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Clark Kidder, author Orphan Trains and Their Precious Cargo - The Life's Work of Reverend H. D. Clarke pg. 303-4 offers the following:

DAVIS CHILDREN - When I was stationed at Cincinnati as placing agent, I had secured homes for wards at Salem, West Virginia. My attention was called in some way to four children of W. J. Davis, near Greenbriar, West Virginia. Greenbriar was six miles south of Salem. An elder brother of the children, Fornia, had gone to live with his uncle, Reverend R. G. Davis of Syracuse, New York. The mother died November 19th, 1911 at age thirty-seven. The father felt that he must give up his children. The children were: Jettie Andra Davis, born January 8th, 1900; dark hair, blue eyes, weighed sixty-two pounds, Luttie Agatha Davis, born March 5th, 1902; light brown hair, blue eyes, weighed fifty-eight pounds, Ressa Arneth Davis, born April 27th, 1904; light hair, dark blue eyes, weighed forty-eight pounds, Oma May Davis, born July 14th, 1907; light hair, blue eyes, weighed twenty-five pounds.

On January 14th, 1913 I went after Oma and placed her with Professor A. B. and Hattie West at Milton, Wisconsin. My daughter Mabel met me in Chicago and took her the rest of the way. They adopted her and gave her name as Virginia West.

On February 25th, 1913 I took Luttie, Ressa and Jettie to Milton and Milton Junction, Wisconsin. Luttie and Ressa were taken by Frank and Mrs. Wells on a farm in Milton. Their names were changed to Janet, Lura and Rolla. Janet received an education in the public school, grew up a very pretty and stable young woman. She was loved and petted by foster parents and her foster sister. On Thursday, June 22nd, 1922 Janet was married to Chester Davis Newman from Jackson Center, Ohio. He graduated at Milton College in June, 1922 and engaged as a teacher the following fall.

Lura stayed at Mr. Wells' until about 1919, when she came to me at Battle Creek and I sent her to her uncle, Reverend R. G. Davis in New York state. The next year she went to her father at Salem and then later to Spencer, West Virginia.

Rolla left Mr. Wells for West Virginia, but became homesick and returned. She went with the family on a long outing by auto to California in 1921 and 1922 and returned. Virginia is still with Professor West and doing finely."


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