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Door County Photographers (1860-present) (completed by Ginny Haen February 2005)

This is a listing of photographers found to be doing business in Door County in past years and to the present. Hopefully this will help those trying to date old photographs. Though every attempt was made to be complete with photographers and their dates, it is unlikely that goal was achieved. If you know of other photographers in this area, or further dates for those listed, please contact me at addresses on page 3.

This information has been gathered from various sources. Abbreviations are shown at the end of the chart. Some of the older listings may be itinerant photographers who came for a few weeks, setting up shop wherever they could find a spot, or photographers from another city who advertised locally.

The chart below is a chronological list. There is detailed documentation available in an alphabetical listing of all the photographers. A copy is available in the Laurie Room of the Sturgeon Bay Library.


Start date End date Address Source
H.S. Clark 1860 1870 Green Bay, Wis NPM; + advertised in DCA, thru 1864



F.R.N. Clark 1863? later?
Sturgeon Bay, Wis PhI (unknown Birmingham photo-GH)





E.W. Hall 1872 1876 Green Bay, Wis NPM; + advertised DCE 1873-74





O. Larson By 6/1873
Office opposite Cedar Street House Hotel near steamboat landing (will remain in SB for few weeks longer) DCA 19 Jun 1873 (adv)





T.A. Stoakes

(Thomas A)

1870s? 1887-be-came Lown Sturgeon Bay Wis PhI, A.W. Lawrence-DCHM

PhI, Berens siblings-GH

DCA Sat 21 May 1887





C.F. Schroeder

(Charles F.)

Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin


Also Green Bay Wisconsin

PhI Eugene & Ed Birmingham-GH

PhI Clara Ryan abt 1882-DCHM

NPM, shows him in GB 1865-1904






(Udney E.)

By 1888 Aft 1891 Sturgeon Bay, opposite Leathem & Smith’s (also

1887 Negaunee MI)

PhI, Eug/Mez Birmingham 1887-GH

DCA 14 Apr 1888 “new gallery”

PhI, Oscar Smith 1891 (b 1890)

DCA, Fri 4 Dec 1931-obit






(Charles H.)

May 1887 Aft 12/1896 Cedar Street DCA Sat 21 May 1887

DCA, 27 Sep 1890, 12 Dec 1896

PhI, several-GH





W.A. Drumb Art Studio

(on back: O.R. Moore operator for W.A. Drumb-1891)

By 1889 Aft Oct 1895-Bef Aug 1899 Over Reichel’s Drug Store (pre-1893); opposite Leathem’s store, in M.E. Lawrence block (1893-95) DCHM, NW House advertising

PhI, Tollie Bagnall 1891-GH

DCA, 10 May 1890, 19 Jan 1895

DCA, 5 Aug 1899


No O.R.Moore on back of W.A. Drumb 10-95 PhI, 29 Oct 1895-GH





O.R. Moore (operator for W.A. Drumb-1891, then on his own) By 1/1898 sold to Rieboldt-left town-back 1920 1890s Westside-Sturgeon Bay; DuBois building; Oct 1924 –E Sturgeon Bay (Swoboda Building) PhI wed Schmidt/Moeller Jan 1898

PhI wed Harry Moeller Jan 1909

PhI, Gena McDonald grad 1920?-GH

DCA Fri 23 Jan 1942, obit

Wallace Easson By 1897 1910? 3rd Ave near Oregon St DCA, 14 Aug 1897

PerC (Judie Zahn Moeller)




Schneider Photographer

Sturgeon Bay Wis

Green Bay Wis?

PhI-Rev. Lewis (undated—1880-1908)

NPM-FW Schneider 1874-1907 same?





William Jess 1901
Detroit Harbor, Washington Island DCA, 20 July 1901





R. Weitlich Abt 1905
Sturgeon Bay Wis PC Ó 1905





C.R. Blood Photo Studio

(Clinton R.)

By 1906 1924? Sturgeon Bay,Wis PC Ó 1906

DCD 11 Nov 1910

DCA Fri 21 Feb 1936, obit





Jessie R. Batchelder 1909 Marr 1910-A. Rieboldt Sturgeon Bay Cen 1910 (age 24)

DCA, 8 Nov 1955, Art obit





Rieboldt Studio (Mr & Mrs A.D.)(Mrs Rieboldt was the former Jessie Batchelder, also a photographer) Bought from O.R. Moore

Aft Jul 1910

Sold early 1954-to whom? 14-16 N. Cedar St (44 N. 3rd Ave), Sturgeon Bay PhI, DCHM unknown-dated 1910

Fl, 1911 (Mrs.) through 1925 (Rieboldt)

CD, 1927, 38, 44; PhB, 1919-39

DCA, Feb 1912, Sep 1920

DCA 8 Nov 1955, obit





Conant Studio (H. Arlington Conant) By 1915 Sept 1917

(To R.P. Kennedy aft Sept 1917)

304 N Cedar (N 3rd Ave), across from Union Hotel Fl 1915 ad

CD 1916

DCN, Oct 1915

DCD, 17 Mar 1916 (ad), 17 Aug 1917





Olga Olson By 1914 Aft 1916 Baileys Harbor DCA 19 Feb 1914 (ad); CD 1916





R. P. Kennedy Sept 1917
304 N. Cedar (N 3rd Ave) See Conant above, DCA 17 Aug 1917





Horace A. Dusendschon Sr. Abt 1918 Died 1977 Evansville IN and Baileys Harbor WI PerC Matt Orthober who has one of his old cameras and biog. info.





Brungraber Studio

(Art Brungraber)

Late 1920s 1951 Jacksonport PhI, 5 1934 Ott Schmidt wedding

DCA 24 Apr 2001 (old photo)

PerC Augusta Brungraber (d-i-l)





Wilmer Schroeder mid 1930s 1946 Sturgeon Bay PerC (son Roger Schroeder); DCArc





Herb Reynolds (later to Steve Krauss) By 1944 Aft 5/1966 132 N 3rd, Sturgeon Bay (1944), also 131 N. 3rd (1948 & later) CD, PhB most list residence or Decorating business,

PlB 1952 “DC Official Publicity Photog.





Arne Benzow Abt 1950 Abt 1970 Sturgeon Bay PhI, GH (abt 1950)

PerC-Linda Nault, Steve Benzow





Wilson Studio (Robert T.) By 1955
47 N 3rd, Sturgeon Bay CD 1955





Harmann Studio (Cliff, Wayne, son John) By 1955 Present 11 N 3rd Ave, Sturgeon Bay

also Algoma, Green Bay, Luxemburg

CD, PhB,

PerC-Mrs. Wayne Harmann

Hagedorn Studio 1950s 1980s Sister Bay WI CD 1962

PerC dau, Celeste Defenbaugh





Krauss Photography (formerly Reynolds) By 1966 Aft 1968 148 N 3rd, Sturgeon Bay WI PhB 1968

DCHM-photo inventory-1966





Carriage Hills, Alton Olson Abt 1975 Early 1990s 125 N. 3rd, Sturgeon Bay WI PerC (son, Tom); PhB





Fran Klotz Photography 1978 Present 114 W Spruce, Sturgeon Bay CD, PerC (Klotz office staff)





Matt Orthober/Photos by Matt 1988 Present Carlsville WI PerC (Matt Orthober)





Suzi Hass About 1990 Present Sister Bay WI PerC (phone info from Mr. Hass)





Moonlight Photography, Mark Johnson Jan 1992 Present 334 W Main, Forestville WI PerC (Mark Johnson, owner)





Legacy Photography,Heidi and Tony Hodges 2001 Present Sturgeon Bay WI PerC (Heidi Hodges)





Gareth Gridley By 2001 Present Egg Harbor WI

Natural Light Photography, 84 N. Second St, Algoma

DCA 24 Apr 2001

DCA 28 Oct 2004





Boyd Fellows (most com-mercial/some portrait) 1990 Present 3756 Glidden Dr, Sturgeon Bay PhB 2001-2005

PerC Boyd Fellows





H.H. Scott’s Old Time Portraits or Prof. HH Scott’s), Scott Henry (also Victorian Tintypes) Abt 1990 2000 4201 Main St.

Fish Creek WI

PhB 1990-2005

PerC Scott Henry





Door Co. Old Time Photo Co. (Jim Jackson bought from Scott Henry) 2000 2004 4201 Main St.

Fish Creek WI

PerC Scott Henry

Source abbreviations:

DCA: Door County Advocate

DCD: Door County Democrat

DCE: Door County Expositor

DCN: Door County News

CD: various City Directories (Sturgeon Bay)

Cen: Census

DCArc: Door County Archives, Sally Treichel

DCHM: Door County Historical Museum files

PhB: various phone books

PC: postcard imprint

Fl: SBHS yearbook ad (Flashes)

NPM: Neville Public Museum Publication (Green Bay Photographers 1847-1890)

PhI: Imprints on individual photos (GH or other specified collection)

PerC: Personal contact

PlB: various Door County Plat books

Please send additions or corrections to Ginny Haen: [email protected] or [email protected] or to the Door County Historical Museum, 18 N. 4th Ave., Sturgeon Bay WI 54235

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