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*Clay Banks Town Cemetery*

INDEX - 2001/2008 & some OBITS

updated 2001 index with pictures and some additions-17 Oct and 3 Nov 2008

see also:  CLAY BANKS TOWN CEMETERY-Oct 2008 by Richard HITT, Caretaker

updated 29 May 2011


Location: NW1/4 SW1/4 SW1/4 Section 21, Town of Clay Banks. 775 County Trunk U between Midway Road and Bear Creek Road. It is located atop a hill overlooking Lake Michigan. A fairly steep road leads up to it. Hard to see from the main road. Cemetery located on the west side of County Trunk U.

The cemetery is maintained in good condition as of Nov. 18, 2001.

Cemetery was copied in 1970 by George Richard and reindexed by Judy Srnka and Beverly Diefenbach of the W.S.O.C.S. on October 31, 1976.

Reindexed November 18, 2001 by Susan Havel of the PGS. 

Sue HAVEL-2001 Transcription of the Clay Banks Town Cemetery



Being retyped by Sue HOHNEKE for the PGS Website-converting dates to read: dd-mmm-yyyy for continuity on the PGS Website.


4 Feb, 6 Jul 2010-OBITs added

1 Sep 2010 - OBITUARY contributed by Judy PHILLIPS for Amelia Dorothea (LIEBE) CLARK, William David CLARK, Sanford Jeremy CLARK, Charles R. CLARK (all of whom had previously not been listed on this index!), and Dr. Chan SCHUYLER.

5 Oct, 22 Dec 2010-Obit added.

29 May 2011-Stone picture contributed by Dick HITT for son Dan HITT linked to this index.


Sue HOHNEKE added some pictures and some newer stone additions on 11 Oct 2008.  Please click on the pictures to see them enlarged:




AANUNDSEN, Joahna/Wife of/ Syvest AANUNDSEN/Died/15 Jun 1878/Aged/53 yrs. 3 m’s 15 ds., next to Gunder.

ANDERSEN, Gunder/B. 1855-D. 1941, next to Servert.

ANDERSEN, Severt/B. 1827-D. 1915.

ANDERSON, Frank D./1907-1975, ossw Doris E.

ANDERSON, Doris E./1916-(no other dates), ossw Frank D.

ANDERSON, Axel/Born in Sweden/22 Apr 1871-Died 4 Nov 1909.

ANDRE, Darlene Mary ANDRE HITT/12 Nov 1937-(no other dates), ossw Mary Ellen MAZZARA HITT, Carl Thomas HOLT II, Kathleen Jane HOLT-RYAN and Carl Thomas HOLT III, back of HITT Stone (2008).

BETTS, William E./1878 - 1961, ossw Violet E..

BETTS, Violet E./1883 - 1980, ossw William E.

BETTS, Everett/1905-1990, ossw Amanda.

BETTS, Amanda/1911-1977, ossw Everett.

BRAUNSDORF, Christian/10 Jan 1849-21 Jun 1921, ossw Hulda.

BRAUNSDORF, Hulda/15 Dec 1856-7 Feb 1944, ossw Christian.

BRAUNSDORF, Christian/Geb. 4 Oct. 1818/Gest. 23 Juli 1885 (stone is broken and only the death date remains in 2001), next to Albert.

BRAUNSDORF, Albert/Born/11 Jun 1885-Died 2 Oct 1920.

CAMPBELL on opposite side of WARREN Stone Column base.


CERMAK Family Plot.

CERMAK, Mary/Born 4 Jan 1850-Died 22 Oct 1914, next to Joseph.

CERMAK, Joseph/1880-1962, next to Matt.   Also, Additional Close-up No.1, No.2., No.3, No. 4.

CERMAK, Matt./Born 15 Apr 1854/ Died 7 Nov 1925.

CERMAK, Frank/16 Dec 1887-30 Jul 1981, ossw Susan.

CERMAK, Susan/30 Jun 1891-26 May 1966, ossw Frank.

CLARK Family Stone/In Loving Memory of the Clark Family (no names)

CLARK, Amelia Dorothea (LIEBE)*/b. 29 Mar 1861, b. Sheboygan, WI-6 Nov 1934, Sturgeon Bay, Door WI, previously not listed on the Clay Banks Town Cemetery Index-(1 Sep 2010);  *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-9 Nov 1934, P. 8: Amelia Dorothea (LIEBE) CLARK (29 Mar 1861-6 Nov 1934)-MRS. DAVID CLARK DIES; RITES TODAY-Mrs. David CLARK died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chan SCHUYLER in the fourth ward on Tuesday from complications due to asthma, with which she had suffered for some time-born in Sheboygan on 29 Mar 1861-parents: Mr. and Mrs. LIEBE, both of whom have passed away-married to David CLARK on 30 Oct 1882, in Sheboygan county, the family came to reside on a farm in the town of Clay Banks-Surviving besides Mr. CLARK are the following: Sanford CLARK, Jacksonport; Lottie SCHUYLER and James CLARK, Sawyer; Hanah TOLLEFSON, Sevastopol; John CLARK, Fish Creek, and Mrs. George KRADERMANN, Sheboygan-funeral held this Friday afternoon from the Friends church, Rev. O.L. HUTCHINS, officiating, and interment will be at the town cemetery in Clay Banks-OBITUARY contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

CLARK, William David*/b. 14 Nov 1847, Sheboygan Falls, WI-d. 26 Nov 1935, Sawyer, Door Co., WI, previously not on the Clay Banks Cemetery index-(1 Sep 2010) *Source: OBITUARY-Door County News-Thurs. 28 Nov 1935: William David CLARK (14 Nov 1847-26 Nov 1935)-WILLIAM CLARK DIES TUESDAY; RITES ON FRIDAY-William David CLARK, (88), a resident of Door county for more than half a century, passed away at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chan. SCHUYLER in Sawyer at an early hour on Tuesday morning-Death followed an illness of several years, the last six weeks of which his condition was considered serious-born at Sheboygan Falls 14 Nov 1847-married there to Amelia LIEBE on 30 Oct 1882-Shortly after their marriage the couple moved to Clay Banks in Door county where they operated a farm until about twenty-five years ago when Mr. Clark retired-a few years ago they moved to Sawyer to make their home-Mrs. Clark passed away 6 Nov 1934-Surviving are the following children; Sanford, Jacksonport; Mrs. Chan SCHUYLER, and James, Sawyer; Mrs. Hannah TOLLEFSON, Sevastopol; John, Fish Creek, and Mrs. George KRAEDERMANN of Kohler-Two brothers, Charles, Sawyer, Ed., Sheboygan; one sister, Mrs. Lottie NICKICHE, Muskegon, Mich.; 28 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren also survive-Funeral services held on Friday afternoon from the Stoneman Funeral home in Sawyer, with the Rev. O.L. HUTCHINS, pastor of the Friends church, officiating-Interment will be made in the Clay Banks cemetery-Among those from a distance attending are Mrs. Otto NICKICHE, Muskegon, Mich.; Ed. LAWRENCE, Oshkosh; Mrs. Fred BRIGGS, Milwaukee, and Edward CLARK, Sheboygan-STONEMAN Funeral Home.-OBITUARY contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

CLARK, Sanford Jeremy*/b. 24 Dec 1821-12 Jul 1892), previously not listed on the Clay Banks Cemetery index!-(1 Sep 2010); *Source: OBITUARY-Door County Advocate-16 Jul 1892, P. 5: Sanford Jeremy Clark (24 Dec 1821-12 Jul 1892)SUDDEN DEATH-William Clark, whose home is in the southern part of Clay Banks, died very suddenly on Tuesday. He was out in the barn attending to some chores, and not returning on time Mrs. Clark began to look for him, and on entering the building she was almost paralyzed to find her husband lying dead on the floor before her. Heart failure is supposed to be the cause of the sudden taking off. (This is actually the obituary for Sanford J. Clark, not William); OBITUARY-Algoma Record Herald-14 Jul 1892: CLARK, Sanford, from Foscoro, leaves wife and 6 grown children. OBITUARIES were contributed by Judy PHILLIPS.

CLARK, Charles R.*/b. 2** Sep 1860, Sheboygan Falls, WI-d. 25 Jun 1937, previously not on the Clay Banks Cemetery Index!-(1 Sep 2010); *Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-Fri. 2 Jul 1937: Charles R. CLARK (2** Sep 1860-25 Jun 1937)-Chas. R. CLARK, (76), died Friday of a stroke after an illness of only an hour-Funeral services were held Monday afternoon from STONEMAN's chapel and interment was made at Clay Banks, Rev. Otto PHILLIP officiated-A. SCHUYLER, Frank SURFACE, Wm. MICKELS, Ole JORGENSON, Godfrey BUSCHMAN, and Wm. BRAUNSDORF served as pallbearers-Mr. Clark was born at Sheboygan Falls Sept. 3, 1860, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Sanford CLARK-came to Door County with his parents 50 years ago-married in 1896 to Mrs. Anna BROWN who died five years later- A son, Sanford, died in infancy and a daughter, Mrs. Alice GRINDEMAN, died in 1929-Survivors are a granddaughter and a grandson, and a sister, Mrs. Lottie NICKNESS of Manistique, Mich.**Source: Death Certificate for Charles R. CLARK shows birthdate for him of 2 Sep 1860 (note different birth date in OBITUARY!). OBITUARY and Birthdate descrepancy information contributed Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

COON, D. B./Born/25 Jul 1830-Died 13 Mar 1912, ossw Sarah.

COON, Sarah/Born 1 Jul 1834-Died 27 Aug 1876, ossw D. B.

CUM, (GUM) Elmer R./Born 13 Dec 1869-Died 11 Jan 1871, in ground stone, ossw Edward.

CUM, (GUM) Edward/Born 18 Dec 1875-Died 15 Dec 1876, in ground stone, ossw Elmer R.

DAVIDSON, Melvin/Born 30 Sep 1869-Died 30 Sep 1869/"Children of James & Julia E.", in ground stone, ossw Charley.

DAVIDSON, Charley/Born/12 Feb 1872-Died 1 Mar 1873/"Children of James & Julia E.", in ground stone, ossw Melvin.

DAVIDSON DELITTLE, Theodore/1862-1948, ossw Emma and Laraine DELITTLE.

DELITTLE, Emma/1862-1934, ossw Laraine.

DELITTLE, Laraine/1890-1891, ossw Emma.

DEMEUSE, Bertha/“Birdie”/19 Nov 1951-13 Nov 1999, next to Thomas L.

DEMEUSE, Thomas L./30 Aug 1947-(no other dates)/fire dept. chief.

DRISCOLL, Baby*/ Dec. 18, 1927 (didn’t find this stone in 2001) -In ground stone dug out by Richard Hitt, caretaker, and picture taken of plot with border: 11 Oct 2008.  Also, DRISCOLL, Baby: Close-up.  *31 Oct & 3 Nov 2008:  New information added by Richard "Dick" HITT for "Baby DRISCOLL": name: Patricia Ruth DRISCOLL-father: Russell J. DRISCOLL, D.D.S. , mother: L. Joyce HEALD (whose parents were Eugene HEALD and Agnes HITT). Two other siblings died infancy.  New stone to be erected for her (them?) in the future.

GERMAINE, William J.*/b. 22 Jul 1947, Chicago, IL-d. 26 Sep 2009, at home, Town of Clay Banks, Door Co., WI-*Source: OBITUARY-FORBES Funeral Home: William J. GERMAINE, (62), of Sturgeon Bay-parents: Benjamin and Beatrice (COOK) GERMAINE-involved with the financial industry in various capacities for many years-published poet- As a teenager he was one of the highest ranked tennis players in the United States-had just recently retired to Door County-Survivors include his brother, John (Xiao Hong ZHANG-GERMAINE) GERMAINE, Cottage Grove, WI; a sister, Susan (Bob) FOUTTS, Florida; and numerous nieces and nephews and friends-preceded in death by his parents-Funeral Services Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009 at Forbes Funeral Home-Burial will be in Clay Banks Cemetery-FORBES Funeral Home

GIETZ, _?_/Mother/1867-1932, ossw Father.

GIETZ, _?_/Father/1859-1941, ossw Mother, next to Henry A.

GIETZ, Henry A/PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/10 Jul 1896-15 May 1983, Service marker.

GIETZ Veteran marker

GILLICK Family Stone.

GILLICK, Verner J./1921-1994/"Parents of Mary, Darlene, Kathy, and Jake (dog)", ossw Jeanette.  Also, Close-up: "Catch of the Day".

GILLICK, Jeanette M./1925-(no other dates)/ "Parents of Mary, Darlene, Kathy, and Jake (dog)", ossw Verner J.

HAAVISTO, Richard F./8 Oct 1951-1 Apr 1997.

HAMMOND, Edgar E./Died 7 Oct 1872/Age 1 yr. 5 mos. 12 ds.


HEALD, C.(-2001)(G.-2008) Eugene/27 Aug 1844-10 Aug 1930, ossw Agnes, Hattie and Angeline, with flash.   Also, without flash.

HEALD, Agnes J./21 Nov 1840-10 Apr 1889, ossw C. (G.) Eugene, Hattie, and Angeline.

HEALD, Hattie/22 Oct 1868-21 Oct 1870, ossw C. (G.) Eugene, Agnes, and Angeline.

HEALD, Angeline/6 Feb 1847-30 May 1924, ossw C. (G.) Eugene, Agnes and Hattie,  (American Legion Marker next to the stone).

HEIMBECHER, Wilhelmina/Born 8 Mar 1834-Died 14 Jan 1913, next to William F.

HEIMBECHER, William F./Died 29 Mar 1882/Aged 54 yrs. 5 mos.3 days, next to;

HEIMBECHER, Lewis/Died 18 Jan 1889/Aged/ 16 yrs. 3 mos./ 3 days, next to;

HEIMBECKER, F. W., Corp’l/Co. O/48th Wis. Inf., Civil War Marker, 2 American Legion Markers next to the stone, next to Marie E.

HEIMBECKER, Marie E./1931-(no other dates)/Married/27 Sep 1951, ossw Eugene F.

HEIMBECKER, Eugene F./1919-1989, ossw Marie E.

HELLENBOLT, Leon J./Born 30 Mar 1880-Died 29 Apr 1894, Stone looks like a tree stump, next to Father James.  Also, HELLENBOLT, Leon J.: Close-up.

HELLENBOLT, James/Father/Born 24 Jun 1836-Died 17 Dec 1917, next to Mother Margaret.

HELLENBOLT, Margaret/Mother/Born 24 Aug 1854-Died 12 Apr 1933, next to Irvin.

HELLENBOLT, Irving/Born/3 Jul 1877-Died 31 Mar 1921, next to Mother Margaret.

HELMHOLZ, V. Eugene/22 Apr 1910-30 Sep 1983, ossw Kathryne.  Also, Service marker: HELMHOLZ, V Eugene/US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/1910-1983.

HELMHOLZ, Kathryne/27 Feb 1913-10 Nov 1989, ossw V. Eugene.

HELMHOLZ, Charles W./1882-1977, ossw Sarah P.

HELMHOLZ, Sarah P./1891-1982, ossw Charles W.

HITT, Baby/Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. C. D. HITT/Born 8 Jul 1905-Died 17 Oct 1905, next to HITT Family Plot.

HITT Family Plot with Richard "Dick" HITT

HITT, Chauncey C./Died 14 Nov 1874/Aged 62 yrs. 3 mo. 21 ds.-old stone: 2001)/23 Aug 1812-14 Nov 1874 (new stone: 2008), ossw Frances E., Charles I., Julia A., Daniel, Merril Lester, Joseph, and Helen Ruby, front of HITT Stone (2008).

HITT, Frances E./Died 19 Nov 1894/Aged 80 yrs. 4 mo. 17 ds.-old stone: 2001)/2 Jun 1814-19 Nov 1894 (new stone: 2008), ossw Chauncey C., Charles I., Julia A., Daniel, Merril Lester, Joseph, and Helen Ruby, front of HITT Stone (2008).

HITT, Charles I./19 Sep 1846-1 May 1922, ossw Chauncey C., Frances E., Julia A., Daniel, Merril Lester, Joseph, and Helen Ruby, front of HITT Stone (2008) .

HITT, Julia A./24 Aug 1835-26 Jan 1927, ossw Chauncey C., Frances E., Charles I., Daniel, Merril Lester, Joseph, and Helen Ruby, front of HITT Stone (2008).

HITT, Daniel/19 Sep 1856-13 Nov 1919,  ossw Chauncey C., Frances E., Julia A., Daniel, Merril Lester, Joseph and Helen Ruby, front of HITT Stone (2008).

HITT, Merril Lester, 8 Jul 1905-17 Nov 1905, ossw Chauncey C., Frances E., Charles I., Julia A., Daniel, Joseph, and Helen Ruby, front of HITT Stone (2008).

HITT, Joseph/ 15 Dec 1914-15 Dec 1914, ossw Chauncey C., Frances E., Charles I., Julia A., Daniel, Merril Lester, and Helen Ruby, front of HITT Stone (2008).

HITT, Helen Ruby/1 Feb 1926-(no other dates), ossw Chauncey C., Frances E., Charles I., Julia A., Daniel, Merril Lester, Joseph, and Helen Ruby, front of HITT Stone (2008)

HITT, Mary Ellen MAZZARA/2 Apr 1958-4 Oct 2000, ossw Darlene Mary ANDRE HITT, Carl Thomas HOLT II, Kathleen Jane HOLT-RYAN, and Carl Thomas HOLT III, back of HITT Stone (2008)

HITT, Darlene Mary ANDRE/12 Nov 1937-(no other dates), ossw Mary Ellen MAZZARA HITT, Carl Thomas HOLT II, Kathleen Jane HOLT-RYAN and Carl Thomas HOLT III, back of HITT Stone (2008).

HITT, Frank/Father/31 Oct 1850-19 Jul 1931, next to Louisa.

HITT, Louisa/Mother/22 May 1850-23 Nov 1941, next to Barney.

HITT, Barney/8 Aug 1886-28 Mar 1952.

HITT, Daniel Richard*/b. 31 May 1955, Menomonee Falls, WI-d. 1 Jul 2010, St. Vincent Hospital, Green Bay, Brown Co., WI; *Source: OBITUARY-FORBES Funeral Home: Daniel Richard HITT, 55, of Sturgeon Bay-parents: Richard and Margaret (SCHERWENKA) HITT.  Dan attended UW Milwaukee and earned a B.A. in education-was a beloved teacher, talented musician, and gifted actor, appearing in many community plays-survived by two sons, Nicholas (Lauren) HITT, New Berlin; Donovan HITT, Milwaukee; his parents, Dick and Marge HITT, Clay Banks; four brothers and one sister, Timothy (Denise) HITT, Merton; Bill (Michele) HITT, Richfield; Steve (Jackie) HITT, Muskego; Pat (Renee) HITT, Mukwonago; Jennifer (Nick) WEBER, Waterford; special friend, Vicki MORAREND; many nieces and nephews-preceded in death by one sister, Mary Alyce-A memorial service will be announced in the future.  Burial will be in the Clay Banks Town Cemetery-FORBES Funeral Home.



HOLT, Carl Thomas II/22 Mar 1951-21 Jan 2005, ossw Mary Ellen MAZZARA HITT, Darlene Mary ANDRE HITT, Kathleen Jane HOLT-RYAN, and Carl Thomas HOLT III, back of HITT Stone (2008).

HOLT, Carl Thomas III/24 Mar 1978-29 May 2006, ossw Mary Ellen MAZZARA HITT, Darlene Mary ANDRE HITT, Carl Thomas HOLT II, and Kathleen Jane HOLT-RYAN, back of HITT Stone (2008).

HOLT-RYAN, Kathleen Jane/26 Apr 1924-12 Jan 2006, ossw Mary Ellen MAZZARA HITT, Darlene Mary ANDRE HITT, Carl Thomas HOLT II, and Carl Thomas HOLT III, back of HITT Stone (2008).

JENNINGS, David D./9 Mar 1978-24 Sep 2005/"We love and miss you."

JIRTLE, Libby/1905-1905, ossw Caroline, Wencil J., Katherine, Rosemarie CARSON, Wencil and Joseph.

JIRTLE, Caroline/1901-1991, ossw Libby, Wencil J., Katherine, Rosemarie CARSON, Wencil and Joseph.

JIRTLE, Wencil J./1860-1936, ossw Libby, Caroline, Katherine, Rosemarie CARSON, Wencil and Joseph.

JIRTLE, Katherine/1867-1952, ossw Libby, Caroline, Wencil J., Rosemarie CARSON, Wencil and Joseph.

JIRTLE, Rosemarie CARSON/1894-1938, ossw Libby, Caroline, Wencil J., Katherine, Wencil and Joseph.

JIRTLE, Wencil/1903-1972, ossw Libby, Caroline, Wencil J., Katherine, Rosemarie CARSON and Joseph.

JIRTLE, Joseph/1895-1979, ossw Libby, Caroline, Wencil J., Katherine, Rosemarie CARSON, and Wencil.  Also, Service marker: JIRTLE, Joseph F./PFC US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/1895-1979, at the foot of the grave, American Legion marker next to the stone, next to George B.

JIRTLE, George B./Father/1882-1910, next to Mary.

JIRTLE, Mary/Mother/1859-1918, next to George.

JIRTLE, George/Father/1850-1925, next to Mary.

KNUTSEN, Norman/Father/1895-1966, ossw Elsie.

KNUTSEN, Elsie/Mother/1894-1985, ossw Norman, next to Knut.

KNUTSEN, Knut/Father/B. 1861-D. 1944, next to Johan.

KNUTSEN, Johan/Born ? 1886-Died ? 1887, next to Emily.

KNUTSEN, Emily/Mother/B. 1858-D. 1910, next to Johan.

KNUTSEN, Ruby L.*/Died 22 Jun 2009, *Source: Door County Advocate-Wed. 24 Jun 2009: "Ruby Lou (GLEASNER) KNUTSEN died from pulmonary fibrosis and an embolism, at  12:40 a.m. Monday 22 Jun 2009, after a more than three-year illness, at the Don and Marilyn Anderson HospiceCare Center, Fitchburg.  She was born in Door County, the daughter of Matthew and Jordis GLEASNER.  On 16 Jun 1951, Ruby married Ivan A. KNUTSEN in Clay Banks and they celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary six days prior to her death.  Ruby is survived by her husband, Ivan A. KNUTSEN, Sun Prairie; daughters, Shelby Jean KNUTSEN, Madison, Karla Joyce (Ronald) KADING, Madison, Leslie Marie (Michael) CAMPBELL, Sun Prairie, Kaia Lynn (Gerald) KALSCHEUER, Sun Prairie, and Edel Aileen (Timothy) PHILIPPI, New Braunfels, Texas; and numerous friends.  She is also survived by her sister Ethel BREY; brothers, Emmett GLEASNER and Brent BRAUN, all of Sturgeon Bay; numerous grandchildren; great-grandchildren; and three great-great-grandchildren.  Interment will be at Clay Banks Cemetery, in a private celebration of her life."

LAVIOLETTE, Kevin Kirk/1969-1971, next to Wally.

LAVIOLETTE, Wally/1918-1966, ossw Ronelda.  Also, Service Marker: LAVIOLETTE, Wally/WISCONSIN/TEC 4 BTRY GL COAST ARTY BN/WORLD WAR II/1 May 1918-26 Aug 1966

LAVIOLETTE, Ronelda/1917-1991, ossw Wally.

LIND, Eric/11 Jan 1956-9 Oct 2005/"A son, brother, and father loved by his family, friends and God".

MACCAUX, Joseph/1911-1964, ossw MACKEY Family Plot.

MACKEY Family Plot.   Also, MACKEY Family Plot from rear.

MACKEY, John/June 26, 1892-8 Apr 1969, ossw Edith.

MACKEY, Edith/14 Sep 1890-13 Mar 1981, ossw John.

MACKEY, John Aubrey/TSGT US AIR FORCE/KOREA VIETNAM/6 Aug 1933 - 25 Jan 2000/"I love you Daddy and will miss you",  service marker,  next to Mary M.

MACKEY, Mary M./ Wife of/ Melvin MACKEY/Died 3 Jul 1900/Aged 22 yrs./ 8 ms. & 16 days, Column Stone, ossw James E.

MACKEY, James E./Son of/ M. & M. Mackey/Died 14 Mar 1899/Aged 6 days, Column stone, ossw John and Antoinette.

MACKEY, John/Born/27 Oct 1834/Died 27 Nov 1907 (difficult to read: 2008), Column Stone, ossw Antoinette and James E.

MACKEY, Antoinette/Born 2 May 1843-Died 9 Sep 1914 (difficult to read: 2008), Column Stone, ossw James E. and John.  Also, picture of the beautiful tree planted in memory of Antoinette MACKEY (Richard HITT-source).

MACKEY, Father/footstone by MACKEY Column, (no names no dates), next to Mother.

MACKEY, Mother/footstone by MACKEY Column, (no names no dates), next to Father.

MACKEY, Lawrence/ 1905 - 1978, ossw Myrtle.

MACKEY, Myrtle/ 1909 - 1971, ossw Lawrence.

MACKEY, Leona Belle/1891, in ground stone, next to Infant Belle.

MACKEY, Belle/Infant/1893, next to Infant Mabel.

MACKEY, Mabel/Infant/1898, next to Claribel MICKELSON MACKEY.

MACKEY, Claribel Mackey/ Mickelson/ Aug. 26, 1895/ Nov. 28, 1975, next to;

MACKEY, Mary/Mother/1865-1930, in ground stone, ossw Father Chauncey.

MACKEY, Chauncey/Father/1863-1946, in ground stone, ossw Mother Mary, next to June WILLIAMS MACKEY.

MACKEY, June WILLIAMS/ 21 Jun 1924/ 29 Jul 1995, ossw John Mitchell.

MACKEY, John Mitchell/ 1 Apr 1921-12 Jul 2001, ossw June WILLIAMS.

MACKEY, Virginia MACKEY SCHNEIDER/8 Jul 1928 (no other dates)/"Jesus Gives Life", ossw Fredric Fred SCHNEIDER.




MANGAN, Gerald Francis*/b. 1 Feb 1930, Fond du Lac, WI-d. 3 Oct 2010, at home, Clany Banks, Door Co., WI; *Source: FORBES Funeral Home: Gerald Francis MANGAN, (80), Clay Banks-parents: Dennis and Bernice (LINDEN) MANGAN-married 2 Sep 1950 to Ruth MENET in Chicago, IL-worked as an engineer for Motorola and Panasonic for 42 years-Survivors include his wife, Ruth; three children, Michael (Mary) MANGAN, Schaumburg, IL; Linda (Michael) GRAVES, Chicago, IL; Daniel (Christine) MANGAN, Hoffman Estates, IL; six grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren-preceded in death by his parents; and two sisters-private funeral services for the family-Burial will be at Clay Banks Cemetery. FORBES Funeral Home.

MAZZARA, In Loving Memory of/ Mary Ellen HITT MAZZARA/ 2 Apr 1958 - 4 Oct 2000 (carved on a bench)

MAZZARA, Mary Ellen MAZZARA HITT/2 Apr 1958-4 Oct 2000, ossw Darlene Mary ANDRE HITT, Carl Thomas HOLT II, Kathleen Jane HOLT-RYAN, and Carl Thomas HOLT III, back of HITT Stone (2008)

MENET, Marie E./22 Sep 1904.

MICKELSON-MACKEY, Claribel/26 Aug 1895-28 Nov 1978.


MILLARD, P. B./Died/16 Sep 1884/Aged (part destroyed when stone broke), next to;

MILLARD, Anna B./Dau. of  P. B. & S. E. MILLARD/Died/8 Mar 1871/Aged 4 ms 12 ds.

MILLER, Ben/1859-1952, (American Legion Marker next to the stone), next to Bertha.

MILLER, Bertha E/Wife of/B. L. MILLER/Born 28 Sep 1863-Died 15 Nov 1892, ossw Mary J.

MILLER, Mary J./1859-1955, next to Infant Daughter.

MILLER, Infant/Daughter of/B. L. & B. E. MILLER/Born/27 Jul 1890-(no other dates), ossw Infant daughter.

MILLER, Infant/Daughter of/B. L. & B. E. MILLER/Born 2 Aug 1891-Died 2 Aug 1891, ossw Infant daughter.

MITTS, Clara/Wife of/Albert MITTS/Died 1 Apr 1880/Aged 20 yrs. 22 ds. (stone is broken by the name) .

NELSON, Rodney G./4 Aug 1932-(no other dates), ossw Kathryne D.

NELSON, Kathyrne D./8 Jul 1928-12 Oct 1998, ossw Rodney G.

OAKLEY, J./(no dates - wooden marker, didn’t find in 2001) - 2008:  Richard HITT, caretaker, has researched and added stone for the Five OAKLEY Children, whose graves were marked with the original wooden marker.

OLSON, Mariane/19 Oct 1922-16 Nov 1998, ossw Darrel W.

OLSON, Darrel W./10 Nov. 1919-(no other dates), ossw Mariane.

OSMUSON, Madeline/Wife of Al. OSMUSON/Born 13 Mar 1884-Died 10 May 1909/Age 25 yrs. 1 mo. 27 ds./"Gone But Not Forgotten"

PERONTO, Julia/Wife of Louis PERONTO/Born 6 Oct 1875-Died 24 Oct 1902, next to Oscar W.

PERONTO, Oscar W./19 Sep 1896-29 Dec 1983, ossw Nellie H.

PERONTO, Nellie H./9 Sep 1902-13 Jan 1983, ossw Oscar W.

RICKABY, Nancy/Wife of W. A. RICKABY/Died 16 Dec 1893/Aged 36 yrs. 4 mos. 10 ds.

SCHJOTH, Wayland/1906-1973, next to Gertrude SCHUYLER.

SCHJOTH, Gertrude SCHUYLER SCHJOTH/1876-1931, next to George.

SCHJOTH, George/1879-1939, next to Arthur SCHUYLER.


SCHNEIDER, Virginia MACKEY/8 Jul 1928 (no other dates)/"Jesus Gives Life", ossw Fredric Fred.

SCHNEIDER, Fredric Fred/20 Feb 1928-(no other dates)/"Jesus Gives Life", ossw Virginia MACKEY SCHNEIDER.

SCHROEDER, Charles/Born 6 Jun 1856-Died 18 Aug 1869/"Children of H. & H. SCHROEDER", in ground stone, ossw Henry M.

SCHROEDER, Henry M./Born 22 Apr 1867-Died 25 Nov 1877/"Children of H. & H. SCHROEDER", in ground stone, ossw Charles.

SCHUSTER, _?_/Father/1859-1933, next to Mother.

SCHUSTER, _?_/ Mother/1870-1943, next to Father.

SCHUSTER, George/1906-1923, only a head stone, foot stones which probably contained dates were not found in 2001.

SCHUYLER, Arthur/Schuyler/Born 18 Feb 1880-Died 24 Sep 1904, next to Amanda A.

SCHUYLER, Amanda A./Mother/Born/17 Jan 1842/Died 1 Dec 1928, next to Albe J.

SCHUYLER, Albe J./Father/Born 3 Apr 1834-Died 24 May 1906, next to Chan, Dr.

SCHUYLER, Chan (Chauncey Commodore*), Dr./14 Feb 1870-25 Feb 1956, next to Julia.*Source: OBITUARY-Door Co. Advocate-25 Feb 1956, front page: Chauncey Commodore SCHUYLER (14 Feb 1870-25 Feb 1956)-Prominent Veterinarian Practiced Many Years-Dr. Chan SCHUYLER, (86), a retired veterinarian, died at his home at 145 Neenah av. Saturday morning following a heart attack. He had been ill about a week-He was born in the town of Clay Banks on 14 Feb 1870, the son of Dr. and Mrs. Albe J. Schuyler. He started in business with his father and became a well know veterinarian-His first wife, the former Julia JOHNSON, died in 1900. He married the former Charlotte CLARK on 13 Jan 1904. She survives.-Other survivors include five sons, Chase, Archie, Alby, Darwin and Phillips, all of Sturgeon Bay; six daughters, Mrs. George (Esther) JORGENSON, Mrs. Frank (Marian) THOMAS, Mrs. Everett (Amanda) BETTS and Mrs. Allen (Charlotte) BETTS, Sturgeon Bay, Mrs. John (Beatrice) SCHIRLE, Des Moines, IA; and Mrs. Gertrude JOHNSON, Milwaukee; a brother, Ray, Spokane, Wash.; two sisters, Mrs. Alice LUNDBERG, Oak Park, Ill, and Mrs. Maude AIJTAN, Long Beach, Calif.; 34 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Three brothers and four sisters preceded him in death-Funeral services held this afternoon (25 Feb 1956) from the Stoneman funeral home with the Rev. Lowell RASMUSSEN officiating. Burial was in Clay Banks cemetery. OBITUARY contributed by Judy PHILLIPS (26 Aug 2010).

SCHUYLER, Julia/Wife of Chan. SCHUYLER/Born 8 Apr 1874-Died 12 Oct 1901, next to Charlotte.

SCHUYLER, Charlotte/24 Sep 1887-17 Jan 1973, next to Julia.

SCHUYLER, Bertha L./1904-1998, ossw Archie J.

SCHUYLER, Archie J./1898-1984, ossw Bertha L.

SCHUYLER, Alby J./1904-1977, next to Darwin.

SCHUYLER, Darwin/6 Feb 1906-30 May 1986.

SCHUYLER, Chase W./1893-1973.

SCHUYLER, Gertrude SCHUYLER SCHJOTH/1876-1931, next to George.


SHAW, Ellen SHAW TUFTS/Mother/14 Nov 1846-16 Oct 1920, ossw Alexander TUFTS.


SLAVIK, Joseph/Born 3 Dec 1889-Died 6 Sep 1911, (located next to fence in back of cemetery, right hand corner, stone not found in 2001 only an empty base).

SMITH, James M./11 Oct 1924-14 May 1999/m. Jan. 13, 1944, ossw Helen K.  Also, SMITH, James Milton/CAPT US ARMY AIR FORCES/WORLD WAR II/11 Oct 1924-14 May 1999, (Veteran Marker mounted on the back of the stone)

SMITH, Helen K./(no other dates), ossw James M.

SNAVELY, Lewis Charles/1876-1933, next to George J.

SNAVELY, Georgia J./1886-1967, next to Lewis Charles.


SPALSBURY, Delevan/1837-1928, ossw Lois, Willis, Egbert, Martha and James.

SPALSBURY, Lois/1843-1931, ossw Delevan, Willis, Egbert, Martha and James.

SPALSBURY, Willis/1881-1919, ossw Delevan, Lois, Egbert, Martha and James.

SPALSBURY, Egbert/1871-1899, ossw Delevan, Lois, Willis, Martha and James.

SPALSBURY, Martha/1813-1899, ossw Delevan, Lois, Willis, Egbert and James.

SPALSBURY, James/1811-1872, ossw Delevan, Lois, Willis, Egbert, and Martha, next to Lydia.

SPALSBURY, Lydia A./Dau. of J. & O./ SPALSBURY/Died June 1874/Aged 9 ms., next to Olive Jane.

SPALSBURY, Olive Jane/Wife of/J. E. SPALSBURY/Born 29 Jan 1852/Died 4 Mar 1875.

SPALSBURY, Wesley/1839-1920, next to Ruth.

SPALSBURY, Ruth/1849-1926, next to Hubert W.

SPALSBURY, Hubert W./Son of M. & M. SPALSBURY/Born 18 Oct 1900-Died 8 Jan 1901, next to Mart Ray.

SPALSBURY, Mart Ray/17 Oct 1872-14 Jul 1952, next to Minda C.

SPALSBURY, Minda C./14 Nov 1881-7 Jan 1959, next to Mart Ray.

SPALSBURY, Persy Leroy/Born 9 Jun 1877/Died 23 Apr 1907/Age 29 yrs. 10 mo’s 14 days.

STRAHL, _?_/Mother/1873-1920, ossw Father.

STRAHL, _?_/Father/1873-1956, ossw Mother.

TEMPLETON, Robbie/Son of A. & T. TEMPLETON/Born 13 Sep 1893-Died 22 Sep 1899, next to Loretta.

TEMPLETON, Loretta/1879-1918, next to Father.

TEMPLETON, _?_/Father/1847-1919, next to Mother.

TEMPLETON, _?_/Mother/1852-1938, next to Father.

THAYER, Willie E./died 10 Feb 1880/Aged 1 yr. 2 mos. 4 day, ossw Oliver C. and Edgar E.

THAYER, Oliver C./died/20 Mar 1873/aged 1 year 4 ms. 14 ds. ( hard to read), ossw Willie E. and Edgar E.

THAYER, Edgar E. Hammond/died 7 Oct 1872/Age 1 yr. 5 mos 12 ds., ossw Willie E. and Oliver C.

THAYER, _?_/Father/1860-1922, next to Mother.

THAYER, _?_/Mother/1865-1929, next to Father.

THAYER, Roy/1884-1900.

TUFTS, Bertha/Dau. of J.  H. &  S. M. C. TUFTS/Died 18 Apr 1879/AE. 8 mos. 27 ds., next to Alice A., Loretta A. and Bernice A.

TUFTS, Alice A./Died/7 May 1879/AE 2 yr. 10 mo. 17 ds., ossw Loretta A. and Bernice A.

TUFTS, Loretta A./Died 29 Apr 1879/AE 1 yr. 1 mon. 13 ds., ossw Alice A. and Bernice A.

TUFTS, Bernice A./Died 20 May 1879/AE 4 yr. 8 mos/Children of J. R. & A. R. TUFTS, ossw Alice A. and Loretta A.

TUFTS, Gladys A./Died 11 May 1879/AE 9 yrs.

TUFTS, John H./WISCONSIN/PVT MED DEPT/9 Nov 1933, (Veteran Marker, American Legion Marker next to the stone), next to Ellen SHAW TUFTS.

TUFTS, Ellen SHAW/Mother/14 Nov 1846-16 Oct 1920, ossw Alexander TUFTS.

TUFTS, Alexander/Father/17 Jun 1838-26 Jul 1919, ossw Ellen SHAW.

TUFTS, Kittie I./Dau. of J. H. & S. M. C. TUFTS/died 9 Jan 1882/Aged 9 yrs.9 ms. 19 ds (stone broken).


TYLER, Mabel H./Died 12 Aug 1888/Aged 2 ms. 28 ds./Dau. of  H. M. & F. E. TYLER.

VERTZ, Jennie/15 May 1857-6 Aug 1917.

WARREN, William H./Born 26 Oct 1814-Died 4 Jan 1904, ossw Eliza B.   Also, Close-up of WARREN Stone.

WARREN, Eliza B./Born 31 Jan 1815-Died 21 Jan 1904, ossw William H.   Also, Close-up of WARREN Stone.

WILLIAMS, June WILLIAMS MACKEY/21 Jun 1924-29 Jul 1995, ossw John Mitchell MACKEY.


WILSON, Wallace J./30 Nov 1870-22 Jul 1926.

WOLDT, Lawrence R. “Bear”/7 Jul 1933-1 May 1996, (other side is uncut).

WOODARD, Nancy B./Wife of L. F. WOODARD/Died/4 Apr 1891/Aged/53 yrs. 8 ms. 4 ds, ossw Albert I. and Leander F.

WOODARD, Albert I./Son of L. F. & N.B. Woodard/Died 20 Dec 1877/Aged 9 yrs. 8 ms. 9 ds., ossw Nancy B. and Leander F.

WOODARD, Leander F./Born 28 Jan 1819-Died 17 Apr 1902.

WRITT, Perry/1900-1985, ossw Elda.

WRITT, Elda/1907-1994, ossw Perry.




???????? Small wooden cross under the pine trees and behind Toft’s stone







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