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The Book can be found on the Internet Archives at: "HISTORY OF NORTHERN WISCONSIN"-1881


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HISTORY OF NORTHERN WISCONSIN (Containing an account of its settlement, growth, development and resources; and extensive sketch of its Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages, their improvements, industries, manufactories; biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers; views of county seats, etc.); Chicago: The Western Historical Company, A.T. Andreas, Proprietor; 1881

Index of Biographical Sketches from Door County section (p 253-267)


This is a surname index by Area (Civil Towns?) Divisions.



ALLEN, G.W. (firm of Allen & McNally, attorneys-at-law)

BLIESNER, August (boots & shoes)

BOTTELSEN, A. (boot & shoemaker)

CHARLSEN, Andrew (farmer)

COCHEMS, M. (dealer in general merchandise)

DANIELS, E. C. (farmer)

DEHOS, Jacob (manufacturer of boots & shoes)

DONOVAN, William (foreman of George O. Spear’s saw mill)

DREUTZER, G. A. (postmaster & general merchandise)

DREUTZER, Hon. O.E. (attorney-at-law)

FELDMANN, C. (general merchandise)

FULLER, Henry Harlow (farmer, PO Sawyer):"History of Northern Wisconsin"-1881

HENRY HARLOW FULLER, farmer. Sec. 12, P. O. Sawyer, a

native of Vorkville, Racine Co., Wis. Born July 13, 1852 ; came with

his parents to Sturgeon Bay in 1855 ; received a common-school education.

In 1871, he hired his father's lime kiln and commenced burning

lime. The following Spring he bought a schooner, which was used in

the lime business and trading in fish, etc. In the Fall of 1874 he sold

out, and in the Spring of 1875 engaged in farming. Married in the Fall

of 1880 to Miss Sarah Jane Noble of Manitowoc.

GRAASS, John P. (saloon)

GRAHAM, H.C. (Clerk Circuit Court)

HAHN, Henry (proprietor Northwestern House)

HALSTEAD, William M.(manufacturer and dealer in harness, saddles, etc)

HAMILTON, Judge F.J. (County Judge)

HANSEN, Hans (farmer, PO Sturgeon Bay)

HASKELL, Chauncey (farmer)

HENDRICKS, J. G., A.M., M.D (also drugstore)

HJORTAAS, C. (farmer & painter, PO Sturgeon Bay)

IVES, W.A. (of firm of W.A. Ives & Son foundry & machine shop)

KEOGH, James, Jr. (Register of Deeds)

LAWRENCE, A. W. (firm of A. W. Lawrence & Co, dealers in general merchandise)

LAWRENCE, M.E. (meat market)

LAWRENCE, William B.(farmer, PO Sturgeon Bay)

LEATHEM, John (firm of Scofield & Co, general merchandise & manufacturers of lumber)

LEIDIGER, Louis  (firm of Leidiger Bros., Sturgeon Bay Brewery)

LEONHARDT, Chris. (County Treasurer)

LONG, Frank (Door County Advocate, purchased from Henry Harris)

LORING, W. M. (firm of Loring Bros., livery)

MACEACHAM, A. Mac Eacham, M.D. (druggist)

MCDONALD, M. McDonald (general salesman, Scofield & Co)

MCLACKNER, L. R. McLackner (farmer, PO Sturgeon Bay)

MCNALLY, Henry M. McNally firm of Allen & McNally, attorneys at law)

MARTIN, Charles I. (editor, proprietor of Weekly Expositor)

MASSE, C.A.  (real estate)

MINOR, Hon. Edward S.  (merchant, assemblyman,)

NELSON, Fred (farmer)

NELSON, George (County Clerk)

NELSON, Capt. N. P. (farmer)

PALMER, James F. (barber)

REED, Hon. D. A. (attorney at law, court commissioner)

REED, H. N. (salesman for Scofield & Co)

REHR, William  (farmer & dealer in lime)

SAILER, F.X.  (furniture dealer & undertaker)

SCHUYLER, Henry (County Surveyor, Chairman County Board, Justice of Peace; wife millinery store)

SHAW, Amasa (filer with Sturgeon Bay Lumber Co)

SMITH, Thomas H. (firm of Scofield & Co)

SOPER, Dr. J. H.  (physician & surgeon)

SORENSON, C. L. (farmer & ship carpenter)

SORENSON, Knud  (farmer)

SPEAR, George O. (lumber manufacturer)

THOMPSON, Anthone (farmer)

THOMPSON, Herbert J. (lumber)

THORP, A.D. (book-keeper for Sturgeon Bay Lumber Co)

THORP, George H. (boarding house for G.O. Spears, lumber manufacturing)

THORP, H.A. (manager of A.W. Lawrence & Co at Bay View))

WAGENER, Arnold (Sheriff & firm of Wagener Bros, brewers)

WALKER, George (shoemaker for August BLIESNER)

WARREN, A. G. (Town Clerk, Deputy County Clerk)

WASHBURN, N. S. (yard foreman of Sturgeon Bay Lumber Co)

WELTER, Michael (firm of Masse & Welter, dealers in agricultural implements, sale stable, etc.)

WHITESIDE, Charles M. (miller for A.W. Lawrence & Co)

HEILMAN, Adam (farmer, PO Sawyer)





ANDERSON, E. N. (general merchandise, PO Sawyer)

BARTZ, William F. (boots & shoes, Sawyer)

COCAGNE, C. A. (farmer, PO Sawyer)

GOETTELMANN, John (proprietor Bay View House, postmaster-Sawyer)

HARRIS, Hon. Joseph Sr. (land agent, Sawyer)

HEILMANN, Henry  (saloon & tavern, Sawyer)

JOHNSON, John & Robert NOBLE  (ferry, agricultural implements & saloon, Bay View)

NELSON, Olof A. (with A.W. Lawrence & Co, Sawyer)

NOBLE, Robert  & John Johnson (ferry, agricultural implements & saloon, Bay View)

SCHULTZ, A. W. (blacksmith, Sawyer)





GOETTELMANN, Andrew (farmer, PO Sawyer)

MAY, John (farmer, PO Sawyer)

SCHAEFER, Philip A. (farmer, PO Sawyer)

UHL, Mrs. Catharine Elizabeth (nee HASSMER) (widow of Peter, farmer, PO Sawyer)





BUSCH, Stephen (firm of Busch & Co, general merchandise, Forestville)

FETZER, John Fetzer (firm of Fetzer & Co, general merchandise, Forestville)

OLLINGER, Michael (farmer, PO Maplewood)

ROBERTS, Joseph (proprietor blacksmith & wagon shop-now Stoneman & Roberts, Forestville)

SCHMITZ, Martin (proprietor of Forestville House, Forestville)

SCHNEIDER, Joseph (proprietor blacksmith & wagon shop, Forestville)

STONEMAN, John (farmer, O Forestville)





ANDERSON, A. (dealer in general merchandise, agent for Goodrich Transportation Co, PO Ephraim)

ANSERSON, H. N. (vessel owner, Ephraim)

BLAKEFIELD, F. G. (dealer in general merchandise, PO Fish Creek)

BROWN, John (Postmaster, Fish Creek)

GRISWOLD, L. M. (lumber, Fish Creek)

JACOBS, Hans P. (Postmaster, Ephraim)

KIHL, Nicholas (farmer, PO Fish Creek)

MARSHALL, John E. (farmer, PO Fish Creek)

NOBLE, Alexander  (blacksmith, PO Fish Creek)

NORTON, John (farmer, PO Fish Creek)

PETERSON, Peter (dealer in general merchandise & pier owner, Ephraim)

ROBERTOY, Frank  (farmer, PO Fish Creek)

SHAW, Peter (farmer, PO Fish Creek)

VOROUS, Levi  (farmer, PO Fish Creek)





BERNDT, William  (farmer, PO Ephraim)

DIMOND, F. (proprietor of hotel, mills & pier, PO Sister Bay)

HANSON, James (merchant, Sister Bay)

NORLING, Frank O. (Liberty Grove wagon manufactory, PO Sister Bay)

VOIGHT, G. (pier & general merchandise, PO Sister Bay)





HITT, Charles I. (proprietor Eagle Hotel, Clay Banks)

PAARMANN, F.  (merchant & Postmaster, Clay Banks)

SCHUYLER, Albert J. (veterinary surgeon & farmer, PO Clay Banks)

TUFTS, James (proprietor of saw-mill & pier, Clay Banks)

WARREN, W. H. Sr. (farmer & surveyor, PO Horns Pier)





ARMBRUST, Nichols (farmer, PO Malakoff)

CRASS, Jacob (farmer, PO Malakoff)

HERBOLD, Philip (farmer, PO Sturgeon Bay)

MARTIN, Henry (farmer, PO Sevastopol)





BARINGER, J.J.  (dealer in general merchandise, Egg Harbor)

GRAHAM, David (farmer, PO Egg Harbor)

KIRTLAND, Capt. N. W. (pier & vessel owner, Egg Harbor)

LAPLANT, Antoine La Plant (proprietor La Plant House, Egg Harbor)

LYMAN, Judge M. E. (attorney, Egg Harbor)

MOWRY, Lyman D. (farmer & Postmaster, PO Egg Harbor)

THORPE, T. A.  (firm of L.D. Thorpe & Son, general merchandise, Egg Harbor)





ARLT, Fred (proprietor of grist & saw mill, Bailey’s Harbor)

EATOUGH, Roger (proprietor Globe Hotel, blacksmith & wagon shop, dealer in agricultural implements, Bailey’s Harbor)

FARRELL, Thomas  (dealer in general merchandise, Bailey’s Harbor)

HANSON, Hans L. (lighthouse keeper, Bailey’s Harbor)

HENDRICK, Adam  (proprietor Bailey’s Harbor House)

MCCULLOUGH, Thomas W. (proprietor of National Hotel, Bailey’s Harbor)

ROTTMANN, John B. (wood, ties & posts, Bailey’s Harbor)

TOSELAND, William (farmer, PO Bailey’s Harbor)

WAGNER, John (boot & shoe manufacturer & dealer in harness, Bailey’s Harbor)





ERSKINE, R. S. (proprietor of Erskine House, Jacksonport)

HIBBARD, P. G. (P.G. Hibbard & Co, pier owners & dealers in general merchandise, Jacksonport)

HOGAN, Emanuel  (proprietor Wisconsin House, Jacksonport)

KIRTLAND, P. W. (fish dealer, Jacksonport)

MESSENGER, John G. (blacksmith & wagon maker, Jacksonport)

SMITH, Joseph (cedar wood & bark, Jacksonport)