Peninsula Genealogical Society - Door Co., WI

 PGS Bylaws

Revised 18 Nov 2010






The name of this organization shall be the Peninsula Genealogical Society.




This Society shall be operated as a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of Wisconsin, and no part of the net earnings of which shall inure to the benefit of any private individual.

The object shall be to provide:

Opportunities for meeting and exchanging ideas with persons of similar interests in genealogy, Instruction in genealogical procedure,

Help, through our  website and e-mail, to make connections between genealogical researchers who are working on the same family lines,

Development of research aids to help those researching families from Door County and surrounding areas to be incorporated into the Society’s website.

Genealogical materials to the Laurie History Room at the Door County library and to the Door County Archives.





Section 1 - Eligibility. Any person who is interested in genealogy and who intends to further the object of this Society and to abide by its rules shall be a voting member of this Society.


Section 2 - The Society's membership is on a yearly basis beginning January 1 of each year and a member is considered delinquent after March 1. The annual election meeting shall be held in November.

Section 3 - Dues. Annual dues shall be $15.00 per household, payable by January 1 for the ensuing year.




Section 1 - Officers and Term. The elected officers of this Society shall be president, vice-president, recording secretary, corresponding secretary and treasurer. Term of office shall start the January of the next year. There shall be no limitations on the number of consecutive terms in the same office. These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these by-laws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Society.


Section 2 - Election. Election shall be by written ballot from candidates nominated by the nominating committee. There shall be opportunity for nominations from the floor for each office before the ballot is taken. If there is but one nominee for an office, the written ballot may be dispensed with and the vote taken viva voce. An unexpired term in office shall be filled by appointment of the officers.


Section 3 - Nominating Committee. This committee shall consist of six members, each elected for a three year term, with the exception that at the first annual meeting two members shall be elected for one year, two members shall be elected for two years and two members shall be elected for three years. The senior members in term of office shall be the co-chairmen. It shall be the duty of this committee to nominate candidates for the offices and nominating committee members to be filled at the annual meeting.


Section 4 - Duties. In addition to the duties of officers outlined in the Parliamentary authority adopted by the society, the duties shall be:

             A.          The president shall appoint chairmen of standing committees, with the exception of the nominating and program committees and establish committees as the Society shall from time to time direct.

             B.          The vice president shall serve as chairman of the program committee.

             C.          The recording secretary shall record the minutes of this Society and enter the same in a binder.

             D.          The correspondence secretary shall handle correspondence of this Society and pick up the mail.

             E.          The treasurer shall keep a current record of members.



Section 1 - This Society shall meet at least once each month with the exception of July. August and December. The regular meetings will be held on the fourth Thursday of every month unless that day is a legal holiday. then the meeting shall be held on the Thursday preceding.

Section 2 - Regular meetings will be held at 7:00 p.m. at a designated place and date as announced.



Section 1 - A by-laws committee consisting of two appointed members shall be responsible for forming by-laws for this Society to be submitted to this Society for approval.

Section 2 - A publicity committee consisting of one member shall be responsible for publicity concerning this Society.


Section 3 - A membership committee consisting of two members shall be responsible for greeting people at meetings, keeping a register of attendance, distributing printed information and contacting prospective members, form a telephone committee to make calls making reminders of next meeting, and maintaining a surname card file.

Section 4 - A program committee consisting of two members shall plan and provide the program for all meetings.

Section 5 - A library committee consisting of 1 member shall establish and maintain occasional contact with the Adult Librarian of the Door County Library, and report on the library's recent genealogical accessions.


Section 6 - A website committee consisting of one member as webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining a website for this Society, where information and research materials created by this Society and gathered from other sources will be made available to those researching in and for Door County and the surrounding area. The Society’s meeting schedule will be published on the website. This Society's History will be kept on the website. The Society’s e-mail account will be maintained by the webmaster and queries will be answered either by the webmaster or passed on to other members to be researched.


Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern this Society in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws and any special rules or order the Society may adopt. This Society has adopted that we have a more relaxed meeting atmosphere and will not adhere to the strict outline of Robert's Rules of Order in its entirety.



If this Society disbands. all remaining monies. materials, equipment and supplies shall become the property of the Door County Archives.



These by-laws can be amended at any regular meeting of the Society by a two-thirds vote, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting.