Orphan Train - Wisconsin


Kenosha News dated Oct. 4, 1902

Car Load of Babies Brought to the State for Distribution

A carload of babies passed through Kenosha yesterday on their way to Milwaukee. One of the little ones was consigned to a Milwaukee family, but the consignee did not appear at the depot in that city, and so no baby was left off there. They came from a New York Catholic foundling asylum and are being distributed to families in this State.

There were thirty-five babies on board, varying in ages from a few months to 2 or 3 years, and were in charge of a matron, a nurse and a male attendant who took care of the transfers and receipts. They traveled in a regular first class coach, lying on the seats on improvised beds of linen and baby blankets and were extremely well behaved, not a wail or sob escaped often from any of them.

Samuel B. Todd, who was a passenger on the train, went into the special car to see the wee ones and was greatly tickled at the display. They all called him "papa." As he was admiring them the male attendant cautioned him about being too conspicuous in the car, as it made the babies nervous and irritable to see a man.

"We teach each of them to say `mamma' and `papa,' said the attendant, "but they do not know much else. They will be distributed among families throughout Wisconsin, with whom arrangements have been made by mail with the New York institution. They are well cared for and healthy and will bring happiness to thirty-five families where they will find homes. The babies are given only to Catholic families."


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