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Gertrude Vinton

My grandmother's name was Gertrude Vinton. She was born 13 June 1900. She was baptized catholic at St Vincent Ferrar church in Manhattan, New York. She was sent to Wisconsin on an orphan train in October 1902 to Albert and Magdalena Hartjes (Dutch) of Little Chute, Wisconsin, where she was raised in a good catholic home. They were members of the St. John's church there. She did not know she was adopted until she applied for a marriage license at the age of 24, in 1924. Her adoptive parents had raised her as one of their own, with their younger biological daughter. She died at the age of 85, after raising nine children. My mother and her twin brother were the oldest of these children. She had 40 grandchildren, and 48 great-grandchildren, at the time of her death.

Over the years, my grandmother and her children had made several attempts to get information about her birth, adoption, and train ride. The only things known were her birth date, baptismal date, and the fact she did come on a train. Not much else. Several attempts were made to get a birth certificate. The only reply from New York was that there was a birth certificate or record of some kind on file, but they would not release it. This was in 1962. I am the third generation to take up this search. With the help of the Internet, I have been able to locate more sources for possible information. I have pursued several leads, and to date have determined the following information:

Gertrude Vinton Born 13 June 1900. We know the name Vinton is French. We have nothing else on her family.

She was brought to the New York Foundling Home on June 14, 1900 by an Aunt. On June 15, 1900, she was baptized at St. Vincent Ferrar church in New York. She remained a the Foundling until she was adopted October 7, 1902. She was discharged on June 12, 1918, when she became of age. The agent that brought her was Mr. George Swayne.

I have a photo of her which was taken within days of her arrival. I am hoping there may be some records available somewhere. Please help me if you can. Thank you.

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