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* St. John The Baptist #2 Cemetery*

1977 Index & 2009-Photo Survey begun

updated 13 Sep 2010

* You will find the location of St. John the Baptist #2 Cem. on the Town of Egg Harbor Maps Page *

LOCATION:  NW1/4 NW1/4 Section 1, Town of Egg Harbor.  About 2.4 miles South of the Village of Egg Harbor on the corner of Highway 42 and Hillside Road (on the plat map it is called "Roell Road"), West side of the Highway.  The old church was located across from Roell Road before the congregation built in the Village of Egg Harbor.  Cemetery is maintained in good condition.


Copied 20 Aug 1977 by Judy Srnka and Beverly DIEFENBACH and typed by Sally TREICHEL all of the W.S.O.C.S.


Retyped by Sue HOHNEKE on 28 Sep 2009 for the PGS Website.  Dates have been changed where needed to read: dd-mmm-yyyy for uniformity on this website.


28 Sep 2009-1977 Index retyped for PGS Website.

12-13 Nov 2009 - Pictures taken of the first three rows on 11 Nov 2009 by Sue HOHNEKE have been linked and added to this index.

6 Mar, 6 May 2010 - OBIT added.

13 Sep 2010 - Contribution of pictures of cemetery and stones by Judy PHILLIPS on 26 Aug 2010 linked to index.




Above: LEFT: View of Cemetery and sign - RIGHT: Close-up of Sign - contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).



Above: LEFT: View of Cemetery to South - MIDDLE: View of Cemetery Sign - RIGHT: View of Cemetery towards front and sign


Below: LEFT: View of cemetery from front to rear - MIDDLE: Angle-view of cemetery - RIGHT: Rear of cemetery and Sunset



13 Sep 2010 - Contribution of pictures of cemetery and sign and CASSIDY stone by Judy PHILLIPS on 26 Aug 2010 added to this index.




ALBRECHT, Earl/1901-(no other dates), ossw Louise.

ALBRECHT, Louise/1905-1955, ossw Earl.

ANDERSON, Merton A./Father/1898-(no other dates), ossw Emma T.

ANDERSON, Emma T./Mother/1897-1970, ossw Merton A.

ANDERSON, Monica Catherine/1896-1970, next to Elmer C.

ANDERSON, Elmer C./LCDR US COAST GUARD/WORLD WAR I & II/10 Dec 1894-2 Apr 1975, Service marker, next to Eva Virginia.

ANDERSON, Eva Virginia/1896-1933, next to Elmer C.

ANDERSON, John/1881-1955, ossw Clara.

ANDERSON, Clara/1878-1966, ossw John.

BARABOO, Mary/17 Jul 1846-1 Jan 1926, ossw Levi.

BARABOO, Levi/15 Jun 1841-8 Aug 1932, ossw Mary.

BARABOO, Ann ABELL/Mother/6 Nov 1883-27 Sep 1929, next to Alma Marie.


BARABOO, Alma Marie/Daughter/1911-1936

BARABOO, Albert/1884-1974, footstone in COLOMB Family Plot, next to Anna K. BARABOO.

BARABOO, Anna K./1886-1976, footstone in COLOMB Family Plot, next to Albert BARABOO.


BAULDRY, Harry/WISCONSIN/Horseshoer 295 MP CO/WORLD WAR I/4 Jun 1891-26 Dec 1951, Service Marker, next to Harry.

BAULDRY, Harry/Father/1890-1951, ossw Avila and Leila Faye BAULDRY-DAUBNER.

BAULDRY, Avila/Mother/1900-1966, ossw Harry, Avila and Leila Faye BAULDRY-DAUBNER.


BAULDRY-DAUBNER, Leila Faye BAULDRY-DAUBNER/1940-1966, next to Mrs. Ronald DAUBNER.

BHIRDO, Josephine/Mother/1 Dec 1857-8 Aug 1931.

BHIRDO, Catherina MONIKA/Wife of Fred BHIRDO/Born 25 Dec 1844-Died 15 May 1887, next to Frederick.

BHIRDO, Frederick/Born 9 Jul 1841-Died 7 Oct 1903.


BITTORF, Vivian/1909-1963.

BLANK, Janice*/b. 10 Feb 1940, Sturgeon Bay, Door, WI-d. Sat. 12 Jun 2010, Aurora Bay Care Medical Center, Green Bay, Door, WI; *Source-OBITUARY-HUEHNS Funeral Home: Janice Blank, 71, of Egg Harbor-parents: late Cyril and Helen (MIELKE) VERTZ-graduated from Gibraltar High School in 1957-married on 8 Mar 1968 to Erwin C. BLANK in Las Vegas-preceded her in death on 13 Apr 2002-had been employed with J&L Crafts on Jefferson St. in Sturgeon Bay, and Doerr Electric-member of Stella Maris Parish, Egg Harbor site-survived by two sons, Kyle (fiancÚ, Faye) BLANK, of Egg Harbor (and his daughter, Taylor, Michael (Jodi) BLANK of Neenah (and their daughter, Braiden); stepchildren, Janet, Jane, Joyce, Erwin, and Roland; sister, June (Don) BIEMERET, and brother, Leland VERTZ-Preceding her in death were her parents, husband, and brother, Loren-memorial Mass of Christian Burial will be on Saturday, 26 Jun 2010 at Stella Maris Parish Catholic Church, Egg Harbor site, Fr. David RUBY-Burial will follow at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Cemetery-Huehns Funeral Home of Sturgeon Bay.

BOGENSCHUTZ, Lucille/"Tuie"/1908-(no other dates), ossw Francis X.

BOGENSCHUTZ, Francis X./"Bogie"/1904-1966, ossw Lucille, next to Agnes FEUERSTEIN.

BOGENSCHUTZ, Agnes FEUERSTEIN/1902-1973, next to Lucille and Francis X.

BUHRDO, Joseph/Died 3 Aug 1901/Aged 29 yrs 2 mos 26 d's.

BURLO, Clifford/Died 14 Dec 1895/Aged 17 yrs 1 mo. 4 d's.

CALLOWS, Lucile CALLOWS JORNS/BELOVED MOTHER AND WIFE/Born 3 Jan 1907-Died 28 Jan 1933, in ground metal marker on stone, next to Helen JORNS.


CARMODY, Delia/Mother/1884-1962, ossw John.

CARMODY, John/Father/1881-1955, ossw Delia, near Dickie.

CARMODY, Dickie/15 May 1925-10 Jun 1941, next to Lillian.

CARMODY, Lillian/Mother/15 Dec 1899-11 Jul 1965, next to Edward.

CARMODY, Edward/Father/14 Apr 1898-25 Jul 1965, next to Elizabeth, George D. and John W.

CARMODY, Elizabeth T./1876-1932, ossw George D., Edward and John W.

CARMODY, George D./1871-1949, ossw Elizabeth T., George D. and John W.

CARMODY, John W./1918-(no other dates), next to Paul J.

CARMODY, Paul J./2 Jun 1906-3 Apr 1975, ossw Anna M. and Barbara A.

CARMODY, Anna M./15 Apr 1913-19 Sep 1972, ossw Paul J. and Barbara A.

CARMODY, Barbara A./28 Sep 1939-10 Apr 1940, ossw Paul J. and Anna M.

CARMODY, Wm/19 Dec 1862-Died 22 Jan 1933, next to Maggie.

CARMODY, Maggie/Born 9 Aug 1869-Died 24 Jul 1908, next to Katherin M.

CARMODY, Katherin M./Born 29 May 1904-Died 1 May 1908, next to William P.

CARMODY, William P./Born 14 Mar 1907-Died 26 May 1907.

CARMODY, Peter P./Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jno. T. CARMODY/Born 9 Dec 1885-Died 6 Nov 1906, next to Mary K.

CARMODY, Mary K./Mother/1844-1940, next to John T.

CARMODY, John T./Father/1837-1924, next to Mary K.

CARMODY, Loriane/25 Mar 1898-13 Apr 1898, ossw Orin.

CARMODY, Orin/19 Feb 1906-29 Aug 1908, ossw Loriane, next to Phoebe.

CARMODY, Phoebe/Mother/30 Oct 1877-21 Dec 1959, next to Walter.

CARMODY, Walter/5 May 1899-14 Feb 1922, next to John H.

CARMODY, John H./Father/6 Oct 1870-11 Mar 1925.

CARMODY Family Stone with three footstones.

CARMODY, Mary/Mother/7 Oct 1874-24 Apr 1916, footstone in CARMODY Family Plot, next to Thos. F.

CARMODY, Thos. F./Father/23 Nov 1867-3 Jan 1955, footstone in CARMODY Family Plot, next to Ada.

CARMODY, Ada/31 Jan 1882-26 Jan 1934, footstone in CARMODY Family Plot, next to Thos. F.

CARMODY, Johannah/Born 10 May 1851-Died 14 Jul 1879, ossw Thomas.

CARMODY, Thomas/Born Co. Limerick Ireland/21 Nov 1806-Died 20 Nov 1894, ossw Margaret.

CARMODY, Margaret/Born Co. Clare Ireland/14 Nov 1816-Died 15 Jan 1901, ossw Thomas, OBITUARY: Door Co. Democrat-26 Jan 1901: Mrs. Margaret CARMODY (84), widow of the late Thos. CARMODY Sr.-died at home of eldest son John T. CARMODY in Egg Harbor Town, Tuesday afternoon-born and raised in County Clare, Ireland-married County Clare, Ireland-moved with husband and family to Canada in 1844-many moves in Canada (few months in Montreal-two years at Keene, New Hampshire-two years at Chester, VT-six months at Castleron(?), VT-six months at Hanover, OH-six months at East Liberty, PA-one year and a half at Tinker's Run, PA-two years at Bloomfield, OH-two years at Blairsville, PA-eight months at New Castle, PA-two years at Manitowoc, WI- before finally settling permanently in Egg Harbor, Door County in 1858-Preceded in death by husband Thomas by four years-Survived by sons and daughters: John T. CARMODY, Egg Harbor; Mary now Mrs. Cornelius COLLINS of Baileys Harbor; Thos. CARMODY, Egg Harbor; Margaret now Mrs. Pat CALLAHAN, Rapid River; Michael CARMODY, James CARMODY, Dennis C. CARMODY and Patrick CARMODY all of Egg Harbor; Bridget, the youngest, now Mrs. Michael THOMAS, of Rapid River-Funeral sevices from Catholic Church in Egg Harbor, Thursday. 

CARMODY, Bridget/Born 14 Feb 1854-Died 14 Feb 1896, ossw Anastasia, Sarah, and Olive.

CARMODY, Anastasia/Born 6 Jul 1881-Died 29 Jan 1896, ossw Bridget, Sarah, and Olive.

CARMODY, Sarah/Born 6 Dec 1884-Died 12 Mar 1896, ossw Bridget, Anastasia and Olive.

CARMODY, Olive/Born 1 Apr 1879-Died 14 Feb 1896, ossw Bridget, Anastasia, and Sarah.

CARMODY, John W./Born 21 Apr 1843-Died 12 Dec 1913, ossw Margaret.

CARMODY, Margaret/Born 10 Oct 1848-Died 31 Aug 1939, ossw John W., *OBITUARY: Door County Advocate 5  Sep 1939: "Early Resident of Egg Harbor Dies Last Week"-Mrs. John W. (Margaret) CARMODY-(91)-died at home of her daughter, Mrs. Sam ROSCOE-complications of old age-had been ill for about a year-Born in New York, 10 Oct 1848-parents: Mr. and Mrs. Michael KENNEY-came as young girl with parents to Manitowoc-married John W. CARMODY, 1867, in Manitowoc-came to Door County after marriage and took up a homestead-After death of husband in 1913 lived in Fish Creek for 12 years-lived with daughters after that-Survived by: six of ten children: William CARMODY of Minnising, MI; George CARMODY of Egg Harbor; Mrs. James (Neil) GARRISON of Stephenson, MI; Mrs. __ (Lillian) HOCKS of West Allis; John CARMODY, Egg Harbor; Mrs. Sam (Florence) ROSCOE of Egg Harbor; twenty four grandchildren and 36 great grandchildren-Funeral Services: St. John's Church, Egg Harbor-six grandsons were pallbearers: Paul, John, Alvin and Reuben CARMODY and Donald and Joseph ROSCOE.

CARMODY, Eliza/Wife of Tho's CARMODY/Died 3 Jul 1898/Aged 49 yrs. 8 mos 23 days, next to Thos.

CARMODY, Thos./Co I/43 Wis. Inf., Service marker.

CARMODY, William/Died 3 Dec 1889/Aged 81 yrs.

CARMODY, Mary Ann/Wife of John James/Died 15 Nov 1868/Aged 20 yr's 9 m's 5 d's/Erected by her father/William CARMODY.

CASSIDY, Richard M./Father/16 Sep 1881-6 Apr 1951, ossw Esther, contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

CASSIDY, Esther/Mother/29 Jul 1880-23 Aug 1959, ossw Richard M., contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

COLOMB Family Stone with footstones.

COLOMB, Marjorie A./31 Mar 1922-27 Sep 1923, footstone in COLOMB Family Plot, next to Dorothy M.

COLOMB, Dorothy M./1 Jul 1914-5 Feb 1915, footstone in COLOMB Family Plot, next to George J.

COLOMB, George J./Father/15 Dec 1872-27 Dec 1925, next to Albert BARABOO.


DANNHAUSEN, Harold R./1919-1975, ossw Helen E.

DANNHAUSEN, Helen E./(no dates)

DAUBNER, _?_/Mrs. Ronald DAUBNER/1940-1966, metal marker.



DEFERE, Sylvester/1881-1965, ossw Emma.

DEFERE, Emma/1885-1957, ossw Sylvester, next to Caroline.

DEFERE, Caroline/Born 6 Jan 1841-Died 15 Apr 1928, ossw Peter.

DEFERE, Peter/Her husband (Caroline)/Born 15 Aug 1845-(no other dates)

DEMARS, Louis/1855-1943

DURANTY, Francis Dean/1941-1942, next to Mark and Beatrice.

DURANTY, Mark/1880-1967, ossw Beatrice.

DURANTY, Beatrice/1902-(no other dates), ossw Mark.

ENIGL, James Brian/25 Nov 1963-25 Apr 1964, next to Frances.

ENIGL, Frances/1870-1940, next to John.

ENIGL, John/1861-1949, next to Frances.

FAIRCHILD, Margaret/Mother/1912-1947, ossw Arnold.

FAIRCHILD, Arnold/Father/1909-1972, ossw Margaret, next to William.

FAIRCHILD, William/Son/1933-1943, next to Margaret and Arnold.

FEUERSCHWENGER, John R./7 Jun 1929-10 Dec 2006, ossw Rose M. and Susan F.

FEUERSCHWENGER, Rose M./8 Aug 1931-(no other dates), ossw John R. and Susan F.

FEUERSCHWENGER, Susan F./24 Sep 1954-(no other dates), ossw John R. and Rose M.


FOLGERS, Abel/1913-(no other dates), ossw Antoinette.

FOLGERS, Antoinette/1912-1974, ossw Abel.

GABERT, Julia M./1905-19(uncut), ossw Morris A.

GABERT, Morris A./1900-1972, ossw Julia M.

GAGNON, Edward/1887-1948, next to Laura.

GAGNON, Laura/1890-1933, next to Mae.

GAGNON, Mae/1917-1928, next to Lillian.

GAGNON, Lillian/1884-1929, next to Eugene.

GAGNON, Eugene/1855-1916, next to Josephine.

GAGNON, Josephine/1863-1942, next to Eugene.

GALLION, Frank/1863-1935, ossw Johanna.

GALLION, Johanna/1882-1950, ossw Frank.

GERVAIS, Charles/Father/1878-1949, ossw Amelia.

GERVAIS, Amelia/Mother/1876-1947, ossw Charles.


GRAY, Nick L./1900-1968, ossw Alice J.  Also, Flash picture with dates difficult to read: GRAY, Nick L. and Alice J.

GRAY, Alice J./1904-1994, ossw Nick L.   Also, Flash picture with dates difficult to read: GRAY, Nick L. and Alice J.

GURESKI, Frances/1918-(no other dates), ossw Stanley.

GURESKI, Stanley/1912-1966, ossw Frances.

HABERLI, John A./1881-1961, stone half-hidden in cedar bush, ossw Alice M.  Also, Close-up: HABERLI, John A.

HABERLI, Alice M./1890-1955, stone half-hidden in cedar bush, ossw John A.  Also, Close-up: HABERLI, Alice M.

HAEN, Milton/18 Aug 1912-2 Jul 1973, ossw Dorothy.

HAEN, Dorothy/27 Feb 1917-(no other dates), ossw Milton.

HAEN, Theresa/3 Aug 1886-24 May 1968, ossw Joseph.

HAEN, Joseph/18 Dec 1884-14 Aug 1965, ossw Theresa.

HIGGINS Family Plot.

HIGGINS, Richard J./9 Jun 1927-22 Jul 1998, ossw Josefine K.  Also, In ground service marker: HIGGINS, Richard J./US ARMY AIR FORCES/US AIR FORCE/WORLD WAR II  KOREA/1927-1998.

HIGGINS, Josefine K./4 Jul 1929-4 Jul 1996, ossw Richard J.

JACOBSON, Barbara/1886-1960.

JAUREGUI, Samantha/Baby/28 Aug 2001/Dau. of Jesus and Irma/QUE CEAS FELIZ EN MANOS DE DIOS.

JOHNS, Otto/1898-1977, VERTZ-JOHNS Family Stone, ossw David and Caroline VERTZ.  Also, in ground service marker: JOHNS, Otto R./PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/14 Nov 1898-15 Jun 1977.



JOHNS, Otto JOHNS/1898-1977, VERTZ-JOHNS Plot, ossw David VERTZ and Caroline VERTZ.


JOHNSON, Rosemary/Dau. of O. H. & P. H. JOHNSON/1921-1926.

JORNS, Helen/Wife of August JORNS/1882-1963, on ground stone, next to Lucile CALLOWS JORNS.

JORNS, Lucile CALLOWS JORNS/BELOVED MOTHER AND WIFE/Born 3 Jan 1907-Died 28 Jan 1933, in ground metal marker on stone, next to Helen JORNS.


KIHL Family Plot.

KIHL, Delcie/1883-1948, ossw Leonard.

KIHL, Leonard/1878-1954, ossw Delcie, next to Lawrence G.

KIHL, Lawrence G./1912-1926, next to Mavis M.

KIHL, Mavis M./1931-1939, next to Lawrence G.

KINNEY, Michael/Died 30 May 1892/Aged 75 years.

KROLL, Peter/Father/1871-1934, ossw Elizabeth.

KROLL, Elizabeth/Mother/1875-1937, ossw Peter, next to Albert.

KROLL, Albert/Father/1907-1963, next to Peter and Elizabeth.

LABUMBARD, Philemina/Wife of J. LABUMBARD/Died 21 Mar 1889/Aged 49 years.

LAFONTAINE, Mary E./29 Dec 1886-2 Oct 1888, next to Frederick.

LAFONTAINE, Frederick/Born 13 Apr 1839-Died 19 Sep 1897, next to Odile.

LAFONTAINE, Odile/Died 15 May 1894/Aged 15 years 3 mos, next to Antoine.

LAFONTAINE, Antoine/Born 18 Feb 1815-Died 11 Mar 1888, ossw Leonore.

LAFONTAINE, Leonore/Wife of A. LAFONTAINE/BOrn 25 May 1816-Died 9 Apr 1883, next to Louis.

LAFONTAINE, Louis/1883-1947

LAFONTAINE, Leo A./1890-1975, ossw Ludvina M.

LAFONTAINE, Ludvina M./1902-1944, ossw Leo A.

LAFONTAINE, Joseph F./Born 20 Nov 1892-Died 6 Oct 1918/To the memory of a Brave man/who died that his country might live.

LAPLANT, Eugene A., Jr./27 May 1951 (no other dates)

LAROUCHE, Joseph F./WISCONSIN/PVT 7 AIR SPT COMM SQ AAF/WORLD WAR II/10 Apr 1901-27 Jul 1961, Service marker.

LAROUCHE Family Stone with footstones.

LAROUCHE, Delia/Mother/1871-1945, footstone in LAROUCHE Family Plot, next to Charles.

LAROUCHE, Charles/Father/1864-1935, footstone in LAROUCHE Family Plot, next to Adele.

LAROUCHE, Adele/1894-1910, footstone in LAROUCHE Family Plot, next to Leo P.

LAUTENBACH, Helen M./13 Jan 1918-19 Jan 1971, ossw Donald G.

LAUTENBACH, Donald G./15 Oct 1919-(no other dates), ossw Helen M.


LAUTENBACH, Ruth H./1919-1977, ossw William C.

LAUTENBACH, William C./1908-1974, ossw Ruth H., next to William L. and Alan W.

LAUTENBACH, William L./5 Nov 1948-7 Dec 1948 (1977 Transcrip.)/1948 (2009 Photo Survey)/BELOVED SONS OF WILLIAM AND RUTH., ossw Alan W.


LAUTENBACH, Frank L./Father/1904-1957, ossw Ethel.

LAUTENBACH, Ethel/Mother/1913-(no other dates), ossw Frank L.

LEANNA, Duane Edward/Son/8 Jun 1944-20 Jun 1951, (located next to Konrad SCHNEIDER).

LEMERE, Frank/Born 26 Jun 1883-Died 22 May 1919, ossw May.

LEMERE, May/His wife (Frank)/Born 21 May 1885-Died 23 Oct 1919, ossw Frank.

LEMERE, Amos/1870-1950, ossw Lillian.

LEMERE, Lillian/1880-1928, ossw Amos.

LEMERE, Jerry/1867-1946, ossw Amanda.

LEMERE, Amanda/1885-19(uncut), next to Lee Joseph.

LEMERE, Lee Joseph/WISCONSIN/PVT BTRY C 4 FA TNG REGT/WORLD WAR II/16 May 1903-17 Aug 1955, service marker.

LEMERE, Joseph/1898-1974, ossw Margaret.

LEMERE, Margaret/1909-1971, ossw Joseph, next to Leah A. and Levern P.

LEMERE, Leah A./1914-(no other dates), ossw Levern P.

LEMERE, Levern P./1910-1976, ossw Leah A.

LEMERE, Philip/1876-1964, ossw Henrietta.

LEMERE, Henrietta/1891-1960, ossw Philip.

LEMERE, Mildred D.*/b. 30 Nov 1922, Marinette, WI-d. 22 Dec 2009, Woodview of Scandia Village, Sister Bay, Door, WI-*Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Sat. 26 Dec 2009: (87), of Egg Harbor, WI-parents: Edward and Edith CHRISTIENSON-married: Orin LEMERE-retired from the Alpine in Egg Harbor after 40 years of service-member of Stella Maris Parish-organist at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church for many years-Surviving: Three daughters: Linda HOFFMAN, Sue (Ronald) MICKELSON and Sandra (Gregory) BELL, ten grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren-Preceding her in death: her parents, husband, daughter Debbie, son-in-law William, brothers, sisters and many other relatives-Funeral Mass-Stella Maris Parish, Egg Harbor, on Mon. 28 Dec 2009-Interment at St. John the Baptist Cemetery in Egg Harbor, Rev. David RUBY-CASPERSON Funeral Home.

LEMIEUX, Jerry/Father/1845-1925, ossw Emily.

LEMIEUX, Emily/Mother/1852-1891, ossw Jerry.

LEMIEUX, _?_/Mrs. Philip LEMIEUX/Died 4 May 1904/Aged 25 yrs.

LETOURNEAUX, Philip J./ILLINOIS/CPHOM USNR/WORLD WAR II/4 Nov 1911-4 Feb 1973, service marker, next to (new grave-1977)

LONGLEY, Lucy/1890-1966, ossw George.

LONGLEY, George/1883-1962, ossw Lucy, next to Floyd J.

LONGLEY, Floyd J./Son/1911-1937, next to Lucy and George.

MANSCHOT Family Plot.

MANSCHOT, Edward/1907-1968, ossw Dorothy.  Also, picture with flash: MANSCHOT, Edward and Dorothy.

MANSCHOT, Dorothy/1911-1972, ossw Edward, next to Susan.  Also, picture with flash: MANSCHOT, Edward and Dorothy.

MANSCHOT, Susan/Daughter/1 Nov 1947 (no other dates), on ground stone, next to Edward and Dorothy.

MARQUEZ, Osmond A./1 Aug 1980-22 Mar 1992.

MCMAHON, George N./PENNSYLVANIA/SF2 USNRF/WORLD WAR I/23 Apr 1896-4 May 1951, Service marker.

MOEGENBURG, Martin/1910-1973, ossw Celestia.

MOEGENBURG, Celestia/1915-(no other dates), ossw Martin.

MONICA, John/1877-1958, on ground stone, ossw Louise.

MONICA, Louise/1879-1962, on ground stone, ossw John, next to Frank.

MONICA, Frank/Born 5 Aug 1837-Died 5 Jun 1921, ossw Angeline.

MONICA, Angeline/His Wife (Frank)/Born 22 Jul 1845-(no other dates), ossw Frank.


ORTHOBER, Marie/Mother/1913-(no other dates), ossw Carl.

ORTHOBER, Carl/Father/1914-1958, ossw Marie.

PARENT Family Stone with 4 footstones.

PARENT, Theodore/1890-1962, footstone, PARENT Family Plot, next to Virginia.

PARENT, Virginia/Mother/1862-1942, footstone, PARENT Family Plot, next to Peter.

PARENT, Peter/Father/1850-1931, footstone, PARENT Family Plot, next to Joseph.

PARENT, Joseph/Son/1906-1933, footstone, PARENT Family Plot, next to Arthur P.

PARENT, Arthur P./Father/1880-1938, ossw Olive E.

PARENT, Olive E./1884-1965, ossw Arthur P.

PARENT, Louis /15 Sep 1847-20 May 1890, ossw Margaret.

PARENT, Margaret/His Wife (Louis)/15 Sep 1840-1 Jan 1920, ossw Louis.

PARENT, Margaret M./Wife of Arthur PARENT/Born 19 Mar 1874-Died 14 Mar 1909, next to Grace.

PARENT, Grace/Born 30 Aug 1903-Died 5 oct 1913, next to Mother footstone.

PARENT, _?_/Mother, footstone.

PASCHKE Family Plot.

PASCHKE, Barbara A./18 Feb 1938-31 Mar 2001, ossw Roger A. 

PASCHKE, Roger A./25 Jun 1936-29 Apr 2000, ossw Barbara A. 

PASCHKE, Neola/Mother/1910-1964, next to August.  Also, out-of-focus picture that shows the dates better: PASCHKE, Neola and August.

PASCHKE, August/Father/1910-1984, next to Neola.  Also, out-of-focus picture that shows the dates better: PASCHKE, Neola and August.

PERRETH, Louis A./1929-1997, ossw Barbara J.

PERRETH, Barbara J./1930-(no other dates), ossw Louis A.

PERRY, Lloyd E./25 Dec 1904-9 Nov 1986/HE TOUCHED THE FUTURE HE TAUGHT, ossw Nora M.

PERRY, Nora M./13 Aug 1910-13 Oct 1999, ossw Lloyd E.




PETERSON, Alvin/Father/1923-(no other dates), ossw Betty Jane.

PETERSON, Betty Jane/Mother/1925-1973, ossw Alvin, next to Gary Arthur.

PETERSON, Gary Arthur/SP4 US ARMY/VIETNAM/28 Oct 1950-9 Jun 1976, Service marker, near Arthur and Josephine.

PETERSON, Arthur/Father/1896-1966, ossw Josephine.

PETERSON, Josephine/Mother/1901-1975, ossw Arthur, next to Arthur.


PICHETTE (PESCHET*), Lumena/Wife of J. PICHETTE/Died 21 May 1894/Aged 48 yrs 2 mos.; *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Sat. 26 May 1894: "Mrs. Joseph PESCHET, sr., died at the home of her husband near Horseshoe Bay on Monday evening, after an illness extending over a year or more.  Death was caused by cancerous tumor, and her sufferings, though very great, were born with the fortitude and patience only known to a conscientious Christian.  Mrs. PESCHET was about 48 years of age and had been a resident of Door county since 1867.  She was born to the Province of Quebec, and her marriage took place shortly before they left Canada for the United States.  Only one child, a son, who still survives, blessed this union, which was a happy one throughout.  The funeral took place Wednesday, Fr. KROLL, of Baileys Harbor officiating, the remains being interred in the Catholic cemetery opposite John T. CARMODY's."

PIERZCHALSKI, Eleanor/Mother/1898-1971, ossw Ignatius "Jack".

PIERZCHALSKI, Ignatius "Jack"/1898-(no other dates), ossw Eleanor.

RANK, Joseph A./Died 10 Oct 1903/Aged 25 yrs 7 m's.

RAYNIER, Myrtle/1906-(no other dates), ossw Walter.

RAYNIER, Walter/1892-1961, ossw Myrtle.  Also, Service marker: RAYNIER, Walter/MICHIGAN/PVT 26 INFANTRY/WORLD WAR I/23 Mar 1892-9 Aug 1961.

REIGH, William H./23 May 1918-3 Jul 1918.

RESLER, Lannie/1867-1928, in ground stone, ossw Alex.

RESLER, Alex/1858-1940, in ground stone, ossw Lannie.

ROSCOE, Emilian/Born 31 Dec 1846-Died 1 Sep 1914.

ROSCOE, Samuel C./1882-1938, ossw Florence J.

ROSCOE, Florence J./1887-1972, ossw Samuel C.

RUSHFORD, Angeline/Wife of Louis RUSHFORD/Died 12 Aug 1898/Aged 32 yrs. 3 mos. 27 days.

SAWYER, Mabel/1900-(no other dates), ossw Joseph.

SAWYER, Joseph/1895-1973, ossw Mabel, next to Joseph A.  Also, Service marker:  SAWYER, Joseph A./WISCONSIN/CPL US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/6 Apr 1895-15 Dec 1973., near Tom.

SAWYER, Tom/3 Aug 1954-27 Sep 1975, ossw Millie and William.

SAWYER, Millie/(no dates), ossw Tom and William.

SAWYER, William/(no dates), ossw Tom and Millie.

SCHARTNER, Infant/of Mr. & Mrs. Adolph SCHARTNER/1966.

SCHNEIDER, Catherine/Died 16 Nov 1893/72 years.

SCHNEIDER, Ella/Born 1888-Died 1922, next to Konrad.

SCHNEIDER, Konrad/Born 1884-Died 1947.

SCHNEIDER, Gertrude/1909-1980, ossw Lloyd.

SCHNEIDER, Lloyd/1906-1958, ossw Gertrude.

SENVIELLE, Moses/Born 12 Jun 1836-Died 9 Apr 1883.

SKALECKE, Coraellen/1896-1969, ossw Albert F.

SKALECKE, Albert F./1891-19(uncut), ossw Coraellen.

SOUKUP Family Plot.  And, SOUKUP Family stones-Charles H. and Marion L.

SOUKUP, Charles H./1924-1976, in ground stone, next to Marion L..  Also, In ground Service marker: SOUKUP, Charles H./FLT O US ARMY AIR FORCES/WORLD WAR II/28 Oct 1924-19 Jul 1976.

SOUKUP, Marion L./1929-2006, in ground stone, next to Charles H.

VERTZ-JOHNS Family Plot. 

VERTZ, David/1871-1943, VERTZ-JOHNS stone, ossw Otto JOHNS and Caroline VERTZ.

VERTZ, Caroline/1877-1963, VERTZ-JOHNS stone, ossw Otto JOHNS and David VERTZ.

VERTZ, David VERTZ/1871-1943, ossw Otto JOHNS and Caroline VERTZ.

VERTZ, Caroline VERTZ/1877-1963, ossw Otto JOHNS and David VERTZ.

VERTZ, Jacob/Died 23 Dec 1899/Aged 81 years, ossw Rosa.

VERTZ, Rosa/His wife (Jacob)/BOrn 18 Feb 1812-(no other dates), ossw Jacob.

VERTZ, Joseph C./1879-1965, ossw Clara.

VERTZ, Clara/1887-1963, ossw Joseph C., next to Margaret and David J.

VERTZ, Margaret/Mother/1887-1976, ossw David J.

VERTZ, David J./Father/1878-1957, ossw Margaret.

VERTZ, Jacob Jr./CO E/14 WIS. INF (Civil War stone), next to Jacob.

VERTZ, Jacob/CO E/14 WIS. INF/1 Jan 1845-6 Oct 1926, ossw Maloney.

VERTZ, Maloney/His wife (Jacob)/13 Aug 1855-1 Mar 1936, next to Mary L.

VERTZ, Mary L./Wife of Chas. VERTZ/Died 15 Dec 1906/Aged 56 yrs.

VERTZ, Sylvester Peter/WISCONSIN/PFC COH 28 INF/WORLD WAR I/25 May 1890-11 Nov 1929, Service marker, next to Fred and Hilda.

VERTZ, Fred/5 Sep 1884-1 Jun 1968, ossw Hilda.

VERTZ, Hilda/1 Jun 1896/(no dates), ossw Fred, next to Loren J.

VERTZ, Loren J./1951-1969, ossw Helen and Cyril F.

VERTZ, Helen E./1916-(no other dates), ossw Loren J. and Cyril F.

VERTZ, Cyril F./1916-(no other dates), ossw Loren J. and Helen E.



VERTZ-GILLIS, Muriel GILLIS/1928-1975, next to Louise and Nels.

VERTZ-GILLIS, Louise//1899-1973, ossw Nels.

VERTZ-GILLIS, Nels/1881-1956, next to Brenies.

VERTZ-GILLIS, Brenies/Dau. of N. & L. VERTZ/BOrn 16 Apr 1924-Died 3 Mar 1925, next to Alvina.



WASHICHEK, Anna P./11 Oct 1915-6 Mar 1991.

ZETTEL, Cletus/21 May 1914-11 Mar 1988, ossw Agnes.

ZETTEL, Agnes/1 Jun 1920-7 Dec 1985, ossw Cletus.




_?_, David/Baby, white stone marker with no last name or dates located behind Mary VERTZ and between Clifford BURLO and Louis PARENT.

_?_, _?_/Unknown stone, surname illeg.-2009.  Also, Close-up of top of stone, illegible.



Also, Indexed by the W.S.O.C.S. and typed by Sally TREICHEL  in 1977-

    -Microfilmed in 35mm as part of the Door County Cemeteries/Tombstone Inscriptions in 1988 by Sue Hohneke for the Genealogical Society of Utah.  FHL US/CAN Film #1421896 Item 10   -available to interloan at your nearest Family History Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or to view at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    -Index as part of the Door County Cemeteries/Tombstone Inscriptions at the Laurie Room of the Door County Public Library in Sturgeon Bay, WI.

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