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 Edward S. MINOR

Biography from the Door Co. Advocate-Sat. 2 Jun 1894

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The following is a biography transcribed from the Door Co. Advocate in an article published in the Saturday, 2 Jun 1894 edition of the paper.  It was included in the newspaper as Edward S. MINOR - "Our Candidate for Congress".








It is Edward S. MINOR-A Brief Biographical

Sketch of the Man Whose Name Will be

Presented to the Convention



   The subject of this sketch was born in Jefferson county, N. Y., a little more than fifty years ago.  When he was five years of age his parents moved to Milwaukee, WI., and, after a residence of some nine years in that city and county, again moved to Sheboygan county, where they settled on a farm some four miles west of Sheboygan Falls.  Here the family remained until 1857, when they came to Door county, where Mr. MINOR has since resided.

   His early education was such as was offered by the common schools and acadamies of that time, but being a great lover of books, and having always taken an active interest in current events he has acquired a wide knowledge of the world and the affairs of practical life.

   For years Mr. MINOR has followed the lakes, serving in various capacities, and he is at present a licensed master of steam vessels.

   At the outbreak of the rebellion in 1861 he enlisted as a member of Company G, 2d Wisconsin cavalry and served four years as a private and non-commissioned officer, being mustered out in 1865 as a First Lieutenant of his regiment.  No man can have a more profound admiration for American institutions or a greater degree of love and veneration for the old flag and for those who so gallantly protected it than has E. S. MINOR.

   Mr. MINOR began his mercantile career by opening a general store in Door county in 1869, dealing largely with fishermen and vessels plying on the upper lakes.  At one time he handled a large part of the fish prepared for market on Green Bay and lower Lake Michigan.  In passing, it might be well to mention, that almost without exception those with whom he has had business relations, regardless of party affiliations, are among his most ardent supporters.

   Fire finally destroyed what was then the largest hardware store in Door county, and finding no building available for the continuation of the business he withdrew and became the superintendent of the Sturgeon Bay & Lake Michigan Ship Canal & Harbor Co.  For seven years he held this responsible position, and only retired when the canal passed into the hands of the general government.  At the present time he is the proprietor of a large stone quarry near the city of Sturgeon Bay, owning also a tug and several scows for delivering the product to all points on Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

   Mr. MINOR has always been an ardent Republican, being thoroughly imbued with the principles, and a firm believer in the policy of that party.  He first entered actively into politics in 1878, at which time he was nominated for assemblyman.  The Republican party in Door county was then very weak, and candidates of that political complexion had little chance of winning.  Mr. MINOR took the stump in 1877 and after a vigorous campaign was elected by a handsome majority over his competitor, who had the combined support of the Democratic and Greenback parties.  Three times he was elected to the assembly, each time by increased majorities, some towns being carried without the loss of a single vote, and others with the loss of only three or four.  On account of his great popularity he was nominated the fourth time, but declined to run.

   As an instance of his activity in campaign work, take the election of 1880.  Mr. MINOR was the Republican candidate for the assembly, and was the target against which the opposition hurled all their missiles.  Combinations were formed against him and the flat went forth that he must be beaten.  many of the roads were new, and all of them were in terrible condition.  The county was seventy-five miles long and it was next to impossible to get around with a carriage.  Mr. MINOR quietly picked up a McClelland saddle, put it on one of his horses and started out to make a tour of the county.  He personally saw most of the voters and returned Monday night before the election.  When the votes were counted the next day he had a clear majority of more than 300.  We mention this merely to show that when he starts in to win he is pretty sure to succeed.

   Mr. MINOR was elected to the senate in 1882, the district at that time being made up of the counties of Door, Florence, Kewaunee, Langlade, Marinette and Oconto.  He served in that body in 1883 and 1885, being chosen president pro tem. in the latter session.  He has held no office since 1885, except that of the mayoralty of the city of Sturgeon Bay, to which position he was elected this last spring, although an unwilling candidate.

   Mr. MINOR has yielded to the wishes of many of his friends in Door and Kewaunee counties as well as in the other counties of the district, and has decided to become a candidate for congress at the election this fall.  The indications are now that he will be nominated; and we desire to say to the people of the Eighth Congressional District, and we believe we say it advisedly, that if he is nominated he will be elected.  We know the man.  There are no stains in his reputation to be washed out or carefully covered up; no past record to be obliterated.  His character is above reproach, his ability is universally admitted, and he has proved himself to be a "bustler" on many a hard-fought field.  The young men will find in him a leader that will not need goading on.  Follow where he leads and the victory will be won.  To the middle-aged and older men we say that you will find in E. S. MINOR all the qualifications requisite for your representative.  He possesses ripe judgment and has had an extensive experience.  He is a veritable "wheel-horse" in the Republican party and has been actively engaged in every campaign since he was mustered out of the army.  He has helped to build up and make strong his party in this and adjoining counties, and , as he manifests a willingness to face a 3,000 Democratic majority in this district, we believe no man is better fitted to do it than is he.

  We of Door county say: Nominate E. S. MINOR as our standard bearer and victory is ours as sure as election day dawns.


- Door County Advocate-Saturday, 2 Jun 1894   




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