Problems with Windrider's Genealogy
Problems with Windrider's Genealogy

July 11, 2000: I have taken my genealogy off the Internet.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee the contents of my online genealogy.  In fact, it has become clear to me lately that I cannot even trust it.  The problem is that I have obtained most of my genealogy information from people who cannot or will not give the sources of their information.  Some of these people have accurate information, others do not.  One person in particular gave me a great deal of genealogy information, but it has become clear over time that he does not care much about the truth, as he has made many genealogical connections that are wrong.  Another person gave me a lot of genealogy information which I believe is mostly correct, but since he cannot give me details about where he got it all, it is all technically unproven.

There is a saying that I think is fitting here:
"I know that half the time I'm right, and half the time I'm wrong.  The trouble is, I don't know which is which."

If I look at my genealogy with a sufficiently critical eye, I would have to discount 95% of it, because I don't have solid proof for it.  I haven't seen the documents.  I didn't visit the graves.  I didn't do the research.  I have relied on the information that other people gave me, and blindly trusted it.

Due to health problems (depression & stress), I am not working on my genealogy right now.  I probably will again someday, but it might be awhile before I even want to work on it again, especially given the problems with it.  In the meantime, I don't see much point in maintaining a centre for misinformation.

I haven't been answering genealogy e-mail since Aug 1999, so there is no point in sending me e-mail on the subject.


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