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* Jacksonport Town/Lakeview Cemetery*

INDEX - 1977 & some OBITS

 8 Apr 2011


LOCATION: NE Corner NE1/4 NE1/4 Section 14, Jacksonport Town. About 1.1 mile North of the Village of Jacksonport on Highway 54, West side of the road. When checked sign on the cemetery read JACKSONPORT LAKE VIEW CEMETERY. It is maintained in good condition by the town.

 Copied 30 Jul 1977 by Judy SRNKA, Eileen SLABY and Beverly DIEFENBACH and typed by Sally TREICHEL all of the W.S.O.C.S. (From PGS Newletters) retyped 9 Apr 2008 by Sue Hohneke for the PGS. 

Dates have been changed where needed to read: dd-mmm-yyyy for uniformity on the PGS Website.

April 2006-some pictures taken by the PGS.

24 to 28 Apr 2009-more pictures by Ginny HAEN linked to index.

30 Aug 2010-OBITs contributed by Judy PHILLIPS were added: Dorothy M. CLARK, Herbert William CLARK, Eva CLARK, and Doris Ann MAJDACIC.

11, 22 Oct 2010 - OBITs added.

1 Nov 2010 - pictures of sign and stones: CLARK, MAJDACIC, WILSON -contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010) added to index.

8 Apr 2011 - OBITS added.




Above: LEFT: Lakeview Cem. Sign by Highway - MIDDLE:  Jacksonport/Lakeview Cem. Drive - RIGHT: Lakeview Cem. Sign again - pictures contributed by Ginny HAEN and Judy PHILLIPS


Above:  Pictures taken by Sue Hohneke at our PGS Meeting at Lakeview Cemetery (also known as the Jacksonport Town Cemetery)-April 2006.  For more pictures of the cemetery: go to PGS Doings Page. 


ADLER, Carl A./8 Nov 1909/1 Nov 1972

ANDERSON, John/1867-1890, ossw Lars, Gertrud, and Andrew.

ANDERSON, Lars/1822-1881, ossw John, Gertrud, and Andrew.

ANDERSON, Gertrud/1823-1888, ossw John, Lars and Andrew.

ANDERSON, Andrew/1859-1938, ossw John, Lars and Gertrud.

ANSCHUTZ, Fred S./1888-1968, ossw Clara C., Hilda and Byron.

ANSCHUTZ, Clara C./1895-19(no other dates), ossw Fred S. Hilda, and Byron.

ANSCHUTZ, Hilda/16 Jul 1916/(no other dates), ossw Fred S., Clara C. and Byron.

ANSCHUTZ, Byron/26 Oct 1890/5 Jun 1975, ossw Fred S., Clara C. and Hilda.

ANSCHUTZ, William F. ANSCHUTZ/1889-1956, next to;

ANSCHUTZ, August ANSCHUTZ/1826-1910, ossw Caroline, Ernst and Elise.

ANSCHUTZ, Caroline/Guttin des/August ANSCHUTZ Sr./Geb. den/14 jul 1824/Gest. Den/3 Mar 1902/77 Jahren 8 mon 27 dagen, ossw August, Ernst and Elise.

ANSCHUTZ, Ernst/Sohn von/August ANSCHUTZ Jr./Geb. den/23 Mar 1894/Gest. Den/12 Jun 1894/Im Alter von 20 dagen, ossw August, Caroline and Elise.

ANSCHUTZ, Elise/GATTIN von/August ANSCHUTZ Jr./Geb. Den 25 Marz 1867/Gest. Den 25 Mai 1894/Im alter von 27 Jahn 2 mon, ossw August, Caroline and Ernst.

BACH, Katarina Elisabeta/Geb. 14 Jun 1843/Gest. 2 Sep 1903.

BAGLEY, John/Died 11 Jan 1887/Age 51yrs. 10 mos., ossw his wife Alice.

BAGLEY, Alice/His wife/Died/19 Aug 1922/Aged 78 yrs., ossw John, next to BAGLEY Footstones: Mother and Father.

BAGLEY, Mother/Footstones: Mother - Father, next to John and Alice.

BAGLEY, Father/Footstones: Mother - Father, next to John and Alice.

BAGLEY, Virginia M./26 Mar 1910-12 Dec 1910, WILSON Family Plot.


BAGNALL, Family Plot (Truman W.).

BAGNALL, Truman W./1880-1945, next to John H.

BAGNALL, John H./1918-1933, on ground stone, no surname, next to Elizabeth in BAGNALL Family Plot (Truman W.).

BAGNALL, Elizabeth/1882-1964, on ground stone, no surname, BAGNALL Family Plot (Truman W.).

BAGNALL George Philipp Jr./Aug.1975, on ground stone with lamb, next to Joseph W.

BAGNALL, Joseph W./Born/8 Nov 1870/18 Jan 1906, ossw;  add'l photo with BAGNALL descendant Ginny HAEN. (this stone was replaced with a new BAGNALL Family stone in 2006) 

BAGNALL, George Philipp Jr./Aug. 5 to 6, 1975, ossw Esther E. nee SCHARRIG and George H. BAGNALL, BAGNALL Stone Front (2006).

BAGNALL, Esther E. nee SCHARRIG/6 Sep 1937-(no other dates)/married 24 May 1974, ossw George Philipp Jr. and George H., BAGNALL New Stone Front (2006).

BAGNALL, George H./24 May 1934-(no other dates)/married 24 May 1974, ossw George Philipp Jr., and Esther E. nee SCHARRIG, BAGNALL New Stone Front (2006).

BAGNALL, Samuel/Died/26 Sep 1891/Aged 55 yrs. 6 mos, 20 ds., next to;

BAGNALL, Joseph W./Born/8 Nov 1870/18 Jan 1906, next to;  picture with descendant Ginny HAEN-stone replaced in 2006 - old stone destroyed.

BAGNALL, Samuel/Father/6 Mar 1836-26 Sep 1891/ next to Mother Alice.

BAGNALL, Mother/Alice/10 Apr 1845/13 Dec 1930 (these three were small stones next to the large one)

BAGNALL, Joseph/8 Nov 1870-18 Jan 1906, ossw Samuel and Alice, Back of BAGNALL new stone (2006).

BAGNALL, Samuel/6 Mar 1836-26 Sep 1891, ossw Joseph and Alice, Back of BAGNALL new stone (2006).

BAGNALL, Alice/10 Apr 1845-13 Dec 1930, ossw Joseph and Samuel, Back of BAGNALL new stone (2006).

BAGNALL, George Harry/Died 25 Oct 1899/Aged 25 years/7 mos 24 dy’s, BAGNALL Column stone, ossw John Tolerton and Elizabeth R.  Also, additional close-up: BAGNALL, George Harry.

BAGNALL, John Tolerton/Husband/Died/16 Oct 1897/Aged 58 yrs. 2 mo’s 10 dy’s/"In Loving Remembrance of"/"a loving husband thou hast been/a Father kind and tender/and in our hearts is thy memory/most loving to doth linger", BAGNALL Column stone, ossw Elizabeth R. and George Harry.

BAGNALL, Elizabeth R./Died/5 Dec 1903/Aged 59 years, BAGNALL column stone, ossw John Tolerton and George Harry, next to Martha Belle.  Also, additional close-up:  BAGNALL, Elizabeth R. BAGNALL

BAGNALL, Martha Belle/Died 8 Sep 1872/Age 1 mo. 8 ds., ossw Infant Samuel.

BAGNALL, Infant Samuel/ Died 17 Sep 1877/Children of J.T. & Eliza/BAGNALL, ossw Martha Belle.

BAGNALL Family Plot (George and Sarah).

BAGNALL Family Column Stone Base Close-up (George and Sarah).

BAGNALL, George/Born 22 Sep 1833-Died 17 Aug 1905, ossw His wife Sarah, BAGNALL Column Stone.

BAGNALL, Sarah/His wife/Born 2 Nov 1832-Died 3 Dec 1913, ossw George, BAGNALL Column Stone, next to Ruth A.

BAGNALL, Ruth A./Born 10 Aug 1894-Died 6 Jun 1906, next to George and Sarah.


BAUM, Herman/Emily/Gust/Carl (no dates - all on one stone), next to Edward Sr.

BAUM, Edward Sr./1894-19(uncut), ossw Sylverius M.

BAUM Sylverius M./1906-19(uncut), ossw Edward Sr.


BIRNSCHEIN, Friedr. Valentin/Geb./18 Nov 1899/Gest./27 Feb 1902

BLEY, Emma/Dau. of/N. & E. BLEY/Born/24 Aug 1893/Died/18 Sep 1893, next to Lizzie.

BLEY, Lizzie/Dau. of/Nicholas & Emma/BLEY/Born 22 Jun 1898/Died 10 Jul 1900.

BLEY, John BLEY/Born/5 sep 1834/Died/10 Jul 1903, ossw wife Ann.

BLEY, Ann/Wife of/John BLEY/Born/22 Dec 1830/Died/9 Oct 1908, next to BLEY Footstones: Father and Mother.

BLEY Footstones: Father - Mother, next to;

BLEY, Sarah/SKILLING/Mother/25 Oct 1866/4 May 1929, next to Anna A. E.

BLEY, Anna A.E./Dau. of/J. & S. SKILLING/Died/19 Aug 1889/Aged/2 m’s 25 d’s (family plot)


BROOKS, Charlotte M./Born/20 Sep 1826/Died/9 Jun 1907.  Also, additional picture: BROOKS, Charlotte M.  Charlotte BROOKS is sister of Jesse CALDWELL-source: Ginny HAEN.


BRUNGRABER, Mildred T./1924-(uncut), ossw Arthur P.

BRUNGRABER, Arthur P./1915-1977, ossw Mildred T., next to Arthur P. Service Marker.

BRUNGRABER, Arthur P./Pvt US Army/World War II/28 Mar 1915-20 Mar 1977 (Service marker), next to Baby Rose.

BRUNGRABER, Baby/Rose Marie/BRUNGRABER/1926 (Metal marker on homemade stone)

BRUNGRABER, Mathilda/1895-1975, ossw Arthur.

BRUNGRABER, Arthur/1890-1965, ossw Mathilda.


CALDWELL, Jesse/Co. G./9th Iowa Cav. (Veteran stone).    Also additional picture: CALDWELL, Jesse stone.  And another picture: CALDWELL, Jesse-service marker (Civil War).  The Veteran's Service Office replaced this marker in 2007/2008 by SCHRAM Monuments-looks very much like the original.  Jesse CALDWELL is the brother of Charlotte BROOKS-source: Ginny HAEN.


CARDY, Sam/1892-1961.

CARLSON, Herman/22 Oct 1872/6 Mar 1960/Married 27 Jun 1906, ossw Jennie.

CARLSON, Jennie/6 Jul 1879/12 Jul 1963/Married/27 Jun 1906, ossw Herman next to Mother Sophie.

CARLSON, Mother/Sophie/CARLSON/Born/24 Feb 1841/Died 4 Jun 1922, next to Father Gustave.

CARLSON, Father/Gustave/CARLSON/Born/29 Aug 1840/Died 19 Jul 1924, next to Kate.

CARLSON, Kate CARLSON/1876-1942, next to Emil.

CARLSON, Emil CARLSON/1878-1965, next to Kate.

CLARK Family Plot, picture contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

CLARK, Dorothy M./(9 Apr*)1928, (Cook Co., Ill.*)-(22 Apr*)1972, (Door County Memorial Hospital, Sturgeon Bay, Door Co., WI*), near Herbert, picture contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010); *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Apr 1972: Dorothy Mae (FOOTE) CLARK (9 Apr 1928-22 Apr 1972)-Dorothy CLARK- Mrs. Frank (Dorothy) CLARK, 44, R. 4, Sturgeon Bay, died late Saturday night, Apr. 22 at Door County Memorial hospital extended care unit following an illness of two years. She had multiple sclerosis-The daughter of William and Ella Foote was born Apr. 9, 1928 in Cook county, Ill. and had lived in Door county since 1944. She was a member of the United Methodist church-married 9 Jul 1949 to Frank CLARK at Jacksonport-he survives as do four children, Mrs. Warren (Judith) PHILLIPS, Sturgeon Bay, Darrel, Stanley and Laurie CLARK, all at home-Also surviving are three brothers, William FOOTE Jr., Kankakee, Ill., Roderick FOOTE, Medford, Ore., and James FOOTE-preceded in death by both parents-funeral service: Wednesday at the United Methodist church, Rev. William Shepherd officiating-Interment at Lake View Cemetery in Jacksonport-DAVIS Mortuary.-OBITUARY contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010)

CLARK, Herbert (William*)/Son/16 Nov 1929, (Jacksonport, Door Co., WI*)-3 May 1931, (Jacksonport, Door Co, WI*), next to Sanford, picture contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010); *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-8 May 1931: Herbert William CLARK (16 Nov 1929-3 May 1931)-SCARLET FEVER FATAL TO JACKSONPORT BABY-Jacksonport- Herbert William CLARK, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Sanford CLARK of this township, died of scarlet fever Sunday morning at the age of 17 1/2 months-was ill for two weeks-Surviving are the parents; one sister, Amelia, and three brothers, Clifford, Raymond and Frank, all at home; and two half sisters, Mrs. Lucille WARNER and Mrs. Helen NEWSWONDER, of Milwaukee-funeral held Tuesday afternoon from the HAHN undertaking parlors at Sturgeon Bay-Interment was at the Jacksonport cemetery-Rev. O.C. DITTES officiated.-OBITUARY contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

CLARK, Sanford (Edward*)/Father/(20 Sep*)1883, (Kewaunee Co., WI*)-(6 Jul*)1970, (Heritage Nursing Home, Sheboygan, WI*), ossw Eva, picture contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010);*Source: OBITUARY-Sheboygan Press-6 Jul 1970: Sanford Edward CLARK (20 Sep 1883-6 Jul 1970) SANFORD E. CLARK-Sanford E. CLARK, (86), died Monday night in the Heritage Nursing Home after a long illness-Sheboygan resident for the last 10 years-born 21 Sep 1883, in Kewaunee County-parents: the late William and Amelia CLARK-married Eva MAPES 53 years ago-was a retired farmer and Great Lakes sailor-farmed near Jacksonport, retired 10 years ago and then came to Sheboygan-Survivors include his wife, Eva, 918 Kentucky Ave.; four sons, Clifford of TUCSON, Ariz., Raymond of Sheboygan, Frank of Sturgeon Bay, and Gerald of Milwaukee, and four daughters, Mrs. Clyde (Helen) FULMER, Oconomowoc, Mrs. Edward (Lucille) TIMM, Watertown, Mrs. Amelia THIRY, Milwaukee, and Mrs. Alvin (Doris) GROVOGEL, Sheboygan-survived by two sisters, Mrs. Georgie KRAEDEMANN, Sheboygan, and Mrs. Lottie SCHUYLER, Sturgeon Bay; two brothers, John of Sturgeon Bay and James, Charlevoix, Mich.; 24 grandchildren, and 21 great-grandchildren-Funeral services held Thursday in the STONEMANN Funeral Home, Sturgeon Bay-Burial will be in Lakeview Cemetery, Jacksonport-STONEMAN Funeral Home. OBITUARY contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

CLARK, Eva/Mother/(13 Feb*)1900, (Forestville, Door Co., WI*)-(Tues. 20 Sep*)19(88*), ossw Sanford, picture contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010); *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Fri. 23 Sep 1988: Eva Jane (MAPES) CLARK (13 Feb 1900-21 Sep 1988)-EVA CLARK-Mrs. Eva CLARK, (88), formerly of Jacksonport, died Tuesday, 20 Sep 1988 at the Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center- resided in Sheboygan since 1959-born 13 Feb 1900 in Forestville-parents: John and Josephine MAPES-married Sanford E. CLARK in Manitowoc 3 Aug 1916-He died 6 Jul 1970-member of St. Luke United Methodist Church, Sheboygan, where services were held Thursday 22 Sep 1988, Rev. Thomas R. JARRELL officiated-Burial took place Friday 23 Sep 1988 at Lakeview Cemetery in Jacksonport-Survivors include one daughter Mrs. Amelia PAYNE, Random Lake, four sons Clifford (Audrey) CLARK, Tucson, AZ, Raymond (Edith) CLARK, Sheboygan, Frank (Myrtle) CLARK, Fish Creek, Gerald (Beverly) CLARK, Franklin; one son-in-law George MAJDACIC, Sheboygan, 25 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren-preceded in death by her daughter Doris, one son Herbert, one grandson, one great-granddaughter, one brother and two stepdaughters-BALLHORN CHAPELS Funeral Home, Sheboygan.-OBITUARY contributed by Judy Phillips (30 Aug 2010)

CLARK Milford/1877-1959, ossw William, Mary and Joseph.

CLARK William/1870-1944, ossw Milford, Mary and Joseph.

CLARK Mary/1853-1931, ossw Milford, William and Joseph.

CLARK Joseph/1847-1912, ossw Milford, William and Mary.

COPFERT, K. M./1845-1921.


DIETRICH, Hanna T./Frau von/A. DIETRICH/Geb./15 Mai 1855/Gest./23 Sep 1887

ENGELKE, Emlea/Geb. KUHN/Geb. In Voghtschagenbei Waugart im Pommern/Deutchland den 25/Juni 1849/Gest. Den 3 Aug 1907, ossw;

ENGELKE Carl/ENGELKE/Geb. Den 4 Mar 1841/Geb. In Paulsdorf im Pommern/Deutschland (no date of death is given)

ENGELKE Henry ENGELKE/Geb. Den/13 Feb 1890/Gest. Den/20 Sep 1892


ERNST, Christine E./Mother/Geb. 12 Mai 1852/Gest. 14 Feb 1929, ossw G. August.

ERNST, G. August/Geb. 21 Dec 1845/Gest. 6 Jan 1923, ossw Christine E., next to Wilhelme/

ERNST, Wilhelme/Sohn von/A. & C. ERNST/Gest./6 Mar 1897/Alter/17 Jahre 2 monat/2 tage.

ERSKINE, Charles L./1881-1968, ossw Hazel.

ERSKINE, Hazel/1888-19(uncut), ossw Charles L.

ERSKINE, Father/1845-1929, next to Mother.

ERSKINE, Mother/1862-1949 (no first name for either), next to Little Willie.

ERSKINE, Little Willie/Son of/L. H. & C. ERSKINE/Born 7 Jul 1885/Died 27 Aug 1887.

FELHOFER, Baby/1931-1931 (Home made stone)

FLOCK, Henry C./Son of/C. Und H. FLOCK/Geb. 4 Jul 1897/Gest. 5 Dec 1897.

GOTTBEHUT, Valendin/Geb. Den/20 Apr 1824/Gest. Den/24 Nov 1899.

HALSTEAD, Lottie L./1896-1971, ossw HALSTEAD (uncut).

HALSTEAD,__?__/ (Uncut), ossw Lottie L.

HALSTEAD, Anne Jane/Halstead/Born/30 Sep 1854/Died 23 Jul 1921, ossw Alexander.  Additional pictures- (1) of HALSTEAD, Anne Jane and Alexander W. and (2) HALSTEAD, Anne Jane and Alexander W.

HALSTEAD, Alexander W./Halstead/Born/18 Jan 1852/Died/14 Jul 1931, ossw Anne Jane next to James.  Additional pictures- (1) of HALSTEAD, Anne Jane and Alexander W.  and (2) HALSTEAD, Anne Jane and Alexander W.

HALSTEAD, James/Died/7 Jun 1886/Aged/2 mos., ossw Willie and Children of A. & J.  Also, Close-up of HALSTEAD, James.

HALSTEAD, Willie/Died/28 Jul 1877/aged/1 day/ossw James and Children of A. & J. Halstead.

HALSTEAD, Hannah/Beloved/Wife of/Robert M. HALSTEAD/Died/12 Sep 1892/Aged/33 yrs 9 m’s 12 dy’s.


HERBST, Anna E. HERBST/Geb. Den 27 Sep 1808/Gest. Den 12 Aug 1890/A present from/Bernhart WALTHER.

HERBST, Katharina/Frau von/Casper HERBST/ Geb. Den 30 Sep 1864/Gest. Den 1 Sep 1901.

HERBST, Elizabeth/1862-1952, ossw Henry.

HERBST, Henry/1862-1941, ossw Elizabeth, next to Frank C.

HERBST, Frank C./Wisconsin/PVT 42 Depot SVC Co ASC/World War II/1 Aug 1889 - 4 Jun 1960, service marker.

JOHNSON, Augusta/1863-1956, next to Ole JOHNSON.

JOHNSON, Ole/Born/13 Feb 1844/Died 2 Apr 1917

JOHNSON, Harry A./1899-1960, next to Roswell.

JOHNSON, Roswell/1903-1974, next to Arthur.

JOHNSON, Arthur/1889-1955, next to Michael.

JOHNSON, Michael/1891-1950, next to August.

JOHNSON, August/Father/1846-1923, ossw Mother Mary.

JOHNSON, Mary/Mother/1857-1942, ossw Father August.


KOULIAS Kathleen Butler KOULIAS/1923-1974

KRAMER Bernie/Born 12 Jan 1895/Died 10 Sep 1895, ossw;

KRAMER Fredrick/Born 29 Sep 1896/Died 7 Feb 1897, ossw;

KRAMER Myrtle/Born/26 Aug 1901/Died 31 Aug 1901, ossw;

KRAMER Lillie/Born 17 Jan 1894/Died 1 Sep 1894, ossw;

KRAMER Children of Fred & M. KRAMER

KROCK Josie B. KROCK/Wife of/Joseph C. KROCK/Died/26 Mar 1886/Aged/ 35yrs 11 m’s 2 d’s

KUEHN Bertha/Geb./14 Oct 1845/Gest./30 Jan 1923, ossw;

KUEHN C. August/Geb./30 Jun 1847/Gest./30 Jul 1899, next to;

KUEHN Paul L./1889-1969, ossw;

KUEHN Lizzie/1893-1968/

KUEHN H. W. KUEHN/1849-1899, ossw;

KUEHN His wife/Ernestine/1851-1929

KUGLER Mother/Emma KUGLER/Born - 1865/Died - 1931


KURTH-ZEECK Ernst P. KURTH/Geb. 9 Jan 1874/Gest./20 Dec 1888, ossw;

KURTH-ZEECK Frederiche KURTH/Geb. 5 Dec 1844/Gest. 20 Dec 1888, ossw;

KURTH-ZEECK Willie M. KURTH/Geb. 18 Feb 1885/Gest. 28 Aug 1906, ossw;

KURTH-ZEECK Friedrich ZEECK/ Geb. 13 Sep 1843/Gest. 18 Jan 1903, next to;

KURTH-ZEECK Mother/Bertha ZEECK/1 Feb 1847/17 Mar 1922

LARSON Sven LARSON/1855-1941, next to;

LARSON Margareta Christina/LARSON/Died/25 Feb 1899/Aged/42 yrs. 11 mos.

LECLAIR Mother/Clara L./LECLAIR/1883-1963, next to;

LECLAIR Clyde H./LECLAIR/1907-1959

LEE James W./1864-1932, next to;

LEE Robert E./1866-1930, next to;

LEE Mother/Anna/1835-1907, next to;

LEE Father/William/1833-1880, next to;

LEE John E./1862-1898

LEIMBACH Anna K./LEIMBACH/Geb. Den/7 Nov 1834/Gest. Den/10 Feb 1914

LEIMBACH Johannes LEIMBACH/Geb. 12 Jan 1832/Gest. 12 Apr 1903, next to;

LEIMBACH Anna K./Frau von/Aug. LEIMBACH/Geb. 11 Jun 1887/Gest. 21 Oct 1905, next to;

LEIMBACH A. Casper LEIMBACH/Geb. 3 Feb 1860/Gest. 4 Apr 1901

LIMPERT Albert C./Sohn von/Emil & Caroline/LIMPERT/Geb. Den 28 Oct 1899/Gest. 28 Aug 1900

LOGAN Anna LOGAN/Died 16 May 1908/Age 55 years, ossw;

LOGAN Mary J. LOGAN/Born Co. Fermanagh/Ireland/20 Feb 1839/Died 14 Jun 1901, ossw;

LOGAN James LOGAN/Died 9 Nov 1881/Age 89 years, ossw;

LOGAN Robert LOGAN/Died 4 Sep 1901/Aged 67 years (off of base and in the bushes)

LOGERQUIST, Augusta W./Mother/27 Dec 1872-2 Jan 1960, ossw Andrew E. LOGERQUIST; picture taken during PGS Meeting at cemetery in April 2006.

LOGERQUIST, Andrew E./Father/3 Jul 1859-26 Jul 1949, ossw Augusta W.

LOGERQUIST Arnold M./1899-1972

LOGERQUIST, Jeanette M.*/b. 16 Dec 1924, Milwaukee, WI-d. Thurs. 17 Mar 2011, Aurora BayCare Medical Center, Green Bay, Brown Co., WI; *Source OBITUARY-HUEHNS Funeral Home: Jeanette M. LOGERQUIST, (86) of Jacksonport-Parents: he late Arthur and Hattie (BAEHMANN) STIEGLITZ-After her graduation from Rufus King High School she was employed as a secretary for Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company in Milwaukee-met Russell LOGERQUIST in Jacksonport after her parents had moved to Door County- They were married on 13 Oct 1951 in Milwaukee-She had become part of the LOGERQUIST Bros. Potato Plantation in Jacksonport and lived on the LOGERQUIST homestead the remainder of her life-Russell preceded her in death on 25 Nov 1996-worked for many years as the administrative manager for Baileys Harbor Yacht Club-member of the Jacksonport Historical Society-Survivors include her two sons, Daniel LOGERQUIST of Tahoe City, California, Jim LOGERQUIST and his wife Nancy NEVINS of Portland, Oregon; brother, Ronald (Beverly) STIEGLITZ of Green Bay; and her sister, Harriett MAHLBERG of Milwaukee; and many nieces and nephews-Preceding her in death were her parents, husband, and one sister, Lulu MAUCH-celebration of her life will be held at the Jacksonport United Methodist Church with Rev. Joe Mitchell officiating-Burial will follow at Lakeview Cemetery in Jacksonport-Friends may call at the church after 11:00 a.m. on Monday until the time of service at 1:00 p.m. Huehns Funeral Home

LUETHGE Robert LUETHGE/23 Nov 1846/30 Dec 1931, ossw;

LUETHGE His wife/Alvena/23 Aug 1856/20 May 1920

MAJDACIC, George/26 Sep 1928-25 Jul 2005, ossw Doris Ann, picture contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010);

MAJDACIC, Doris Ann/19 Oct 1940-28 Jan 1976, ossw George, picture contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010); *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Tues. 3 Feb 1976: Dorisann (CLARK) MAJDACIC (19 Oct 1940-28 Jan 1976) DOOR COUNTY NATIVE SLAIN AT SHEBOYGAN-A former Door county woman, Mrs. Dorisann MAJDACIC, 35, was one of two women murdered in her Sheboygan apartment last week Wednesday-Randall L. SCHOERNER, 18, an unemployed high school dropout who sometimes stays in Sheboygan, is charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths-Mrs. MAJDACIC is the former Dorisann CLARK-born 19 Oct 1940, in Sturgeon Bay-parents: former Eva MAPES and the late Sanford E. CLARK-graduated from Sevastopol high school-married 23 Jun 1973 to George MAJDACIC of Sheboygan-Mrs. MAJDACIC and her friend, Marjorie BOONE, 54, were found shot and stabbed to death in Mrs. MAJDACIC's apartment Wednesday afternoon-Mrs. MAJDACIC had been a patient in Sheboygan Memorial hospital, for about six days and had obtained permission to go home for the day, accompanied by Mrs. BOONE-Police said the bodies of the two women were found by Mrs. MAJDACIC's husband when he returned home from his job with the Sheboygan Department of Public Works about 4:40 p.m. Wednesday-The MAJDACIC apartment is located just south of the Sheboygan business district, above a garage which is operated part time by MAJDACIC-Police said both women had been shot and stabbed several times but unofficial reports indicated no sign of a struggle-Mrs. MAJDACIC's 14-year old son by a previous marriage said he and his brother had been staying with neighbors while their mother was in the hospital and that she had come home for the day to make more permanent arrangements for them before returning to the hospital-SCHOERNER, whose parents live in Black River, has no permanent address and sometimes stays with brothers living in Sheboygan and attended Sheboygan South high school as a special education student in 1973-74. He was arrested the same night of the murders but as part of an investigation of an unrelated purse snatching and kept in custody since then-Schoerner was declared indigent by Circuit Judge Allen DEEHR and is being held for preliminary hearing-Mrs. MAJDACIC is survived by her husband; mother; two sons, Dale and Rickey GROVOGEL; four brothers, Clifford CLARK of Tucson, Ariz., Raymond CLARK of Adell, Wis., Frank CLARK of Wauwatosa and Gerald CLARK of Franklin, Wis; three sisters, Mrs. William PAYNE of Tampa, Fla., Mrs. Ed. TIMM of Watertown, and Mrs. Clyde FULMER of Oconomowoc-One brother preceded her in death-Funeral services were held Tuesday at St. Luke Methodist church in Sheboygan, the Rev. Michael WHITE officiating-Burial was in Lakeview cemetery, Jacksonport, the Rev. William SHEPHERD officiating-The GERAND-HABERMANN funeral home of Sheboygan.-OBITUARY contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010)

MALEPORT, Judith A.*/ b. 14 Jul 1942, Jacksonport, Door Co., WI-d. Sat. 28 Aug 2010, at home of daughter, Maryland; *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Wed. 20 Oct 2010: Judith A. MALEPORT, (68), of Brussels-passed away after lengthy illness-parents: the late Archie and Ruth (ERSKIN) STRASSMAN-graduated from Sevastopol High School-was a cook at Door County Memorial Hospital, Senior Center and the Dorchester-Survivors include her husband and companion for over 30 years, Don MALEPORT of Brussels; four daughters, Seanna BUHK of Sturgeon Bay, Veronica J. QUINN of Maryland, Judy DEUTSCH of Kentucky, Joyce DEUTSCH of Washington; two sons, Archie DEUTSCH of Washington, James DEUTSCH of Green Bay; grandchildren; and her brother, Roger (Cookie) STRASSMAN of Shawno, Wisconsin-services Sat. 23 Oct 2010 at Lakeview Cemetery in Jacksonport with Fr. Robert KONKOL officiating-HUEHNS Funeral Home, And, MALEPOR, Judith A.*/d. 28 Aug 2010;* Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Wed. 15 Sep 2010: Judith A. MALEPOR, (68), Brussels, Wis.-will be put to rest at Jacksonport Lakeview Cemetary alongside of her mother and father, Archie and Ruth STRASSMAN-Donald MALEPORT is her surviving husband.

MARKERT Father/Gustave/MARKERT/1888-1950


MARTINSON-NOHR Edward MARTINSON (no dates), ossw;

MARTINSON-NOHR Louis (no dates), ossw;

MARTINSON-NOHR Olive (no dates), ossw;

MARTINSON-NOHR Dorothy/NOHR (no dates), ossw;

MARTINSON-NOHR Stanley (no dates) (The NOHR’s were on the back of the MARTINSON stone, next to;

MARTINSON-NOHR Edward/Son of/L. & O. MARTANSAN/Born/1 Apr 1888/Died 28 May 1892

MATZKE Rev. Arthur MATZKE/1895-1964

MILLER Son/John MILLER Jr./1891-1945, next to;

MILLER Father/John/Miller/3 Feb 1863/30 Jul 1933, ossw;

MILLER Mother/Anna/17 Mar 1867/16 Oct 1948, next to;

MILLER Kathim/MÜLLER/Geb. Am/1. 7 Mar 1890/Gest. Am/8 Feb 1904

MILLER Michael/Son of Mr. & Mrs./Earl MILLER/28 Oct 1972


NAUMANN Wilhelma NAUMANN/Geb. 21 Jan 1841/Gest. 24 May 1912, ossw;

NAUMANN Pauline A. NAUMANN/Geb 13 Jan 1844/Gest./27 Apr 1899

NEFF Our Sister/Hilda E. NEFF/28 Dec 1901/27 Oct 1968/Charles’s Godmother

NELSON Alfred E. NELSON/Wisconsin/SGT 103 Mir Truck Co OMC/World War I/28 Jun 1898-13 Nov 1956 (Military marker), next to;

NELSON Helen Nelson/1913-1961

NILSON John A. G./Son of/A.P. & M./NILSON/1864-1870


OLSON Alice/21 Mar 1905/13 Aug 1963, next to;

OLSON Everett/24 Jun 1914/24 Apr 1964, ossw;

OLSON Viola/9 Jan 1919/(uncut)

OLSON, Charles “Chuck”, Sr.*/b. 8 Jun 1939, Jacksonport, Door, WI-d. 5 Mar 2010, Minocqua, WI-*Source: OBITUARY-FORBES Funeral Home: (70), of Sturgeon Bay, passed away suddenly while on a fishing trip-parents: Everett and Viola (KOHLS-MORIN) OLSON-married 24 Jun 1967 Janice BURLO in Baileys Harbor-retired as a marine unit supervisor for the Dept. of Natural Resources after many years of service-currently a real estate agent for Era-Starr Realty in Sturgeon Bay, WI-member of the Beja Shrine Center in Green Bay-past president of the Peninsula Shrine Club of Door County-was currently serving on the Peninsula Shrine Club’s board as a trustee-a Mason, past Master, and a current trustee of the Henry S. Baird Lodge #221 of Sturgeon Bay-Survivors include his wife, Janice; two children, Renee (Randy) SIMPSON, Elk Mound, WI, and Charles (Sarah) OLSON Jr., Sturgeon Bay; 4 grandchildren; a brother, Everett (Phyllis) OLSON Jr., Oregon; his mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law-preceded in death by his parents, 2 sisters, and a brother-in-law-Funeral services Tues. 9 Mar 2010 at Bay View Lutheran Church in Sturgeon Bay-Burial at Lakeview Cemetery in Jacksonport-Forbes Funeral Home in Sturgeon Bay

OLSON, Edwin Herbert*/ b. 30 Apr 1924, North Dakota-d. Tues. 19 Oct 2010; *Source: HUEHNS Funeral Home: Edwin Herbert OLSON-of Jacksonport, formerly of Appleton -parents: Edwin H OLSON Senior and Anna Mae VRTACNIK-After graduating from Kimball High School in Minnesota joined the Navy became a communications specialist-sailed on the aircraft carrier FDR and spent time in San Diego and New York City while not at sea-attended Hamline University in St Paul, Minn. as an undergraduate-went on for his Masters and PHD at The University of Denver- long teaching and counseling career centered around Lawrence University where he retired as the Chairman of the Psych. Department in 1989- never missed a day-met and married Dorothy D. WARREN while at Hamline they had a long marriage-After he retired he took a baking course and would help at the bakery in Jacksonport-survived by his three children, Krista (Don JERVIS) OLSON of Jacksonport (and their daughter, Renn), Rolf OLSON of Egg Harbor (and his son, Colin PUSTAVER-OLSON), Jon (Jenny) OLSON of Appleton; three step-grandchildren, Jake, Ryan, and Kyle; one sister, Jan ROSS of Ketchikan, Alaska-celebration of his life held Sun. 24 Oct 2010 at HUEHNS Funeral Home with Rev. Kenneth BOETTCHER officiating-Military honors will be given-Burial will take place in Lakeview Cemetery-HUEHNS Funeral Home,

PAGE Reuben D./Page Sr./Died/14 Dec 1901/Aged 84 years, next to;

PAGE Reuben Z. PAGE/ 1 Mar 1865/26 Mar 1952, next to;

PAGE Mary E./Wife of/G.E. PAGE/Born/3 Mar 1868/Died/18 Mar 1903, next to

PAGE Elijah PAGE (no dates, an old stone)

PHILLIPS Willie D./Son of/J.L. & N. PHILLIPS/Died 11 Feb 1886/Age 4 yrs. 6 mos.

PIERSON Rudolph PIERSON/1903-1970 (Metal marker), next to;

PIERSON Charlotte PIERSON/1914-1974

RIEDER, Brian J.*/b. 3 Nov 1981, Milwaukee, WI-d. Fri., 30 Apr 2010, Rockford, IL; *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Wed. 5 May 2010: Brian J. RIEDER, 28, Rockford, Ill., passed away Friday, April 30, 2010, after a one year courageous fight with cancer-parents: of Jerome and Debora (COTE) RIEDER-graduated from Hononegah High School in 2000-Brian worked at WREX as a promotions manager for the past eight years and was an avid Packers Fan-married Jennifer MEIDINGER on 21 May 2005-Survived by wife, Jennifer, Rockford; parents, Jerome (Debora) RIEDER, Rockton, Ill.; sister, Amy RIEDER, Rockton; maternal grandparents, Jerry and Judy COTE, Jacksonport; uncle and aunt, Mark and Jill COTE, Sturgeon Bay; cousins, Brandon and Nick COTE, Sturgeon Bay; great-aunts and uncles, Gerald and Mary KIEHNAU, Paul and Leann KIEHNAU, Ellen KIEHNAU, Nap and Marlene MAGNO; parents- in-law, Ron and Diane MEIDINGER, Rockford, Ill.; sister-in-law, Brittany (Kevin) SWIFT; nieces and nephews, Nathan, Samantha, Tori, Katy, Andrew; brother-in-law, Isaac (Samantha) MEIDINGER; and other friends and relatives-Preceded in death by grandparents, Elmer and Frances RIEDER and other relatives-Sunset Funeral Home, 8800 N. Alpine Rd., Machesney Park, Ill., funeral services Thursday 6 May 2010. Burial on Friday, May 7, 2010 at Lakeview Cemetery in Jacksonport, Wis.-Sunset Funeral Home-

ROBINSON William J./14 Aug 1874/15 Jun 1958, ossw;

ROBINSON Lilly M./4 May 1882/31 May 1971

SARGENT Family Stone.  Also, SARGENT (one large stone with just SARGENT)

SARGENT George B./1880-1927, ossw;

SARGENT Mary A./1886-1953

SCHAFF Evelyn/1906-(uncut), ossw;

SCHAFF Albert/1902-1968

SCHARRIG, Esther E. SCHARRIG BAGNALL/6 Sep 1937-(no other dates), ossw George Philipp Jr. and George H. BAGNALL, BAGNALL Stone Front.


SCHROEDER Olga/SCHROEDER/Born 17 Oct 1914/Died 23 Jun 1922, next to;

SCHROEDER Father/William/SCHROEDER/1854-1931, next to;

SCHROEDER Mother/Johanna/SCHROEDER/1872-1960



SNOVER Mark Jr./Son of Mr. & Mrs./Mark SNOVER/1957-1964, next to;

SNOVER Marquis SNOVER/Wisconsin/SSMT 3 US Navy/World War II/30 May 1922-3 Oct 1972 (Military Marker)

SPILLE Henry J./ 13 Jul 1899/11 Jul 1976, ossw;

SPILLE Martha A./21 Sep 1900/(uncut)

SPILLE Rosie SPILLE/Born 26 May 1882/Died 29 Dec 1904

SPITTELMEISTER Michael SPITTELMEISTER/Born 15 Nov 1884/Died 23 Jan 1913, next to;

SPITTELMEISTER Mike/1849-1928, next to;

SPITTELMEISTER, Barbara/1851-1901

SPITTLEMEISTER Anna SPITTLEMEISTER/Born 23 Dec 1893/Died 4 Dec 1918

STAMMINGER E. Ernestine/Frau von Kluge/ Ernst STAMMINGER/Geb./28 Jun 1848/Gest/28 Jun 1899

STAVER Lucile/Dau. Of Otto & Julia STAVER/Born 4 Oct 1906/Died/29 Jan 1908

STENZEL Leo H./1907-(uncut), ossw;

STENZEL Hilda/1917-1968

SWENSON Erick SWENSON/1856-1937

THORNTON Father/J.S. THORNTON/Died 8 Jun 1902/Aged 76 yrs. 11 mos 22 ds

TIEDKE Lena/1863-1940, ossw;

TIEDKE August/1866-1940, next to;

TIEDKE, Brother/August/1906-(uncut), ossw;

TIEDKE Sister/Ella/1904-(uncut), next to;

TIEDKE Emma TIEDKE/13 Aug 1902/30 May 1924, ossw;

TIEDKE William TIEDKE/4 Oct 1898/25 May 1925

TIEDKE Martha W. TIEDKE/Born 6 Feb 1895/Died 25 Jan 1911, next to;

TIEDKE Henrette M./TIEDKE/Geb./25 Mar 1833/Gest./2 Mai 1897, next to;

TIEDKE Otto F. TIEDKE/Born 11 Apr 1896/Died 6 Oct 1897

TIEDKE Emil TIEDKE/Born 25 Jun 1894/Died 26 Dec 1919, next to;

TIEDKE Carl TIEDKE/Born 14 Mar 1857/Died 21 Jul 1929, ossw;

TIEDKE Ulreka TIEDKE/Born 25 Jun 1863/Died 10 Jan 1924


TRESSLER Albert Willis TRESSLER/13 Oct 1866/9 Jan 1950, next to;

TRESSLER Arlovine Dart TRESSLER/25 Mar 1872/10 Feb 1961, next to;

TRESSLER Irving “IRV” Dart TRESSLER/12 Aug 1908/16 Feb 1944, next to:

TRESSLER Jerome “Jerry” TRESSLER HAUSE/9 Mar 1930/19 Mar 1942

WAGNER, Oscar*/b. 14 Apr 1914-d. 10 Oct 2010, at home, West Jacksonport, Door Co., WI; *Source: OBITUARY-HUEHNS Funeral Home: Oscar WAGNER-(14 Apr 1914-10 Oct 2010), (96) of West Jacksonport-services: Thursday evening at Zion Ev. Lutheran Church in West Jacksonport with Rev. Peter LINDEMANN officiating-Burial will be in Lakeview Cemetery in Jacksonport-HUEHNS Funeral Home

WEITERMANN Ernst F./Son of E. F. & M./WEITERMANN/Born 13 Jul 1897/Died 8 Sep 1897

WETTERMANN Infant Sons of/ Mr. & Mrs. George/WETTERMANN(no dates), next to;

WETTERMANN (new grave - no marker)

WHITE Mother/Eula WHITE/14 Aug 1915/11Sep 1968

WIEGAND Mother/1868-1900, next to;

WIEGAND Father/ 1864-1935 (no first names given), next to;

WIEGAND Arthur/1897-1900

WILSON Family Plot.  And, WILSON Family Plot, contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

WILSON S/Sgt Wesley/1914-1945/Killed in Action/E.T.O., on ground stone, no surname, WILSON Family Plot, next to Lucy M., picture contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

WILSON Lucy M./1889-1967, next to Max.

WILSON Max/1888-1964

WILSON, Wm. A. WILSON/1874-1929, in ground stone, next to Belle L.

WILSON, Belle L./1882-1969, next to Virginia M. BAGLEY WILSON.

WILSON, Virginia M. BAGLEY/Born 26 Mar 1910/Died 12 Dec 1910, next to Bertie WILSON.

WILSON, Bertie/Son of/Henry & Sarah M. WILSON/Died 10 Dec 1878/Aged 5 weeks, 4 days, next to Grandma Margaret.

WILSON, Margaret/Grandma/Died 30 Nov 1901/Aged 86 Yrs. 7 mos 27 dys, next to Henry and Sarah.

WILSON, Henry WILSON/Born/2 Feb 1850/Died 6 Apr 1921, ossw Sarah M.

WILSON, Sarah M./Wife of/Henry WILSON/Born/7 Aug 1849/Died/12 Apr 1907, column stone, ossw Henry WILSON, next to WILSON Footstones: Father and Mother.

WILSON Footstones: Father-Mother


WITTIG Fredrich August/WITTIG/Geb. Den/7 Jan 1863/Gest. Den/23 Aug 1903, next to;

WITTIG Footstones: Father - Mother







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