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* Zion Lutheran/West Jacksonport Cemetery*

INDEX - 2006/2007 & some OBITUARIES

updated 8 Apr 2011


LOCATION: Take Hwy 57 N to Jacksonport. Turn left (West) onto County V. Turn right (North) onto Memorial Drive. Cemetery will be on the left.


The cemetery is owned by Zion Lutheran Church. The church is located on County T, West Jacksonport, Door County, Wisconsin.


Compiled between July 2006 and August 2007. Warren and Holly KOHLS personally walked through the entire cemetery and wrote down each individual inscription. This is a list of all visible (legible or illegible) tombstones. Digital pictures were taken by Warren and Holly of many of the stones.


1 Apr 2009-Susan HOHNEKE compared the KOHLS' Index to the Digital photos, linked the photos to the individuals in the index and made corrections/additions in linking what pictures were given to us by Holly KOHLS for Zion Lutheran/West Jacksonport Cemetery.  Dates have been changed where needed to read: dd-mmm-yyyy for uniformity on the PGS Website.

This index is an alphabetical Surname Index.  Given names are not alphabetical.


1 Feb, 23 Mar, 27 Oct, 11, 28 Nov, 20 Dec 2010, 19 Jan, 8 Apr 2011-OBITs added.


ANSCHUTZ, August H./1924-1992, ossw Agnes.

ANSCHUTZ, Agnes/1926-(no other dates), ossw August.

ANSCHUTZ, Alma/1895-1991.

ANSCHUTZ, Edward/1893-1958.

ANSCHUTZ, Erich/1908-1985, ossw Leona.

ANSCHUTZ, Leona/1913-1967, ossw Erich.

ANSCHUTZ, August/Father/1864-1961, ossw Mother Augusta.

ANSCHUTZ, Augusta, Mother/1869-1933, ossw Father August.

ANSCHUTZ, Roger D./1930-2001/m. 23 Oct 1954, ossw Delores M.

ANSCHUTZ, Delores M./1933-(no other dates)/m. 23 Oct 1954, ossw Roger D.

ANSCHUTZ, Paul/Father/1906-1972, ossw Mother Mabel.

ANSCHUTZ, Mabel/Mother/1911-1998, ossw Father Paul.

ANSCHUTZ, Norman F./1917-1944.

ANSCHUTZ, Archie E./1906-1946, in ground stone, no surname.

ANSCHUTZ, Ruth M.*/b. 1 Oct 1921, at home, West Jacksonport, Door, WI-d. Sat. 24 Oct 2009, Golden Living Center-Dorchester, Sturgeon Bay, Door, WI; *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Daily Oct 2009: Ruth M. ANSCHUTZ, (88), of West Jacksonport-parents: late Henry and Goldie (LEROY) BLEY-owned and operated BLEYS Bar in West Jacksonport until 2005-moved into Whispering Heights CBRF-Married Norman ANSCHUTZ 21 Aug 1943-he preceded her in death-member of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in West Jacksonport-Survivors include two daughters, Carl (Tom) MICHELSEN of Sturgeon Bay, Kaye (Dale) HILANDER of Ellison Bay; five grandchildren, Thomas (Lynn) MICHELSEN Jr., Julie (Jarek) PROKOPCZUK, Sara MICHELSEN, Dale HILANDER Jr., Cameron HILANDER; sister-in-laws, Marion BLEY, Agnes ANSCHUTZ, Marilyn ANSCHUTZ, Betty ANSCHUTZ, many nieces and nephews and dear cousins-Preceding her in death were parents, husband Norman; brother, Stanley BLEY; two sisters, Julia AUSTIN, Elva GILSON; and three grandchildren-Funeral Services THurs. 29 Oct 2009, Zion Ev. Lutheran Church in West Jacksonport, Rev. Peter LINDEMANN-Burial at the church cemetery-HUEHNS Funeral Home.

BENZ, David/1936-1940.

BIRNSCHEIN, Sister Annie/1885-1906/"Saved By Grace", ossw Father Carl, Mother Elisa and Grandfather Goepeert.

BIRNSCHEIN, Father Carl/1861-1942/"Saved By Grace", ossw Sister Annie, Mother Elisa and Grandfather Goepeert.

BIRNSCHEIN, Mother Elisa/1862-1943/"Saved By Grace", ossw Sister Annie, Father Carl and Grandfather Goepeert.

BIRNSCHEIN, Grandfather Goeppert/1837-1928/"Saved By Grace", ossw Sister Annie, Father Carl and Mother Elisa.

BITTORF, David Alan/2 Mar 1964 (no other dates)/son of Bernhardt and Lois.

BITTORF, Johann F./ 21 Sep 1870-18 Apr 1934, wooden marker next to Katherine H.

BITTORF, Katherine H./6 Oct 1865-9 Jul 1945, wooden marker next to Johann F.

BLEY Family Stone.

BLEY, Father Nic/16 Dec 1858-23 Apr 1934, ossw Mother Emma.

BLEY, Emma/20 Aug 1866-25 Jul 1940, ossw Father Nic.

BLEY, Eugene/17 Oct 1945-8 Dec 1967/Rest in Peace, in ground stone.

BLEY, August/US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/27 Sep 1896-23 Oct 1980, in ground service marker.

Bley, Lydia/1902-1980/Rest in Peace

BLEY, John W./29 Aug 1885-28 Oct 1917.

BLEY, Nickolas/15 Jul 1923-24 Sep 1996, ossw Lorna.

BLEY, Lorna/16 May 1928-(no other dates), ossw Nickolas.

BLEY, Father Wallace/1921-1995/Rest In Peace, ossw Mother Laverne.

BLEY, Mother Laverne/1925-1959/Rest In Peace, ossw Father Wallace.

BLEY, Frank/6 Nov 1929-(no other dates), ossw Gloria.

BLEY, Gloria/19 Dec 1936-(no other dates), ossw Frank.

BLEY, Curt/1931-(no other dates)/m. 15 Oct 1955/Life is not forever, Love is, ossw Fran.

BLEY, Fran*/(5 Aug*)1936, (Marinette, Wis.*)-(Sun. 7 Nov 2010, at home, Green Bay, Brown Co., WI*)/m. 15 Oct 1955/Life is not forever, Love is, ossw Curt. ; *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Wed. 10 Nov 2010: Frances (Fran) E. BLEY, (74), Green Bay-parents: the late Wallace and Evelyn (LANE) UTTER-married 15 Oct 1955 to Curtis BLEY, at Zion Ev. Lutheran Church in West Jacksonport, Wis.-attended Sevastopol High School-retired from Bellin Hospital in January 1999, after working 32 years as a Nurse's Assistant in the Nursery and Physical Therapy Departments-returned to work continuing to care for others while employed with Home Instead Senior Care for the next ten years-member of St. Mark Ev. Lutheran Church-survived by her husband, Curtis of 55 years; children, Sharon and Scott PAPLHAM, Dale and Joan BLEY, Sue and Todd KECKHAVER, Darlene (BARTELL) and Jeff OUDEANS; grandchildren, Lydia (Jovanny) SANTANA, Katie PAPLHAM, Molly (Joe) McKENZIE, Derek BLEY, Paul KECKHAVER, Kellie KECKHAVER, Tony BLEY, Abby (Dave) LINDAHL, Curtis (Danielle) BARTELL; and five great-grandchildren-further survived by brothers and sisters, Anna (VERTZ) DONEY, Eugene (Virginia) UTTER, Marion (Lester) VOLKMANN and Pat (UTTER) STEE; brothers and sisters-in-law, Gordon (Eunice) BLEY, Frank (Gloria) BLEY, Marcella GIESSEMAN, Dennis (Mary) BLEY, Lee BLEY; numerous nieces and nephews-preceded in death by her parents; brother, Arlen UTTER; son-in-law, David BARTELL; father-in-law and mother-in-law, August (Lydia) BLEY; and brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, Leverette VERTZ, Don DONEY, Wallace (Laverne) BLEY, Nicklas (Lorna) BLEY and Donald GIESSEMAN-funeral service Thursday at 11 Nov 2010 at Zion Ev. Lutheran Church, 6710 County Road T, West Jacksonport, with the Rev. Eric HANSEN officiating-Interment will be in the Zion Lutheran Cemetery in West Jacksonport-LYNDAHL Funeral Home, Green Bay- www.lyndahl .com.

BRIGGS, Marie/nee GRAF/1896-1984.


BRUNGRABER, Gustav/1884-1952, ossw Helen.

BRUNGRABER, Helen/1895-1973, ossw Gustav.

BRUNGRABER, Alfred/1908-1987, ossw Meta.

BRUNGRABER, Meta/1911-2004, ossw Alfred.

Brungraber, Walter/1909-1991

Brungraber, Violet MUELLER/1919-2002

BRUNGRABER, Augusta A./1921-1922, in ground stone.

BRUNGRABER, Clarence A./1923-1998, ossw Dorothy H. Also, Service marker in ground: BRUNGRABER, Clarence A./CM2 US NAVY/ WORLD WAR II/1923-1998.

BRUNGRABER, Dorothy H./1923-(no other dates), ossw Clarence A.


BUECHNER, Raymond J./20 Apr 1913-28 Jul 1990.

Danton, Philip/19 Dec 1911-17 Sep 1986

Danton, Lora/19 Nov 1917-26 Oct 1998

DEMMIN, Ida/wife of John DEMMIN/born in Schmersa(?) Germany/22 May 1882-10 Apr 1909, column stone, difficult to read.

DEMMIN, John/1870-1944, ossw Lena.

DEMMIN, Lena/1890-1919, ossw John.

DEMMIN, Norman A./8 Apr 1923-27 Apr 1925

DIETRICH, Adolf/1867-1943, ossw Hedwig.

DIETRICH, Hedwig/1873-1958, ossw Adolf.

DIETRICH, Rueben A../1929-2004.

DIETRICH, Alvin/1894-1978, ossw Emelia.

DIETRICH, Emelia/1893-1974, ossw Alvin.

DILL, Viola I. (HABERLI)*/(b.28 Sep 1926*, Egg Harbor, Door Co., WI*)1926-(d. Tues. 14 Apr 2009, Sturgeon Bay, Door Co., WI*);*Source: OBITUARY-FORBES Funeral Home: Viola I. (HABERLI) DILL, (82), Sturgeon Bay- passed away unexpectedly-parents: Joseph and Ida (STERN) HABERLI on 28 Sep 1926-married on 22 Nov 1975 to Ernest DILL-he preceded her in death 9 May 1994-member of St. Peters Lutheran Church-was a beautician for over 15 years and worked in Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor-operated a general store in Egg Harbor- survived by one step-daughter: Betty HAUPT, Manitowoc; one step-son: Robert (Ginny) DILL, Manitowoc; step-grandchildren; one brother: Norbert HABERLI, Egg Harbor; one sister: Adeline (Harry) ZAK, Sturgeon Bay; many nieces and nephews-was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Ernest; one brother: Milton HABERLI; four sisters: Verna HERBST, Gertrude NAUMANN, Laura NAUMANN, and Louella HABERLI; two sisters-in-laws: Marvel HABERLI, Genevieve HABERLI; one step-son-in-law: Frederick HAUPT; three brother-in-laws: William HERBST, Max NAUMANN, and Elmer NAUMANN-Funeral services held Friday, 17 Apr 2009 at the Forbes Funeral Home, officiated by Rev. Darrick KOLTERJAHN-Burial will be at Zion Lutheran Cemetery, West Jacksonport-FORBES Funeral Home

DUNTON, Philip/19 Dec 1911-17 Sep 1986, ossw Lora.

DUNTON, Lora/19 Nov 1917-26 Oct 1998, ossw Philip.

EDWARDS, Irene C./1917-1998.

EHLERS, Monroe/Nov 1920 (no other dates), ossw Rose and Alfred.

EHLERS, Rose/1888-1974, ossw Monroe and Alfred.

EHLERS, Alfred/1881-1927, ossw Monroe and Rose.

EHLERS, Reinhold/1888-1952, ossw Martha.

EHLERS, Martha/1882-1940, ossw Reinhold.

EHLERS, Arnold E./1884-1962, ossw Clara B.

EHLERS, Clara B./1888-1963, ossw Arnold E.

EHLERS, Grover/1915-1982, ossw Mildred.

EHLERS, Mildred/1921-1954, ossw Grover.

FLOCK, Ahart/1898-1917, ossw Christian and Helen.

FLOCK, Christian/1869-1942, ossw Ahart and Helen.

FLOCK, Helen/1876-1951, ossw Ahart and Christian.

FLOCK, Baby/1979, handmade cement on ground stone.

FLOK, Charles/1897-1945, ossw Bertha.

FLOK, Bertha/1883-1969, ossw Charles.

FLOK, Dwight R./ET3 US NAVY/22 Mar 1974-29 Sep 1994, service marker on stone.

FLOK, Anne W. KAAP nee FLOK/23 Mar 1915-5 Nov 2004.


GERLACH, Martha/1904-1986/The Lord Is My Shepherd, ossw Edward.

GERLACH, Edward/1904-1995/The Lord Is My Shepherd, ossw Martha.

GERLACH, Barbara R./29 Apr 1945-1 Jul 1945.

GILSON, Henry/1905-1982, ossw Elva, Rochelle and Janet.

GILSON, Elva/1919-1984, ossw Henry, Rochelle and Janet.

GILSON, Rochelle/1938-2007, ossw Henry Elva and Janet.

GILSON, Janet/(no dates), ossw Henry, Elva and Rochelle.

GOEKS, Reinhold J. "Reini"/27 Feb 1945-17 _?_ 2007, cannot read month in picture, ossw Judith M.

GOEKS, Judith M. "Judy"/10 Jun 1952-(no other dates), ossw Reinhold J. "Reini".

GRAF, Agnes M./10 Jul 1907-18 Jan 2003/m. 20 Jun 1936, ossw Lloyd K.

GRAF, Lloyd K./1 May 1911-16 Jan 1998, ossw Agnes M. Also, Service marker in front of stone: GRAF, Lloyd K./SGT US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/1 May 1911-16 Jan 1998.

GRAF, Charles/28 Jan 1889-10 Jul 1914.

GRAF, Emilia E./Mother/1855-1917, ossw Father Carl H.

GRAF, Carl H./Father/1854-1931, ossw Mother Emilia E.

GRAF, Elizabeth/Mother/1888-1942/Gone But Not Forgotten, ossw Father J. Henry.

GRAF, J. Henry/Father/1885-1965/Gone But Not Forgotten, ossw Mother Elizabeth.

GRAF, Ruby E./23 May 1923-(no other dates)/m. 20 Sep 1941, ossw Walter J.

GRAF, Walter J./13 Nov 1920-9 May 1992/m. 20 Sep 1941, ossw Ruby E.

GRAF, Gerald Louis*/b. 26 Jun 1935, above what was the Ace Record Shop in Sturgeon Bay, Door Co., WI-d. Sat. 15 Jan 2011; *Source: Door Co. Advocate-Wed. 19 Jan 2011: Gerald Louis GRAF, (75), Sturgeon Bay-died with his family at his side after a courageous battle with cancer-parents: Vernon and Alberta (ROCKENDORF) GRAF-graduated from Sturgeon Bay High School in 1953-served his country in the U.S. Army from 28 Jan 1958, to 12 Jan 1960-married Betty ANSCHUTZ on 5 Nov 1977, at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in West Jacksonport-member of Corpus Christi Catholic Church-farmed all of his life-started with registered holsteins when he bought two registered calves from the Winnebago County farm-Gerald and his brother, John transported those two calves home in the back of their car, after taking out the back seats-all his cattle were registered-Over the years Gerald sold some of his bred heifers locally and also exported some to foreign countries-Before the herd was large enough he worked for Hougaard Construction in Green Bay-Some of the buildings he worked on were the Gibraltar. Sevastopol and Algoma Schools and the Sturgeon Bay Methodist Church-Survivors include his wife, Betty; son, Paul, Sturgeon Bay; three sisters and a brother, Florence (Charles) SHERRY, Colorado Springs; Ann MARCHESE, Tuscon, Ariz.; Mary HOERRES, Garderville, Nev.; Vernon G. GRAF, Sturgeon Bay; Aunt Lucille GRAF,Algoma; sisters-in-law, Sally (Jerry) FREA and Delores ANSCHUTZ, Sturgeon Bay; Larry (Judy) ANSCHUTZ, Egg Harbor; nieces and nephews-preceded in death by his parents; a brother, John; a nephew, Steven; brothers-in-law, Norman HOERRES, Michael MARCHESE, Roger ANSCHUTZ; and his father and mother-in-law, Paul and Mabel ANSCHUTZ-Funeral Services Friday, 21 Jan 2011, at Corpus Christi Church, the Rev. Anthony BIRDSALL officiating-Burial in Zion Lutheran Cemetery, West Jacksonport-FORBES Funeral Home,


GRAFF, Paul J./1894-1964/Gone But not Forgotten, ossw Edith G.

GRAFF, Edith G./1892-1970/Gone But not Forgotten, ossw Paul J.

GUEHLSTORF, Henry J./12 Jul 1863-5 Aug 1928.

GUEHLSTORF, Joseph W./1 Nov 1895-21 May 1922.

Guehlstorf, Emilie C./31 Mar 1869-4 Oct 1943

HABERLI, Mother Marvel/1910-1957/Not My Will, But Thine Be Done O'Lord, ossw Father Milton.

HABERLI, Father Milton/1910-1986/Not My Will, But Thine Be Done O'Lord, ossw Mother Marvel.

HABERLI, Genevieve T./1927-1998, ossw Norbert J.

HABERLI, Norbert J./1925-(no other dates), ossw Genevieve T.

Haberli, Ida E./1890-1965/A Mighty Fortess Is Our God

Haberli, Joseph/1887-1954/A Mighty Fortess Is Our God

HABERLI, Barbara Jean/1944-1955.

HABERLI, Mary Lou/2 Jul1942-29 Jan 2007/m. 23 Apr 1960, ossw Joseph Carl, Son James, and Daughter Kim.

HABERLI, Joseph Carl/16 May 1938-(no other dates)/m. 23 Apr 1960, ossw Mary Lou, Son James, Daughter Kim and Son Paul J.

HABERLI, Son James/1966-1968, ossw Mary Lou, Joseph Carl, Daughter Kim and Son Paul J.

HABERLI, Daughter Kim/1961 (no other dates), ossw Mary Lou, Joseph Carl, Son James, and Son Paul J.

HABERLI, Paul J./27 Jan 1981-15 Dec 1981, ossw Mary Lou, Joseph Carl, Son James, and Daughter Kim.

HABERLI, Louella/1921-2005.

HABERLI, Amber/29 May 1996 (no other dates).

HASENJAGER, Brian D./12 Jul 1958-18 May 1959/Son of Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hasenjager.

Hasenjager, Orville/24 Feb 1906-9 Dec 1949/The Lord is my Shepherd.

Hasenjager, Amanda/10 Apr 1908-13 May 1992/The Lord is my Shepherd.

HASENJAGER, Anita D./30 Nov 1943-1 Nov 2001/m. 14 Jan 1961/parents of Laurie and Glenn Jr., ossw Glenn O.

HASENJAGER, Glenn O./22 Apr 1942-(no other dates)/m. 14 Jan 1961/parents of Laurie and Glenn Jr., ossw Anita D.

HELM, Donald L./1929-2006, ossw Olive A. Also, Service Marker on back of stone: HELM, Donald Leroy/SGT US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/21 Mar 1929-7 Feb 2006.

HELM, Olive A./1932-(no other dates), ossw Donald L.

HELM, Paul D./1954-1973.

HERBST, William L./1912-1999, ossw Verna E.

HERBST, Verna E./1912-198(1 or 9?), ossw William L.

HERBST, Mother Lena/1894-1979, ossw Father William.

HERBST, Father William/1893-1963, ossw Mother Lena.

HERBST, John/24 Apr 1889-16 Jul 1910.

HERBST, Baby Marvin/26 Aug 1941-14 Jan 1942.

HERBST, Nick/1865-1916, ossw Minnie, Ernest and Harold.

HERBST, Minnie/1872-1965, ossw Nick, Ernest and Harold.

HERBST, Ernest/1896-1976, ossw Nick, Minnie and Harold. Also, HERBST, Ernest/1896-1976, in ground funeral marker: DAVIS Mortuary.

HERBST, Harold/1908-1980, ossw Nick, Minnie and Ernest.

HERBST, Casper/1 Sep 1859-9 Mar 1907/Father, rest in quiet sleep. Friend in sorrow.

HERBST, Charles/30 May 1895-2 Jun 1913.

HERBST, Edward/2 Jun 1893-16 Apr 1915.

HERBST, Valentine/Geb den 16 Aug 1830-Gest den 6 Mar 1910.

HERBST, Otto/1899-1977/Rest in Peace, ossw Norma.

HERBST, Norma/1909-2004/Rest in Peace, ossw Otto.

Herbst, Sheldon Dale/26 May 1946-2 Jun 1946/Rest in Peace

HERBST, Myron/1930-1976, other book on stone blank.

Herbst, Myron/1930-1976/Pvt 1st Class US Army WWII

HERBST, Walter/1913-1969.

HERBST, John Aug./8 May 1818-30 Mar 1919, difficult to read dates-best guess given.

HERBST, Arthur C./WISCONSIN/PFC HQ CO 15 INF 3 INF DIV/WORLD WAR II BSM/5 May 1914-17 Jun 1957, in ground service marker.

HERBST, Frederich/1920-1971.

HERBST, Father PVT Richard/Co. C. 21, MGBn/1897-1929, service marker.

HERBST, Fred C./1885-1956, ossw Louise.

HERBST, Louise/1883-1971, ossw Fred C.

HERBST, Louis C./1891-1967, ossw Ella M.

HERBST, Ella M./1897-1994, ossw Louis C.

JONAS, Rita/23 Mar 1938-28 Dec 1989, other side of stone blank.

JONAS, Carol A./16 Oct 1935-6 Jul 1993/Always in our Hearts.

JONAS, Carl M./CPL US ARMY/1 Mar 1929-27 Jun 1979, in ground service marker.

JONAS, Jeanette A./21 Dec 1921-1 Sep 1930.

JONAS, Harvey R./PFC US ARMY/2 Aug 1930-5 Feb 2000, in ground service marker.

JONAS, Mother Christine/1863-1941.

JONAS, Father Fred/1891-1982, ossw Mother Esther.

JONAS, Mother Esther/1901-1948, ossw Father Fred.

JONAS, Mathias/27 Oct 1856-3 Jan 1918.

KAAP, Anne W. nee FLOK/23 Mar 1915-5 Nov 2004.


KASTEN, Orville/2 Sep 1923-19 Nov 1987, ossw Anita.

KASTEN, Anita/27 Oct 1926-16 Feb 2003, ossw Orville.

KASTEN, Pearl/15 Mar 1925-15 Feb 1931.

KASTEN, Fred W./19 Feb 1882-25 Jun 1967, ossw Louise.

KASTEN, Louise/1 Oct 1886-7 Feb 1949, ossw Fred W.

Kasten, _?_/28 Aug 1915-11 Feb 1917

KASTEN, Walter H. F./17 Jul 1910-13 Oct 1910.

KASTEN, Harvey/20 Oct 1918-1 Jun 2002

KAUS, Lillian/1909-1984, ossw Gerald.

KAUS, Gerald/1913-1954, ossw Lillian.

KIEHNAU, Franklin/5 Aug 1912-12 Jan 1973/For me to Live is Jesus, To Die is Gain, ossw Augusta.

KIEHNAU, Augusta/1 Jun 1905-15 Feb 1995/For me to Live is Jesus, To Die is Gain, ossw Augusta.

KIEHNAU, Ben/30 Aug 1890-12 Oct 1978, ossw Ella.

KIEHNAU, Ella/6 Jan 1892-4 Jan 1985, ossw Ben.

KIEHNAU, Carl Jonas*/8 Feb 1913-(Tues. 26 Oct 2010, Ministry-Door County Medical Center, Sturgeon Bay, Door Co., WI*), ossw Margaret.*Source: OBITUARY-HUEHNS Funeral Home:  KIEHNAU, Carl Jonas/b. 8 Feb 1913, Milwaukee, WI-d. Tues. 26 Oct 2010, Ministry-Door County Medical Center; (97), of Sturgeon Bay, formerly of Jacksonport-parents: the late William and Lydia (TREICHEL) KIEHNAU-married on 4 Apr 1942 to Margaret L. SCHWAMB in Milwaukee-moved to Jacksonport where they owned and operated their own dairy farm for many years-Margaret preceded him in death on 30 Apr 2006-member of Zion Ev. Lutheran Church in West Jacksonport-held several town offices including serving as Jacksonport Town Supervisor and Town Treasurer-in 1965 served as the first president for the NFO (National Farmers Organization)-survived by his three children, Beverly (Paul) OZBURN of Egg Harbor, Wayne (Dianne) KIEHNAU of Egg Harbor, and Lois (Richard) WEILAND of Middleton; five grandchildren, Ryan (Amy) KIEHNAU of Sturgeon Bay, Derek OZBURN of Egg Harbor, Jennifer (Brian) WAYMAN of Madison, Brooke (Brian) HOUSTON of Evanston, Illinois, and Nathan WEILAND of Milwaukee; his three great-grandchildren, Tyler and Savanna KIEHNAU and Timothy WAYMAN; two brothers, Donald "Butch" (Ruth) KIEHNAU of Bella Vista, Arkansas and Norman (Sharon) KIEHNAU of Sturgeon Bay; three sisters, Olive BRALEY and Mildred "Joey" RADTKE of Sturgeon Bay, and Florence "Dickie" REAGLES, of Milwaukee; four sisters-in-law, Joyce HAHN of Hartford, and Joyce, Doris and Betty KIEHNAU all of Sturgeon Bay; brother-in-law, Richard SCHILTER of Allenton; and many nieces and nephews-Preceding him in death were his parents, wife Margaret, brothers, Harold, Fritz, William, Rueben, Leonard "Mike" and infant brother, Henry; sister, Dorothy PERKINS-funeral services held Sunday, 31 Oct 2010 at Zion Ev. Lutheran Church in West Jacksonport, with Rev. Peter LINDEMANN officiating-Burial will be at Zion Lutheran Cemetery-Huehns Funeral Home,

KIEHNAU, Margaret/6 Oct 1910-30 Apr 2006, ossw Margaret.

KIEHNAU, Leonard R./1921-(no other dates)/m. 21 Apr 1945/parents of James, Kenneth and Michael, ossw Joyce E.

KIEHNAU, Joyce E./1926-(no other dates)/m. 21 Apr 1945/parents of James, Kenneth and Michael, ossw Leonard R.

KIEHNAU, Harold B./SGT US ARMY AIR CORPS/WORLD WAR II/25 Sep 1915-3 Oct 1994, service marker on stone, also small stone in front: "Take time to smell the flowers."

KIEHNAU, William/1887-1980, ossw Lydia.

KIEHNAU, Lydia/1880-1985, ossw William.

KREUTTER, Clyde W. (Wagner)/20 Sep 1929-(no other dates)/m. 29 Apr 1950/Beloved is the Lord/parents of Diane, Beverly, Clyde III and Keith, ossw June D.

KREUTTER, June D./16 Jun 1930-(no other dates)m. 29 Apr 1950/Beloved is the Lord/parents of Diane, Beverly, Clyde III and Keith, ossw June D.

KUEHN, Anna/1887-1979, in ground stone.

KUEHN, Louise/1883-1964, ossw Emil.

KUEHN, Emil/1885-1979, ossw Louise.

KURTH, Emil/1912-1960, ossw Elva, Ernest RICHARD and Irene RICHARD.

KURTH, Elva/1915-2002, ossw Emil, Ernest RICHARD and Irene RICHARD.


LAPLANT, Fabian/1901-1959/husband of Alfrieda.

LAUTENBACH, Louis/19 Nov 1880-8 Jun 1961, ossw Emilie and Arnold.

LAUTENBACH, Emilie/6 Jul 1883-22 Jun 1965, ossw Louis and Arnold.

LAUTENBACH, Arnold/14 Jul 1911-22 Jul 1935, ossw Louis and Emilie.

LEIMBACH, August/1881-1917. Also, additional picture: LEIMBACH, August next to Mary POLZIN.

LEIMBACH, Arnold/1916-2006, ossw Martha and Gary.

LEIMBACH, Martha/1916-1986, ossw Arnold and Gary.

LEIMBACH, Gary/1943-1967, ossw Arnold and Martha. Also, In ground Service marker: LEIMBACH, Gary A./WISCONSIN/SP5 US ARMY/30 Nov 1943-22 Oct 1967.

LEIMBACH, Mother Wilhelmina/1887-1930, ossw Father Christian, Daughter Augusta and Daughter Wanda.

LEIMBACH, Father Christian/1872-1941, ossw Mother Wilhelmina, Daughter Augusta and Daughter Wanda.

LEIMBACH, Daughter Augusta/1905-1906, ossw Mother Wilhelmina, Father Christian and Daughter Wanda.

LEIMBACH, Daughter Wanda/1903-(no other dates), ossw Mother Wilhelmina, Father Christian and Daughter Augusta.


MARSHALL, Warner/8 Mar 1924-8 Dec 1984/husband, ossw Irene.

MARSHALL, Irene/15 Mar 1927- (no other dates)/wife, ossw Warner.

MARSHALL Family Stone/"Heaven Is Open Unto Thee"

MARSHALL, Gustave/1894-1987, MARSHALL Family Stone.

MARSHALL, Pauline/1898-1943, MARSHALL Family Stone.

MARSHALL, Baby/1921, on MARSHALL Family Stone.

MARTENS, Angela//1974 (no other dates), ossw Joel SEILTZ.

MARTENS, Wilmer/1910-2002, ossw Edna, Ralph and Roxanne.

MARTENS, Edna/(16 Jun*) 1913, (Kewakee, Illinois*)-(Tues. 8 Mar 2011, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin*), ossw Wilmer, Ralph and Roxanne. *SOURCE: OBITUARY-HUEHNS Funeral Home: Edna M. MARTENS, (97), formerly of Egg Harbor-passed away while convalescing in Wauwatosa near her daughter Margie GOEDE-Parents: Otto and Frieda (ZITZOW) BENKE-In 1915 the family moved to Dent, Minnesota-attended Perham High School and graduated valedictorian in 1931-completed Business College in St. Cloud, MN-moved to Wisconsin in 1933 and made her home with relatives-graduated from the Bureau of Home Nursing in 1934-married Wilmer MARTENS of Egg Harbor on 31 Dec 1935 at West Jacksonport, WI-served as Branch Secretary of the AAL for 40 years-member of the Altar Guild for many years and was also a leader in 4H for a number of years-survived by her children, Lt. Col Ronald (Barb) MARTENS of Bulverde, TX, Gerald (Sandra) MARTENS of Egg Harbor, WI, Pastor Ralph (Roxanne) MARTENS of Rochester, MN, Carol SCHROEDER of Kowloon, Hong Kong, Marguerite (Ned) GOEDE of Milwaukee, WI; 19 grandchildren, Nate (Kathy) MARTENS, Karen (Hal) MOORE, Scott (Jodie) MARTENS, Richard (Terry) MARTENS, Matthew MARTENS, Kristyn MARTENS, Timothy MARTENS, Natalie (Nate) SEILTZ, Karleah (Steve) BRADLEY, Johanna MARTENS, Jon (Missy) MARTENS, Brian (Teresa) SCHROEDER, Jodie (Jerome) WALDESBUHL, Josh (Yvette) SCHROEDER, Kari SCHROEDER, Jason (Amy) GOEDE, Michael GOEDE, Eve GOEDE, Shawn GOEDE; 23 great-grandchildren, Zachary, Wesley, and Jacob MARTENS, Tucker MOORE, Callie, MiKaylah, and Caleb MARTENS, Brett, Charles, and Angela SEILTZ, Isaiah, Diego, and Greta MARTENS, Naomi and Rachel SCHROEDER, Thea and Sophie WALDESBUHL, Ryan and Chloe SCHROEDER, Faith and Ella GOEDE, Ethan and Braden SPRENGEL; sisters-in-law, Wanda BRASEL of New York Mills, MN, Estelle BRASEL of New York Mills, MN, Elmie FISHARI of New York Mills, MN; and many nieces and nephews-Edna was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Wilmer; one brother, Ray; two sisters, Erna and Irene; two half sisters, Laura & Lucille; four half brothers, Walter, Arthur, Ruben, and Erwin; one son-in-law, Gary SCHROEDER, one grandchild, Angela MARTENS; and one great-grandchild, Joel SEILTZ-Funeral services held on Sunday, 13 Mar 2011 at Zion Lutheran Church in West Jacksonport with Rev. Peter LINDEMANN officiating-Burial will be made in Zion Lutheran Cemetery-HUEHNS Funeral Home,

MARTENS, Ralph/1942-(no other dates), ossw Wilmer, Edna and Roxanne.

MARTENS, Roxanne/1945-(no other dates), ossw Wilmer, Edna and Ralph.


Mathias, Jonas/27 Oct 1856-3 Jan 1918

MCKAY, Irene WAGNER/1903-1995/You never die when you live forever in the hearts of your friends.

MERKLE, Father Jacob/1906-1994, ossw Mother Helen.

MERKLE, Mother Helen/1908-1955, ossw Father Jacob.

MERKLE, Lois F./25 Aug 1959-4 Aug 2005/m. 23 Jun 1978, ossw Allen F.

MERKLE, Allen F./24 Dec 1957- (no other dates)/m. 23 Jun 1978, ossw Lois F.

MERKLE, Fredrick J./1 Apr 1931-26 Jun 1979/m. 8 Oct 1955, ossw Alice E.

MERKLE, Alice E./16 Jan 1936-(no other dates)/m. 8 Oct 1955, ossw Fredrick J.

MEUNIER, Donna/1930-1999, ossw Elmer.

MEUNIER, Elmer/1925-(no other dates), ossw Donna.

MUEHLBACH, Bertha/1867-1931.

MUEHLBACH, Fred G./1868-1943.

MUELLER, Baby/1910 (no other dates).

MUELLER, Richard H./1893-1939, ossw Alfrieda.

MUELLER, Alfrieda/1898-1972, ossw Richard H.

MUELLER, Baby Girl/15 Oct 1961-16 Oct 1961, in ground stone.

MUELLER, Husband Wilmer R./1930-1953.

MUELLER, Mother Emma/1897-1996, ossw Father Arthur T.

MUELLER, Father Arthur T./1891-1954, ossw Mother Emma.

Mueller, _?_/1913-1913

Mueller, Gabrielle/1922-1924


Muenier, Elmer/

NAUMANN, Father Henry W./1869-1947/Asleep In Jesus, ossw Mother Caroline E.

NAUMANN, Mother Caroline E./1873-1948/Asleep In Jesus, ossw Father Henry W.

NAUMANN, Laura/1918-1986/In God's Loving Care, ossw Elmer.

NAUMANN, Elmer/1910-1979/In God's Loving Care, ossw Laura.

Naumann, William/1904-1992

NAUMANN, Son George R./12 Nov 1935 (no other dates), ossw Daughter Joanna G. And Daughter Mary Ellen RANNEY, in ground stone.

NAUMANN, Daughter Joanna G./12 Nov 1937 (no other dates), ossw Son George R. And Daughter Mary Ellen RANNEY, in ground stone.

NAUMANN, Daughter Mary Ellen RANNEY/14 Dec 1948 (no other dates, ossw Son George R. And Daughter Joanna G.

NAUMANN, Max L./1906-1973, ossw Gertrude and Lorraine.

NAUMANN, Gertrude/1914-2002, ossw Max L. And Lorraine.

NAUMANN, Lorraine/1934-1934, ossw Max L. And Gertrude.


OSTRAND, Herbert H./PFC US ARMY/25 Oct 1922-31 May 2005, service marker.

OSTRAND, Stanley H./SP5 US ARMY/VIETNAM/19 Feb 1944-5 Oct 2000, Service marker on stone.

OSTRAND, Christina/1889-1958, ossw Harry A., funeral markers: CASPERSON Service, cemented-homemade stone. Also, Close-up of OSTRAND, Christina and Harry A.

OSTRAND, Harry A./1893-1973, ossw Christina, funeral markers: CASPERSON Service, cemented-homemade stone. Also, Close-up of OSTRAND, Christina and Harry A.

OSTRAND, Audrey/1941-1961, ossw Roger and Ruby.

OSTRAND, Roger/1917-1975, ossw Audrey and Ruby.

OSTRAND, Ruby/(22 May*)1921, (Gardner, Door Co., Wisconsin*)-(Sat. 27 Nov 2010, Golden Living Center-Dorchester, Sturgeon Bay, Door Co., WI*), ossw Audrey and Roger. *Source: OBITUARY-HUEHNS Funeral Home: Ruby Mae OSTRAND (BRAUN), a lifelong resident of the Sturgeon Bay area, (89)-parents: the late Willem and Exzena (ROBILLARD) BRAUN-married on 19 Feb 1940 to Roger Harry OSTRAND at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in West Jacksonport-lived in Egg Harbor and later in Little Harbor on Bay Shore Drive-Roger passed away in 1975-when her husband Roger was alive, she was very involved in whatever they worked on together such as beekeeping and raising crops-her late son, Stanley, also shared in her numerous projects and many pastimes-moved to Pine Crest Village in Sturgeon Bay in February of 2001-in October of 2009, she moved to the Golden Living Center-Dorchester in Sturgeon Bay-Survivors include her daughter, Diane OSTRAND of Appleton, Wisconsin, her sister, Gail MOORE (BRAUN) of Franklin, Wisconsin-Other family members who preceded her in death include her husband Roger, daughter Audrey, son Stanley, sister Shirley SHULTA (BRAUN), Marjorie BRAGG (BRAUN), Beverly SCHAUERS (BRAUN), and brother Bruce BRAUN-Numerous extended family members survive. Karen SOLWAY, her special friend, was a very important part of her life-memorial service held Sunday, 5 Dec 2010, at Huehns Funeral Home-Burial was made in Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery-HUEHNS Funeral Home,

OSTRAND, Tammy Lynn/4 Jan 1961 (no other dates), in ground stone.

OSTRAND, Laurie Ann/1958-1960, in ground stone.

PATZA, Joseph "Happy"/1913-1987/Rest In Peace, ossw Glenice.

PATZA, Glenice/1917-1988/Rest In Peace, ossw Joseph "Happy".

PATZA, George/8 Oct 1905-12 Feb 1927.

PATZA, Robert/22 Apr 1907-23 Oct 1924.

PATZA, Benjamin/1871-1945, ossw Elizabeth.

PATZA, Elizabeth/1881-1949, ossw Benjamin.

PETERSEN, Lena/1894-1977, ossw Harvey.

PETERSEN, Harvey/1890-1956, ossw Lena.

POLZIN, Mary/16 Aug 1885-9 Jan 1975, next to August LEIMBACH.


RANNEY, Daughter Mary Ellen NAUMANN/14 Dec 1948 (no other dates), ossw Son George R. And Daughter Joanna G. NAUMANN.


REX, Leonard R./3 Dec 1935-14 Jul 2005/m. 19 Oct 1957, ossw Eunice "Hazel".

REX, Eunice "Hazel"/7 Nov 1937-(no other dates)/m. 19 Oct 1957, ossw Leonard R.

RICHARD, Ernest/1900-1980, ossw Irene, Emil KURTH and Elva KURTH.

RICHARD, Irene/1910-1976, ossw Ernest, Emil KURTH and Elva KURTH.


ROBERTOY, James/28 Nov 1959 (no other dates), in ground stone.

ROELL, Anna K./1836-1917, on ground stone.

ROELL, Carl A./Husband/1 Mar 1909-5 Oct 1977, ossw Wife Viola R.

ROELL, Viola R./Wife/30 Sep 1923-4 Dec 1995, ossw Husband Carl A.

ROELL, Lina/10 Jul 1872-10 Jun 1961, ossw Gustav.

ROELL, Gustav/26 Oct 1872-9 Mar 1951, ossw Lina.

Schink, Mother/6 Dec 1872-13 Feb 1935

SCHINK, Father/18 Apr 1872-22 Jun 1935

SCHLEICHER, Charles A./1891-1971, on ground stone.

SCHLEICHER, Father Arthur/1906-1960, ossw Mother Lucy.

SCHLEICHER, Mother Lucy/1908-1982, ossw Father Arthur.

SCHLEICHER, Julian C./1950-1989/In Gods Loving Care, ossw Judith A.

SCHLEICHER, Judith A./1950-(no other dates)/In Gods Loving Care, ossw Julian C.

SCHLEICHER, James W./SSGT US ARMY/VIETNAM/12 Oct 1944-19 Jun 1976, in ground service marker.

SCHLEICHER, Father Rudolph C./1859-1937, ossw Mother Katherine.

SCHLEICHER, Mother Katherine/1864-1938, ossw Father Rudolph C.

SCHMECHEL, August F. W./17 Jul 1841-5 May 1909/At Rest.

Schmecher, Henrietta/18 Oct 1834-24 Feb 1923

SCHMIDT, Nicholas B./1883-1972, ossw Lydia A.

SCHMIDT, Lydia A./1891-1968, ossw Nicholas B.

SCHMIDT, August/1879-1949.

SCHMIDT, Violet/1914-1919.

SCHULTZ, Sylvia M./1912-1999/m. 2 Nov 1929, ossw Arthur A.

SCHULTZ, Arthur A./1904-1988/m. 2 Nov 1929, ossw Sylvia M.

SEILTZ, Joel/2002 (no other dates), ossw Angela MARTENS.


SMITH, Myrle H./1915-1996, ossw Marie P.

SMITH, Marie P./1918-2007, ossw Myrle H.

STAATS, Baby of E. & M./24 Jan 1922 (no other dates).

STIEGLITZ, Arthur W./1898-1982, ossw Hattie A.

STIEGLITZ, Hattie A./1900-1986, ossw Arthur W.

TANCK, Arnold R./9 Nov 1935-12 Dec 2001/m. 15 Feb 1958, ossw Marietta J.  Also, Service marker on back of stone: TANCK, Arnold R./US ARMY/9 Nov 1935-12 Dec 2001.

TANCK, Marietta J./22 Aug 1939-(no other dates)/m. 15 Feb 1958, ossw Arnold R.

TANCK, Viola E. "Vi"/11 Nov 1922-13 Jun 2002.

TANCK, Mother Geraldine M./1928-1982.

TIEDKE, Herman/1897-1962

TIEDKE, Augusta/1901-1987

TISCHLER, Hattie/1891-1930

TISCHLER, Adolph/1881-1931

TISCHLER, Henry/1886-1978

TISCHLER, Elsie/1895-1971

TISCHLER, Olga "Ollie"*/18 Oct 1924, Town of Egg Harbor, Door, WI-2 Nov 2009, Green Bay, WI, *Source: OBIT: Door County Daily News-online:  "Olga "Ollie" TISCHLER, 85, of Green Bay, formerly of Sturgeon Bay, passed away at her home in Green Bay on 2 Nov, 2009.  She was born on Oct. 18, 1924 in the Town of Egg Harbor to Henry and Elsie (SCHULTZ) TISCHLER.  She graduated from Pleasant Grove School, Gibraltar High School, and attended Badger-Green Bay Business College.  Olga was employed at several offices in Sturgeon Bay, including L.D. SMITH Shipbuilding, Ahnapee & Western Railway, and she retired from Bay Shipbuilding in 1987.  She was a member of St. Peters Lutheran Church, Sturgeon Bay.  Survivors include, her sister, Sarah, with whom she lived; her sister-in-law, Marjorie TISCHLER, Bonduel; her niece, Susan (Keith) ROSS, Waunakee; her nephew, Tom TISCHLER, Cecil; and her grand nieces Lindsay and kimberly ROSS.  She was preceded in death by her parents and her brother, Ernest.  Funeral services, 6 Nov at St Peter Lutheran Church-Rev. Darrick KOLTERJAHN officiating.  Burial-Zion Lutheran Cemetery, West Jacksonport...  Forbes Funeral Home."

URBAN, Anna K./24 Oct 1851-5 May 1935

URBAN, George/1845-3 Mar 1919

URBAN, August/19 Oct 1886-21 Mar 1958/WI PVT Veterinary Corps, WWI

VOLKMAN, Emil J./1901-1988

VOLKMAN, Lillie E./1900-1992

VOLKMAN, Babies/1925- (no other dates)

VOLKMAN, Babies/1926-(no other dates)

VOLKMAN Babies/1935-(no other dates)

VOLKMAN, Roger A./24 Oct 1929-29 May 1985/PVT 1st Class US Army Korea

WAGNER, Edward/1879-1953

WAGNER, Augusta/1874-1943

WAGNER, Sophia/23 Sep 1858-3 Apr 1922

WAGNER, Ludwig/27 Jul 1855-26 May 1918

WAGNER, Nikolus/22 Apr 1842-12 May 1910


WAGNER, Lina/1906-1907

WAGNER, Hugo/1916-1940

WAGNER, Lena/1876-1956

WAGNER, Fred/1872-1959

WAGNER, Ernst Jack/19 Mar 1909-21 Dec 1987

WAGNER, Lloyd K./1 May 1911-16 Jan 1998

WAGNER, Agnes/10 Jul 1907-18 Jan 2003

WAGNER, Hulda E./

WAGNER, Amanda M./1920-2002

WAGNER, Clarence H./1906-1986

WAGNER, Christ J./1877-1944

WAGNER, Mary A./1884-1968

WAGNER, Roland/1914-1959/Heaven is my home.

WAGNER, Eleanor/1915-2003/Heaven is my home.

WAGNER, George C./28 Feb 1844-30 Nov 1925/Rune in sohn

WAGNER, Eva E./13 Oct 1842-1918/Rune in sohn

WENDT, Ervin/1904-1963

WENDT, Clara/1906-1977

WOLDT, Anna/29 Oct 1890-17 Aug 1927

WOLDT, Mary L./1956-1956

ZEISLER, Billy P./7 Sep 1918-5 Mar 1984/CPL US Marine Corps WWII

ZEISLER, Eleanor L./1927-(no other dates)



__?__, Gertrude/1899-1931, in ground stone, no surname.

__?__, Son Gabriel/1922-1924, on ground stone, no surname.






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