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The Grange Hall (Old Niagara Town Hall)


Home For The Grange Campaign

What are we doing?

 Moving the old Grange Hall to Scholz's old farm property and making it operational as the

new    Niagara Area Museum 

 Niagara Township has donated the old Grange hall for use as a new Niagara Area Museum.

International Paper of Quinnesec has donated a portion of the old Scholz's Farm property

as a site to locate the old Grange Hall.

We just need to raise  money with your help to make this possible.

The Niagara Area Historical Society will keep alive for future generations,

your family and your times in the Niagara Area.

July 2006

NAHS Celebration at the "old Grange Hall"

We return from all over the country and gather with friends

from the Niagara Area to share our common heritage.

These are the parents and friends we remember from years gone by.

What will future generations think of us?

Only you can help move the grange...

How are we doing?

Goal:  Raise $45,000.00

Where are we now?

     Support as of July 10, 2006


How much do we still need with your help?


Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...

Home on the Grange



More information about the Grange Hall can be seen here. 

Niagara Area Historical Society  (c) 2006