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The name of this organization shall be the Northern Waters Genealogical Society (NWGS).



The purposes of this organization are to assist in genealogical research and to promote public education and awareness of genealogy.



Section 1:  Qualifications


a.       Any individual who is interested in genealogy shall become a member upon completion of an application form and payment of dues.


Section 2:  Classifications of Membership


a.       Individual Membership:  Any person who meets the membership qualifications and has paid the annual dues is entitled to receive meeting notices and/or mailings of the Society and is entitled to one vote.


b.      Family Membership:  Two qualifying individuals of the same family residing at the same address may hold a family membership, entitling them to receive jointly, meeting notices and/or mailings of the Society and shall be entitled to one vote per family.


c.       Individual Lifetime Member:  Any person who meets the qualifications to become an Individual Member and pays a one-time fee equal to ten times the annual membership fee is entitled to receive meeting notices and/or mailings of the Society and shall be entitled to one vote.


d.      Honorary Member:  This membership shall be bestowed by the Board of Directors and is perpetual; is exempt from paying dues; and is entitled to vote, receive meeting notices, and/or mailings of the Society.




Section 1.  Classification of Officers


a.       The officers of the Society shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.


b.      These officers shall be members of the Board of Directors for the duration of the term for which they are elected.



Section 2.  Qualifications


a.       Any person shall be eligible to hold office who has been a member in good standing for at least six months.




Section 1.  President


            The President shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and the Board of Directors, appoint all chairs of standing committees, with the approval of the Board; and serve as ex officio member of all committees.


Section 2.  Vice-President


            The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of, or at the request of, the President.


Section 3.  Secretary


            The Secretary shall maintain a record of the proceedings of each meeting of the Society and of the Board of Directors and handle all general correspondence of the Society.


Section 4.  Treasurer


            The treasurer shall have custody of the funds of the Society, shall deposit them in a financial institution approved by the Board of Directors, and shall make disbursements as directed by the Board.  The Treasurer shall prepare and present a financial report to the Board at each meeting and shall give to the members a detailed statement at the Annual Meeting.  The Treasurer shall also be responsible for keeping a record of the membership of the Society.  The Treasurer shall prepare the books for an audit at the end of each fiscal year.




Section 1.  The Board of Directors shall have full power and authority over the affairs of the Society except for amending the bylaws and ratifying an increase in dues.


Section 2.  The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers and one additional elected member (Board member at large) who shall serve for a one-year term.


Section 3.  The Board shall meet at least once a year or at the call of the President.


Section 4.  Three Board members shall constitute a quorum.


Section 5.  Any action in which a majority of the Board members shall concur in writing or via email shall be binding and valid although not authorized or approved at a meeting of the Board.




Section 1.  The President shall appoint a nominating committee, with the approval of the Board of Directors, during the month of March.  This committee shall nominate one or more candidates for each office.


Section 2.  The slate of nominees shall be presented at the membership meeting in May.


Section 3.  Ballots shall be provided to all members in good standing via email, postal mail, or by ballot form available on the Societyís website at least twenty days prior to the Annual Meeting.  Ballots may be voted in person, via email, or postal mail.  If done via email or postal mail, the ballot must be received no later than three days preceding the Annual Meeting.


Section 4.  The nominating committee shall count the ballots at the Annual Meeting.




Section 1.  Officers and Directors


a.       Two officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by a majority vote, for a 2-year term and shall serve until their successors are elected.  The President and Secretary shall be elected in even years beginning in 2012.  The Vice-President and Treasurer shall be elected in odd years beginning 2013.  For the interim (the remainder of 2011 until our Annual Meeting in July 2012), the present officers shall continue to serve in their positions.


b.  Officers may serve two consecutive terms, with a lapse of at least one year before being

     elected to the same or a different office. 


Section 2.  Term Expirations and Vacancies


a.       The officers shall turn over all records pertaining to the offices to their successors within fifteen days after their terms of office expire.  An officer who resigns shall turn over all records for the office to the President within fifteen days of resignation.


b.      Vacancies in any elective office shall be filled by an appointment of the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, until the next election, except for the office of President, which shall be filled by the Vice-President.




Section 1.  The general membership meeting in June, in which the election of the Board of Directors and other business is conducted, shall be known as the Annual Meeting.  The date, time, and place shall be determined by the Board of Directors at least thirty days in advance.


Section 2.  Any other general membership meetings shall be determined by the Board.




Section 1.  A quorum at general membership meetings shall be one-third of the total membership.





Section 1.  Standing Committees and Duties


a.       The Membership Committee shall coordinate with the Treasurer on maintaining a record of membership of the Society.  Members will be notified one time prior to the expiration of their membership.


b.      The Website Committee shall create and maintain the Societyís website with support from the Board of Directors.


c.       The Programs Committee shall organize educational programs for Society members and the public.


Section 2.  Special Committees


            The President shall create as many special committees as are necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Society.




All members of the Northern Waters Genealogical Society serve as volunteers.  The member volunteers knowingly and willingly waive any claims of liability against the Northern Waters Genealogical Society.




The fiscal year for this organization shall be from April 1st through March 31st.




Starting with 2012, the Treasurer shall notify any member/s who have not paid dues by April 1st one time in writing or by email.  Members still in arrears by May 1st shall be removed from the membership roll, considered delinquent, and ineligible to vote.  Dues for members joining during the fiscal year shall be prorated for the first year based upon the month they joined.




Robertís Rules of Order shall prevail at all meetings of the membership.




These bylaws may be amended by an affirmative vote of the majority from ballots, email and persons present at any general meeting of the membership, provided at least twenty days have passed since the proposed amendment was distributed to each member.





This clause is to provide for distribution of assets upon dissolution.  Upon dissolution of the Northern Waters Genealogical Society, all of its cash fund balance, shall be divided between the Boulder Junction Public Library, the Koller Memorial Library, and the Presque Isle Community Library with the restriction that it is used for genealogical purposes