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A branch of the Family History Library of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in Salt Lake City is called a Family History Center or FHC.  That great Library is a genealogical treasure trove with records gathered from throughout the world.  At the branch Family History Centers (FHC's) microfilms are available to anyone to interloan from the Family History Library (FHL) for a low fee. There is no cost to using your local FHC, only to order microfilms to view or to make copies of pages from those microfilms.  Many FHC's ask that you reserve readers or computers to make sure that you will have access when you visit them so be sure to phone them for details of your FHC's operation. 

The microfilm numbers listed on our PGS Website are FHL (Family History Library) Film Numbers.  There are Vital Records (Pre-1907) Vital Records, Marriages and Deaths for Door County that were used to make the indexes found on this PGS Website. Copies of the original certificates can be made from the microfilms at the cost of a photocopy at your FHC (Family History Center) after the microfilm has been ordered for interloan!  Many other records pertaining to Door County were microfilmed in the 1990's such as Sally TREICHEL's Door County Families File, Cemeteries Indexes and Door County Obituary Index (which is being used to make our PGS Obituary Index on this website) are available there for you to view in your own local Family History Center.  There were Church Records from Door County and Genealogies such as our PGS member Ginny HAEN's Family History (that has many Door County families included) that were also microfilmed as well as other great resource books (such as the "Brown, Door, and Kewaunee Biographical Index", and many more items from the Door County Library).  The Sturgeon Bay Family History Center existed here from 1987 to 1997.  Microfilming was done at the Sturgeon Bay FHC by Sue HOHNEKE (PGS Webmaster), who was the Director of the FHC, for the Genealogical Society of Utah and other microfilmers for the FHL.  The Washington Island Archives for instance was completely microfilmed by a full-time microfilmer for the FHL and is available for interloan at FHC's.  The Sturgeon Bay FHC was transferred to Green Bay and is now the Green Bay Family History Center.

We hope you have success using the great resource of your local Family History Center.  Don't forget you can also use the FamilySearch website to access the Family History Library Catalog which will give you all the microfilms available for Door County at the present time including indexes and resource guides that can help you with your family history research for any place in the world! (HINT:  Look under WI, Door County and under the individual civil towns of Door County too!)

Don't forget to ask questions there!  Also, although FHC's are manned by volunteers who have varied experience with Family History, they will do their best to try to answer your questions and help you to use the facility.  Also, hours open vary with each FHC so make sure you contact them before you visit to be sure of the hours of operation.

Below you will find a link to the FamilySearch website page where you can find the Family History Center (FHC) nearest you.

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