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Door Co. Advocate-Thurs., 25 Feb 1915

updated 12 Nov 2009

An article was found by chance in the Door County Advocate-25 Feb 1915 entitled: "CITZENS ARE NATURALIZED".  The article reads as follows (Surnames have been capitalized and list of names has been typed in a list form instead of paragraph form as the original content):


"At the special session of the county court held on Thursday morning, Judge Henry GRAASS admitted to citizenship twenty-five applicants for the honor.  Among these there were eleven Germans, seven Norwegians, three Canadians, two Belgians, and one each from Denmark and Austria.  The names of those who successfully passed the required examinations are as follows:


Nester LAMPEUR, Union;

Ole JORGENSON, John WAGNER, Sturgeon Bay city;

Elie TASSOUL, Gardner; Damas THINELL, Hans DREXLER, Dona MARTEL, Henry A. BONNES, Gustav GEBAUER, Sevastopol;

Rudolph SCHLEICHER, Gustav K. ROELL, Joseph BARRETT, Henrich HERBST, Jacksonport;

Magnus MOBERG (who also had his name changed to that of Magnus LARSON), Nasewaupee;

Sebald FICHTNER, Sister Bay.

Chas. F. JOHNSON, Peter CHRISTENSON, Nels PETERSON, Fritz DAHMS, Forestville.

Ole HENDRICKSEN, Sturgeon Bay town;

John RUPP, Brussels;

Nels G. OLSON, Gibraltar.

George JORGENSON, Clay Banks.

Oscar P. KURTH, Ludwig W. WAGNER, Egg Harbor.


Judge GRAASS Advised those having friends who desired to become naturalized to inform them that they had better make application for citizenship immediately, as there is a case before the supreme court at present questioning the validity of the declaration of intention under the old law.  Should the court decide the declaration to be void it would necessitate the filing of new applications, in which case they would have to start all over again.  Applications will be recognized by Judge GRAASS until the ruling of the supreme court is received.


The judge also desires that those making application for citizenship require a knowledge of the English language, so that when they are examined they will be able to answer the questions asked them in English."


What a great resource this simple article was!  It just seemed too good to pass up for a family history resource for our PGS Website. Maybe we will find more articles in the future!  If you have any others, please share them with the PGS Website by e-mailing us at [email protected] .


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