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This is the Monroe County pioneers extracted from the book Some Pioneer Families of Wisconsin - An Index - edited by Betty Patterson. A Bicentennial Project of the Wisconsin State Genealogical Soceity, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin 1977. 182 pages with part I being the cross index, by male and female. Part II provides the contact's name and address as of 1977. Headings include: Ancestor, Birth, Death, Spouse, County and contact number. Only complete when known.

This book is not a complete record of all early Wisconsin settlers, or even of a significant percentage of them. The only ones listed are those names which descendants applied for certificates and the index is alphabetical and cross-indexed. If you find a family name be sure to cross check the name. Often the middle name is an initial but when under the cross check it will give the whole spelling. Look-ups not available at this time but the Wisconsin State Historical Society may have this book.

Albert, Wilhelm H. and Wilhelmina Zietz
Albert, William and Florentine Vieth
Austin, William Johnson and Maria E. Sanford

Baker, Hattie E. and McComber, John Milton Jr **
Birge, Minerva Jane and Adolphus G. Potter
Burrows, David W. and Elizabeth Cargill
Burrows, Lizzie Mae and Herbert H. Riley

Cargill, Elizabeth and David W. Burrows
Chamberlain, Ida Adalaide and Edward H. Fitch
Chamberlain, LeRoy and Sarah Chamberlain
Chamberlain, Sarah and LeRoy Chamberlain
Colvin, Eavis Jane and Merritt John Curtis
Colvin, Irwin and Eliza A. Mahana
Crapp, Ida E. and Charles W. Taft
Crapp, John and Jane Hicks
Curtis, Elizabeth and Wesson Sowle
Curtis, Merritt John and Eavis Jane Colvin
Dye, Catharine and Simon Burt Taft

Fischer, Augusta and Joseph M. Mistele
Foorst. Ursula and Henry Worden
Frey, Anne and Jacob Oswald Sr.

Habelman, Edward and Anna Lobe
Habelman, Adam John and Henrietta Troge
Heacock/Heacox, Joseph T. and Eleanor A. ___
Helmke, Johann Joachim Friedrich and Caroline Jens
Herrington, Bernard and Helena Klinker
Hicks, Jane and John Crapp
Hoag, Bert Llewellyn and Esther L. Seibold
Hoag, Phillip Peter and Naomi E. Taylor
Horth, Eliza Phoebe and John R. Persells
Hunt, John S. and Marcia Foster
Hunt, John William and Jane E. Lane
Hunt, Mary O. and Alexander King

Jennings, Alice Jane and Milton P. Wood
Jennings, George Henry and Harriet Clutton
Jens, Caroline and Johann J.F. Helmke
Jens, Friedrica and Ludwig Schultz
Johnson, Esau and Saloma Starr
Johnson, Lewis Cassius and Olive Floyd*

Klinker, Helena and Bernard Herricks
Klinker, Peter and Margaret Schoetz
Knapp, Harriet and Thomas A. Root
Kroeger, Gertrude and Theresa M. VonRuden
Kroeger, Henry and Anna _____
Kroll, William F. (no spouse listed)
Kuehn, William F.T. and Augustine Pergande

Lane, Elizabeth and ____ Lutes
Leek, Henrietta and August Schlaver Sr.
Lutes______ and Elizabeth Lane
Lutes, Abbie Jane and Wm Henry Wright

McCumber, John Milton Jr and Hattie Baker
Mahana, Eliza Ann and Irwin Colvin
Manley, Frank James and Anna M. Bovaird
Manley, Jackson and Charlotte Sawyer
Marten/Martin, Carl and Sophia Persio/Perso
Marten, Emily and Jacob Oswald Jr
Meier, Justine Augusta and Christoff Zellmer
Middleton/Metelman, Joachim Hein. and Elizabeth Stark
Mistele, Joseph M. and Augusta Fischer
Mussen, George and Demerius Streddar
Mussen, Sarah and Daniel T. Moseley

Newton, Daniel and Ann ____
Newton, Thomas and Catherine E. Rowland

Oswald, Jacob Jr and Emily Marten
Oswald, Jacob Sr and Anne Frey
Pergande, Augustine and William F.T. Kuehl
Persells, John R. and Eliza P. Horth
Persells, Walter William and Lydia E. Armstrong
Persio/Perso, Sophia and Carl Marten
Pierce, Mary Jane and Simeon Wood
Potter, Adolphus G. and Minerca Birge Graves

Rapp, Frank and Elizabeth Geoghegan*
Rapp, John and Mary Helena Straub
Root, Ira J. and Mary E. Dewey
Root, Thomas A. and Harriet Knapp*
Rowland, Catherine Emogene and Thomas Newton

Sanford, Maria E. and William J. Austin
Savage, Susan Moore and William H. Wyman
Sawyer, Charlotte and Jackson Manley
Schlaver, August Jr and Augusta Richert
Schlaver, August Sr and Henrietta Leek
Schleissner, Auguste and Eduard Steinford
Schoetz, Margaret and Peter Klinker
Schultz, Ludwig and Friedrica Jens
Schwarzlose, Sophia and John Anthony Tolock
Sloan, William and Samuel Walker
Smith, Edna King and Harvey Sowle
Sowle, Harvey McIntyre and Edna King Smith
Sowle, Hiram Allen and Harriet E. Colson*
Sowle, Mary Ann and Isaac E. Springer
Sowle, Wesson and Elizabeth Curtis
Spooner, Charles Edward and Sarah M. Daniels
Spooner, Daniel Hale and Laura Ann Thorp
Stark, Elizabeth and Joachim Middleman
Starr, Saloma and Esau Johnson
Steinford, Emma Dorothea Louise and Charles Harm*
Steinford, Eduard and Suguste Schleissner
Straub, Mary Helena and John Rapp
Streddar, Demerius and George Musson

Taft, Delia Lovina and Wilson Woodard
Taft, Simon Burn and Catharine Dye
Taylor, Naomi E. and Phillip Peter Hoag
Thorp, Laura and Daniel Hale Spooner
Tolock, John Anthony and Sophia Schwarzlose
Troge, Henrietta and John F. Habelman

Vieth, Florentine and William Albert

Walker, Samuel and Sarah Sloan
Walker, Thomas Robert and Artamiza Redexa Curtis***
White, Hannah and John M. McComber Sr
Wood, Evis May and Edward C. Farnum*
Wood, Milton Pierce and Alice Jane Jennings
Wood, Simeon and Mary Jane Pierce
Woodard, Priscilla Flavilla and Frank Lewis Johnson*
Woodard, Wilson and Delia Lovina Taft
Worden, Lewis and Ursula Foorst
Worden, Lewis/Levi and Lillian Aney*
Wyatt, Lucian Darius and Viola L. Burdick*
Wyman, Peter and Susannah Norcross
Wyman, William Harrison and Susan Moore Savage
Wyman, William Stinson and Martha Sawyer*

Zellmer, Christoff and Justine A. Meier
Zellmer, Wilhelm Christoff and Maria S. Bartels*

*second name not cross-indexed
**Hattie listed with LaCrosse County under her name
***Artamiza listed with Vernon County under her name

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