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7 Sep 2014 - ALGOMA NEWSPAPERS ARE ALSO NOW ONLINE!  Find out more and get hints for their use at the PGS Meeting on 25 Sep 2014 at the Sturgeon Bay Library where Laura KAYACAN and Ginny HAEN will present: "Online Door County Newspapers Archives: hints for printing and other helpful tidbits."


18 Dec 2013 - Laura KAYACAN. Adult Services Librarian at the Door County Library in Sturgeon Bay, has let us know that Door County's Newspapers are now digitized and available for search up through 1941 at .  THANK YOU, LAURA!!!!  :D 


8 Nov 2012 - At our PGS 25th Anniversary Celebration at the LDS Chapel where we enjoyed "An Ethnic Epicure" provided by our PGS Members, the PGS Election officers took place - all officers re-elected to their positions- see PGS OFFICERS Page for full listing.


29 Oct 2012 - The PGS 25th Anniversary Celebration will take place on 8 Nov 2012 at the LDS Chapel at 7pm.  We will be sharing an Ethnic Epicure of favorite dishes from our families!


2 Dec 2011 -  PGS Election of Officers took place at the PGS Meeting of 17 Nov 2011-for list of officers go to: PGS OFFICERS Page (new officer: Mary GROTA-Vice President/Program Chairperson).  NEW PGS Newsletter will be produced for 2012!  More to come!


19 Nov 2010 - PGS Election of Officers took place at the PGS Meeting of 18 Nov 2010-for list of officers go to: PGS OFFICERS Page.


19 Nov 2010 - at the PGS meeting of 18 Nov 2010, the PGS By-laws with new revisions has been voted upon and accepted-they have been updated on this website.


28 Oct 2010 - at the PGS Meeting of 28 Oct 2010, the PGS By-Laws have had additional revisions which will be voted upon at the 18 Nov 2010 meeting.


24 Sep 2010 - This year, 2010, will be the last year that the Peninsula Genealogical Society (PGS)'s newsletter will be produced.  Motion was made and carried at the 23 Sep 2010 PGS meeting to discontinue newsletters. The PGS Website has now taken the place of our printed newsletter and will continue to have new items added to it in the future. We wish to thank Sally TREICHEL, who has been our Newsletter editor for the past 22 years, for all the wonderful work she has done producing the PGS Newsletters.  The December 2010 issue (Vol. 22-Number 4) will be the final issue. PGS BY-LAWS have been revised and voting will take place at the 28 Oct 2010 meeting for the revisions. 


24 Sep 2020 - At the PGS Meeting last night, it was decided that the PGS will not be getting OBITUARIES for individuals anymore as we do not have the manpower to do that.  Requests for OBITS will be asked to contact the Door County Library.  We will suggest that donations to the Door County Library would be appreciated with requests.


6 Jul 2010 -  PGS Forum links have been removed from as they began charging for the forum site on 1 Jul 2010.


4 May 2010: Above:  Sue (& Bob) HOHNEKE (PGS Webmaster) got to meet Kay BELANGER JOHNSON, from Hubertus, WI (on the right), at Culvers, here in Sturgeon Bay. Kay contributed the BELANGER Family Page and was on a Family History Vacation with her Mom, Mary.  She was headed for the Green Bay Area Research Center on the way home.


23 Jan 2010 - Gene-A-Rama is "Finding You Ancestors in Wisconsin's Ethnic Melting Pot"-Fri. & Sat. 16-17 Apr 2010 at the Holiday Inn in Manitowoc.


You can find the direct link at  The theme of this year’s Gene-A-Rama is “Finding You Ancestors in Wisconsin’s Ethnic Melting Pot”. The featured speaker is Stephen S. Barthel, who is an Accredited Genealogist in German Research and who worked for twenty-one years at the Family History Library as the reference consultant for Central Europe.  Lecture topics will include Swedish, Jewish, French-Canadian, Hispanic, Roman Catholic, Scandinavian, Czech/Bohemian, Migration, Gazetteers & Maps, and the Family History Library.    Gene-A-Rama will be held Friday & Saturday, 16-17 April 2010 at the Holiday Inn in Manitowoc.Kris Beisser Matthies, CG Northeast Wisconsin Representative -Wisconsin State Genealogical Society

2 Dec 2009 - Green Bay Catholic Diocese Archives are CLOSED from 2 Nov 2009 to 1 Feb 2010-they are moving, setting up new quarters at the Diocesan Pastoral Center-Closed to researchers and all genealogical research requests.

23 Nov 2009 - The PGS has been adding Full-text OBITUARIES when found to our Cemetery Indexes and have created a new page for Door County OBITUARIES where no cemetery is listed or if the individual is buried out of town.  We will be adding OBITUARIES as time goes on and as we find them and would like to ask individuals to contribute their families' OBITUARIES by contacting us at [email protected]

20 Nov 2009 - It was decided at our PGS Meeting last night that we should raise the charge for our time in getting OBITUARIES for individuals from $1.00 to $3.00 as it is such a lengthy process.  Notifications will be made on our PGS E-mail account.  ELECTION - all officers have been voted in for another term as they stand.

23 Oct 2009:    "TRACE YOUR PIONEER ANCESTORS" -upcoming PGS Workshop on Thursday, 28 Jan 2010, 6:30pm-in conjunction with the Door County Library's "Big Read"-Willa CATHER's -"My Ántonia.

24 Sep 2009: Below: Sue HAVEL shows her "new-found" AUNT that contacted her after seeing Sue's ROBILLARD Family on the PGS Website this summer!!

24 Sep 2009:  The PGS met for their September 2009 meeting at the Door County Library in Sturgeon Bay to begin their gleaning names for their SURNAME INDEX of FAMILY HISTORIES in the LAURIE ROOM - to be coming to the PGS Website in the near future.

25 Aug 2009: PGS Charter member, Jack WELHAVEN, has passed away.  He was a stalwart member and will be greatly missed by us.  A memorial page has been created for him on our website.

27 Jan 2009:  The PGS FORUM has been created at and can be accessed on the HOMEPAGE and the PGS Page through a button link.  It is a public website where anyone may post comments, pictures and discussions.

27 Jan 2009:  New page: "SWEDISH ROOTS" by Edith L. HAGSTROM and People and Places Indexes for the pdf file.  The pdf file was donated by Erika BURT, great-granddaughter of the author.

20 Nov 2008:  PGS Dues voted upon and raised to $15.00/yr per family.  New Revised PGS Bylaws voted upon and passed. Also voted upon:  $1.00 charge for our time in making Obituary copies for folks.  New committee organized to handle  OBIT Copies.

12 Nov 2008:  New cemetery added to the list of Door County Cemeteries and new webpage created:  Town of Sturgeon Bay-Hope Memorial Garden.  Knowledge of it was obtained through an Obituary of Evangelyn "Lyn" MELCONIAN HIRST on 7 Nov 2008.  Complete listing of those interred there will hopefully be coming in the near future.

7 Nov 2008:  Sue HAVEL's 2001 Transcription of the Town of Nasewaupee-Hainesville Cemetery is now on our PGS Website!  Thank you Sue!  Included with it are some pictures taken in Oct 2008 of some stones and the cemetery sign.

15 Oct 2008:  The Door County Obituary Index now includes the Door County Advocate to 1899.

11 Oct 2008:  Richard "Dick" HITT has agreed to let the PGS put his Clay Banks Town Cemetery Transcription on our website! Sue and Bob HOHNEKE met him at the cemetery while they were taking some pictures to be used for the website.  He had just had a very exciting day!  This morning the OAKLEY Family had a memorial service for 5 of the OAKLEY children for which Dick had a stone made.  He researched the OAKLEY family and located the relatives who were present for that service.  More about Dick HITT, caretaker of the Clay Banks Town Cemetery to come!  We were so glad that we chose this beautiful fall day to take pictures for the PGS Website!  More pictures to be added to the Town of Clay Banks and Town of Forestville cemeteries in the near future!! 

8 Oct 2008:  Our PGS Website now has all the DOOR COUNTY Pre-1907 MARRIAGES IN SEQUENCE- our 7 Volumes of INDEXES Finally on-line as well as the Alphabetized Index of those Pre-1907 DC MARRIAGES by each Alphabet Letter!  For those of you who didn't purchase copies of our (7) Volumes and had to use the Door County Library Laurie Room copies that are in the LOCKED CABINET, you can now use them here on our PGS Website!

1 Oct 2008:  Doug ARNDT's updates of Town of Liberty Grove: Little Sister Cemetery and new Rowley's Bay Cemetery are added to the PGS Website.

29 Sep 2008:  New PGS Door County Newspapers Obituaries Index Page created on this website from Sally TREICHEL's DC Obits.  So far included: Door County Advocate 1862-1879.  More to come!

20 Sep 2008 Doug Arndt of Illinois again met with PGS Webmaster Sue Hohneke at the Door County Library Laurie Room to give her the updates for Town of Liberty Grove Cemeteries he had given us as his Tombstone Project in May.  Also NEW to his list of cemeteries is the Rowley's Bay Cemetery.  They will be going on our website in the near future!  Thank you, Doug!

17 Sep 2008:  The PGS Cemetery Group has finished the transcription of the Town of Sevastopol-St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery Transcription of 2008!  It is in the process of being added to that cemetery's page.  Notice for the completion of that web page will be posted here in the near future.

18 Aug 2008:  PGS Member Holly KOHLS has shared her 2006/2007 transcription of Town of Jacksonport-Zion Lutheran Church/West Jacksonport Cemetery with the PGS.  The transcription has been added to our PGS Website.  Pictures she has taken of the stones will be forthcoming. Our thanks to Holly and Warren KOHLS for all their hard work!

8 Aug 2008:  The Green Bay Area Research Center will have new hours beginning 1 Sep 2008:

                Mon.: 12 - 4 p.m., Tues.: 12 - 8 p.m., Wed.-Fri.: 9 - 1 p.m.

14 Jul 2008:  Links added to Wikia and Familypedia-genealogy Wikia: people using search engines like Google and Dogpile will now find the PGS Website under their "Door County, Wisconsin" search!

26 Jun 2008:  Cemetery Transcriptions will be gathered at St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Town of Sevastopol (in Sturgeon Bay near WalMart)  this summer by PGS Member Volunteers (called the PGS Cemetery Group) on 17 Jul and 31 Jul-Thursday mornings at 9am.

10 May 2008-Sat.:  Sue Hohneke met Doug ARNDT, of Illinois, at the Laurie Room-DCL here in Sturgeon Bay.  He has spent the last several years taking pictures of tombstones in the Town of Liberty Grove where his family has resided for many generations. 

The cemeteries that he photographed are  the Ellison Bay Town Cemetery, Sister Bay Moravian Cemetery and Little Sister Cemetery in Sister Bay.  He has created HTMLs of an Index of Names on these cemeteries that link to their individual pictures of tombstones which he has titled:  "Tombstones" and which he has shared in the form of a DVD with us and with the Door County Library, Laurie Room as well as the Door County Historical Archives. 

His "Tombstone" Project has been added as (3) separate pages for the cemeteries linked to the cemeteries indexes page and can also be accessed from the DC Cemeteries Page..  Doug will also be adding his Surnames he is researching (which include much of Town of Liberty Grove) to our Surname Index as well.  What a wonderful resource he has created and shared!  Thank you, Doug! 

ABOVE:  Doug ARNDT-author of his "Tombstone" Project!

16 Apr 2008:  The PGS Website link is now updated on Cyndislist!  We also have been given a link for the website on Wisconsin Online and have added their link to our Genealogy Links page under Wisconsin Events..