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* Maplewood Public/Forestville Town Cemetery*

INDEX - 2000 & some OBITS

Updated 14 Sep 2010



Location: SE Corner SE1/4 NW1/4 Section 4, Town of Forestville. 0.8 miles east of Maplewood off of Highway 42 on County Trunk H on the North side of the road. The cemetery is located across the road from Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church and cemetery. The cemetery is maintained in good condition.


Copied in 1972 by George A. Richard of the W.S.G.S. and reindexed by Eileen Slaby and Beverly Diefenbach of the W.S.O.C.S. on April 24, 1977. Typed by Sally Treichel.


Reindexed October 31, 2000 by Susan Havel of the PGS.


Above: View of Maplewood/Forestville Town Cemetery Cemetery and Sign-contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010). 




2 Feb, 2 Sep 2010: OBITs added.

24 Aug 2010: OBITS contributed by Judy PHILLIPS for Lydia (DAVIS) FITTSHUR ROCKWELL, Leroy FITTSHUR and Walter Leroy FITTSHUR.

14 Sep 2010: Pictures of cemetery and stones for FITTSHUR/ROCKWELL family contributed by Judy PHILLIPS 26 Aug 2010 linked to this index.

ANDERSEN, Andrew T./Sept. 5, 1910/Jan. 10, 1980, ossw;

ANDERSEN, Hulda M./Sept. 20, 1913/Jan. 6, 1990

BAUMANN, Father/Henry J./1902-1991

BAUMANN, Mother/Ethel L./1905-1948

BONGLE, Joanne M./Aug. 28, 1950/(uncut), ossw;

BONGLE, William J./May 22, 1951/(uncut), next to;

BONGLE, Billie Jo/Daug. of/Joanne & Bill Bongle/Jan. 31, 1971

BRANDT, Henry/1873-1880, next to

BRANDT, Lena/1882-1883, next to;

BRANDT, Father/Joachim/1843-1906, next to;

BRANDT, Mother/Lena/1853-1919, next to;

BRANDT, Herman/1884-1900, next to;

BRANDT, Frederick/1879-1941, next to;

BRANDT, Joseph/1880-1953

BRANDT, Joachim/1843-1906, ossw;

BRANDT, Lena/1852-1919, next to;

BRANDT, Sophia/1886-1942, next to;

BRANDT, Martha/1891-1942,

BRAUN, Otto Braun/1881-1922, next to;

BRAUN, Evelyn Bruan/1894-1926, next to;

BRAUN, Arthur W Braun/US Army/World War II/Jul 12 1918 - Dec 1 1991 (Veteran Stone at the foot of the grave), next to;

BRAUN, Buba/Arthur W./July 12, 1918/Dec. 1, 1991, ossw;

BRAUN, Nana/Grace M./Oct. 23, 1915/Aug. 8, 1999

BUEHLER, Marlin/1928-1999, ossw;

BUEHLER, Cecelia/1919-(uncut)

BUSSE, Father/August/Busse/Sept. 7, 1836/Dec. 14, 1896, ossw;

BUSSE, Mother/Caroline/Busse/Mar. 24, 1845/May 18, 1924, next to;

BUSSE, Daughter/Emilie Busse/1885-1966

BUSSE, Alice/June 27, 1879/Aug. 12, 1963, ossw;

BUSSE, Julius/Sept. 12, 1874/July 4, 1956, ossw;

BUSSE, Ellsworth/Dec. 15, 1911/Feb. 23, 1965, next to;

BUSSE, Vernetta/Dau. of/J. & A. Busse/1915-1923, next to;

BUSSE, Ervine/son of/J. & A. Busse/Born July 7, 1907/Died Nov. 7, 1909, next to;

BUSSE, Herbert/Sept. 19, 1910/(uncut), ossw;

BUSSE, Laura/Jan. 27, 1910/Apr. 19, 1991

BUSSE, Herman Busse Family (main stone), ossw;

BUSSE, Father/Herman/1882-1968, ossw;

BUSSE, Mother/Clara/1886-1942, next to (behind); BUSSE Daughter/Amber/1919-1967

DAY B.D. Day/Co. E. 14th Wis. Inf. (Civil War stone laying flat - American Legion marker next to the stone)

DE JARDIN, Jeffrey S./Feb. 25, 1967/Aug. 14, 1995/Husband of Karen/Son of Marvin and Susan/Brother of Jill and Joel/Uncle of Jolene and

DELARWELLE, Henry A./1908-1989, ossw;

DELARWELLE, Donna M./1949-(uncut), ossw;

DELARWELLE, Luella E./1910-(uncut), next to;

DELARWELLE, Delia/Delarwelle/LaPlant/1910-1996

DETTMAN, Henry/Dettman/Born/Apr. 24, 1829/Died/Nov. 2, 1900, ossw;

DETTMAN, His wife/Maria/Born/Nov. 25, 1841/Died/Jan. 10, 1921

DETTMAN, Ida/1889-1955 (Metal funeral home marker)

DRAVES, Charles/Draves (no dates - very small stone)

DRAVES, Mother/Dorathea C./Wulf Draves/Born/Nov. 24, 1836/Died/Jan. 17, 1912, next to;

DRAVES, Father/Joachim Draves/Born/Dec. 23, 1840/Died/May 15, 1929

ERBER (?), Jamm Erber/86-1986 (funeral home marker - may be missing some letters)

ERDMANN, Donald/Erdmann/1943-1944, next to;

ERDMANN, Baby/Mellott (no dates - same type of stone as Donald Ermann), next to;

ERDMANN, August/Erdmann/1839-1918, next to;

ERDMANN, Augusta/Erdmann/1862-1935, next to;

ERDMANN, Erna/Mom/1905-1965, ossw;

ERDMANN, Fred/Dad/1892-1964, next to;


FAGG,Valentine W. Fagg/1886-1871, next to;

FAGG, William Fagg/Wisconsin/Pvt Co A 121 Mg Bn/World War 1/Dec 9, 1887 - Oct 29, 1963 (Veteran Stone), next to;

FAGG, Mary J. Fagg/1850-1936/Mother, next to;

FAGG, Wm. Fagg/1834-1926/Father, next to;

FAGG, C.E. Fagg/1894-1910, next to (in front);

FAGG, Grace Fagg/1882-1926, next to;

FAGG, Margaret/E. Gifford/Died/Jan. 28, 1901/Aged 58 yrs./7 mos 2 dys, next to;

FAGG, Phyllis Fagg/1927-1930, next to;

FAGG, Morris Fagg/Wisconsin/Pvt 33 AMB Co. 4 Div/April 17, 1943 (Veteran Stone - American Legion marker next to the stone)

FELD, Hertha/Dec. 23, 1895/Nov. 23, 1968, ossw;

FELD, Bernhard/Mar. 25, 1891/Aug. 25, 1979, next to;

FELD, Ronald B. Feld/SGT US Army Air Corps/World War 11/ 1919 + 1996 (Veteran Stone at the foot of the grave), next to;

FELD, Ronald/Dec. 6, 1919/Oct. 4, 1996, ossw;

FELD, Lorraine/Aug. 2, 1922/Aug. 22, 1991, next to;

FELD, Sonja/June 6, 1938/March 10, 1998, ossw;

FELD, Marlin Hans/October 27, 1933/(uncut)

FITTSHUR Family Plot, contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

FITTSHUR, Walter Leroy*/11 Jan 1880-11 Mar 1956, next to Leroy P. FITTSHUR; *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-13 Mar 1956, P. 1: Walter Leroy FITTSHUR (11 Jan 1880-11 Mar 1956)-WALTER FITTSHUR DIES AFTER A HEART ATTACK-After suffering a heart attack while shoveling snow, Walter LeRoy FITTSHUR, 76, died Sunday at his home at 829 N. Fourth ave.-Born 11 Jan 1880 in the town of Nasewaupee-parents: Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy FITTSHUR-married on 15 Jun 1907 in Menominee, Mich. to the former Josephine GERLACHE-She died on 19 Mar 1949-Surviving are two sons, Roy, Sturgeon Bay, and Floyd, Milwaukee; two daughters, Mrs. Frank (Florence) BUSCHMAN and Mrs. Elmer (Lucille) STREHLOW, Milwaukee; a sister, Mrs. Lydia JACQUET, Sturgeon Bay; nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild-Funeral services held Wednesday from the STONEMAN funeral home, Rev. Neal FLOBERG officiating-Burial will be in the Maplewood town cemetery-(Door County Advocate, 13 Mar 1956, page 1)-contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (24 Aug 2010)

FITTSHUR, Leroy P./1853-1882; *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-21 Dec 1882: Leroy FITTSHUR (1853-1882)-A SHOCKING ACCIDENT-A terrible accident occurred in the saw mill at Whitefish Bay last Thursday afternoon, which resulted in the death of a man a few hours afterward. About 1 o'clock of that day, Leroy FITTSHUR, while at work in the mill slipped and fell in some manner, and his body came in contact with the circular saw, which was in operation at the time, and his left leg was nearly severed in twain above the knee. In falling the thumb was also taken off of the left hand by the same terrible instrument, and the side of his head lacerated. FITTSHUR was immediately picked up and his wound bandaged in the best manner possible, and hurried to this village for surgical assistance. He was taken to the Northwestern House, where Drs. HENDRICKS and MULLEN dressed the wounds and made the patient as comfortable as possible-Slight hopes for his recovery were entertained until about 9 o'clock, when life began to ebb rapidly, and in less than an hour and a half death had put an end to his sufferings. Immediately after the man was brought here his wife, who lives at Tornado, was sent for, but before the horrified woman could get here it was too late, and she was not permitted to gaze on him again while alive. The scene that ensued can be better imagined than described. On the following day the remains of the unfortunate were removed to Forestville, the home of his parents, and interred in the cemetery at that place on Sunday, Rev. D. LEWIS officiating. The deceased was a step-son of H. N. ROCKWELL, of Forestville, and was about 28 years of age at the time of his death. He leaves a wife and two children- who reside at Tornado- to mourn his untimely and violent death. Leroy FITTSHUR, the unfortunate man who met with the terrible accident in FETZER's saw mill, at Whitefish Bay, last Thursday, was well know in this town, where he spent the most of his life. He was a step-son of H. N. ROCKWELL, an old resident here. (Door County Advocate, 21 Dec. 1882)-contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (24 Aug 2010).


FOWLES, Clifford R./Dec. 4, 1907/Feb. 6, 1989, ossw;

FOWLES, Irene M./Oct. 12, 1915/June 6, 1983, close to;

FOWLES, George/1836-1924; ossw;

FOWLES, Amine/ 1839-1913

FREEMAN, Skeeter/Tomas A./May 12, 1953/Sept. 17, 1983

FROEHLICH, Reinhardt/ 1904-1991, ossw;

FROEHLICH, Marie/1909-1999


GLEASNER, Anna Marie/Pennock/Sept. 17, 1933/(uncut), ossw;

GLEASNER, Emmet/Apr. 18, 1930/(uncut)



GUTIERREZ, Dalila/Lopez Gutierrez/Apr. 3, 2000/Hija de/Lorenzo Rebecca/Estaras en/

GUTIERREZ, Nuestros/Corazones

HAYES, William H./Hayes/Born/Mar. 15, 1854/Died/Jan. 1, 1881, next to;

HAYES, Peter/Hayes/Born/Feb. 15, 1833/Died/June 30, 1883

HELDT, Frederich/Heldt/Geb./25 Sep 1830/Gest./15 Sep 1920

HOFFMAN, Joseph A./1861-1925 (picture on the stone), next to;

HOFFMAN, Anna D./1864-1940

JARCHOW, Roland/1901-1947 (Amercian Legion marker next to the stone), ossw;

JARCHOW, Ella/1903-1992, next to;

JARCHOW, Roland Henry Jarchow/Wisconsin/F2C USNRF/World War 1/Jan 28 1901 - May 5 1947 (Veteran Stone at the foot of the grave)

JENNEJAHN, Frederich/Jennejahn, ossw;

JENNEJAHN, Fred/Jennejahn/Oct. 5, 1846/Mar. 24, 1934, ossw;

JENNEJAHN, Helena/Frau von/F. Jennejahn/Geb./5 Mai 1850/Gest/7 Okt 1894 (very worn - hard to read), next to;

JENNEJAHN, Frank H. Jennejahn/1885-1955 (funeral home marker), next to;

JENNEJOHN, Franz Fredrick Hienrick Jennejohn/Born January 11, 1885 Died August 15, 1955/Age 70 (small metal marker), next to;

JENNEJOHN, George Wilhelm Johann Jennejohn/Born June 10, 1883 Died December 1, 1952/Age 69 (small metal marker)

JENNERJOHN, Leo/Jan. 29, 1914/June 18, 1994, ossw;

JENNERJOHN, Gertrude/Oct. 21, 1916/June 23, 1995

KASBOHM, Willie/Sohn von/J.G. & F./Kasbohm/Geb. den/Oct. 11, 1896/Gest. den/Nov. 17, 1896

KASTEN, Herbert L./1913-(uncut), ossw;

KASTEN, Helen C./1915-1994, ossw;

KASTEN, Robert L./1941-(uncut)

KATH, Wilhelmine/Wife of/Julias Kath/Died/Nov. 16, 1877/AE 21 yrs. (didn’t find this stone in 2000)

KNUDSON, Carroll L. Knudson/PFC US Army/Korea/Dec 6 1930 - Jun 16 1993 (Veteran Stone), next to;

KNUDSON, Shirley M./Knudson/July 14, 1934/July 8, 1992


KNUTH, Larry E./Feb. 2, 1958/Sept. 27, 1980, ossw;

KNUTH, Judith A./Mar. 22, 1940/(uncut), ossw;

KNUTH, Kenneth L./June 12, 1936/(uncut)

KOSTICHKA, William/Jan. 30, 1913/Mar. 6, 1988, ossw;

KOSTICHKA, Bertha/Mar. 4, 1913/Apr. 23, 1993

KRAMER, Irene/Oct. 7, 1900/Nov. 7, 1981, ossw;

KRAMER, Edward/Apr 23, 1893/Mar 20, 1962, next to;

KRAMER, Edward Albert Kramer/Wisconsin/S2 USNRF/World War 1/Apr 23, 1892 - Mar 20, 1962 (Veteran Stone at the foot of the grave)

KRAMER, Mother/Minnie/Kramer/July 14, 1853/Feb. 20, 1944, next to;

KRAMER, Father/John/Kramer/Oct. 14, 1856/Oct. 30, 1925


LAUTENBACH, Milbert/1905-1975, ossw;

LAUTENBACH, Anita/1910-1973

LEEGE, Mother/Mary Leege/1842-1891, next to;

LEEGE, Maria/Frau von/J. Leege/geb./18 Marz 1842/gest/12 Juni 1891, ossw;

LEEGE, John/Leege/geb/11 Juni 1841/gest./11 Aug 1933, ossw;

LEEGE, Anna Griem/geb/1 Mai 1817/gest/15 April 1886

LEEGE, Father/John Leege/1841-1933

LEEGE, Mother/Dorette/Wife of/Henry Leege/Born July 18, 1840/Died May 6, 1907, next to;

LEEGE, Father/Henry Leege/Born Jan 28, 1836/Died Sept 18, 1920, next to;

LEEGE, William/Leege/1865-1935, next to;

LEEGE, Elmer/1899-1990, ossw;

LEEGE, Martha/1899-1988, next to;

LEEGE, Gustave/1873-1948, ossw;

LEEGE, Marie/1872-1948, next to;

LEEGE, Norman/1904-2000, ossw;

LEEGE, Ella/1906-1990

LIENAU, Gustave Lienau/1869/1937

MALONEY, Our Baby Joshua/Clayton & Joanne Maloney/June 20-Nov. 29, 1980

MEISTER, Ervin/July 24, 1905/Aug. 4, 1989, ossw;

MEISTER, Ellen/Dec. 5, 1907/Aug. 19, 1977, next to;

MEISTER, Jean/Meister/Dec. 16, 1930/(uncut), next to;

MEISTER, James H./Oct. 28, 1927/Sept. 30, 1991, ossw;

MEISTER, Jackie B./Jan. 20, 1931/(uncut)/Parents of/Jerry - Kathy - Tom - Dick/Mike - Bob - Patty

MILLER, Amanda S.H./Dau. of /Aug. & Therese/Miller/Born June 4, 1890/Died Jan. 26, 1891

MILLER, William A./Miller/1862-1947, next to

MILLER, Emma M. Miller/1872-1958

MOHR, Son/Dennis/1946-1975, ossw;

MOHR, Mother/Verna/1917-1983, ossw;

MOHR, Father/Joseph/1920-1996

PENNOCK, Robert/1872-1952, ossw;

PENNOCK, Evaline/1875-1968, next to;

PENNOCK, Clarence/1896-1897, next to;

PENNOCK, Maria/Wife of/George Pennock/Died/Nov. 2, 1899/Aged/48 yrs 9 mos/14 days, next to;

PENNOCK, Wilmar R./Pennock/July 19, 1900/Apr. 18, 1970, ossw;

PENNOCK, Clara/Mar. 26, 1904/Oct. 15, 1978


PEDERSEN, William E./1920-(uncut), ossw;

PEDERSEN, Victorai/1924-(uncut)

PICHETTE, Mary Jo/(Knudson)/3-24-58 + 12-13-82

PIZZALA, Henry B. Pizzala/US Army/Jun 6 1915 + Sep 13 1995 (Veteran Stone at the foot of the grave), next to;

PIZZALA, Henry B./June 6, 1915/Sept. 13, 1995, ossw;

PIZZALA, LaVerne/Jan. 6, 1925/(uncut)


PLETTNER, Herman F./Plettner/Born/Feb. 1, 1839/Died/Feb. 2, 1875

RABACH, Lee Ann/Rabach/June 5,/1929/May 28,/1982

RISTAW, John Ristaw/Died/Jan. 30, 1885/Aged/56 years (rest is burried in the ground)

ROCKWELL, Lydia C./Mother/10 Apr 1825/18 Jun 1917, in the FITTSHUR Family Plot, OBITS added* & **; *Source: OBITUARY-The Sturgeon Bay Advocate-21 Jun 1917: Lydia (DAVIS) FITTSHUR ROCKWELL (10 Apr 1825-20 Jun 1917)-Forestville: "Grandma" ROCKWELL is no more, having peacefully passed away on Monday at the home of her son Harrison in this town-was one of the oldest pioneers in this part of the county in point of years and residence-maiden name was Lydia C. FITTSHUR-came to this place in 1856-opening the first tailor shop in the town if not in the county-At the time of her death Mrs. Rockwell was (93) years old-survived by two children, her son Harrison, with whom she made her home and daughter Mrs. John MAPES-many grand and great-grand children of hers in the county-widely known and familiarly called "Grandma" by all her acquaintances, which as may well be imagined were numerous during her sixty-one years residence here-funeral was held from the house on Wednesday-(Obituary from The Sturgeon Bay Advocate, June 21, 1917); **Source: OBITUARY-Algoma Record Herald-18 Jun 1917: ANOTHER OLD SETTLER DIES-Mrs. Lydia Rockwell, Aged Resident of Forestville Passes Away After Several Months Illness-Again we are called upon to chronicle the death of an old and highly respected resident of this section. It is Mrs. Lydia ROCKWELL of the town of Forestville, who passed away at the home of her son Harrison, last Monday morning, death coming after a several months illness-born in York State on 10 Apr 1825 in her 93rd year-Deceased was first married in York State to Mr. Joseph FITTSHUR, and after his demise was united in marriage to the late Nathan Harrison ROCKWELL-To the first union were born two daughters, viz: Mrs. Jean BLAZIER of Sturgeon Bay and Mrs. Josephine MAPES of Fish Creek and one son, now deceased-To the second union were also born three children, Harrison ROCKWELL, the son with whom she made her home, being the only surviving one of the three-Shortly after her marriage to Mr. ROCKWELL they moved from York State to Wisconsin and took up their residence in the town of Forestville where the deceased has made her home for over 60 years-Mr. ROCKWELL passed away a great many years ago-funeral was held Wednesday from the home and was attended by numerous friends and relatives of the deceased, Rev. HELMECH of Sturgeon Bay officiation-(Obituary from Algoma Record Herald, 18 Jun 1917)-OBITS contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (24 Aug 2010).-stone picture also contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010)


SCHMIDT, Myrtle/Schmidt/1911-1948

SCHROEDER, Rosella Schroeder/Mar. 5, 1887/Feb. 7, 1921, next to;

SCHROEDER, Gustave A. Schroeder/May 7, 1886/Mar. 5, 1937, next to;

SCHROEDER, Freda A. Schroeder/April 22, 1903/Aug. 14, 1993 (same type stone as August & Augusta Erdmann)

SCHROEDER, Donald W./Sept. 2, 1923/(uncut), ossw;

SCHROEDER, Pauline M./Apr. 20, 1928/(uncut)

SPERBER, Elaine/Aug. 15, 1925/(uncut), ossw;

SPERBER, L. “Tim” Sr./Nov. 22, 1925/Jan. 20, 1992

STAKEMAN, Father/Alva Stakeman/1893-1961

STARR, Mother/Minnie/1857-1947, ossw;

STARR, Father/Charles/1880-1959, ossw;

STARR, Mother/Anna/1883-1960

STEGMANN, Alexander Stegmann/Wisconsin/PFC 111 Field Arty 29 Div/World War 1/Mar 9 1892 - Apr 11 1952 (Veteran Marker), next to;

STEGMANN, John/1860-1946, ossw;

STEGMANN, Mathilda/1885-1935

VOIGHT, Wilhelmina/Voight/Geb./Feb. 11, 1825/Gest./Jan. 26, 1894, (hard to read)ossw;

VOIGHT, Frederich/Voight/Geb/Oct. 31, 1825/Gest/Mar. 23, 1888, ossw;

VOIGHT, Ida A./Voight/Geb/Juni 6 1895/Gest/Juli 20, 1902

WAGNER, Arnold/1896-1986, ossw;

WAGNER, Frieda/1906-(uncut)

WHITEHOUSE, Joseph/Whitehouse/1881-1962

WIESE, Father/Roy H. Wiese/Sept. 12, 1919/Feb. 15, 1968

WULF see DRAVES ZAHN John M./1923-1996, ossw;

ZAHN, Marianne/(23 Jun*)1923, (Maplewood, Door Co., WI*)-(1 Sep 2010, Golden Living-Dorchester, Sturgeon Bay, Door, WI*); *Source: OBITUARY-FORBES Funeral Home: Marianne Joyce ZAHN, (86), of Sturgeon Bay-parents: Elmer and Martha (LENIUS) LEEGE-married 19 Jun 1967 to John ZAHN in Chicago, IL-he preceded her in death on 14 Feb 1996-lived in Chicago for many years-worked at Bell and Howell Company and for A.C. Nielson-In 1987, they retired to Sturgeon Bay-Survivors include one brother, Glenn (Judy) LEEGE, Two Rivers; one sister, LaVerne PIZZALA, Sturgeon Bay; cousins; nieces and nephews.  She was preceded in death by her parents; and her husband-Funeral services Friday, 3 Sep 2010 at the Forbes Funeral Home in Sturgeon Bay with Rev. Mel HENRICHS-burial will be in the Town of Forestville Cemetery-FORBES Funeral Home.

ZAHN see also LEEGE

ZETTEL, Angeline M.*/5 Dec 1912, Appleton-7 Nov 2009, Sturgeon Bay, * Source: OBIT: Door County Daily Nov 2009: "Angeline M. ZETTEL, 96, of Sturgeon Bay, passed away Saturday, 7 Nov 2009 at Golden Living Center Dorchester. She was born on 5 Dec 1912 in Appleton, the daughter, of nine children, to the late George and Pauline (EVERARD) MACCAUX.  She attended Sevastopol High School.  In 1934 she married Leonard ZETTEL in Maplewood, raised four children, living in Maplewood and Sturgeon Bay.  She was employed for many years, at Door County Memorial Hospital in the dietary department...She will be missed greatly by her family, daughter, Joan (Charles) HANSON, Mary (Keith) CHAUDOIR; grandchildren, Monica (Ron) HOLINKA, Steven HANSON, Michael (Michele) CHAUDOIR, Justin (Shawana) CHAUDOIR; great-grandchildren, Charles (Catherine) HOLINKA and Leah CHAUDOIR; sister Ella (Carl) MILLER; brother, John (Jean) MACCAUX; many nieces and nephews.  Preceding her in death were her parents; husband, Leonard; daughter, Monica; son, David; one brother; and five sisters.  A Mass of Christian Burial..celebrated..Thursday (12 Nov 2009) at St. Joseph Catholic Church with Fr. Anthony BIRDSALL as celebrant.  Burial will take place in Maplewood...HUEHNS Funeral Home."




 ___?___ Funeral home marker between Schmidt & Martha Brandt - name missing (gone in 2000)

 ___?___ Empty base next to Ervin & Ellen Meister

 ___?___ American Legion marker on the south edge (east end) of the cemetery - no stone nearby


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