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* Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery *

INDEX - 1999

updated 16 Oct 2009

*You will find the Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery located on the TOWN OF BRUSSELS MAPS Page.*


Location:  SW Corner SW1/4 SE1/4 Section 14, Town of Brussels. About 6 miles Northwest of Forestville on County Trunk D in the Village of Kolberg on the North Side of the road.


This cemetery took the place of the Old Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery or"Brown Church" cemetery. The congregation maintains it in good condition.


Indexed April 31, 1977 by Eileen SLABY and Beverly DIEFENBACH and typed by Sally TREICHEL, all of the W.S.O.C.S.


Re-indexed Sept. 4, 1999 by Susan HAVEL of the Peninsula Genealogical Society.  Re-typed by Sue HOHNEKE for the PGS Website.  Dates have been changed where needed to read: dd-mmm-yyyy for continuity on the PGS Website.


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BADTKE, Minnie/3 Jan 1879-14 Jan 1958, ossw Gustave.

BADTKE, Gustave/18 Dec 1870-16 Oct 1954, ossw Minnie.


BEHLING, Grant W./11 Nov 1913-13 Nov 1913.

BEHLING, Howard A./1910-1951

BEHLING, Norman W./5 Nov 1906-8 Mar 1968

BEHLING, Gustave/Father/1881-1944, ossw Mother Anna.

BEHLING, Anna/Mother/1875-1932, ossw Father Gustave.

BENZOW, Donald W./20 Jun 1941-1 Jan 1999.

BLISH, Betty Ann/8 Mar 1944-14 May 1945 (baby section).

BRUNETTE, Ambrose C./PVT US Army/World War II/7 Dec 1912-14 Mar 1977, Service Marker.

BUHLER, Verena/Mutter/Geb 1 Jan 1839/Gest 12 Juni 1923, ossw Vater Abraham.

BUHLER, Abraham/Vater/Geb 18 Aug 1841/Gest 25 Feb 1913, ossw Mutter Verena.

GEYER, Darleen M./Our Loving Mother/15 Nov 1932-27 Feb 1997.

GRUENDEMAN, Ewald/27 Jan 1878-2 Oct 1966, next to Hannah.

GRUENDEMAN, Hannah/Gattin von/Ewaldt/Gruendeman/18 Marz 1880-4 Marz 1919.

GRUENDEMAN, Marvin/2 Feb 1904-6 Jan 1971, ossw Nora and Viola.

GRUENDEMAN, Nora/26 Aug 1889-28 Apr 1969, ossw Marvin and Viola.

GRUENDEMAN, Viola/10 Mar 1912-19 Feb 1991, ossw Marvin and Nora.

GRUNWALD, Earl/30 Jun-15 Jul 1930.

GRUNWALD, Herman/1887-1973, ossw Augusta.

GRUNWALD, Augusta/1892-1980, ossw Herman.

GRUNWALD, Amalia/wife of/E. Grunwald/Born 28 Jun 1899-Died 10 Oct 1924.

HAFEMAN, Margie//Born/23 Apr 1929-Died 18 Jul 1930

HAFEMAN, Lillie/Dau. of/F. & E. HAFEMAN/Born/26 Mar 1918/Died/10 Apr 1918 (both in baby section)

HAFEMAN, Rudolph/son of/J. & L. Hafeman/Born/24 Dec 1910/Died/24 Jun 1911 (baby section)

HAFEMAN, Norman/Born 29 Feb 1928/Died 23 Jun 1929, ossw Melvin.

HAFEMAN, Melvin/Born 20 Jan 1920/Died 20 Jan 1929, ossw Norman (baby section)

HAFEMAN, Carolina/Mother/1861-1944, ossw Father August.

HAFEMAN, August/Father/1861-1925, ossw Mother Carolina.

HAFEMAN, Paula E./1924-1941, next to Elnora.

HAFEMAN, Elnora/5 Jul 1919-27 Aug 1948.

HAFEMAN, Frank/26 Mar 1891-4 Jan 1964, ossw Elizabeth.

HAFEMAN, Elizabeth/31 Dec 1890-26 May 1970, ossw Frank.

HAFEMAN, William/Geboren/3 Feb. 1864/Gestorben/10 Mai 1916.

HAFEMAN, John/Born/13 Feb 1869/Died/11 June 1944, ossw Louisa.

HAFEMAN, Louisa/Frau. von/John HAFEMAN/Geb den/29 Mai. 1874/Gest Den/31 Dez. 1910.

HAFEMAN, Anna/Mother/7 Apr 1869-28 Feb 1961.

HASKELL, Jean Ella/Dau. of/G. & R. HASKELL/21 Mar 1929-24 Mar 1929.

HERISON, Walter/Son/1903-1934.

HERISON, Arthur/13 Aug 1876-23 Aug 1954, next to Amelia.

HERISON, Amelia/1 Mar 1885-21 Jan 1972.

KARNITZ, Donald/Son of/F. & A. KARNITZ/Born/3 May 1927-Died/4 May 1927 (baby section)

KAY, Patsy Ann/Dau. of/Marlin & Norma KAY/24 Aug 1963-June 26, 1967 (baby section)

KAY, Infant/Daughter of/Emil & Lydia/KAY/18 Mar 1920 (baby section)

KAY, Emil/10 Aug 1892-12 Apr 1966, ossw Lydia.

KAY, Lydia/21 Apr 1895-31 Aug 1965, ossw Emil.

KAY, Mrs. F./1835-1915.

KAY, Julia/29 May 1902-14 May 1984, ossw Carl .

KAY, Carl/19 Dec 1894-29 May 1960, ossw Julia.

KAY, Elizabeth/Geb/7 Mai 1872/Gest/29 Juni 1957, next to Albert.

KAY, Albert/Geb. 7 Feb 1863/Gest 15 Oct 1920, next to Elizabeth.

KROENING, Lillian/Infant Dau. of/Gustave & Martha/KROENING (no dates - baby section)

KROENING, Lillian/dau. of/E & O Kroening/13 Nov 1924-15 Nov 1927.

KROENING, Harold/infant son of/Gustave & Martha KROENING (no dates)

KROENING, Ewaldt/15 Aug 1900-24 Mar 1976, ossw Odile.

KROENING, Odile/15 Jul 1902-(no other date), ossw Ewaldt.

KROENING, Gustave/21 Jun 1898-(no other date)-just buried in 1977?, ossw Martha.

KROENING, Martha/15 Oct 1900-24 Sep 1958, ossw Gustave.

KROENING, Carl/1861-1933, next to Augusta

KROENING, Augusta/1862-1931

MAEDKE, Albert/1843-1929, ossw Carolin

MAEDKE, Carolin/1845-1935, ossw Albert

MAEDKE, Leo G./14 Apr 1898-18 Feb 1960

MAEDKE, Geraldine/Born/24 Oct 1925-Died 27 Dec 1925 (baby section)

MAEDKE, Clara Anna Augusta/wife of/Fredrick MAEDKE/Born/2 Oct 1873/

MAEDKE, Fredrick C./28 Sep 1871-23 Jul 1941

MALVITZ, Minnie/Mother/1882-1914

MALVITZ, Carl/Geb.4 Mar. 1844/Gest. 9 Apr. 1920, ossw Augusta.

MATZKE, Augusta/Geb. 8 Feb. 1857/Gest. 23 Dec. 1917, ossw Carl.

MATZKE, Mary A./Mother/1929-(no other dates), ossw Father Elmer K.

MATZKE, Elmer K./Father/1921-1958, ossw Mother Mary A.

MATZKE, Ella, Dau. of/P. & E. MATZKE/Born 3 May 1915/Died 21 May 1915 (baby section)

MATZKE, John Paul/son of/Marvin & Laura/8 Feb 1966 (baby section)

MATZKE, Emma A./19 Jan 1894-4 May 1968, ossw Paul K.

MATZKE, Paul K./3 Jan 1876-3 Dec 1954, ossw Emma A.

MEISTER, Augusta/Mother/Born/26 Aug 1858-Died/3 Jan 1926, next to Father August.

MEISTER, August/Father/Born/6 Feb 1841-Died/6 Oct 1920

MEISTER, Rudolph R/son of/E & A MEISTER/Born 8 May 1909/Died 15 Nov 1909 (baby section)

MILLER, Byron/son of/L. & O. MILLER/19 Mar 1933-20 Mar 1933

MILLER, Jerome/son of/L. & O. MILLER/Born/10 Jul 1927-Died/10 Jul 1927 (both in baby section)

MILLER, Harvey E/TEC 4 US Army/World War II/20 Sep 1911-26 Apr 1995 (Veteran marker, at foot of grave), next to Harvey.

MILLER, Harvey/20 Sep 1911-26 Apr 1995, ossw LuVergn.

MILLER, LuVergn/13 Oct 1924/(no other dates), ossw Harvey.

MILLER, Lawrence E./10 Feb 1903-31 Oct 1986, ossw Odelia L.

MILLER, Odelia L./21 Aug 1906-12 May 1999, ossw Lawrence E.

MONFILS, Lawrence/2 Oct 1916-3 Aug 1996.

NEINAS, Herman/Father/1866-1937, next to Mother Ida.

NEINAS, Ida/Mother/1879-1944, next Father Herman.

NEINAS, Gladys A. Neinas/1924 (baby section)

NEINAS, Alvin/20 Mar 1905-22 Dec 1930

NEINAS, Elmer H./1920-1945 (American Legion marker next to stone)Millitta/2 Nov 1907-(no other dates), ossw Clarence A.

NEINAS, Clarence A./22 Nov 1918-4 Jun 1974, next to Clarence A.

NEINAS, Clarence A./SSGT US Army/22 Nov 1918-4 Jun 1974 (Veteran marker, at foot of grave), next to Mary

NEINAS, Mary/1900-1985, ossw Albert.

NEINAS, Albert/1899-1976, ossw Mary.

NEINAS, Anna/9 Jul 1881-5 Jan 1957, ossw John.

NEINAS, John/12 Nov 1873-16 Dec 1925, ossw Anna.

NEINAS, Dale/23 Feb 1944-9 Oct 1956.

NEINAS, Helen/9 Jun 1921-(no other dates), ossw Sylvester.

NEINAS, Sylvester/6 Apr 1916-30 Jul 1990/(marriage date) 12 Feb 1941, ossw Helen.

NEINAS, Harvey/23 Jan 1913-27 Jul 1986, ossw Elfrieda.

NEINAS, Elfrieda/16 Oct 1914-(no other dates), ossw Harvey.

PAGEL, Josephine/Dau. of/H. & L. Pagel/30 Jun 1947 (baby section).

PAGEL, Rueben/21 Feb 1932-30 Apr 1932 (baby section).

PAGEL, Gerhard/son of/Otto & Ida/PAGEL/Born 9 Sep 1928/Died/16 Sep 1928

PAGEL, Ida G./7 May 1896-15 Dec 1965, ossw Otto A.

PAGEL, Otto A./1 Nov 1891-23 Jun 1964, ossw Ida G.

PAGEL, Aug./Born/4 Aug 1858-Died/21 Mar 1937, next to Hannah.

PAGEL, Hannah/wife of/Aug. PAGEL/Born/27 Aug 1859/Died/15 Nov 1918

PAGEL, Arthur/Born 11 Dec 1894-Died 11 Apr 1915


PAGEL, Theresa/Wife of/W. PAGEL/Born/27 Sep 1900-Died 11 Jun 1924

PAGEL, Rueben son of/O & I PAGEL/Born 12 Dec 1920-Died 15 Oct 1923 (baby section)

PAGEL, Ernest/11 Jan 1887-30 Jun 1969, ossw Eveline.

PAGEL, Eveline/4 Sep 1894-9 Sep 1971, ossw Ernest.

PAVLICK, Lydia H. E./Dau. of/E & B Pavlik/Born 28 Jul 1908-Died 6 Feb 1910 (baby section)

PAVLIK, Francis/son of/R. & L. Pavlik/1935 (baby section)

PAVLIK, John F./16 Jul 1901-11 Apr 1981, ossw Edna A.

PAVLIK, Edna A./10 Sep 1903-24 May 1963

PAVLIK, Lyla V./6 Oct 1930-21 Aug 1972

PAVLIK, Loren H./23 Jul 1932-18 Dec 1986

RACKOW, Ernest/1879-1944, ossw Helena.

RACKOW, Helena/1886-1944, ossw Ernest.

RACKOW, Baby of H. & E./Born and Died/6 Dec 1924

SCHMELING, Wilhelm A./Geb. 19 Apr. 1884/Gest. 14 Nov. 1917.

SCHMELING, Alwina/Born/9 Dec 1844/Died/9 Sep 1922

SCHMIDT, Gertrude BADTKE/1911 Schmidt 1936

SCHNEIDER, Alfred/22 Sep 1906-13 Nov 1955, next to Loraine.

SCHNEIDER, Loraine/nee PAGEL/9 Jun 1915-7 Mar 1954

SCHUMACHER, Otto J./10 Jan 1893-22 May 1974, ossw Julia W.

SCHUMACHER, Julia W./14 Mar 1897-9 Mar 1968, ossw Otto J.

ULLMAN, August/Father/14 May 1871-3 May 1966

ULLMAN, Emma/Geb.7 Nov 1879/Gest. 16 Apr 1922

ULLMAN, James R./29 Oct 1964-29 Jul 1984 (at head of grave), next to James R.

ULLMAN, James R./PV2 US Army/Oct 29 1964 - Jul 29 1984 (Veteran marker, at foot of grave)

WIESE, Alice/1927-1937

WIESE, William L./19 Dec 1865-11 Sep 1955, ossw Emilie A.

WIESE, Emilie A./Oct. 6, 1870/Nov. 21, 1962, ossw William L.

WIESE, Esther Dau. of/Wm & E Wiese/Born/4 Aug 1906/Died 2 Mar 1922

WIESE, Emil/1892-1985, ossw Elsie.

WIESE, Elsie/1895-1975, ossw Emil.

WIESE, Marion/Dau. of/O. & M. Wiese/14 Sep 1930 (baby section)

WILLMAN, Albert/28 Apr 1854-14 Aug 1942, next to Johanna.

WILLMAN, Johanna/Born/27 May 1855/Died/16 Oct 1924.

WOLDT, Son/Gerald J Woldt/1935-1939




__?__, Small white stone (no writing) next to Herman & Augusta Grunwald _

__?__, Small white stone (no writing) next to Patsy Ann Kay (baby section)






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