone.-correction to Carol instead of Carl by John FLETCHER via email (18 Dec 2012).

FLETCHER, Maxwell K., Jr./1911-1986, in ground stone.

FLETCHER, M. KEYES III/1934-1993, in ground stone.


FRANK, Donald/16 Jun 1928-26 Dec 1990, ossw Carolyn.

FRANK, Carolyn/12 Oct 1956-(no other dates), ossw Donald.

FRANZEN, J. Albin/1878-1949, on ground stone, next to Emma.

FRANZEN, Emma/1885-1956, on ground stone, next to Elizabeth ROSENGREN FRANZEN.

FRANZEN, Elizabeth FRANZEN ROSENGREN/1852-1936, on ground stone, FRANZEN Family Plot, next to Magnus ROSENGREEN.


GUSTAFSON Plot-GUSTAFSON Stone with footstones: Arlene A. and Warren.

GUSTAFSON, Arlene A./1932-1992, in ground stone, ossw Warren.

GUSTAFSON, Warren/1930-(no other dates), in ground stone, ossw Arlene A.

HANSON, Algot/1883-1954, on ground stone, next to Selma B.

HANSON, Selma B./1887-1964, on ground stone, next to Lawrence.

HANSON, Lawrence/1916-1960, on ground stone, next to Adolph.

HANSON, Adolph/Born 10 Oct 1877-Died 5 Nov 1903.

HANSON, Margaret/1927 (no other dates), in ground stone.

HANSON, Hans/1920 (no other dates), in ground stone.

HARKE, Lois M./1924-(no other dates), ossw Albert F.

HARKE, Albert F./1921-2003, ossw Lois M.

HAWKEY, Winnie/1873-1956, on ground stone, ossw Herman.

HAWKEY, Herman/1867-1941, on ground stone, ossw Winnie.


HILANDER, Gotfred/1880-1945, ossw Alma.

HILANDER, Alma/1881-1930, ossw Gotfred.

HILANDER, Charles A./1882-1939, ossw Hilma O.

HILANDER, Hilma O./1883-1952, ossw Charles A.

HILANDER, Elmer/Father (1977 Transcrip.-new stone?)/8 Jan 1885-27 Feb 1953, ossw Annie.  Also, Close-up: HILANDER, Elmer.

HILANDER, Annie/Mother (1977 Trancrip.-new stone?)/20 Jan 1887-8 May 1971, ossw Elmer, next to Julie & Timothy.  And, Close-up: HILANDER, Annie.

HILANDER, Julie/Infant Twins of James & Doretta HILANDER/6 Dec 1965, in ground stone, ossw Timothy, next to Lloyd E.

HILANDER, Timothy/Infant Twins of James & Doretta HILANDER/6 Dec 1965, in ground stone, ossw Julie, next to Lloyd E.

HILANDER, Lloyd E./Son(-1977 Transcrip.)/1907-1931.

HILANDER, Edward W./1909-1988.

HOLLAND, John D./13 Jul 1928-(no other dates), ossw Betty M.

HOLLAND, Betty M./11 May 1928-(no other dates), ossw John D.

HUSBY, Martin/1886-1946,ossw Emma.

HUSBY, Emma/1882-1973, ossw Martin, near Peter and Ragnhild.

HUSBY, Peter/Father/1857-1938, ossw Ragnhild.

HUSBY, Ragnhild/Mother/1862-1941, ossw Peter.

JENSON, Anna Marie NORD JENSON PEDERSON/Born 25 Oct 1845-Died 3 Jul 1902, next to Frederick PEDERSON.


JOHNSON, Axel/1889-1971, ossw Mary.

JOHNSON, Mary/1893-1962, ossw Axel, next to Winfield D.

JOHNSON, Winfield D./WISCONSIN/CPL 122 ARMD ORD MAINT BN/12 Jul 1932-17 Sep 1955, on ground stone Service marker, next to Curtis A.

JOHNSON, Curtis A./WISCONSIN/PFC 457 ABN FA BN/11 ABN DIV ARTY/10 Mar 1929-29 Jan 1952, on ground stone Service marker.

JOHNSON, Anna K./1833-1920, ossw Emil A.

JOHNSON, Emil A./1839-1918, ossw Anna K.

JOHNSON, Donald S./30 Mar 1926-(no other dates), ossw Jo Ann.

JOHNSON, Jo Ann/22 Oct 1931-30 Jul 1993, ossw Donald S.

JOHNSON, Werner/1909-1998, ossw Edna and Donna THORP.

JOHNSON, Edna/1909-1999, ossw Werner and Donna THORP.

JOHNSON, Donna JOHNSON THORP/1935-2003, ossw Werner and Edna JOHNSON.

JOHNSON, Irene E. JOHNSON SCHIPPNICK/3 Jan 1919-5 Jan 2003, on ground stone.



KALMS, Walter W./12 Mar 1919-16 Mar 1991, ossw Elaine.

KALMS, Elaine/29 Sep 1921-(no other dates), ossw Walter W.

KELLSTROM, James K./1942-1969.

KELLSTROM, Kenneth/14 Jul 1961-4 Oct 2000/GOD LOVES YOU.



KNUDSON, Infant/(no names or dates), in ground stone.

KNUDSON, _?_/Mrs. Martin KNUDSON/(no dates), in ground stone.

KNUTSON, Margaret/Born 22 Nov 1862-Died 28 Jul 1916, in ground stone, next to Manfield.

KNUTSON, Manfield/1900-1936, in ground stone, next to Andrew.

KNUTSON, Andrew/Father/1860-1941, in ground stone, next to Manfield.

KNUTSON, Amelia/1893-1922, on ground stone.

KNUTSON, Lloyd/1916-1921, next to Isabell.

KNUTSON, Isabell/1886-1965, ossw William.

KNUTSON, William/1884-1963, ossw Isabell.

KNUTSON, Tena/1889-1930, next to Alfred.

KNUTSON, Alfred/1877-1962, next to  Tena.

KNUTSON, Leonard A./CO M 28 INF 1st DIV/Born 2 Oct 1895-Died 18 Jul 1918, Service marker.

KNUTSON, Hattie/Mother/1868-1942, in ground stone.

KNUTSON, Adeline/1927-1992.

KNUTSON, Allen/20 Mar 1916-22 Jan 1997, ossw Cora.

KNUTSON, Cora/9 Nov 1925-16 Apr 1988, ossw Allen.

KNUTSON, Melvin L./28 Feb 1898-6 Sep 1977.

KOEHLER, Emery/20 Sep 1929-(no other dates)/m. 7 Jul 1927, ossw June.

KOEHLER, June/3 Jun 1927-(no other dates)/m. 7 Jul 1927, ossw Emery.

KOSTKA, Richard/13 May 1929-(no other dates), ossw Lucille.

KOSTKA, Lucille/20 Jul 1929-(no other dates), ossw Richard.

KROENING, Paul Merritt, M.D/8 Apr 1932-(no other dates), ossw Beverly Faye TENPAS.

KROENING, Beverly Faye TENPAS/13 Jul 1934-(no other dates), ossw Paul Merritt, M.D.



LARSON, Maren/1850-1927, on ground stone, ossw Lars.

LARSON, Lars/1850-1918, on ground stone, ossw Maren.

LARSON, Jeryl/1834-1970, ossw Glen.

LARSON, Glen/1925-2000, ossw Jeryl.

LARSON, Lisa Marie/29 Jun 1955-21 May 1958/Matt. 5:8, in ground stone, next to Walter L.

LARSON, Walter L./WISCONSIN/CPL 160 DEPOT BRIGADE/WORLD WAR I/8 Jun 1890-12 May 1961, In ground Service marker.

LARSON, Reinhart/1871-1941, next to Lena.

LARSON, Lena/1876-1970, next to Helen.

LARSON, Helen/1910-1922, next to Lena.

LARSON, Ella LARSON NELSON/1884-1916/Married 31 Aug 1910.

LARSON, Ludwig/1874-1944, next to Lydia.

LARSON, Lydia/1875-1942.

LARSON, Kenneth E./1915-1968, ossw Eleanore L.

LARSON, Eleanore L./1916-1982, ossw Kenneth E.

LARSON, George H./1900-1987, ossw Della C.

LARSON, Della C./1900-1995, ossw George H.

LARSON, Otto/1885-1948, in ground stone.


LIND, Clarence/1912-2005, ossw Louise.

LIND, Louise/1917-1980, ossw Clarence.

LINDEN, Gayle Alice/12 Dec 1938-2 Apr 1939, ossw Robert James.

LINDEN, Robert James/6 Aug 1946-22 Dec 1946, ossw Gayle Alice.

LINDEN, Selma/Mother/1871-1966, ossw Peter A.

LINDEN, Peter A./Father/1870-1958, ossw Selma, next to Nora M. and A. Richard.

LINDEN, Nora M./1883-1947, ossw A. Richard.

LINDEN, A. Richard/1897-1947, ossw Nora M.

LINDEN, Chester J./Father/1908-1994/m. 25 Feb 1932, ossw Helen M.

LINDEN, Helen M./Mother/1912-1993/m. 25 Feb 1932, ossw Chester J.

LOVISA, Lovisa/1826-1901, name could be just a given name but is included here just in case.

LUNDQUIST, John/11 May 1869-29 Jan 1954, ossw Amanda.

LUNDQUIST, Amanda/12 Aug 1878-2 Apr 1940, ossw John.

LUNDQUIST, Elsie/10 Sep 1910-8 Mar 1991, ossw Russell.

LUNDQUIST, Russell/24 Jan 1905-13 Jan 1980, ossw Elsie.

LUNDQUIST, Glen R./9 Oct 1927-9 Jan 1994.

LUNDQUIST, Quinten E./1910-2001/BE OF GOOD CHEER, ossw Alvina D.

LUNDQUIST, Alvina D.1918-1989/BE OF GOOD CHEER, ossw Quinten E.

McILREE, Roger A./1928-1998, ossw Mildred L. and Richard J.

McILREE, Mildred L./1929-1991, ossw Roger A. and Richard J.

McILREE, Richard J./1960-1978, ossw Roger A. and Mildred L.

MICKELSON, Albin/1887-1972, on ground stone, ossw Pearl.

MICKELSON, Pearl/1895-1954, on ground stone, ossw Albin.

MICKELSON, Alice/1918-1919, in ground stone, next to John.

MICKELSON, John/1883-1919, in ground stone, next to Alice.

MICKELSON, Lars/1850-1911, ossw Ida C.

MICKELSON, Ida C./1861-1949, ossw Lars.

MICKELSON, Marion I. MICKELSON DUKE/1915-1963, ossw James R. DUKE.  Also, MICKELSON, Marian I./Mother/Wife of/James R. DUKE/1915-1963, stone replaced, 1977 Transcrip.

MICKELSON, Anna/1885-1982.

MICKELSON, Grace/4 Oct 1912 (no other dates).

MICKELSON, Julia T./1890-1979, ossw Arthur H.

MICKELSON, Arthur H./1889-1983, ossw Julia T.

MICKELSON, Wesley A./1917-(no other dates), ossw Berniece H.

MICKELSON, Berniece H./1922-(28 Mar 2010*), ossw Wesley A. *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Wed. 31 Mar 2010:

Berniece H. MICKELSON, 87, Waconia, formerly of Madison, Wis., passed away on Sunday-Survived by son and daughter-in-law, Myron and Jodi MICKELSON; daughter and son-in-law, Norma and Larry CHRISTIANSON; five grandchildren, two great-grandsons-Funeral service Sat. 3 Apr 2010 Sister Bay Moravian Church, 10924 Old Stage Road-Interment Sister Bay Moravian Cemetery-JOHNSON Funeral Home

MICKELSON, Winfield/1923-1924, on ground stone.


MOEGENBURG, Carl/1915-1998, on ground stone, ossw Margaret.

MOEGENBURG, Margaret/1917-(no other dates), on ground stone, ossw Carl.

MOLLOY, Cindy Claryce nee HOLLADAY/25 Feb 1957-(no other dates), ossw Russell Allen.

MOLLOY, Russell Alan/29 Jan 1927-(no other dates), ossw Cindy Claryce nee HOLLADAY.

NELSON, Marie/1922-1923, in ground stone.

NELSON, Elsie/1890-1961, ossw Samuel.

NELSON, Samuel/1879-1955, ossw Elsie, next to Herbert.

NELSON, Herbert/Son of Isaac & Hannah NELSON/Born 21 Apr 1893-Died 10 Aug 1903, next to Edward.

NELSON Family Plot, NELSON Family Stone and Hanna footstone.  And, NELSON Family Plot, NELSON Family Stone and Isaac O. footstone.

NELSON, Edward/1883-1923, in ground stone, no surname, NELSON Family Plot, next to Isaac O.

NELSON, Isaac O./1848-1928, no surname, in ground footstone, NELSON Family Plot, next to Hanna.

NELSON, Hanna/1857-1930, in ground footstone, no surname, NELSON Family Plot, next to Isaac O.

NELSON, Oscar P./1887-1966, on ground stone, ossw Alma.

NELSON, Alma/1888-1967, on ground stone, ossw Oscar P.

NELSON, Ella LARSON NELSON/1884-1916/Married 31 Aug 1910.

NELSON, Delia A. NELSON PETERSON/5 Jun 1890-19 Jul 1946, in ground metal marker, next to Eric R. and Gertrude PETERSON.

NELSON, Helen/1921-1927, in ground stone.



NORD, Anna Marie NORD JENSON PEDERSON/Born 25 Oct 1845-Died 3 Jul 1902, next to Frederick PEDERSON.



NORDEEN, Ethel E./1910-1991, ossw Walter E.

NORDEEN, Walter E.1904-1983, ossw Ethel E.

OLDS, Stanley T./1913-1998, ossw Jane W.

OLDS, Jane W./1920-(no other dates), ossw Stanley T.

OLSON, August/1880-1955, next to Jennie.

OLSON, Jennie/1879-1940, next to Benhard.

OLSON, Bernhard/1912-1935, next to Jennie.

OLSON, Raligha/1903-1915, on ground stone, ossw Eldie.

OLSON, Eldie/1905-1906, on ground stone, ossw Raligha, next to Charles and Eliza.

OLSON, Charles/1877-1934, on ground stone, ossw Eliza.

OLSON, Eliza/1879-1966, on ground stone, ossw Charles.

OLSON, John/Born 12 Sep 1837-Died 1 Jun 1905.

OLSON, Ruth/1891-1952.

OLSON, Albert/1865-1935, in ground stone.

OLSON, Edward G./1880-1938, on ground stone.

OLSON, Lloyd/1914-1936, in ground stone.

OLSON, Minnie/1885-1923, in ground stone.

OLSON, _?_/(no dates)/Mrs. John OLSON, in ground stone.

OSTRAN, Edwin L./1880-1926, next to Ceyln T.

OSTRAN, Ceyln T./1922-1924, next to Edwin L.

OSTRAN, Norman/1909-1958, ossw Esther.

OSTRAN, Esther/1919-(uncut), ossw Norman.

PEDERSON, Anna Marie NORD JENSON/Born 25 Oct 1845-Died 3 Jul 1902, next to Frederick.

PEDERSON, Frederick/Born 14 Dec 1849-Died 20 Dec 1904/age 55 yrs. 6 ds., difficult to read-2008, next to Anna Marie NORD JENSON.

PEDERSON, A. P./(no dates), in ground stone.



PEMBERTON, Stanley/1908-1962/Husband.

PEMBERTON, Lucille PEMBERTON ERICKSON/18 Oct 1912-23 Jun 2004.


PERONTO, Ella/1899-1995, LARSON Family Plot.

PETERSON, Louis/1850-1921, in ground stone.

PETERSON, Mathilda/Born 2 Nov 1847-Died 18 Jul 1912, next to Lawrence.

PETERSON, Lawrence/Born 30 Aug 1891-Died 9 Mar 1915, next to Mathilda.

PETERSON, Elda F./14 Feb 1901-17 Feb 1928, in ground metal marker, next to Delia A. NELSON.

PETERSON, Delia A. NELSON/5 Jun 1890-19 Jul 1946, in ground metal marker, next to Eric R. and Gertrude PETERSON.

PETERSON, Eric R./1900-1965, on ground stone, ossw Gertrude.

PETERSON, Gertrude/1903-(uncut), on ground stone, ossw Eric R.

PETERSON, Charles Clinton, Rev./27 Sep 1921-19 Apr 1995, ossw Doris Joy FAIRCHILD.

PETERSON, Doris Joy FAIRCHILD PETERSON/22 Sep 1923-7 Nov 1999, ossw Charles Clinton, Rev.

PETERSON, Richard/1928-1988, on ground stone.




RAY, Jason Donald/Son of Don & Kathy RAY/1970, in ground stone.

REINHARD, Glenna/7 Feb 1910-16 Oct 1993, ossw Lawrence.

REINHARD, Lawrence/13 Mar 1907-23 Oct 1981, ossw Glenna.

RIDDLE, Donald Wayne/1894-1968, on ground stone, ossw Ruth S.

RIDDLE, Ruth S./1897-1993, on ground stone, ossw Donald Wayne.

ROSENGREEN, Magnus/Father/Born 2 Nov 1841-Died 24 Feb 1907, FRANZEN Family Plot, next to Elizabeth ROSENGREN.

ROSENGREN, Elizabeth FRANZEN ROSENGREN/1852-1936, on ground stone, FRANZEN Family Plot, next to Magnus ROSENGREEN.





SCHIPPNICK, Irene E. JOHNSON/3 Jan 1919-5 Jan 2003, on ground stone.


SIMPSON, Arthur R./8 Sep 1913-22 Oct 1996, on ground stone, ossw Mary H.

SIMPSON, Mary H./16 Feb 1916-(no other dates), on ground stone, ossw Arthur R.

SITTE, Corrine EVENSON/1928-2002, ossw Glenn.

SITTE, Glenn/1926-(no other dates), ossw Corrine EVENSON.


SPITTLEMEISTER, Eileen/1930-(no other dates), ossw Leo.

SPITTLEMEISTER, Leo/1926-(no other dates), ossw Eileen.

STEPHAN, Armand H./Husband of Juanita/25 Dec 1904-17 Oct 2002.

STEPHAN, Juanita/Wife of Armand/28 Oct 1911-22 Sep 2005.

SUNSTROM, Willard A./1920-(no other dates), ossw Bernice.

SUNSTROM, Bernice/1925-(no other dates), ossw Willard A.

SWITLIK, Ethel/20 Mar 1914-5 Jul 1973, ossw George.

SWITLIK, George/16 Mar 1904-27 Jan 1978, ossw Ethel.

TEMPLE, Mabel/(no dates), in ground stone.

TENPAS, Beverly Faye TENPAS KROENING/13 Jul 1934-(no other dates), ossw Paul Merritt, M.D.

TENPAS, Harvey G./26 Sep 1902-20 Oct 1989, on ground stone, ossw Mildred S.

TENPAS, Mildred S./2 Feb 1905-7 Nov 1991, on ground stone, ossw Harvey G.


TERHUNE, Dorothy M./1907-1982.

TERHUNE, Mary Virginia/1910-1997.

THORP, Donna JOHNSON THORP/1935-2003, ossw Werner and Edna JOHNSON.


TRUCKER,Christina/1883-1973, on ground stone, ossw John T.

TRUCKER, John T./1881-1962, on ground stone, ossw Christina.

WALGREN, Nels/Father/1861-1942, next to N. Edgar., 1977 Transcrip.

WALGREN, N. Edgar/Son/1902-1971, next to Nels, 1977 Transcrip.

WEHRLE, Charles T., Pastor/7 Jun 1929-25 Jul 1987, ossw Carol M.

WEHRLE, Carol M./4 Jun 1928-24 Jun 1991, ossw Charles T.

WIEGAND, Charles Lee/1945-1949, ossw Sylvia Kay.

WIEGAND, Sylvia Kay/1946-1949, ossw Charles Lee.




_?_, _?_/Grave with no marker, next to Lovisa-1977 transcrip.

_?_, Lovisa/1826-1901.






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