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* Liberty Grove Cemetery/Ellison Bay Town Cemetery *

INDEX - 1977 & 2004-2008 Doug ARNDT's Photo Survey

updated 21 Dec 2009

* You will find the location of the Town of Liberty Grove-Ellison Bay Town Cemetery on the Town of Liberty Grove Maps Page. *


LOCATION:  Section 14, Town of Liberty Grove.  On Mink River Road about 0.2 miles from the Village of Ellison Bay, South side of the road.  Maintained in good condition.


Copied 9 Jul 1977 by Judy SRNKA, Eileen SLABY and Beverly DIEFENBACH and typed by Sally TREICHEL all of the W.S.O.C.S.


Retyped for the PGS Website on 20-21 Oct 2009 by Sue HOHNEKE.  Dates have been changed/revised to read: dd-mmm-yyyy for uniformity on this website.


Doug ARNDT has taken pictures of the stones in this cemetery from 2004-2008.  Those digital images are now linked to this 1977 index, updating it to 2004-2008.  Our thanks to Doug for sharing them with us for those researching their families in the Town of Liberty Grove.


If you have any additions/corrections or if you have any pictures you would like to contribute to this cemetery, please contact the PGS at .


22-27 Oct 2009 -all the 1977 index in now on the Webpage. 

5 Nov 2009 - Added Contribution of Anna ANDERSON's new stone replaced by her family in 2009 sent to us by e-mail from Nancy ANDERSON-5 Nov 2009.

7 Nov 2009 -Doug Arndt's pictures are now all linked to this index.


Above:  North side of Liberty Grove Cem.-Ellison Bay.


Above:  LEFT: View of South-East Corner of Liberty Grove Cem.-Ellison Bay - RIGHT: View of South-West Corner of Liberty Grove Cem.-Ellison Bay.


ALBERTSON, Ida H./30 May 1893-11 Sep 1956, on ground stone, ossw Soren A.

ALBERTSON, Soren A./18 Feb 1884-17 Apr 1955, on ground stone, ossw Ida H.

ALLGAIER, Frank/1906-1973, ossw Ida.

ALLGAIER, Ida/1911-1997, ossw Frank.

ALMAN, Robert L./CAPT US ARMY AIR CORPS/WORLD WAR II/28 Oct 1923-20 Feb 1997, on ground stone, ossw Alan F.

ALMAN, Alan F./13 Aug 1954-22 Apr 1990, on ground stone, ossw Robert L.

ANDERSON, Oscar M./Father/11 Jul 1892-2 Feb 1963.

ANDERSON, August/1869-1934, next to Anna.

ANDERSON, Anna/Wife of Aug./13 Dec 1880-Died 23 Feb 1914-(old stone-replaced 2009 by family-Nancy ANDERSON).  Also, new stone replaced 2009 by family:  ANDERSON, Anna/1880-1914, on ground stone, picture contributed by Nancy ANDERSON-5 Nov 2009.

ANDERSON, Gunnar/8 Mar 1917-12 Mar 1953, next to Gordon W.

ANDERSON, Gordon W./WISCONSIN/PFC CO L 4 INFANTRY/19 Aug 1931-19 Dec 1963, In ground Service marker, next to Emil C.. and Gerda.

ANDERSON, Emil C./1888-1974, on ground stone, ossw Gerda.

ANDERSON, Gerda/1894-1968, on ground stone, ossw Emil C.

ANDERSON, Clyde A./1927-1986, ossw Bernice F.    Also, In ground Service marker:  ANDERSON, Clyde A./PFC US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/19 Nov 1927-19 Mar 1986.

ANDERSON, Bernice F./1930-1999, ossw Clyde A.

ANDERSON, Mae F./1912-1978, on ground stone.

ANDERSON, Patricia A./10 Mar 1935-5 Aug 1995.

AXELSON, Jack R./28 Feb 1928-(no other dates)/LORD GRANT US PEACE, ossw Carol N.

AXELSON, Carol N./2 Apr 1927-7 May 2005/LORD GRANT US PEACE, ossw Jack R.

BENSON, David A./1887-(no other dates), ossw Agusta W.

BENSON, Agusta W./1881-1968, ossw David A.

BERG, Ruddolph A./Died 14 Jan 1890/Aged 7 yrs. 6mos 5 ds.-1977 transcrip., difficult to read-2008.

BERGERSON, Kirstine/Mother/1851-1926, ossw Christian and John.

BERGERSON, Christian/Father/1848-1934, ossw Kirstine and John.

BERGERSON, John/Son/1884-1941, ossw Kirstine and Christian.

BEYER, Friedericka/Mutter/Frau. von Carl BEYER/Geb. 28 Apr. 1834-Gest. 1 Nov. 1905 (or 1895-from 2008 picture).

BIES, Edward P., Jr./9 Jul 1964-19 Jul 2002/LOVING HUSBAND, FATHER & FRIEND.

BODINE, Maria/1841-1929, next to John.

BODINE, John/1845-1919, next to Leonard.

BODINE, Leonard/1879-1915.

BRANDT, Albert A./WISCONSIN/PFC CO B 119 MG BN/WORLD WAR I/24 Nov 1888-8 Dec 1969, on ground Service Marker.

BRANDT, Albert E./LTJG US NAVY/WORLD WAR II/1925-1996, Service marker on stone.

BRANDT, Mary/1858-1951, Funeral home marker-CASPERSONS SERVICE.

CARLSON, Children of John and Anna CARLSON - Column Stone.

CARLSON, August/Children of John & Anna CARLSON/Died 11 Sep 1888/Aged 3 yrs. 3 ds, column stone, on same side as Jennie J., ossw Anna G., Hellen J., and Albert.

CARLSON, Jennie J./Children of John & Anna CARLSON/Died 27 Sep 1888/Aged 1 mo. 18 ds., column stone, on same side as August, ossw Anna G., Hellen J. and Albert.

CARLSON, Anna G./Children of John & Anna CARLSON/Died 5 Sep 1888/Aged 13 yrs. 1 mos. 2 dys-1977 transcript., column stone-difficult to read this side-2008, ossw August, Jennie J., Hellen J. and Albert.

CARLSON, Hellen J./Children of John & Anna CARLSON/Died 3 Sep 1888/Aged 8 yrs. 8 mos. 22 ds., column stone, ossw August, Jennie J., Anna G. and Albert.

CARLSON, Albert/Children of John & Anna CARLSON/Died 19 Sep 1888/Aged 6 yrs. 3 mos. 3 ds., column stone, ossw August, Jennie J., Anna G., and Hellen J.

CARLSON, Ida/Mother/1869-1954, ossw John-1977 transcrip.

CARLSON, John/Father/1861-1952, ossw Ida-1977 transcrip.

CARLSON, John/1832-1907, ossw Annie.

CARLSON, Annie/1848-1940, ossw John, next to Alex.

CARLSON, Alex/1877-1956, next to August.

CARLSON, August/1890-1973, ossw Marion.

CARLSON, Marion/1895-1984, ossw August.


CARLSON, Edgar ICKE/1915-1947, ossw Emily and William.

CARLSON, Emily/1879-1972, ossw Edgar ICKE and William.

CARLSON, William/1869-1950, ossw Edgar ICKE and Emily.

CARLSON, Theodore/1863-1926, on ground stone, next to Emma.

CARLSON, Emma/1870-1964, on ground stone, next to Theodore.

CARLSON, John/Father/1873-1948, next to Ada.

CARLSON, Ada/Mother/1877-1946, next to John.

CARLSON, Carl M./1897-1999, ossw Helen and John A.

CARLSON, Helen/1907-1987, ossw Carl M. and John A.

CARLSON, John A./1900-1992, ossw Carl M. and Helen.

CARLSON, Harry H./20 Aug 1925-3 Apr 1993, ossw Betty Lou.  Also, Service marker on back of stone:  CARLSON, Harry H./MM3 US NAVY/WORLD WAR II/20 Aug 1925-3 Apr 1993.

CARLSON, Betty Lou/25 Nov 1929-(no other dates), ossw Harry H.

CARLSON, Steven F./ADJ2 US NAVY/VIETNAM/2 Oct 1949-21 Feb 1997, on ground stone service marker.



CHASE, Charles/1879-1969, ossw Mabel.

CHASE, Mabel/1882-1968, ossw Charles.

COLLIS, Thomas Jr./SOCRATES OF NEWPORT/6 Mar 1904-18 Jul 1990.

CRAMER, Robert/1908-1979, ossw Renata "Pat".

CRAMER, Renata "Pat"/1911-1997, ossw Robert.

DALSEG, Geraldine M./25 Oct 1923-5 Aug 2002, ossw Anita H.

DALSEG, Anita H./9 Jun 1927-22 Jul 1998, ossw Geraldine M.

DELONG, Harry B./TEXAS/MSGT 701 TD BN/WORLD WAR II KOREA LM/30 Nov 1906-23 Aug 1971, in ground Service marker.

DESJARDIN, Marie N./30 Sep 1881-3 Jun 1974, ossw Theodore H.

DESJARDIN, Theodore H./13 Sep 1877-28 Apr 1965, ossw Marie N.


DISGARDEN, Nellie E./1893-1920, next to Arthur.

DISGARDEN, Arthur/Son of E.. & L. DISGARDEN/Died 22 Dec 1888/Aged 6 mos 5 dys, next to Maggie L.

DISGARDEN, Maggie L./Dau. of E. & L. DISGARDEN/Died 8 Sep 1890/Aged 21 dys-(given name on top of stone not visible in pic-2008).

DISGARDEN, Edmund/1849-1930, next to Lena.

DISGARDEN, Lena/1856-1934, next to Edmund.

DOLMAGE, Edith/1891-1967, in ground stone.

DYSTERUD, Oscar/1891-1984, ossw Millicent, John and Mary P.

DYSTERUD, Millicent/1891-1963, ossw Oscar, John and Mary P.

DYSTERUD, John/1923-1945, ossw Oscar, Millicent and Mary P.

DYSTERUD, Mary P.1920-2001, ossw Oscar, Millicent and John.

ELQUIST, Hulda/Mother/1875-1973, ossw Emil.

ELQUIST, Emil/Father/1868-1955, ossw Hulda.

ERICKSON, Hilder/1885-1969, on ground stone, ossw Gustie.

ERICKSON, Gustie/1891-1961, on ground stone, ossw Hilder.

ESKRIDGE, A. Wallace/1901-1967, ossw Dorothy M.

ESKRIDGE, Dorothy M./1907-1977, ossw A. Wallace.

EVANSON, Judith LAWRENCE-NEIL/(no dates), on ground stone.

EVANSON, Martin J./1875-1961, ossw Emma D.

EVANSON, Emma D./1875-1973, ossw Martin J.

EVANSON, Infant/Son of Mr. & Mrs. Martin EVANSON/(no dates)-1977 transcrip.

EVANSON, L. Edward/1873-1950, on ground stone, next to Eva. A.

EVANSON, Eva A./Mother/1889-1969, on ground stone, difficult to read due to lichen-2008.

EVANSON, Marvin Edward/SM3/US NAVY/WORLD WAR II/1923-1994, in ground service marker.



FAIRCHILD, Arlene/1921-1959, ossw Donald.

FAIRCHILD, Donald/1913-1984, ossw Arlene.  Also, Service marker on back of stone:  FAIRCHILD, Donald M./TEC4 US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/1913-1984.

FANDREI, Albert/19 Sep 1858-30 Apr 1908.

FANDREI, Anna/1862-1948.

FANDREI, Fred/16 Apr 1867-19 Jan 1938, next to Carl Frederick.

FANDREI, Carl Frederick/11 Apr 1882-23 Sep 1940.

FANDREI, Frank (R.-1977 transcrip.)/1907-1946, ossw Floy, next to Jule and Lucy.

FANDREI, Floy/1910-1998, ossw Frank.

FANDREI, Jule/Father/1874-1956, ossw Lucy.

FANDREI, Lucy/Mother/1885-1966, ossw Jule, next to George.

FANDREI, George/1913-1973, ossw Emma.

FANDREI, Emma/1918-1979, ossw George.

FANDREI, Ernest/1886-1959, next to George and Lilly.

FANDREI, George/Age 3 dys/Children of A. & A. FANDREI/(no dates), given name on top of stone, ossw Lilly.

FANDREI, Lilly/Age 1 mo. 3 ds/Children of A. & A. FANDREI/(no dates), ossw Lilly, next to Christian.

FANDREI, Christian/Father/Born 26 May 1827-Died 24 Sep 1909, (Father on top of stone-not visible in picture), next to Karoline.

FANDREI, Karoline/28 Feb 1835-11 Jul 1923.

FANDREI, Gustave/1888-1969, on ground stone, ossw Cecelia.

FANDREI, Cecelia/1895-1967, on ground stone, ossw Gustave, near Austin.

FANDREI, Austin/1916-1920, in ground stone, near Gustave and Cecelia.

FANDREI, Carroll C./1929-1992, ossw Natalie A., in ground stone.

FANDREI, Natalie A./1931-(no other dates), ossw Carroll C., in ground stone.

FANDREI, Mimi J./1896-1993

FANDREI, Theodore "Ted"/12 Dec 1928-(no other dates), ossw Judith "Judy".

FANDREI, Judith "Judy"/12 Aug 1933-28 Jan 2005, ossw Theodore "Ted".

FERRON, Luella/1916-1936, in ground stone.

FISHER, Robert "Bob"/1911-1966, ossw Ruth.

FISHER, Ruth/1910-1994, ossw Robert "Bob".


FREDIN, Gordon W./SGT US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/23 May 1914-3 Jul 1981, in ground service marker.

FROMM, Olaf A./8 Aug 1907-1 Jun 1993.

GENAME, Augusta B./Mother/1857-1914, next to Albert A. and Walter F.

GENAME Family Plot-Albert A., Walter F. and Hattie M.

GENAME, Albert A./Died 16 Sep 1899/Aged 22 yrs 15 dys, ossw Walter F. and Hattie M.

GENAME, Walter F./Died 12 Nov 1888/Aged 3 yrs. 3 mos 24 dys, ossw Hattie M. and Albert A.

GENAME, Hattie M./Died 9 Apr 1890/Aged 7 yrs 3 mos., difficult to read-below Walter F., ossw Walter F. and Albert A.

GENAME, Kenneth/1908-1977/Mason, ossw Lucille.

GENAME, Lucille/1910-2000/Eastern Star, ossw Kenneth, near William H.

GENAME, William H./Son/1942-1960, next to Everett B.

GENAME, Everett B./Father/1905-1951, ossw Mena, next to William H.

GENAME, Mena/1910-2004, ossw Everett B.

GENAME, Lydia V./Mother/25 Jul 1882-6 Feb 1953, next to Henry W.

GENAME, Henry W./Father/21 Dec 1875-23 May 1942, ossw Erma.

GENAME, Erma/1911-1914, ossw Henry W.

GENAME, Harold C./1900-1978, ossw Susan E.

GENAME, Susan E./1904-1984, ossw Harold C.

GENAME, Howard/16 Nov 1916-15 Jun 1978, ossw Ruth.  Also, In Ground Service marker:  GENAME, Howard R./PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/1916-1978.

GENAME, Ruth/2 Apr 1919-23 Jan 1997, ossw Howard.

GENAME, Timothy/29 Apr 1947-27 Oct 1999, ossw Maria.

GENAME, Maria/(no dates), ossw Timothy.

GERDMAN, Claudia J. GERDMAN LUEBKE/8 Feb 1951, LUEBKE Family Plot, ossw Arden D. LUEBKE & Alvin G. HANSON.


GROGAN, Robert H./19 Dec 1910-28 Oct 1981, ossw Marie M.

GROGAN, Marie M./20 Jan 1911-25 Jan 1996, ossw Robert H.

HANSEN, Murrel L./26 May 1918-7 Nov 1985, ossw Darlene.

HANSEN, Darlene/3 Apr 1924-(no other dates), ossw Murrel L.

HANSON, Sam O./3 Aug 1872-15 Dec 1942, on ground stone, next to Hilda M.

HANSON, Hilda M./Born 30 May 1886-Died 30 Oct 1914, column stone, next to Arnold E.

HANSON, Arnold E./Born 30 Oct 1905-Died 4 May 1921, in ground stone, next to Clifford.

HANSON, Clifford S./Born 21 Mar 1904-Died 8 Apr 1922, in ground stone, next to Arnold E.

HANSON, Alvin G. HANSON LUEBKE/27 May 1913 (no other dates), LUEBKE Family plot, ossw Arden D. LUEBKE and Claudia GERDMAN.

HANSON, Albert A./1880-1959, ossw Gladys.

HANSON, Gladys/1890-1970, ossw Albert A.

HANSON Family Plot-Bernice and Earl G.

HANSON, Bernice/Mother/28 Sep 1909-26 Oct 1992, next to Earl G..

HANSON, Earl G./Father/8 Jul 1905-6 Aug 1976, next to Bernice.

HANSON, Floyd/(no dates)/IN MEMORY OF, on ground stone.


HARDY, Charles M./1890-1962, on ground stone, ossw Rosa H.

HARDY, Rosa H./1898-1989, on ground stone, ossw Charles M.

HAYNES, Jill Ann "Star"/12 Feb 1961-5 Jan 2005/WIFE, DAUGHTER, SISTER, MOM.

HERDINA, Joseph/Born 28 Sep 1881-Died 10 Jan 1912, next to Frank.

HERDINA, Frank/1871-1963, next to Veronica.

HERDINA, Veronica/Born 10 Jun 1836-Died 19 Aug 1916.

HESS, John R./26 Feb 1939-28 Jul 2004.

HORSKEY, Alphonso/1894-1966, ossw Alvina.

HORSKEY, Alvina/His wife (Alphonso)/1896-1989, ossw Alphonso.

HUNT, Rutherford B./Died 15 Sep 1898/Aged 21 yrs./10 mos. 10 dys.

ICKE, Edgar M./WISCONSIN/PVT CORPS OF MIL POLICE/WORLD WAR II/17 Mar 1915-5 Jul 1947, in ground Service marker.


IDDINGS, Glen/1891-1952, on ground stone.

JAGOBSON, Gustaf A. (Gustafa?)/Father/Born 24 May 1846-Died 1 Apr 1910, ossw Wilhelmina.  Also, JAGOBSON Family Column-Gustaf A. and Wilhelmina.

JAGOBSON, Wilhelmina/Mother/Born 9 Aug 1859-Died 24 Oct 1939, ossw Gustafa, next to Anna Marie.  Also, JAGOBSON Family Column-Gustaf A. and Wilhelmina.

JAGOBSON, Anna Marie/5 Sep 1922-30 Nov 1923, difficult to read-2008, JAGOBSON Family Plot, next to Gustafa and Wilhelmina.

JOHNS, Charles/1878-(date missing), funeral home marker-1977 transcrip.

JOHNSON, Carl E./1877-1961, on ground stone, ossw Annie C.

JOHNSON, Annie C./1874-1969, on ground stone, ossw Carl E., next to Gustave.

JOHNSON, Gustava/1844-1909.

JOHNSON, Anna M./Wife of Hans JOHNSON/Died 14 Jan 1887/Aged 36 yrs 8 mos 19 dys., column stone, difficult to read-2008.  Also, Close-up: JOHNSON, Anna M., column stone-difficult to read-2008.

JOHNSON, Stanley E./ILLINOIS/PVT 1CL QM CORPS/21 Dec 1939 (no other dates), In Ground Service marker.

JOHNSON, Gust/Father/1886-1973, ossw Lottie and Bernice.

JOHNSON, Lottie/Mother/1887-1974, ossw Gust and Bernice.

JOHNSON, Bernice/Dau./1910-1921, ossw Gust and Lottie.

JOHNSON, Anne/1852-1924, funeral home marker, next to John-1977 transcrip.

JOHNSON, John/1841-1922, funeral home marker, next to Anne-1977 transcrip.

JOHNSON, Myrtle/Daughter/1907-1936, ossw Ivory, Hilda, Chris, Alden and Alfred.

JOHNSON, Ivory/Son/1901-1923, ossw Myrtle, Hilda, Chris, Alden and Alfred.

JOHNSON, Hilda/Mother/1875-1950, ossw Myrtle, Ivory, Chris, Alden and Alfred.

JOHNSON, Chris/Father/1867-1949, ossw Myrtle, Ivory, Hilda, Alden and Alfred.

JOHNSON, Alden/Son/1908-1971, ossw Myrtle, Ivory, Hilda, Chris, and Alfred.

JOHNSON, Alfred/Son/1900-1974, ossw Myrtle, Ivory, Hilda, Chris and Alden.

JOHNSON, Roland H./1908-1974, next to Leonard.

JOHNSON, Leonard/1880-1952, ossw Selma.

JOHNSON, Selma/1884-1955, ossw Leonard.

JOHNSON, Clifford K./1908-1929, next to Andy.

JOHNSON, Andy/1870-1944, next to Annie.

JOHNSON, Annie/1884-1959, next to Constance.

JOHNSON, Constance/Dau. of Roger-Gloria JOHNSON/1962-1968, next to Richard and Jennie.

JOHNSON, Richard/1886-1955, ossw Jennie.  Also, Service marker:  JOHNSON, Richard: WISCONSIN/SURF US COAST GUARD/WORLD WAR I/28 Aug 1886-25 Sep 1955.

JOHNSON, Jennie/1898-1974, ossw Richard.

JOHNSON, Victor/1879-1966, ossw Amanda, and Ernest.

JOHNSON, Amanda/1885-1966, ossw Victor and Ernest.

JOHNSON, Ernest/1876-1943, ossw Victor and Amanda.

JOHNSON, Gustaf/1840-1907.

JOHNSON, Dorothy S./1916-2006, ossw J. William.

JOHNSON, J. William/1907-1979, ossw Dorothy S.

JOHNSON, Penfield/1920-1989, ossw Irma.

JOHNSON, Irma/(no dates), ossw Penfield.

JOHNSON, Charles J./30 Mar 195-10 Sep 2006, ossw Lorraine M. SIMMONS.


KAWALLE, Hugo/1888-1981, ossw Emma.

KAWALLE, Emma/1893-1970, ossw Hugo.

KLEINSCHMIDT, Alvin/1910-1991, ossw Florence.

KLEINSCHMIDT, Florence/1908-2002, ossw Alvin.

KLENKE, Magdalene/1897-1952, ossw Gustav.  Also, Funeral Home marker: KLENK, Magdalene O./1897-1952, 1977 transcrip.

KLENKE, Gustav/1898-1982, ossw Magdalene.

KNUDSEN, Susan/Born 30 Jun 1863-Died 30 Nov 1925, ossw Peter.

KNUDSEN, Peter/6 Nov 1856-21 Feb 1942, ossw Susan.

KNUTSON, John/28 Jun 1893-19 Jan 1936.

KNUTSON, Theodore/1854-1905, ossw Christina.

KNUTSON, Christina/1864-1931, ossw Theodore.

KOHN, Albert C./1931-1975, ossw Marlene J.

KOHN, Marlene J./1933-(no other dates), ossw Albert C., next to Cindy Jean.

KOHN, Cindy Jean/8 Mar 1962, next to Albert C. and Marlene J.

KOPITZKE, A. John/12 Aug 1910-23 Jul 1996/m. 19 Jun 1939, ossw Frances S.

KOPITZKE, Frances S./4 Jul 1915-3 Mar 1998/m. 19 Jun 1939, ossw A. John.

KOPITZKE, David Lon "Dave"/14 Apr 1975-11 Jan 2002/"I'M YOUR HUCKLEBERRY".

KOTHRADE, Nancy/Mother/1 Feb 1930-21 Mar 1997, ossw David.

KOTHRADE, David/Beloved Son/17 May 1956-12 May 1975, ossw Nancy.

LANDIN Family stone.

LANDIN, Emil/1882-1962, ossw Emma.

LANDIN, Emma/1884-1963, ossw Emil.

LARSON, Clara/1892-1958, on ground stone, ossw Ralph H.

LARSON, Ralph H./1891-1977, on ground stone, ossw Clara.

LARSON, John/1907-1987, ossw Vivian.

LARSON, Vivian/1911-2000, ossw John.

LARSON, Knute/24 Nov 1920-28 Apr 1999/m. 1 Jun 1946, ossw Marjorie.  Also, Service marker on back of stone: LARSON, Knute R./CCMCB US NAVY/WORLD WAR II/24 Nov 1920-18 Apr 1999/SEEBEES CAN DO.

LARSON, Marjorie/14 Jan 1926-(no other dates)/m. 1 Jun 1946, ossw Knute.

LAWRENCE, Judith EVANSON LAWRENCE-NEIL/(no dates), on ground stone.


LIND, Leonard/Father/1886-1964, on ground stone, next to Amelia.

LIND, Amelia/Mother/1891-1959, on ground stone, next to Leonard.

LUEBKE, Arden D./14 Sep 1939 (no other dates), ossw Alvin G. HANSON and Claudia J. GERDMAN.

LUEBKE, Alvin G. HANSON/27 May 1913, ossw Arden D. LUEBKE and Claudia GERDMAN.

LUEBKE, Claudia J. GERDMAN/8 Feb 1951, LUEBKE Family Plot, ossw Arden D. LUEBKE & Alvin G. HANSON.

LUEBKE, Albert A./1880-1959, ossw Gladys, 1977 transcrip.

LUEBKE, Gladys/1890-1970, ossw Albert A., 1977 transcrip.

LUEBKE, Earl G./Father/8 Jul 1905-6 Aug 1976, 1977 transcrip.



MADSEN, Raymond/1895-1915, ossw Josephine and Lars.

MADSEN, Josephine/1876-1939, ossw Raymond and Lars.

MADSEN, Lars/1866-1942, ossw Raymond and Josephine.

MANSON, Elizabeth/1899-1991, ossw Harry.

MANSON, Harry/1885-1972, ossw Elizabeth.

MARSHALL, Sue H./29 Jan 1940-20 Sep 2005.

MAU, Wm/30 Jun 1875-10 Feb 1931, column stone.

MCMILLAN, Christina/25 Nov 1885-3 Jun 1927, on ground stone.

MEEKMA, George E./20 Jan 1911-15 Jul 1971, ossw Vivien L.

MEEKMA, Vivien L./24 Sep 1913-25 Mar 1981, ossw George E.

MURDAUGH, Charles A./14 Jan 1912-20 Apr 2000/Mason, ossw Alyce L.  Also, In Ground Service Marker: MURDAUGH, Charles A./LT US NAVY/WORLD WAR II/14 Jan 1912-20 Apr 2000.

MURDAUGH, Alyce L./8 May 1913-2 Jan 2004, ossw Charles A.

MURRAY, Robert DICKSON/1906-1991, ossw Bettina WOOLVERTON.

MURRAY, Bettina WOOLVERTON/1912-1998, ossw Robert DICKSON MURRAY.


NEIL, Judith EVANSON LAWRENCE-NEIL/(no dates), on ground stone.


NELSON, John E./1884-1965, ossw Anna.

NELSON, Anna/1891-1994, ossw John E.

NELSON, Emil C./Father/1881-1959, ossw Elizabeth, Reuben and Regina.

NELSON, Elizabeth/Mother/1883-1965, ossw Emil C., Reuben and Regina.

NELSON, Reuben/27 Jun 1922-12 Feb 1982, ossw Emil C., Elizabeth and Regina.

NELSON, Regina/15 Jan 1924-14 Mar 1988, ossw Emil C., Elizabeth and Reuben.

NELSON, Walter C./WISCONSIN/PFC ARMY AIR FORCES/WORLD WAR II/12 Aug 1927-19 Nov 1971, Stone Service marker, next to George M.

NELSON, George M./WISCONSIN/PFC 179 INF/WORLD WAR II/23 Oct 1924-3 Jan 1945, Stone Service marker, next to Elmer L.

NELSON, Elmer/1893-1976, ossw Irene.  Also, NELSON, Elmer L./1893-1976, funeral home marker-1977 transcrip.

NELSON, Irene/1902-1984, ossw Elmer.

NELSON, Nicoli/1882-1977, ossw Alma.

NELSON, Alma/1892-1966, ossw Nicoli.

NELSON, John Fred/WISCONSIN/PVT 57 ENGRS/18 Sep 1890-30 Mar 1944, Stone Service marker.

NELSON, Peter/1892-1989, ossw Agnes.

NELSON, Agnes/1899-1983, ossw Peter.


NEWMAN, Harvey O./1907-1986, ossw Katherine R.

NEWMAN, Katherine R./1905-1989, ossw Harvey O.

NEWMAN, Lester E./1901-1978, ossw Minnie M.

NEWMAN, Minnie M./1900-1964, ossw Lester E.

NEWMAN, Maurice/Father/1915-1962, ossw Rita.

NEWMAN, Rita/Mother/1917-2003, ossw Maurice.

NEWMAN, Arvid/1916-2002, ossw (uncut).

NEWMAN, Harvey O./1907-1986, ossw Katherine R.

NEWMAN, Katherine R./1905-1989, ossw Harvey O.

NYBORG, Nils/27 Aug 1885-29 Nov 1953, ossw Klara.

NYBORG, Klara/28 Nov 1898-23 Nov 1979, ossw Nils.

OHLGART, Carl, Rev./Born at Westerburg Germany/25 Mar 1842-Died 9 Dec 1907.

OLSON, Edgar D./1899-1964, ossw Bessie.

OLSON, Bessie A./1909-1989, ossw Edgar D.

OLSON, George/1892-1970, ossw Frances.

OLSON, Frances/1899-1959, ossw George.

OLSON, Ida A./Mother/1883-1970, ossw Walter C.

OLSON, Walter C./Father/1880-1962, ossw Ida A.

OLSON, Craig/Son of James & Annette OLSON/1962-1967, on ground stone.

OLSON, Rachel/1866-1918, on ground stone, ossw Martinus.

OLSON, Martinus/1857-1936, on ground stone, ossw Rachel, next to Edna and Rudolph.

OLSON, Edna/1895-1973, ossw Rudolph, next to Rachel and Martinus.

OLSON, Rudolph/1896-1963, ossw Edna, next to Rachel and Martinus.

OLSON, H. Elmer/1894-1971, ossw Clara.

OLSON, Clara/1894-1986, ossw H. Elmer.

OLSON, Milton/Husband/1887-1947, ossw Lillie.  Also, In ground Service marker:  OLSON, Milton O./WISCONSIN/COOK 458 CO. MTC/WORLD WAR I/24 Jul 1887-7 Jan 1947.

OLSON/Lillie/Wife/1888-1964, ossw Milton.

OLSON, Frank/Father/1868-1944, in ground stone, next to Melvin.

OLSON, Melvin/1900-1934, on ground stone, next to Clara.

OLSON, Clara/Mother/1872-1934, in ground stone, next to Florence.

OLSON, Florence/1913-1933, on ground stone, next to Agnes.

OLSON, Agnes/1912-1928, on ground stone, next to Edwin.

OLSON, Edwin/1899-1922, on ground stone, next to Agnes.

OLSON, Anna L./9 Dec 1898-12 Aug 1982.

OLSON, Arne/1914-1996, ossw Ella.

OLSON, Ella/1912-(no other dates), ossw Arne.

OLSON, Barbara K./27 Dec 1955-11 Sep 2001*/SHOOTING STAR, *was on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.

OLSON, Clyde/1913-1978, ossw Bessie.

OLSON, Bessie/1912-1981, ossw Clyde.

OLSON, Harry E./1909-1994, ossw Edna E.

OLSON, Edna E./1913-1980, ossw Harry E.

OLSON, Harvey H./1906-1990, ossw Clara M.

OLSON, Clara M./1905-1995, ossw Harvey H.

OLSON, Lester W./1916-1994, ossw Yvonne B.

OLSON, Yvonne B./1920-(no other dates), ossw Lester W.

ORLIK, Andor/1909-1997, ossw Magdalena.

ORLIK, Magdalena/1919-2002, ossw Andor.

PARNELL, John M./1887-1975/Mason, ossw Bessie M.

PARNELL, Bessie M./1894-1975/Eastern Star, ossw John M.

PAULIG, Nels Gottlieb/1865-1945.

PAYNE, Gertrude/1910-1979, on ground stone, ossw Serge.

PAYNE, Serge/1909-(no other dates), on ground stone, ossw Gertrude.

PEASE, James K./1916-1972, ossw Helen C., 1977 transcrip.

PEASE, Helen C./(no dates), ossw James K., 1977 transcrip.

PETERSON, Anna/Mother/1863-1934, on ground stone, next to Joseph.

PETERSON, Joseph/Son/1884-1915, on ground stone, next to Hans.

PETERSON, Hans/Father/1850-1918, on ground stone, near Samuel T.

PETERSON, Samuel T./1888-1968, on ground stone, near Hans.

PETERSON, Alice M./Our Baby/26 Apr 1916-13 Jun 1917, on ground stone.

PONNE, Donna Jean PONNE WOLD/18 Sep 1953-1 Aug 1998, in ground stone, next to Wallace P. WOLD.


POOL, Elsie M./1920-1983, ossw Jacob.

POOL, Jacob/1912-1982, ossw Elsie M.

PUTMAN, Herbert/1888-1953, ossw Ella.

PUTMAN, Ella/1895-1975, ossw Herbert.

RALSTON, Jo Ann/27 Jan 1930-25 Sep 1988/LOVING CARING SHARING.

REICHARD, Minnie/Wife of Levi REICHARD/Died 12 Feb 1895/Aged 49 yrs 7 mos 12 days.

RICE, Ida A./1879-1966, on ground stone.



ROSS, Alexander/1886-1959, ossw Lillian.

ROSS, Lillian/1886-1975, ossw Alexander.

RUCKERT, Walter C./1886-1954, ossw Jennie C.

RUCKERT, Jennie C./1888-1980, ossw Walter C.

SCHNEIDER, Martha/1879-1966, ossw Alexander.

SCHNEIDER, Alexander/1878-1959, ossw Martha.

SCHWENNESEN, William "Bill"/1931-1992, ossw Phyllis.

SCHWENNESEN, Phyllis/1933-(no other dates), ossw William "Bill".

SEDIG, Knut S./26 Aug 1891-19 Jun 1972, in ground stone, next to Edna J.

SEDIG, Edna J./19 Oct 1892-28 Oct 1958, in ground stone, next to Mignonette and Charles.

SEDIG, Mignonette/1889-1966, on ground stone, ossw Charles.

SEDIG, Charles/1886-1963, on ground stone, ossw Mignonette.

SEDIG, Doris V./11 Aug 1920-2 Feb 1973, in ground stone.

SEVERSON, Walter H./1910-1996, ossw Alfrieda C.

SEVERSON, Alfrieda G./1909-1980, ossw Walter H.

SHASTAL, Michael James/1968-1975.

SIMMONS, Lorraine M./8 Jun 1945-30 Dec 2003, ossw Charles J. JOHNSON.


SMITH, Robert O./9 Nov 1902-21 Apr 1997, ossw Elizabeth B.

SMITH, Elizabeth B./8 May 1901-23 Jun 1989, ossw Robert O.

STRANDELL, Douglas G./US ARMY VIETNAM/1948-1976, In ground metal Service marker.

STRANDELL, Norman/28 Nov 1912-19 Nov 1998, ossw Alice.

STRANDELL, Alice/13 Jun 1914-(no other dates), ossw Norman.

SUBIN, Louis M./24 May 1888-13 Oct 1966, next to Milka ROCKO.

SUBIN, Milka ROCKO/Grandma SUBIN/NASHA NANA, 1871-1953.

SUBIN, Rose/2 Jul 1896-8 Jun 1998.

SUBIN, Sam/30 May 1916-6 Jan 1999.



SUNDEN, Annie M./Datter of C. & A. SUNDEN/Fod den 10 Feb 1886-Dode den 22 Nov 1886, ossw Charles O., 1977 transcrip.

SUNDEN, Charles O./Fod den 15 Jun 1858-Dode den 3 Januar 1887, next to Emilia, Albertina J. and Albert G., 1977 transcrip.

SUNDEN Column Stone-Children of A. & G.-Angle view.

SUNDEN, Emilia A./Children of A. & G. SUDEN/Born 3 Sep 1877-Died 22 Nov 1888, ossw Albertina J. and Albert G.  Also, side of column: SUNDEN, /Children of A. & G. SUNDEN.

SUNDEN, Albertina J./Children of A. & G. SUDEN/Born 8 Jul 1884-Died 22 Nov 1888, ossw Emilia A. and Albert G.  Also, side of column: SUNDEN, /Children of A. & G. SUNDEN.

SUNDEN, Albert G./Children of A. & G. SUDEN/Born 29 Oct 1879-Died 20 Dec 1888, ossw Emilia A. and Albertina J.  Also, side of column: SUNDEN, /Children of A. & G. SUNDEN.

SWANSON Family Plot.

SWANSON, Ann C./19 Nov 1962-11 Aug 1995.

SWANSON, Kermit E./18 Sep 1919-8 Oct 1987, VFW Marker.

SYMMONDS, Phillip N./1859-1896, 1977 transcrip.

TEN BROEK, Otto A./1914-1993, ossw Sylvia V.

TEN BROEK, Sylvia V./1918-2003, ossw Otto A.

TESKIE, Frank/1891-1972, ossw Lilly.

TESKIE, Lilly/1896-1985, ossw Frank.

TESKIE, Frank Jr./1924-2004, ossw Joyce.

TESKIE, Joyce/1926-(no other dates), ossw Frank Jr.

TESKIE, Lyle D./22 May 1952-(no other dates), ossw Donna M.

TESKIE, Donna M./7 Sep 1957-30 Sep 2004, ossw Lyle D.

TESNOW, Carl/Born 13 Aug 1852-Died 27 Sep 1923, ossw Lena.

TESNOW, Lena/Born 5 Feb 1865-Died 4 Jun 1941, ossw Carl, next to William.

TESNOW, William F./1883-1974, on ground stone, next to Stanley and Dorothy.

TESNOW, Stanley/Father/1916-1958, ossw Dorothy.

TESNOW, Dorothy/Mother/1919-(no other dates), ossw Stanley.

TESNOW, Albert F./1876-1969, ossw Josephine.

TESNOW, Josephine/1886-1961, ossw Albert F.

TESNOW, Norman/1913-1989/m. 22 Oct 1938, ossw Laura.

TESNOW, Laura/1918-(no other dates), ossw Norman.

TONBERG, Chas. A./Born 3 Jan 1856-Died 19 Feb 1918, next to Annie, 1977 transcrip.

TONBERG, Annie/19 Apr 1872-29 Oct 1960, in ground stone, next to Ethel T.

TONBERG, Ethel T./28 Nov 1898-5 Sep 1954, on ground stone, next to Annie.

TORNQUIST, Peter/1847-1935, on ground stone, ossw Carolina and Karen.

TORNQUIST, Carolina/1855-1913, on ground stone, ossw Peter and Karen.

TORNQUIST, Karen/1931 (no other dates), on ground stone, ossw Peter and Carolina.

TORSTENSON, Floyd M./1924-1964, metal marker next to Lena.

TORSTENSON, Edith/16 Nov 1925-19 Sep 1965, on ground stone, next to Arvid E.

TORSTENSON, Arvid E./WISCONSIN/ENC US COAST GUARD/WORLD WAR II/10 Mar 1917-2 May 1968, on ground stone Service marker.

TOSTENSON, Olie/1880-1888, metal marker, next to Edward, 1977 transcrip.

TOSTENSON, Edward/1854-1877, funeral home marker: CASPERSON Service, next to Olie-1977 transcrip.

TOSTENSON, Lena/1885-1942.

TURNQUIST, Maggie/Mother/1901-1959, on ground stone.

TURNQUIST, Gustaf/Father/1888-1981, on ground stone.

VEBERG, Cecelia/1890-1937, funeral home marker: CASPERSON Service, next to _?_.

VEBERG, _?_/(no name or dates), funeral home marker, 1977 transcrip.

WATKINS, Norville/1882-1968, ossw Ella.

WATKINS, Ella/1887-1984, ossw Norville.

WEBORG, Anna/1878-1950, ossw Alfred.

WEBORG, Alfred/1867-1948, ossw Anna.

WEBORG, Emery/1911-2004, ossw Grace.

WEBORG, Grace/1914-2006, ossw Emery.

WEBORG, Howard/24 Jun 1909-25 Sep 2006, ossw Ruby.

WEBORG, Ruby/2 Jun 1913-2 Sep 2004, ossw Howard.

WEISS, Kenneth A./1917-1971, funeral home marker, 1977 transcrip.

WESTMAN, Anna C./1902-1977, (buried in July-1977), 1977 transcrip.

WETTERSTROM, Christina/1858-1940, next to Emil.

WETTERSTROM, Emil/1888-1935, next to Christina.

WETTERSTROM, John/1855-1905.

WETTERSTROM, Roy/1900-1984, ossw Daisy.

WETTERSTROM, Daisy/1902-1983, ossw Roy.

WICKMAN, Magdalena J./Baby/Born 20 Jul 1918-Died 14 Mar 1919, next to Alta T., 1977 transcrip.

WICKMAN, Alta T./Born 9 Nov 1895-Died 14 May 1915, next to Gilbert and Olga.

WICKMAN, Gilbert/1892-1970, ossw Olga.

WICKMAN, Olga/1893-1990, ossw Gilbert.

WICKMAN, Lawrence/1912-1973, Founder of Viking Fish Boil, ossw Annette and Founder of Viking Fish Boil.

WICKMAN, Annette/1914-(no other dates), ossw Lawrence and Founder of Viking Fish Boil.

WICKMAN, Lydia/1883-1924, ossw John.  Also, WICKMAN, Lydia/Born 3 Feb 1883-Died 28 Jan 1924, 1977 transcrip.

WICKMAN, John/1881-1925, ossw Lydia.

WICKMAN, Gerald E./1931-1978/m. 27 Oct 1951, ossw Janet I.

WICKMAN, Janet I./1932-(no other dates)/m. 27 Oct 1951, ossw Gerald E.

WOLD, Wallace P./LT US NAVY/9 Jun 1940-19 Feb 1999, in ground stone Service Marker, next to Donna Jean PONNE.

WOLD, Donna Jean PONNE/18 Sep 1953-1 Aug 1998, in ground stone, next to Wallace P. WOLD.




ZIMMERMAN, Raymond/1906-1982, on ground stone, ossw Frances.

ZIMMERMAN, Frances/1909-1985, on ground stone, ossw Raymond.

ZINK, M. Maria/Mother/Born 10 Feb 1820-Died 27 Sep 1898.




_?_, _?_/(no names or dates), grave next to Austin FANDREI, only stone platform.

_?_, _?_/Baby/stone with head broken off of animal, names/dates illegible-2008.








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