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Location: SW corner SE1/4 NE1/4 Section 18, Town of Clay Banks. 6.5 miles south of the junction of Hwy 42-57 and County Trunk S on S, then 1 mile east on County Trunk OO to the cemetery, which is on the NW corner of the junction of County Trunk OO and Shiloh Road.

The cemetery is the parish cemetery of the Tanum Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church and is maintained in good condition. The church was organized in 1872 and a new church was built in 1883. Since the destruction by fire of the Forest Lutheran Church - Carnot (sister church of Tanum), the two congregations have merged and are now known as the Tanum-Forest Evangelical Lutheran Congregation.


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13 Oct 2013 : Information on the BERG Family Plot sent to the PGS by Jerome Viste

ALFSTOED, Knut A./Fod 29 Sep 1824-Dod 21 Jul 1899.

ANDERSON, John E./1945-1969.  Also, Service marker: ANDERSON John E./WISCONSIN/SGT 61 FLD MAINT SQ AF/16 Jul 1945-6 Jun 1969.

ANDERSON, Albert/1857-1931, ossw Jennie.

ANDERSON, Jennie/1877-1964, ossw Albert.

ANDERSON, Carl/1888-1960, ossw Andrew, Mother, and Maria.

ANDERSON, Andrew/1878-1928, ossw Carl, Mother and Maria.

ANDERSON, _?_/Mother/1855-1937, ossw Carl, Andrew and Maria.

ANDERSON, Maria/29 Mar*1895, Clay Banks, Door, WI*-23 Nov* 1918, Clay Banks, Door, WI*, ossw Carl, Andrew and Mother.*OBIT: Door Co. Advocate-Fri. 29 Nov 1918: "Miss Marie ANDERSON passed away at her home in Clay Banks Saturday afternoon, the cause of her death being influenza which had developed into pneumonia.  Marie Elsie ANDERSON was 23 years 6 months and 24 days old when she died, she having been born in Clay Banks, 29 Mar 1895.  She spent her entire life in that community.  Miss ANDERSON was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Englebert ANDERSON.  The mother with five brothers and a sister survive.  The funeral which was held Monday at the Tanum cemetery, was private.  Rev. Carl MICHELSON conducting the services."

ANDERSON, Orval/1907-1992, ossw Viola.

ANDERSON, Viola/1912-1991, ossw Orval.

ANDERSON, Gertrude M./1906-1975, ossw Thomas Reuben.

ANDERSON, Thomas Reuben/1901-1980, ossw Gertrude M.

ANDERSON, Robert E/US NAVY/WORLD WAR II/14 Aug 1917-18 Feb 1998, Service marker.

ANDERSON, Ernald "Ernie" D.*/b. 13 May 1918, Algoma, Kewaunee Co., WI-d. 27 Dec 2010, at home on County Trunk U, Sturgeon Bay, Town of Clay Banks, Door Co., WI; *Source: OBITUARY-HUEHNS Funeral Home; Ernald ("Ernie") D. ANDERSON, (92), passed away unexpectedly at his home-parents: the late Albert and Jennie (KNUTSON) ANDERSON-The family later moved from Algoma to farm in the Town of Clay Banks-farmed in Clay Banks most of his life-also worked at the ship yards in Sturgeon Bay, along with Marine Travel Lift, and Kewaunee Engineering-married on 21 Nov 1940 to Elda BITZAN at Sherman Park Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, and recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary-members of Tanum-Forest Ev. Lutheran Church-could pick up his accordion, harmonica, and guitar and play a tune for the crowd around him and those who would then gather-Survivors include his wife, Elda; one son, Donald (Sharon) ANDERSON of Kewaunee; three grandchildren, Shelley (Mark) BULTMAN of Algoma, Deb (Jim) PRIBEK of Kewaunee, Brian (Laurie) ANDERSON of Green Bay; five great-grandchildren, Jamie (Kyle) SCHNEIDER, Kim PRIBEK, Brady, Tavia, and Ileaha ANDERSON-Preceding him in death were his parents; son, John (1969); three brothers, Melvin, Roy, and Curtis; and two sisters, Esther WOLF, and Florence PATRAW-Funeral services held Thursday (30 Dec 2010) at Tanum-Forest Evangelical Lutheran Church in Clay Banks with Rev. Phillip PETERSON-burial will be made in the church cemetery-HUEHNS Funeral Home,

ARNESON, Henry/Fodt den 20 Jun 1863-Dode den 30 Aug 1910, next to Arne K.S. SOETHER ARNESON.

ARNESON, Arne K. A. SOETHER/Fod. den/24 Jun 1811-Dod den/30 Jul 1897, ossw Marit, Albert O., Mathilda Oline, Karel E. and Arne E.

ARNESON, Marit/wife of Arne K. A./Fod den/24 Jan 1815-Dod den 23 Sep 1897, ossw Arne K. A., Albert O., Mathilda Oline, Karel E. and Arne E.

ARNESON, Albert O./Fod den/8 Sep 1882-Dod den/7 Dec 1905, ossw Arne K. A., Marit, Mathilda Oline, Karel E. and Arne E.

ARNESON, Mathilda Oline/Fod 27 Jun 1887-Dod 4 Nov. 1907, ossw Arne K. A., Marit, Albert O., Karel E. and Arne E.

ARNESON, Karel E./Fod den/6 Aug 1891/Dod den/13 Jan 1896, ossw Arne K. A., Marit, Albert O., Mathilda Oline, and Arne E.

ARNESON, Arne E./Fod den/9 Apr 1893/Dod den/5 July 1916, ossw Arne K. A., Marit, Albert O., Mathilda Oline, and Karel E., next to Marie ARNESON.

ARNESON, Marie/Born/14 Jan 1884-Died 21 Aug 1929, next to Anna.

ARNESON, Anna/Mother/31 Jan 1852-16 Jan 1937, next to Arne.

ARNESON, Arne/Father/25 Dec 1846-30 Jan 1941, next to Anna.

ARNESON, Ole M./8 Jun 1885-5 Jan 1971, ossw Engebor and John Alden.

ARNESON, Engebor/12 Dec 1888-11 Nov 1981, ossw ossw Ole and John Alden.

ARNESON, John Alden/1921, ossw Ole M. and Engebor.

ARNESON, Beulah L./20 Jul 1904-8 Feb 1944, ossw Rebecca E. and Alfred H.

ARNESON, Rebecca E./9 Dec 1900/20 Sep 1970, ossw Beulah L. and Alfred H.

ARNESON, Alfred H./7 Apr 1896-17 Jan 1981, ossw Beulah L. and Rebecca E.

AYLING, Hannah HALVERSON/Mother//wife of  J. AYLING/16 Mar 1893-17 Dec 1918, in the HALVERSON plot.

BALLESTAD, Theodore/20 Sep 1869-24 Feb 1950.

BALLESTAD, Julia/18 Mar 1884-11 Apr 1968.


BERG, __?_/*no names or dates and no foot stones. -*Source:Email received by PGS Oct 2013 by Jerome VISTE: "The large BERG stone right east of the church in the Tanum Cemetery was put there by John Berg who was a church member and had a farm on County U north of OO.  He built a large barn on the farm, never used it and eventually it was known as the Wagner farm and later belonged to Waldo Stuth and several other parties since. After Mr. Berg had the large stone erected on his lot, he moved to California and never came back.  There is no one buried on the full Berg lot. Jerome Viste

BERGENE, Caroline/12 Oct 1891-2 Apr 1950, ossw Curie, Olie, and Hilbert.

BERGENE, Curie/10 Aug 1864-16 Aug 1933, ossw Caroline, Ole and Hilbert.

BERGENE, Ole/14 Jun 1893-9 Dec 1900, ossw Caroline, Cure and Hilbert.

BERGENE, Hilbert/14 Sep 1895-1 Jun 1975, ossw Caroline, Curie, and Ole, next to Hilbert G. BERGENE. Also, Service marker: BERGENE, Hilbert G./PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/14 Sep 1896-1 Jun 1975.

BERGENE, Elgie M./Father/22 Jan 1931-4 Feb 1978, next to Carl and Alma.

BERGENE, Carl/6 Feb 1890-23 Jan 1940, ossw Alma DEBLAEY.

BERGENE, Alma DEBLAEY/28 Aug 1901-3 Oct 1969, ossw Carl BERGENE.


BRAUNSDORF, George/14 Dec 1895-9 Oct 1972, ossw Marie.  Also, Service marker at foot of grave:  BRAUNSDORF, George A/WISCONSIN/PFC US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/24 Dec 1895-9 Oct 1872.

BRAUNSDORF, Marie/4 Jan 1903-29 Apr 1986, ossw Linda & Kenneth SORENSON.



CHRISTIANSEN, Magnus/Husband/1887-1976, next to Anna.

CHRISTIANSEN, Anna/Mother/1851-1929, next to Magnus.


CHRISTIANSON, Hannah/Wife/1878-1964, in John C SCHWANER family plot.

CHRISTIANSON, John/1852-1912, ossw Maren and Ole.

CHRISTIANSON, Maren/1823-1875, ossw John and Ole.

CHRISTIANSON, Ole/1822-1890, ossw John and Maren, (ossw Anton & Caroline OLSON).

CHRISTIANSON, Melvis/Fodi den/17 Jul 1887-dod den 9 Jun 1888, ossw Karl.

CHRISTIANSON, Karl/Fodi den/12 May 1856-dod den 10 Dec. 1902, next to Carl.

CHRISTIANSON, Carl/1856-1880, next to Mari.

CHRISTIANSON, Mari/1866-1944, next to Melvin.

CHRISTIANSON, Melvin/1889-1970, next to Della.

CHRISTIANSON, Della/1890-1933, next to Melvin.

CHRISTIANSON, Melvin/1877- 1888, next to Myra.

CHRISTIANSON, Myra/1896-1922, next to Melvin.


CHRISTOFFERSEN, Guri/31 Mar 1842-17 Nov 1922.

CJEVRE, Hjalmar/Fodt 21 Jul 1892-dod/14 Aug 1892.

DEBLAEY, Alma DEBLAEY BERGENE/28 Aug 1901-3 Oct 1969, ossw Carl BERGENE.


DOEDE, Herbert W./11 Sep 1911-15 Aug 1997, ossw Vivan M. And Mary Alice.

DOEDE, Vivian M./20 Feb 1916-1 Jan 1997, ossw Herbert W. and Mary Alice.

DOEDE, Mary Alice/11 Jan 1944-14 Jan 1944, ossw Herbert W. and Vivian M., (ossw ROBLE).

DOEDE see also ROBLE

ERICSEN, Berthe/Born 12 Nov 1815-Died 9 Nov 1903.

FORD, Sarah KNUTSON/1883-1980, ossw Amelia, Hans, Maggie, Julia, Charles, Mabel and Elton KNUTSON.


GIGSTAD, Randi/6 Jun 1859-9 Jan 1936, next to Knud O.

GIGSTAD, Knud O./16 Jun 1847-26 Feb 1918, (American Legion marker next to the stone), next to Oscar A.

GIGSTAD, Oscar A./WISCONSIN/PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/1 Mar 1894-8 May 1973, Service marker, next to Baby.

GIGSTAD, Baby/(no dates), next to Ed. N.

GIGSTAD, Ed. N./6 Jan 1882-21 Dec 1956, next to Nora H.

GIGSTAD, Nora H./28 Nov 1884-1 Oct 1968, next to Daniel R.

GIGSTEAD, Daniel R./2 Apr 1913-6 Sep 2000, next to Nora H.

GIGSTEAD, Carl J./Father/1879-1963, ossw Josephine.

GIGSTEAD, Josephine/Mother/1888-1962, ossw Carl J.

GIGSTEAD, Howard/27 Apr 1908-6 Oct 1983, ossw Ruth, Werda and Wallace.

GIGSTEAD, Ruth/27 Mar 1910-27 May 1965, ossw Howard, Werda and Wallace.

GIGSTEAD, Werda/15 Mar 1925-(no other dates), ossw Howard, Ruth and Wallace.

GIGSTEAD, Wallace/11 Jan 1919-18 Nov 2000, ossw Howard, Ruth and Werda.

GILBERT, Gilbert I./1838-1903.

GILBERT, Mary/1857-1938, next to Mabel.

GILBERT, Mabel/(no dates), next to Norman.

GILBERT, Norman/(no dates), next to Marie.

GILBERT, Marie/(no dates), next to Norman.

GILBERT, Lloyd W./(no dates), next to Emil.

GILBERT, Emil/(no dates), American Legion marker next to the stone.

GULBRANSON, Nels/1829-1895.

GUDMUNSEN, Lars/Died 22 Sep 1899/aged 85 years.

GULLICKSON, George/1885-1928, next to Ragnhild P.

GULLICKSON, Ragnhild P./Mother/1854-1886, next to Peter.

GULLICKSON, Peter/Father/1848-1923, next to Ragnhild P.

HAAVI, Halvor/Fodt/10 Juni 1845-Dode 27 Mai 1908/82 yrs 11 mon/ 14 days, next to Guri.

HAAVI, Guri/Mother/1854-1921, next to Halvor H.

HAAVI, Halvor H./29 Mar 1889-9 May 1965.

HAAVI, Knud K./In Fond Memory of/Born 14 Apr 1849-Died 15 Jul 1906.

HAAVI see also HOVI

HAKANSON, Olaus/Born 14 Mar 1815-Died 3 Feb 1888, ossw Eva.

HAKANSON, Eva/Born 12 Dec 1816/Died 30 Jun 1893/Aged 76 ys. 6 ms./ 18 ds.


HALVERSON, Christian/1886-1925, ossw Oscar, Mother, Father and Richard.

HALVERSON, Oscar/1878-1900, ossw Christian, Mother, Father and Richard.

HALVERSON, Mother/1852-1921, ossw Christian, Oscar, Father and Richard.

HALVERSON, Father/1843-1901, ossw Christian, Oscar, Mother and Richard.

HALVERSON, Richard/1894-1946, ossw Christian, Oscar, Mother and Father. (American Legion marker next to the stone)

HALVERSON, Hannah HALVERSON AYLING/Mother/wife of  J. AYLING/16 Mar 1893-17 Dec 1918, in the HALVERSON plot.


HALVORSON Halvor/born 11 Jun 1849-died 8 Feb 1911, next to Carrie.

HALVORSON, Carrie/born 7 Oct 1865-died 16 Jun 1956, next to Hannah.

HALVORSON, Hannah/Mother, next to Carrie.

HANSEN, Hans C./Father/1831-1910, next to Mathea C.

HANSEN, Mathea C./Mother/1843-1932, next to Hans C.

HANSON, Carrie/Mother/1893-1953, ossw Otto.

HANSON, Otto/Father/1884-1957, ossw Carrie.

HANSON, Alma/22 Jan 1886-21 Apr 1905, next to Julia.

HANSON, Julia/22 Jan 1891-18 Dec 1962, next to Frank W.

HANSON, Frank W./29 Dec 1881-15 Feb 1971, next to Ernest.

HANSON, Ernest/19 Mar 1884-28 Oct 1979, next to Soren and Mary.

HANSON, Soren/Father/Born 26 Apr 1844-Died 28 Apr 1912, ossw Mary.

HANSON, Mary/Mother/Born 23 Mar 1849-Died 28 Jan 1924, ossw Soren.

HAWKEY, Kevin E./9 Jun 1962-20 Sep 1980, ossw John L. and Patricia.

HAWKEY, John L./27 May 1937-(no other dates), ossw Kevin E. and Patricia.

HAWKEY, Patricia/20 Nov 1938-(no other dates), ossw Kevin E. and John L.

HEGLAND, Infant/son of Rev. and Mrs. HEGLAND/Born & Died 15 Jan 1906.

HELSEN, Julius/1891-1966, (American Legion marker next to the stone), ossw Martha, Aron and Inga.  Also, Service marker at foot of grave: HELSEN, Julius J./WISCONSIN/PVT 124 CO TRANS CORPS/WORLD WAR I/25 Dec 1891-3 Nov 1966, next to Julius, Martha, Aron and Inga.

HELSEN, Martha/1850-1925, ossw Julius, Aron and Inga.

HELSEN, Aron/1854-1927, ossw Julius, Martha and Inga.

HELSEN, Inga/1894-1969, ossw Julius, Martha and Inga.

HOVI, Sigrid/Mother/1853-1944, next to Christen.

HOVI, Christen K./Father/1851-1924, next to Sigrid.

HOVI, Henry Peter/Our Baby/Son of  C. K. & S. HOVI/Born 19 Aug 1902-Died 20 Aug 1902.

HOVI see also HAAVI

JACOBSON, Dora J./dau. of C & C Jacobson/Born 26 Aug 1882-Died 20 Jan 1901; OBITUARY-Door Co. Democrat-26 Jan 1901: "On Sunday morning of this week Miss Dora JACOBSON, of Clay Banks, passed away from the effects of blood poisoning having been ill but six days.  She was the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christian JACOBSON and was eighteen years of age.  The funeral was made at the Lutheran cemetery.  The funeral procession was composed of a long cortege of sympathizing neighbors and friends from far and near and many tributes of love and respect were shown the memory of the departed..."

JAKOBSON, Jens Martin/Fodt 6 Nov 1853-dod 23 Mar 1883, ossw Anna Marie.

JAKOBSON, Anna Marie/Fodt 29 Feb 1880-dod 23 Feb. 1883, ossw Jens Martin, next to Mother.

JAKOBSON, _?_/Mother/1847-1931, next to Father.

JAKOBSON, _?_/Father/1853-1893, next to Mother.

JAKOBSON, Sam/1878-1948, next to Throm.

JAKOBSON, Throm/1872-1894, next to Sam.

JAKOBSON, Anna/1880-1883, next to Throm.

JAKOBSON, Thorsten/Fodt 12 Jan 1870-dod 12 Mar 1891.

JAKOBSON, _?_/1882-1923, (stone is laid flat).

JAKOBSON, Johan Jorgen/Fodt 26 Sep 1882-dod 8 Feb 1900.

JENSEN, Bernice/Mother/1914-1952, ossw Ivan.

JENSEN, Ivan/Father/1909-1989, ossw Bernice.

JENSEN, Mary/Mother/1889-1923, next to Martin.

JENSEN, Martin/Father/1881-1969.

JENSEN, Lewis/1885-1963, next to Johanna and John.

JENSEN, Johanna/1850-1941, ossw John.

JENSEN, John/1840-1913, ossw Johanna.

JOHNSON, Gail/1961, ossw David and Jeffrey.

JOHNSON, David/1958, ossw Gail and Jeffrey.

JOHNSON, Jeffrey/1960-1989, ossw Gail and David.

JOHNSON, Roderick/1937-1967, (other side of the stone is uncut), next to Lawrence.

JOHNSON, Lawrence/26 Apr 1908-1 May 1994, ossw Vera.

JOHNSON, Vera/5 Aug 1911-30 Jun 1984, ossw Lawrence.

JOHNSON, Roy A./Born 1917-Died 1933, ossw Clara S., Magnus and Mildred.

JOHNSON, Clara S./1875-1935, ossw Roy, Magnus and Mildred.

JOHNSON, Magnus/1872-1952, ossw Roy A., Clara S. and Mildred.

JOHNSON, Mildred/1912-1992, ossw Roy A., Clara S. and Magnus.

JOHNSON/BROWNING, Mathilda/1883-1899, ossw John, Otto, Amelia, Jergen, Arthur W., and Margaret.

JOHNSON/BROWNING, John/1887-1907, ossw Mathilda, Otto, Amelia, Jergen, Arthur W., and Margaret.

JOHNSON/BROWNING, Otto/1891-1914, ossw Mathilda, John, Amelia, Jergen, Arthur W., and Margaret.

JOHNSON/BROWNING, Amelia/1848-1936, ossw Mathilda, John, Otto, Jergen, Arthur W. and Margaret.

JOHNSON/BROWNING, Jergen/1841-1923, ossw Mathilda, John, Otto, Amelia, Arthur W. and Margaret.

JOHNSON/BROWNING, Arthur W./1880-1927, ossw Mathilda, John, Otto, Amelia, Jergen and Margaret.

JOHNSON/BROWNING, Margaret/1877-1973, ossw Mathilda, John, Otto, Amelia, Jergen, and Arthur W.

JOHNSRUD, Oscar/1870-1930, ossw Bertha.

JOHNSRUD, Bertha/1889-1962, ossw Oscar.

JOHNSRUD, Julie Lynn/21 Aug 1953-22 Aug 1953.

JOHNSRUD, Arnold E.*/b. 17 Apr 1920, Door Co., WI-d. 16 Sep 2010, Algoma Long Term Care Unit, Algoma, WI; *Source: OBITUARY-FORBES Funeral Home: Arnold E. JOHNSRUD, (90), of Sturgeon Bay-parents: Oscar and Bertha (ARNESON) JOHNSRUD-graduated from Sturgeon Bay High School in 1938-served in the U.S. Army from 1944-1946-During the service he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan in 1945-married 16 Jan 1949 to Nedra NELSON at Tanum-Forest Lutheran Church-farmed for many years and then worked at Algoma Plywood for over 25 years and then at Bay Shipbuilding, until his retirement in 1985-was the custodian at Tanum-Forest Lutheran Church for over 30 years-was a member of the American Legion in Forestville and a 50-year member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Sturgeon Bay-a talented all-around “fix-it” man-Survivors include his wife, Nedra JOHNSRUD; children, Ann OSTRAND, Sturgeon Bay; Norman (Laura) JOHNSRUD, Sturgeon Bay; Arnold (Jeanne) JOHNSRUD Jr., Algoma; Nelson (Jane) JOHNSRUD, Manitowoc; Annette JOHNSRUD, Green Bay; grandchildren, Camranh (Joe) BURMEISTER, Russell OSTRAND, Sara JOHNSRUD, Darcy JOHNSRUD, Raymond JOHNSRUD, Jody (Renee) JOHNSRUD, Stacy JOHNSRUD, Jesse JOHNSRUD, Adam JOHNSRUD, Anthony SCHWEIGL; great-grandchildren, Brian, Missy, and Mandy BURMEISTER; great-great-grandchildren, Madison, Mason, and Zachery BURMEISTER; sisters, Connie ANDERSON, and Hazel (Elward) ANDERSON-preceded in death by his parents; daughter, Julie Lynn JOHNSRUD; two grandchildren, Rodney OSTRAND, and Tara JOHNSRUD SCHWEIGL; brother-in-law, Peary ANDERSON-Funeral services Tuesday 21 Sep 2010 at Tanum-Forest Lutheran Church with Rev. Phillip PETERSON officiating-Burial will be in the Tanum Cemetery-FORBES Funeral Home in Sturgeon Bay.

JOME, Adolph/1887-1957, ossw Ella.

JOME, Ella/1894-1987, ossw Adolph.

JOME, Knut/Father/1850-1918, next to Francis A.

JOME, Francis A./WISCONSIN/SGT 362 INF/9 DIV/1889-1939, service marker stone, next to Karen.

JOME, Karen/Mother/1853-1926, next to Isabelle Emelia.

JOME, Isabelle Emelia/1885-1892, next to Eli Victor.

JOME, Eli Victor/1894-1894, next to William Ferdinand.

JOME, William Ferdinand/1878-1900, next to Ida Alvilda.

JOME, Ida Alvilda/1875-1901.

JOME, Rikka/Mother/1885-1956, ossw Father Alfred;   Also, Additional view: JOME, Alfred and Rikka.

JOME, Alfred/Father/1877-1951, ossw Mother Rikka. Also, Additional view: JOME, Alfred and Rikka.

JOME, Karen/28 Sep 1942-(no other dates), ossw Agnes, Franklin and Diane.

JOME, Agnes/7 Mar 1916-24 Jun 1996, ossw Karen, Franklin and Diane.

JOME, Franklin/27 Sep 1913-(no other dates), ossw Karen, Agnes and Diane.

JOME, Diane/3 Sep 1950-(no other dates), ossw Karen, Agnes, and Franklin.

JORDHEIM, Olga/(no dates), next to Mary Jane.

JORDHEIM, Mary Jane/(no dates), next to Gene LUCHETTA.

JORDHEIM, Gene LUCHETTA/(no dates), next to Reverend.

JORDHEIM, Reverend/1869-1939, next to Dorothea.

JORDHEIM, Dorothea/Mother/1876-1957, next to Reverend.

KJER, Ludvig P./Pastor/1884-1940, next to Thea M.

KJER, Thea M./1886-1966, next to Ludvig P.

KNUDSON, A. Maria/1872-1946, next to Bertha and Charles.

KNUTSON, Bertha/24 Dec 1881-23 Feb 1908. ossw Charles.

KNUTSON, Charles/19 Apr 1871-15 Feb 1958, ossw Bertha.

KNUTSON, Knut/1877-1947, ossw Tollif and Mary.

KNUTSON, Tollif/1850-1922, ossw Knut and Mary.

KNUTSON, Mary/1851-1934, ossw Knut and Tollif, next to Amelia, Sarah FORD, Hans, Maggie, Julia, Charles, Mabel and Elton.

KNUTSON, Amelia/1881-1961, ossw Sarah FORD, Hans, Maggie, Julia, Charles, Mabel and Elton.

KNUTSON, Sarah FORD/1883-1980, ossw Amelia, Hans, Maggie, Julia, Charles, Mabel and Elton.

KNUTSON, Hans/1850-1928, ossw Amelia, Sarah FORD, Maggie, Julia, Charles, Mabel and Elton.

KNUTSON, Maggie/1857-1921, ossw Amelia, Sarah FORD, Hans, Julia, Charles, Mabel and Elton.

KNUTSON, Julia/1884-1983, ossw Amelia, Sarah FORD, Hans, Maggie, Charles, Mabel and Elton.

KNUTSON, Charles/1887-1973, ossw Amelia, Sarah FORD, Hans, Maggie, Julia, Mabel and Elton.

KNUTSON, Mabel/1900-1999, ossw Amelia, Sarah FORD, Hans, Maggie, Julia, Charles and Elton.

KNUTSON, Elton/1922-(no other dates), ossw Amelia, Sarah FORD, Hans, Maggie, Julia, Charles, Mabel and Elton.

KNUTSON, Andrew/Born 22 Jul 1848-Died 4 Jul 1910.


LARSON, George F./18 Nov 1894-24 Aug 1965, ossw Tony O.

LARSON, Tony O./11 May 1888-9 Jul 1963, ossw George F.

LARSON, Henry O./Born 27 Jul 1880-Died 17 Jul 1903.

LENIUS, Oscar/1894-1960, ossw Ethel and Evelyn.  Also, Service marker: LENIUS, Oscar William/WISCONSIN/ PVT FA GEN OFF TNG SCH/WORLD WAR I/26 Feb 1894-9 Nov 1960.

LENIUS, Ethel/1907-1999, ossw Oscar and Evelyn.

LENIUS, Evelyn/1944-1994, ossw Oscar and Ethel, next to Oscar William.

MAGISTAD, Gilbert/Father/1868-1949, next to Marie.

MAGISTAD, Marie/Mother/1880-1938, next to Harold C.

MAGISTAD, Harold C./1903-1992, next to Marie.

MAGISTAD, Oscar C., Dr./1900-1953, ossw Lila S.

MAGISTAD, Lila S./1899-1981, ossw Oscar C., Dr.

MATHIESON, Bertha/Fodt 19 Aug 1889-Dod 26 Aug 1890, ossw Bernhard.

MATHIESON, Bernhard/Fodt 11 Aug 1893-Dod 27 Oct 1893, ossw Bertha.

MATHISON, Olga M./1891-1958, ossw Henry and Gary.

MATHISON, Henry/1891-1946, ossw Olga and Gary.

MATHISON, Gary/1951, ossw Olga M. and Henry.

MATHISON, Emma/20 Mar 1878-6 May 1949, next to Charlie.

MATHISON, Charlie/3 Oct 1877-16 Aug 1920, next to Emma.

MATHISON, Gina/wife of John MATHISON/12 Sep 1843-27 Dec 1910, next to John.

MATHISON, John/Father/7 Aug 1845-20 Nov 1924, next to Gina.

MATHISON, Oline/17 Jun 1852-9 Nov 1912, ossw Math.

MATHISON, Math./17 Jan 1858-1 Jan 1936, ossw Oline.

McDERMITT, Bryan/1855-1931, next to Lusina.

McDERMITT, Lusina/1868-1938, next to Bryan.

McKENZIE, Daniel C./PVT US ARMY/VIETNAM/24 Jan 1948+21 Sep 1992, Service marker.

MERTIG, Richard/16 Apr 1904-9 Nov 1988, next to Laura.

MERTIG, Laura/10 Sep 1901-7 Dec 1981, next to Richard.

MOEN, Nels/1871-1937.

NELSON, Mabel/1899-1932, next to Morgan O.

NELSON, Morgan O./1894-1974, next to Mabel.

NELSON, Emil W./1887-1987, ossw Doris, Hannah, Leona, Bernhard and John G.

NELSON, Doris/1917-1920, ossw Emil W., Hannah, Leona, Bernhard and John G.

NELSON, Hannah/1886-1969, ossw Emil W., Doris, Leona, Bernhard and John G.

NELSON, Leona/1914-(no other dates), ossw Emil W., Doris, Hannah, Bernhard and John G.

NELSON, Bernhard/1913-1979, ossw Emil W., Doris, Hannah, Leona, and John G.

NELSON, John G./18 Aug 1973-7 May 1924, ossw Emil W., Doris, Hannah, Leona, and Bernhard, next to Lena NELSON STAKEMAN.


NELSON, Gretchen/13 Jun 1909-25 Dec 1927, next to John O.

NELSON, John O./1874-1959, next to Caroline.

NELSON, Caroline NELSON STARKE/1881-1985, next to Nels O. NELSON.

NELSON, Nels O./Born 17 Jun 1868-Died 24 Aug 1926, next to Ole.

NELSON, Ole/Father/Born 2 Mar 1843-Died 4 Jun 1925, next to Guri.

NELSON, Guri/Born 17 Jul 1844-Died 17 Jan 1920.

NELSON, Ingri/1848-1932.

NELSON, Babies/(no names or dates), next to Chas. J.

NELSON, Chas. J./Father/28 May 1855-20 Jul 1933, next to Sophia T.

NELSON, Sophia T./Mother/11 Jun 1859-8 Sep 1895, next to Oscar.

NELSON, Oscar/Son/16 Jul 1886-27 Oct 1954, next to Gustave Carl.

NELSON, Gustave Carl/PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/12 Jul 1887-10 Jun 1969, Service marker, next to Victor H.

NELSON, Victor H/PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/20 Oct 1888+5 Feb 1978, Service marker.

NELSON, Freda/1891-1962, ossw Norman, Gilbert J., Ida, Basil and Freda.

NELSON, Norman/1895-1971, ossw Freda, Gilbert J., Ida, Basil and Freda.

NELSON, Gilbert J./1851-1915, ossw Freda, Norman, Ida, Basil and Freda.

NELSON, Ida/1851-1926, ossw Freda, Norman, Gilbert J., Basil and Freda.

NELSON, Basil/1916/ossw Freda.

NELSON, Freda/1916/ossw Basil.



NYGAARD, Math/1856-1938/Father, ossw Anna and Milton.

NYGAARD, Anna/1861-1950/ Mother, ossw Math and Milton.

NYGAARD, Milton/1901-1947/Son, ossw Math and Anna, next to Ruth A.

NYGAARD, Ruth A./1896-1972/Daughter, next to Edmund A.

NYGAARD, Edmund A./1903-1982/Son, next to Ruth A.

NYGARD, Peter M./Fodt d. 24 Jan. 1871-Dod d. 19 Sept. 1895.

OBERG, Norman H./23 Nov 1928-3 Feb 1990, next to Margaret L. and Eric A.

OBERG, Margaret L./7 Jan 1899-25 May 1987, ossw Eric A.

OBERG, Eric A./9 Jul 1897-7 Feb 1957, ossw Margaret L.  Also, Service marker footstone: OBERG, Eric A./WISCONSIN/PVT 23 CO PROV RCT CO/WORLD WAR I/9 Jul 1897-7 Feb 1957, American Legion marker next to the stone.

O’DEAN, Carl/1889-1969, next to ODEN family plot.

ODEN Family Plot

ODEN, Frank/Father/Born 16 Aug 1855-Died 24 Dec 1909, next to Mathilda.

ODEN, Mathilda/Mother/1860-1940, next to Frank.

OLDENBERG, Gene O./(no dates).


OLSEN Thosten Olsen/ Fodt den/ 14 Oct. 1841/ Dod deu/ 19 Aug. 1893

OLSON Edward/ Olson/ Born/ Mar. 1, 1829/ Died/ Dec. 16, 1901, ossw;

OLSON Karne/ Olson/ Dod/ 19 Mar 1895/ Alder/ 5/ 4 aar., ossw;

OLSON Gilbert/ Olson/ Fodt/ 12 ??? 1824/ Dod/ ? July 1896 (very hard to read), ossw;

OLSON Clara A./ Olson/ Fodt/ Jan. ?, 1881/ Dod/ ???. ?, 189? (very hard to read)

OLSON Ingri/ wife of/ Gilbert/ Nov. 13, 1842/ Jan. 30, 1917, next to;

OLSON Elmer/ Sept. 28, 1891/ Oct. 4, 1917, next to;

OLSON Father/ Oct. 16, 1845/ Aug. 14, 1915, next to;

OLSON Conrad P./ Sept. 4, 1882/ Feb. 29, 1952

OLSON Anton/ Olson/ Born/ Feb. 2, 1885/ Died/ Sept. 3, 1906/ Age 21 Yrs/ 7 Mos & 1 Day

OLSON Edward C. Olson (no dates), ossw;

OLSON Emma C. Olson (no dates), ossw;

OLSON Ellmane/ Fudt den/ 6 July 1879/ Dod den/ 9 Oct. 1879, ossw;

OLSON Elviraer/ Fodt den/ 5 July 1881/ Dod den/ 13 July 1881, ossw;

OLSON Arvid M./ Fodt den/ 28 Feb. 1888/ Dod den/ 16 Dec. 1888, next to;

OLSON Father/ Anton/ 1857 - 1947, ossw;

OLSON Mother/ Caroline/ 1854 - 1936

OLSON Melvin/ 1889/ 1970 (didn’t see this stone in 2001)

OLSON Gordon B./ 1914 - 1937, ossw;

OLSON Marie/ 1876 - 1940, ossw;

OLSON Harry/ 1870 - 1957

OLSON Gunhild/ Alder/ 87 Aeir (very hard to read), next to;

OLSON Anne/ Arger (very hard to read)

OLSON Lester/ 1909 - 1996, ossw;

OLSON Marie/ 1908 - 2000

OLSON Anger/ Olson/ Fod den/ 29 August 1865/ dod den/ 12 December/ 1880, (this stone is very worn & hard to read), ossw;

OLSON Anne S. Olson/ Fed den/ 11 Juli 1820/ dod den/ 4 April 1895, ossw;

OLSON Ole H. Olson/ Fod den/ 25 Juni 1826/ dod den/ 24 Feb. 1881, ossw;

OLSON George O./ Gullikson/ Fod den/10 Oktober 1879/ dod den/ 22 Feb 1881

OLSON Mother/ Mary/ Olson/ Sept. 22, 1870/ July 10, 1911

OLSON Eleanor/ 1916 - 1996, ossw;

OLSON Norman J./ 1912 - 1972

OSMUNDSON Sarah/ Osmundson/ 1866 - 1941, next to;

OSMUNDSON Ida A./ 1891 - 1954, ossw;

OSMUNDSON Thomas J./ 1892 - 1941

OSTRAND Ostrand/ Rodney V./ Feb. 2, 1980/ June 27, 1997/ “I had to be me”.  Also, Ostrand, Rodney V.'s back of stone.

OVESEN Veljer Ovesen/ Died Dec. 19, 1890 (stone is broken, most writing is buried)

PETRINA John R. Petrina/ US Army/ Feb 5 1903 + Dec 24 1977

PFLIE Allan M Pfile/Cpl US Army/ Jul 31 1931 + Sep 25 1974 (Veteran marker), next to;

PFLIE Florence M./ Amy 8, 1909/ (uncut), ossw;

PFLIE Marvel O./ Oct. 26, 1904/ Apr. 26, 1964, ossw;

PFLIE Geraldine/ Oct. 9, 1929

PFLIE Loyal/ 1901 - 1995, ossw;

PFLIE Dorothy/ 1907 - 1999

ROBLE Eden W Roble/ Pfc US Army/ World War II/ 1924 + 1995, next to;

ROBLE Eunice E./ May 15, 1913/ Mar. 8, 1995, ossw;

ROBLE Paul A./ Jan. 17, 1908/ Oct. 17, 1993, ossw;

ROBLE Baby/ Oct. 1944 (ossw DOEDE)

ROBLE Mother/ Ida/ 1884/ 1943, next to;

ROBLE Father/ Knut/ 1881/ 1937

ROBLE see also DOEDE

ROCKWELL Edna B./ 1900 - 1982, ossw Joseph.

ROCKWELL Joseph/ 1891 - 1954, ossw Edna B., next to;

ROCKWELL Joseph Rockwell/ Wisconsin/ Pvt Util Br Const Div QMC/ World War I/24 Oct 1890-18 May 1954, in ground service marker.  Also, American Legion Marker.

ROCKWELL Oct 24 1890 - May 18, 1954 (Veteran marker, at the foot of the grave, American Legion marker next to the stone)

RUDIE Ole/ Sept. 2, 1860/ Dec. 1, 1920, ossw;

RUDIE Kari/ Nov. 22, 1850/ Jan. 8, 1915

SAHLIN Harold/ Aug. 21, 1904/ Mar. 27, 1974, ossw;

SAHLIN Bernice/ July 22, 1909/ Apr. 3, 1974

SCHMELING Frank/ 1883 - 1959, ossw;

SCHMELING Julia/ 1881 - 1965

SCHWANER Husband/ John C./ Schwaner/ 1873 - 1938



SEVERSON Julius/ 1886 - 1958, ossw;

SEVERSON Ida/ 1884 - 1986, ossw;

SEVERSON Olaf/ 1884 - 1948, ossw;

SEVERSON Norman/ 1894 - 1979

SEVERSON Oscar/ 1883 - 1917, ossw;

SEVERSON Mother/ Julia 1856 - 1932, ossw;

SEVERSON Father/ Thomas 1853 - 1941, ossw;

SEVERSON Tillie/ 1891 - 1911, ossw;

SEVERSON Mabel/ 1887 - 1905, ossw;

SEVERSON Paul/ 1904 - 1905

SICKLES Rosetta Constance/ Sickles/ June 29, 1890/ May 9, 1924

SORENSON Henry Jr./ 1898, ossw;

SORENSON Ethel/ 1909, ossw;

SORENSON Lawrence/ 1913 - 1918, ossw;

SORENSON Linda/ Nov. 6, 1914/ Mar. 1, 1994, ossw;

SORENSON Kenneth/ Feb. 11, 1910/ June 21, 1990 (ossw George & Marie BRAUNSDORF)

SORENSON Edward/ 1839 - 1922, ossw;

SORENSON Mary/ 1841 - 1914, ossw;

SORENSON Betty/ 1921, ossw;

SORENSON Carrie/ 1881 - 1921, ossw;

SORENSON Henry/ 1870 - 1922, ossw;

SORENSON Jennie/ 1874 - 1899


STARKE, Caroline NELSON STARKE/1881-1985, next to Nels O. NELSON.


STAKEMAN Stone: Stone Log Cabin

STAKEMAN Harry J./ Stakeman/ Born/ Oct. 23, 1888/ Died/ July 16, 1912, next to;

STAKEMAN Lester/ Stakeman/ 1896 - 1970, on ground stone.



STENERSON, Christian/1823-1897, ossw;

STENERSON Bodil/ 1826 - 1917, ossw;

STENERSON Lauritz/ 1859 - 1916, ossw;

STENERSON Fredrikke/ 1864 - 1951, next to;

STENERSON Ester G./ Stenerson/ Aug. 10, 1904/ Sept. 24, 1997 (next to Richard & Laura MERTIG - same style stone)

STEWART Vaughn R Stewart/ S Sgt US Marine Corps/ Vietnam/ Apr 30 1947 +

STEWART Dec 10 1984 (Veteran marker)

THRONDSON Anders/ Throndson/ Born Jan. 15, 1845/ Died Jan. 19, 1920, next to;

THRONDSON Sigre/ Throndson/ born Apr. 17, 1860/ died May 20, 1930

TOLLEFSON Russel/ Tollefson/ Dec. 21, 1910, next to;

TOLLEFSON Charles R./ Tollefson/ July 5, 1908, next to;

TOLLEFSON Karel/ Tollefson/ July 25, 1881/ Aug. 24, 1912, next to;

TOLLEFSON Carrie Tollefson/ Mar. 15, 1847/ Dec. 23, 1922, next to;

TOLLEFSON Tollef Tollefson/ Jan. 6, 1848/ Oct. 20, 1927

VISTE Leon W. Viste/ Wisconsin/ EM 3 USNR/ World War II/ Aug. 9, 1920 +

VISTE May 4, 1967 (Veteran marker, at the foot of the grave), next to;

VISTE Ellen M./ 1923 - (uncut), ossw;

VISTE Leon W./ 1920 - 1967, next to;

VISTE Lester R./ 1911 - 1976, ossw;

VISTE Lorraine C./ 1912 - 1981, next to;

VISTE Harold Lester Viste/ Wisconsin/ RM2 US Coast Guard/ Korea/ July 7, 1931/ Apr. 11, 1970 (Veteran marker), next to;

VISTE Earl Karl/ Viste/ Jan. 21/ Nov. 28/ 1942/ Baby

VISTE Ingwald/ Viste/ Jan. 5, 1901/ Sept. 1, 1969, ossw;

VISTE Beatrice/ Aug. 30, 1906/ Sept. 16, 1976, next to;

VISTE Stella Viste/ May 2, 1905/ April 23, 1984, next to;

VISTE Ernest L./ Viste/ August 19, 1912/ August 20, 1983

VISTE Kari N./ Viste/ Fodt/ July 9, 1851/ Dode/ Nov. 29, 1903, ossw;

VISTE Nels/ Viste/ Fodt/ Feb. 13, 1843/ Dode/ Feb. 12, 1916, ossw; Lokris/ Bendiksen/ Fodt/ June 10, 1826/ Dode/Oct. 11, 1903

VISTE Melvin C. Viste/ Wisconsin/ Pvt 2BN 330 Inf 83 Div/ World War I/

VISTE Feb. 1, 1897 / July 23, 1970 (Veteran stone), next to;

VISTE Kenneth M./ April 25, 1904/ May 8, 1977, ossw;

VISTE Edith S./ Nov. 24, 1915/ (uncut), next to;

VISTE A/3C Carl K. Viste/ 3399th Student Sqdn/ May 12, 1933/ Aug. 23, 1952 (American Legion marker next to the stone)

VISTE William G./ Viste/ Jan. 26, 1937/ Sept. 14, 1982, next to;

VISTE Father/ Martin/ Sept. 16, 1874/ Aug. 19, 1954

VISTE Edward/ Mar. 23, 1890/ Jan. 14, 1972/ Married June 15, 1915, ossw;

VISTE Clara/ Sept. 24, 1892/ Sept. 5, 1971, ossw;

VISTE Clyde/ 1921 - 1924, ossw;

VISTE Fern/ 1916

VISTE Mother/ Carrie/ Apr. 3, 1878/ Dec. 13, 1971, next to;

VISTE Father/ Martin/ Sept. 16, 1874/ Aug. 19, 1954

VISTE Ernald/ 1904 - 1987, ossw;

VISTE Clara/ 1902 - 1971, ossw;

VISTE Glen/ 1927

VISTE Donald/ Apr. 23, 1928/ June 5, 1957

VISTE Ingeborg / K. Viste/ Fodt/ Nov. 19, 1842/ dod./ July 12, 1892, ossw;

VISTE Knud E./ Viste/ Fodt den/ Aug. 16, 1845/ Dode/ Aug. 1, 1931, ossw;

VISTE Ragnhild/ Viste/ Fodt/ 15 Mar. 1824/ Dode/ 3 Sept. 1913, ossw;

VISTE Engebret/ Viste/ Fodt/ Aug. 24, 1818/ Dod/ Sept. 11, 1898, ossw;

VISTE Karl K./ Viste/ fodt/ Sept. 12, 1880/ dod/ June 17, 1898, ossw;

VISTE Edward/ Viste/ fodt den/ Mar. 23, 1875/ dode/ July 18, 1930, next to;

VISTE Olena/ 1888 - 1948, ossw;

VISTE Engebret/ 1871 - 1943, next to;

VISTE Ranghild Viste/ Fod/ 14 Mar. 1851/ Dod/ 4 Nov 1893, next to;

VISTE Father/ Nicolai/ 1882 - 1957, ossw;

VISTE Mother/ Alma/ 1884 - 1976, ossw;

VISTE Daughter/ Irene/ 1908 - 1910

VISTE Son/ George/ 1892 - 1936, next to Mother Ranghild, on ground stone.

VISTE Mother/ Ranghild/ 1862 - 1946, on ground stone next to Father Knut N.

VISTE Family Plot - 1st view.  Also VISTE Family Plot- 2nd view.

VISTE Family Stone.

VISTE Father/ Knut N./ 1863 - 1941, close to Mother Emma.

VISTE Mother/ Emma/ 1877 - 1965, close to Father Knut N., next to Father Ole E.

VISTE,  Father Lawrence/16 May 1913-23 Mar 2008, on ground stone.

VISTE Father/ Ole E./ 1869 - 1936, next to Mother Sylvia.

VISTE Mother/ Sylvia Viste/ Aug. 22, 1928/ Aug. 25, 1966, on ground stone.

VISTE Baby/ Allan R./ Viste/ 1942 - 1942, next to;

VISTE Mother/ Evelyn Viste/ 1917 - 1944, next to;

VISTE Father/ Stanley Viste/ 1917 - 1952

VISTE, Son Gary W./23 Aug 1952-8 Feb 2008, Father of Ben, Sean, Courtney, Chelsea.

WAGNER Sena/ 1880 - 1959, ossw;

WAGNER Peter/ 1875 - 1962

WERNER LaVern H./ Werner/ 1922 - 1987

WERNER, Bruce Eugene*/b. 8 Dec 1947, Kewaunee County, WI-d. Thurs. 12 Nov 2009, at home, Egg Harbor, Door, WI; *Source: OBITUARY-FORBES Funeral Home: Bruce Eugene Werner, (61)-parents: LaVerne and Evelyn (HALVERSON) WERNER-employed by the Sunshine House for many years-attended Prince of Peace Lutheran Church-Survivors include a niece, Judy (Paul) KAY, Forestville; a nephew, John KELLER, Algoma; uncles and aunts, Richard (Judy) HALVERSON, Green Bay, Tony (Delores) HALVERSON, Littleton, CO; and many cousins-preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Rosemary KELLER-Funeral services Sat. 14 Nov 2009 at FORBES Funeral Home, Rev. Nathan LEWIS-Burial in Tanum Cemetery-FORBES Funeral Home.

WIEGAND Douglas W./ Wiegand/ Apr. 14, 1941, next to;

WIEGAND Arthur D. Wiegand/U.S. Merchant Marine/ World War I/ May 1917 + Oct 1974 (Veteran marker), ossw;

WIEGAND Arthur D./ 1917 - 1994, ossw;

WIEGAND Dorothy M./ 1919 - 1998

WHITFORD Robert/ Whitford/ 1930, next to;

WHITFORD Father/ Richard J./ 1897 - 1968, next to;

WHITFORD Mother/ Selma C./ 1902 - 1987



???? small flat stone buried level with the ground in front of ARNESON stone





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